Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 24, 2016

Life Before the Solar System Changed and the Fragments of Memory Here Today.

solar system

Well, well, well!!  My trip into meditation took me down a rabbit hole, several actually, I never could have seen coming.  Then again, the pull to end my blog yesterday and go for a swim was stronger than I have had in a very long time, and now I see why, and you are going to, too!! lol

As I laid down in the holy waters of the jemez, christened with some eucalyptus infused dead sea salts, contained by my bathtub, the opening visual shocked me.  There was Bernie Sanders levitating above my body, spirit encased his entire being in a diamond of white light and lifted him up higher.  For those not familiar with US politics, he is my personal hopeful for president this year, and obviously spirits too!!  The why came in a completely separate meditation, which I will get to, later in this sharing lol.

I am barely registering the fact that my teams first order of importance is encasing the Bern in the highest of light had my mind in shock, but that was just the appetizer.  As I am watching a Bernie I can no longer see because the light is too bright go higher, out of the clear blue a voice I know well, less raspy these days, dropped down to become audible directly in front of my face and asked me a question!!  ASKED ME a question and a bizarre, completely unexpected one at that: “Do you know who you are?”  WHAT??  My entire mind was shocked and I suppose it was in that shock factor/melt down, the answer was shown without waiting for a reply from me.

Replacing the voice was now, I don’t like to call it a visual, it was so much more than that, but this full spectrum visual opened with this amazing… wait… A M A Z A I N G!!!! image of this long, slender radiant Being.  Absolutely no gender involved, but for conversations sake and since I was looking at myself, I am going to just refer to this Being as a she.  She had to be easily, 10 feet long, errr, tall lol and to my eyes, disproportionately slender.  Think Avatar (the movie) only much more slender.  It really is a crying shame I have zero artistic ability, but your stuck with my wordy descriptions.  There were no clothes on her, and no genitals at all, very much barbie doll looking down there.  The skin was luminous white, soft and radiant.  There were arms and legs and a face/head, but not like ours really.  The arms seemed longer than usual, the head was faceless really.  There were eye sockets but no eyes that I could see.  The first thing I thought of, visual relationship wise was, very long, Greys:



Her eyes weren’t that big but the face shape even the extra slender body, very much similar.  She was standing on a planet I knew as the moon.  Her name as it was said to me, I will spell phonetically was Luminessah.  Lumin-ess-ah.  Her skin, more light than matter and impossible for me to describe was captivating.  She exuded loving kindness from head to toe.  Then she explained to me what she was pulling up in my living memory (this experience was deeper and richer than any past or future life regression I have ever experienced.)

The planet she was residing upon is what we know as the moon, but the solar system was very different than it is now.  This race was fully conscious.  They created and uncreated at will.  She showed me a luminescent “city of light” and all I could think of was the meditation listed on my website.  She explained that a trail of bread crumbs all leading to this moment, was left in my wake to (eventually) understand the bigger picture.

Of course, taking notice there were no sex parts in her anatomy, I had to ask and boy did I blow open a door with that question.  They had no need to reproduce like we do now.  They created at will, and incarnating souls just slipped into the matter of Light form like she presented.  There was no growing up or getting old, aging was not a needed experience, nor was death.  There was just unlimited experience.  Sex, as we think of it, was a merger of the light bodies themselves, very much like when we are back in spirit, but different because they had matter, but very unlike our matter is now (dense, heavy and solid) it was more light than solid.

She explained that many had partners there and of course she had one too.  I soooooo wanted to see him (again they were completely genderless, but since I am female attracted to male, we are keeping with my words lol.)  But she said I was not ready yet (not sure ready is the right word to use, but for now, its all I have) and then switched the visual to the collective choice made by all inhabitants of the pre-moon of earth planet they resided upon.  They knew earth was getting ready for life and the solar system had to change to produce what we have now as a solar system that would provide a more matter infused experience for all to enjoy.  She showed me how they created a storm in the skies with intention and purpose.  As the storms changed the planetary makeup, all the inhabitants jumped/flew onto other planets that would be a part of this new living universe we are familiar with now.  I watched as she jumped/flew over to the Pleiades.  That which was kept secret from my amazed eyes, my divine counter part jumped somewhere else, another planet that i was not prevvy to knowing, seeing or understanding… yet.  The only thing I got to understand that applies too all of us is we jumped to other planets that would allow our evolutionary skills and desires to flourish and develop in other ways.

