Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 23, 2016

The Electromagnetic Field of the Moon Joins Within You.

moon light

Man oh man, what an energy system we walked into with this full moon gig!!  Phew baby!  I am not even sure how to share anything from yesterday, my poor brain is still feeling akin to marshmallows!  lol  I do want to put out this ongoing disclaimer.  I am not trying to be “right” about anything, I am only trying to be accurate in the information being presented thru each day, thru each of you.

Every person on the field yesterday was engulfed in the cone like beam of moon shine.  The electrical currents or magnetic waves revealed were unique to each person and what is being infused and enhanced within their energy fields.  The one thing I am sure of, the electrical currents and our enhanced wiring will be off the charts as we complete this phase.  So too, will be the magnetic resonance we emit.  (Interesting words there… magnetic resonance.)  Of course, I go information digging via google and found thisMagnetic resonance, absorption or emission of electromagnetic radiation by electrons or atomic nuclei in response to the application of certain magnetic fields. The principles of magnetic resonance are applied in the laboratory to analyze the atomic and nuclear properties of matter.

I am going to just leave it at that for now, my brain I think it taking a hiatus from the world of meta-science today.  My marshmallow of a brain is already turning into fluff with just one (ok two) words lol.

So let me focus today on the more concrete aspects of information that came thru yesterday.  Our moon, before our solar system was the way it is now, before earth was completely formed, the moon and the solar system/universe it was a part of, was very different.  It had life on it, what we would consider civilization.  I have a feeling, most of us were part of that ancient, ancient civilization, at the very least, two of the people I read for yesterday, was!  Which is where this (surprising to me) information is coming from.

Within the moon itself, there is a magnetic core, like the core of the new earth here, I see it as a solid substance.  A polarity, resonant yet different from the earth’s.  This electromagnetic field is what is being released thru the first half of this system, deep into us.  Awakening that part of us long ago put away, to bring forth the capabilities now available with this link up and magnetic fields of the earth and moon, thru us.

This little thought just ran in front of my fluffernutter brain, the diamond shape energy field I (barely) shared the other day.  I found an interesting, science website talking about the diamond cavity, let me show you the picture they used along with the first paragraph, and again, we need to think meta-physics with this (How the hell did I get signed up for this brainy stuff lol.)


A new type of magnetometer based on diamond impurities has been unveiled by physicists in the US. The device is about 1000 times more sensitive than previous diamond-based sensors because it uses an optical cavity to concentrate laser light in the vicinity of the impurities. Although the new device cannot yet reach the sensitivity of some other types of magnetometers, the physicists believe that it offers significant practical advantages that will be useful to researchers in many fields, including those studying magnetic signals from the heart and brain.

So, if we take this tidbit and couple it with the incoming magnetic pull of the moon within us as well as the magnetic field of the earth and we harness it within us at our center, which to me and my experience from the other day would be the solar plexus area, we use both fields of magnetic energy for positive and negative flows. (Let me assure you, I am already over my own head with what I am typing lol.)  Hmmm now here is a thought (that is so not mine lol) gravity vs anti-gravity, again meta-physically speaking.  Harnessing this field allowed me to pull up the contents of my stomach at will.  Well, a lot of focused will, but at will none the less.

Well, I am going to leave you hanging here lol.  I hear a bath calling my name and maybe it will bring my grey matter back together before my day of readings start.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of re-member-ing love and in-power-ment to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. I literally swam 2.6 kilometres under the Light of the Full Moon yesterday (my February 23rd in Australia) in the dark of pre-dawn between 5.30 am and 6.30 am – the first 2 km ‘powering’ non-stop through the silky water on my skin.

    What an amazing experience for myself and the only other 3 people in the pool!

    It is so easy to enclose in my ‘personal bubble’ and ‘stay in the moment’ up and down the pool as the only one in ‘my lane’ at that time of the morning during these regular rituals!


    LOVE THIS! [paragraph 2, line 1]

    “Every person on the field yesterday was engulfed in the cone like beam of moon shine.”


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