Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 26, 2016

Ohhhh The Energies!!!

the energies

Every day, everything seems to have become so unpredictable.  Things like the way you think you should be feeling, for example, yesterday moments after I published my morning sharing, my whole body felt like it became drained of energy.  I could have easily gone back to bed and slept probably thru to today.  When I looked at my daily scheduled, half the people who were on it, must have had some knowing going on, cuz it was reduced to half, so I only had three readings yesterday, all were only 15 minutes.  Given my depleted biological energy, I wasn’t sure if I could even do them.  Another surprise, I could hear and see clearly.  However, I still didn’t count anybody’s session yesterday as a reading.  I was able to see the “surface” of what is going on, but not need within, everyone’s team told me the same thing as I tried to see deeper… what is happening right now, is so deep within the multidimensional field of energy, we don’t have the capacity to understand it, nor do we need to.  So what we seen was what is happening in the viewable window of our consciousness, simply so we could understand the energy influx intensely underway.

My first man started showing up before our session started.  I could see him in this vast area of colored energy streaming down from the moon beam, which is getting freakin brighter to look at, and he was at the ground level with a scrub brush in his hand, arms up as he scrubbed “in” this energy into his arm pits.  I think I have really undervalued our armpits!! lol  The armpits were in a reading last week or so, the connections points from the chest quadrant to the head quadrant.  When I looked at him straight on in the reading, I couldn’t see any of this, so glad I got a peripheral view before hand.  Looking straight at him, the light was wayyy to bright to see thru, and the energy coming off the moon was similar to the video of the sun freaking out imagery, only much more concentrated at the surface of the moon and I feel (but did not see) coming directly thru the moon beam that has engulfed everyone’s created reality.

The key note with his visual was celebrating that he was working with bringing this energy into his body as opposed to trying to remove it/clear it.

My second lady, again same set up, massively bright white moon beam engulfing her created reality to white out conditions (in my vision) and these rapidly firing thick lightning bolt looking things directly from the surface of the moon to about 3 feet above the ground.  I say lightning looking because they were shaped like lightning bolts, but they all were about 3 inches wide and made of this color combination that reminded me of yellow, gold and bronze together as a color.  To my viewing eyes, every one of these rapid and consistent bolts had these ridges on them, from top to bottom.  Her team explained (the best the could to my understanding lol) that these things I am calling ridges are more like shadows that connect to other dimensions.  Once again, everything else happening is so multidimensional we do not have the capacity to understand it, nor need to.

My last lady, I started hearing her before we connected.  Thunder claps.  Baaaa-booom, but oddly enough, at the ground level instead of at the sky/moon level.  When we connected I could see this outline of I guess clouds since that is where the thunder booms were coming from, in the same color spectrum I mentioned above.

The one thing that was for sure as I sat and pondered these three readings, everything is now happening at the ground level and of course, I suppose it would make sense since today is the finishing up day of the moon energies.  Tomorrow (the 27th) we move into connective tissue land lol, and via the readings yesterday, we should have a respite from the intensity of the energies, at least for a day as we become wrapped in this connective tissue.  Then we enter the sun energy for 5 days.  That kinda scares me a little.  This freakin moon, which I have never seen as so powerful electrically before this event… and the sun always trumps the moon for electrical output.  I hope whatever that connective tissue is, its thick!!!

By the time I finished my last (non) reading yesterday, I was so energetically depleted that I laid down and passed out for hours.  Missed my damn dentist appointment even!!  Usually, when my body is that energetically depleted, I cannot see a thing, I seen and heard clear as day thru the sessions, which alone, is really odd.

Some really interesting videos have been shared on my facebook that I want to share with you today here too.  BTW, Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself and what you find on my facebook!!  It really is appreciated very much.

This one can really give us an idea of what started happening in earnest August of last year with the star… (HOLY CHIT!!!  Jesus Christ – SUPER STAR!!!!!!)  YOU are the star going super nova… Holy chit even!!!!!  I can be so slow on the uptake of spirits meanings and messages!! lol



Unlike the star in the video, we come fully equipped with FREE WILL.  So we can either allow ourselves to be shredded to allow for a greater, grander reformation, or not.  Remember last year when the black hole was sooo prominent in so many readings (at the west field area of reading land.)

Even in the video, looking at the light beams coming in from the top and bottom, the phase we are in right now with the moon and sun.  Ohhhh interesting.

Lets couple that stunning video with this one:



But lets take this one back to our pre-moon days as I shared the other day.  Because we knew we would scatter thru the vast sea of matter (other planets and other realms) we poured a little magnetic pulse of our own into some other soul energies, so that when all was at the right time (like it is now) the magnetic field would go off the charts to bring us back together again, (gotta add this disclaimer) for those who have done the work to allow the magnetic frequency to work at full throttle and pull in the new universe underway.

This thought actually makes so much sense when people talk about their “other half,”  the feeling that a part of you is missing and can only be whole with another.  As this video clearly shows tho, both are always hole, we just dripped some signature energy into the belly of others… most especially for this time we are in now.

I’m kinda excited!! lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic universes coming together in wild and wonder ways!!  I love you all so so so so much!!

Lisa Gawlas





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  2. The “Dual Torus” structure (yin yang)….is the counter-spinning, fully activated MERKABA.

    MER – KA – BA

    When the Merkaba spins, the torus donut (toroidal field) is generated and energy flows upward out of the center….then moves down the outside to return back into the center at the bottom hole of the torus….

    (Holy shit — you really don’t know any of this, do you?)

    Check out 0:58 in this graphically gorgeous video — that shape is the Merkaba ~ 2 superimposed Tetrahedrons, which when spun in opposite directions generate 2 toruses / 2 counterspinning torsion fields — the Dual Torus structure:


    • Here’s your “diamond” energy shape “thingy”:



    • Again, spinning the Merkaba:



    • When you spin the Merkaba, like this:



    • … are the Dual Torus fields that you are creating with the counterspinning Merkaba:



    • And from the top, looking down on it….it looks like this as it spins (ye olde YIN YANG phenomenon):



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