With this all I could think of was the movie “The Butcher’s Wife” lol, with what many think of as their “split aparts,” other half.  The split aparts is more palatable a phrase than the other half, because when you Know Yourself, you know you are whole at all times, there is no half.  But let’s go into the siamese twin gig that spirit has been calling this phrase, connected by a membrane, two whole’s connected at the Source of their life by a membrane of Light, of counter-resonance.  With this, I was also able to see how the yin-yang symbol came into view thru our ancestors.  But lets look at it like I am seeing it, matter and light coalescing together, with a spark of each other at the core (that membrane thingie.)


Those dots would also be the magnetic core of each other infused by the energy of love.  The core dot thing itself would only engage when the two meet and is only functional when the two are conscious Beings.  By conscious I mean, so aligned with the heart energy, the soul pulse and that ego, for the most part has been integrated as a harmonious partner within the incarnate Being.  Judgement or the need/desire to tear someone else down to conform with your own beliefs/understandings is near impossible.

With that, holy light bulb moments here.  I had written on my website the story, what I named “the path of ascension” about when I met my mentor back in 2002, only weeks after that “ahhhhh” moment I had in meditation (mentioned in yesterday’s blog.)  I am going to just save my fingers some wear and tear and copy what I wrote about that experience when I met him from my webpage:

I was going to meet my mentor, who I was madly in love (or something like that lol) with.  Now keep in mind, I was living in a very low budget hotel, my car was now acting up (I would later find my radiator blew… yeah can you say too much pent up emotion lol)… and I was meeting the God of my dreams (or something like that) and I am eating serious humble pie that is now my life.  He didn’t care. 
I never ever knew the body could really act like a magnet.  You know when you get two magnets together all they can do is pull towards each other.  Oh my god the body is the same.  I hugged him every time I passed by him (and in my little efficiency, that was a lot!) and then I was walk near him just to hug him (and man he was a great hugger)… but the strangest thing was about to happen at sleep time.  My daughter gave up her bed and stayed on the tiny love seat sleeper sofa so he wasn’t stuck on it.  His bed was next to mine (you know the hotel layout of rooms)… and I literally had to hold my hands onto the mattress so my own physical body didn’t go flying off onto his.  It was quite the strangest sensation I have ever had…. I can honestly say I now know what it is like to be a magnet meetings its counterpart.
Looking back now, I can honestly say, thankfully his magnetic was not turned on, if it was, our throat chakras and I think even our heart chakras needed a lot more clearing to be fully functional together.  Had it gone any further than hugging, we might just have caused a tsunami at Virginia beach and that would not be a good thing!!  Think about tidal waves, the energy of the moon and earth…  yeah!!  So much is now just falling into coherent place within me.  Geez, merry christmas even!!
Luminessa made sure (which I didn’t really catch why yesterday) to explain we had more than one partner in the pre-moon life.  Many magnets for many creative experiences (shitty grin.)
So now, lets hop on over to the Pleiades and their form.  They are long, slender, blonde/blue-eyed Beings.  The embodiment of the pre-moon Beings that we were, made with more matter and much more conscious than we (current) humans.
This scattering to other planets is where my meditation ended.  My whole body and brain was vibrating at such intensity when I got out of the tub, my legs felt like rubber.
As I sat my ass down in front of my computer and tried to bring my vibration back to a place of workable frequency, I scrolled down my facebook page and started watching this video (that sadly is only on facebook and not youtube, so I pray you can click it and watch it from this link)
It really brings the fullness of my meditation to life, to include the diamond energy thingies too.
Well my actual day went nothing like planned, my voice took a hiatus that my magic tea could not bring back (still kinda gone this morning too,) so I decided since I can’t talk, I am heading back to the bathtub to see if I can get more information.  Well, I did, but not in the vein I was looking for (more pre-moon understandings lol.)
I suppose, at the forefront of my mind was the question, why the hell did Bernie Sanders open my previous meditation.  It seemed so random given everything that came out after it.  But before I forget, I don’t even remember now which or where in my meditations came this information, but before I get into the next motherload, let me share this understanding of the Ah and Om that came thru yesterday.
I must have pondered why I only ever got the Ah experience in meditation, because I was told that the ahhh is all about expansion, moving beyond the moment of understanding into the next expanded moment.  That moment of experience set the tone for what I have come to understand and continue to move beyond.  The OM was never presented in any of my meditations for a reason, it concludes the expansion and that ain’t happening any time soon (by my team, not by me in anyway.)  However!!!  We do use the power of OM for creation.  All I kept hearing was the words “oh my.”  We set the field of creation into solidity more frequently than we may realize.  Lets change the spelling up a little bit… OOOM EYE.  I set the vibrational field of what I see (not literally see) and wham there it is in our experience field of life.  I must invoke god a LOT!! lol OHHHH MY GOD!!  Hey if we are going to invoke, why not that instead of a random thought passing thru the ommm field.  Ohhh My Goodness!!  (I say both, a lot lol.)  But lets be a little clearer on this.  If we are saying Oh my abundance but we are really thinking of the stack of unpaid bills… guess what the energy produces…
So lets move into my second holy shit meditation and the Beloved Bernie Sanders.  2016 is the year the United States IS going to change.  It can no longer sustain itself the way it is now, divisive, greedy, disparaging.
Things will change one way or the other and our precious earth is at the ready, whichever way we as an U.S. collective chooses.  Thru Bernie, we can and will become united for the greater good of All, not just the people of the U.S., but beyond the U.S. as well.  We are a whole and should see ourselves like that in all aspects of life.
Any other outcome is going to create hardship to many.  I was given a memory a visual of our civil war.  The bloodshed that was spilled so that slaves may be free.  As horrific as that time and war was, it did create the purpose of its agenda.  Granted not over night.  Well this time around, it will not just be infighting, but there is a collective world holding their breath to see which way we will go in this election.  The earth too, holds her breath in hope we choose wisely, because there is a lot of pressure building beneath the surface and things MUST change for the better, even if it appears like it all went to hell.  There is nothing more uniting than massive earthquakes or volcanoes to bring us back into focus of what is important, each other!!
United we stand, divided we fall.  What are you choosing??
Thats a good place to close for today.
Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of Luminance to ALL!!
I wanted to include this series of “awakening symptons” that was posted on facebook yesterday.  I know we all focus on the adverse effects, which really are fleeting.  These 12 things should be what we focus on, because they are permanent!!


