Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 7, 2016

The Electromagnetic Enhancements Start in the Body.


Holy freakin biological soup batman!!  So rough on the body, but man oh man, extraordinary to witness and experience with understanding.  So let me share with you what I understand is happening within me, so you can understanding what is, or will be happening within you.

With the first of these 3 power nodes, on March 3rd, my head became congestion heaven.  It didn’t disrupt my ability to see or connect, just made me really nasally in my talking and I would have to blow my nose a lot thru the readings.  Thru the readings I started to understand that these three power nodes served to be the energy system of all three quadrants emerging thru March (upper magnetosphere, mid section and then the lower section that is infused with earths magnetic fields.)

What I didn’t see coming (I am sure I would have ducked out if I did) was that for me to be able to do and see and understand thru the entirety of March, my whole system would have to go thru the event all at once.  Yippie!!

So when the power node of the 5th arrived, my voice left the building (it’s still not back yet) my body felt like sludge, I have been running low-grade fevers off and on the last two days, and every joint in my body radiated this rather unpleasant energy.  Nothing really “hurt” just massively uncomfortable.

Let’s first understand the importance of congestion, snot, phlegm.  (smile)  Not only does it serve as a lubricant as all the wirings get up graded to higher frequencies, but it also serves as an anesthetic for the body itself.  My congestion is 100% in my head, not in my chest at all (thank you dear lord.)  But as my team tells me, it really is the brain that runs the entire body, so its effect is on the whole body.

When i attempted to talk to my first two appointments on the 5th, my lack of voice was different than it ever was before.  My lungs just could not keep up with being audible.  It was exhausting to try to made my head spin from the effort.  Usually, forcing the voice makes my throat hurt, not this time tho, it depleted my energy.  So I tapped out and stopped trying.

The surface of my skin was hyper sensitive, and not in a pleasant way either.  My team showed me the work being done at every pore chakra on the skin, intensifying the magnetic field output from the surface of the skin itself.  Equally, the fascia beneath the skin, I could feel just as intensely.  Similar things happening in their.  Each muscle group is going thru a higher frequency upgrade, preparing the body for the things it will be capable of doing moving forward.

I was also shown the inlaying of energy thru the muscle fibers themselves, very kewl to look at and watch (but not so much experience) and yet, knowing what is being done and what it means going forward… I have no idea lol, dammit!

The kewlest part tho, was watching a brand new circuit board being inlaid in my throat.  Kinda like witnessing a whole sci fi movie happening in the body.  The electromagnetic output thru the breath and voice is going to be off the charts.  Kind of exciting, kind of nerve wracking lol.

Of course, as usual, our sun has an amazing hand in all of this intensity.  From spaceweather yesterday:  GEOMAGNETIC STORM: The ongoing geomagnetic storm has intensified to G2-class as Earth moves deeper into a stream of solar wind. The magnetic polarity of the stream is negative…

Taking in the negative polarity of this storm release, that would make our bodies the positive polarity, if we have done the inner work to align ourselves as such.  What my team is explaining to me the more integrated the ego is with the unified field of Life, the stronger the intake of the energy is… the more open the vessel is to receive this energy.

Of course, spirit has warned all of us that March is going to be a highly intense, energetic month.  I kinda wish they were a bit more clear on what that meant to our bodies!! lol

Of course, the human in me, not enjoying the building congestion in my head, making me feel like a zit that is ready to pop and ohhh the pressure in my ears, has been on a steady diet of decongestant pills. Not even coming close to touching it at all.  My team explained this is not an illness but a massive energy upgrade and they can override what any pill or remedy is supposed to do to keep my biology safe.  They even completely took out the mentholyptus in my vicks vapor rub… zero smell at all.  Hey!!  Not nice!!

So here we are, the 7th, the 3rd of the series of three power nodes that take us into the full solar eclipse tomorrow… a planetary reboot like never before.

The electromagnetic grid will change in intensity for everyone.  I wish I could say everyone is going to be excited about this, but this is equally going to serve to pull out any stray hairs left in emerging fields heading to the new earth (and out of soap-bubble land) and for some, the untended karmic closet will appear to explode all over one’s life field rather quickly.  It kind of comes down to clean up or get out.

On the other hand, I am already experiencing thought/desire to outcome within minutes of the thought.  Each time, I stopped in my tracks to witness the extraordinariness of it.  And this was before this weekend’s intensity!!

This morning, I don’t feel as sludgy as I have been these last two days.  My voice is not back yet, but I am having voice sounds, which I had none of the last two days.  I cannot say a whole word yet, but there is breakthrough!!  lol  The head is deflating, not near as fast as I would like, but hey, I will take any relief at this point.  I think I will straddle the blowing winds encircling my house (literally) to clear up the last of the congestion today.  One more day down…  can I say how much I miss you when we don’t even talk on the phone.  Geez…

Ohhhhhhh… as I get slightly pouty face here lol, my team explains that this is not a time to be sharing energy with others (the way you and I do in readings) because the connection can amplify, if not bring in to ones own field, another’s energy.  This is being stated on both sides, expansion as well as clearing the hairs lol.  When we are not in this massive energy state like we are in now, we have buffers in place to connect to only things ready to be connected to.  This particular system would be like massive storm clouds merging, and if one person has not done their inner work, that inner work is absorbed by someone ready to it.  Equally, an amplification of the energy can take place even if the one is not ready for it.  I hope I am making this clear.

I do get a little sneak peak at tomorrow tho… the energy coming from the skies pouring into every individual consciousness, every collective consciousness group, every version of earth (new and all soap-bubble land areas) as we fire the grid for the rest of our story this year.

On that note, hang on tight, we have more energy to come this month!!  Phew baby what a wild ride!!

((((HUGZ)))) of electromagnetic field expansion to All!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. From my lesson of last year, I will nourish my yin this new moon and the 23 full moon. Both days I will be mindful yin doing very little. The currents have been active and I feel the watery energy. Fire monkey energy has also manifested in my life. With focus and intention the yin will be rebuilt to allow for a better action potential.


  2. The herb Fenugreek is great for congestion, sinus and if you can get it mixed with Thyme (Fenu-Thyme) that works even better. Everyone I’ve ever suggested this to, has had relief within 5-15 minutes


  3. This is me right now. I found this article because I googled “headache from solar eclipse.” I have had congestion and physical connections to each date you mention. I am also a March 10th Piscese. I know this eclipse is massively effecting me.


  4. hi Lisa,

    I’m not clear about your reporting on ‘energy sharing’ tomorrow. Aren’t we always doing this? Are you saying that people should not give/receive energy work? would really appreciate clarification as I do value your point of view. thank you! cyndy

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