  1. For Heaven’s sake…..I’ve now told you 3 TIMES already, that the “Diamond shape energy field”….is your MERKABA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The infamous Light Body Vehicle. That every Lightworker out there knows about, now, for years.

    MER – KA – BA

    Google it!
    And better yet, read your frickin’ comments section here on your blog. You won’t believe what you will learn, when you do!




    Do you know who you are?

    Do you know who *I* am?



    • There in lays the problem… when you “know” something, there is no room for anything else. No, it is not the merkaba as we have known it.


      • Then how do YOU know it as?

        We need to know what it is, that YOU are perceiving. And what you are possibly missing out on because of your perception filters.


    • Watch, learn….

      What is a Merkaba:




  2. Help in clarification of the Geometry and concepts:

    Difference between DIAMOND SHAPE and MERKABA

    DIAMOND = OCTAHEDRON (8 sides or facets), formed by 2 PYRAMIDS JOINED AT THE BASE.


    . . . . and on the merkaba / lightbody . . .

    Celestial Transformation is about divine integration and mastery. One of the many benefits is that it removes light bodies.

    “Light bodies are removed. Humans are not designed to have light bodies. Light bodies represent interference from negative dominant beings.”

    Expanding your Core Divine Light 360 degrees without limitation in the evolution of divine mastery and integration in becoming a Divine Ascendant (Divine Dominant being) is NOT THE SAME AS ‘LIGHTBODY’, though many people loosely use the term to describe as such.

    (Source: Celestial Transformation and the Earth Healing Meditation Transmissions by Ye, the Higher-then-Divine Guide of Earth Healing Network, through Jan and Wal Heinrich circa 1995/6


  3. Especially striking Light and Energy, Essence presented here in Adelaide prior to sunset last night, our Feb.25th.

    Directly West, towards the coast was GOLDEN in sky and clouds; so strong it reflected off all surfaces; buildings and nature drenched in the Gold.

    Golden Energy Light and Essence, the Celestial Resonance of YE, Higher-then-Divine Guide of Earth Healing Network. ‘Ye’ IS the Celestial Resonance Word of Power for ‘Highest Positive’ and much more . . .

    Directly East, a bold, clear full RAINBOW, plus a larger, fainter double:

    Rainbow Colour Energy, Light and Essence, Celestial marker of ‘BELOVED’ the Being once known as ‘Jesus. ‘Beloved’ IS the Celestial Resonance Word of Power for this Being.

    Between this GOLD AND RAINBOW ‘sandwich’ where I stood, a soft and gentle caress by the light, healing rain announced something special was occurring! You could feel it!


  4. […] Source: Life Before the Solar System Changed and the Fragments of Memory Here Today. […]


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