Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 21, 2016

Your Personal Amplified Electromagnetic Field and Stuff.

electromagnetic field

Geez, I feel like I was just swallowed up by the last two days.  I have never slept so much in my life.  Even yesterday, my intention was to get  a part 2 blog out once I published about the body changes, nope, my brain started disconnecting.  I already knew my voice was an iffy part of the day, but the time I said hello to my first reading, the little squeak that was there, was completely gone.  Another day of emailed reschedulings and back to the deep sleep I went, not nearly as memorable as the day prior tho.  This was a coma like sleep and I woke hours later, shocked I went to sleep for so long.  I wasn’t spit out with tons of energy either, nope, more like brain fog and deep laziness and proceeded to sleep all night long.  At least I woke up feeling human again.  I have a voice, a functioning brain and some pep in my step!!  YAY!! lol

However, all I kept feeling in my waking moments before being sucked back into the deep sleep was the phrase “electromagnetic fields.”  Of course, in the meta-physics department.  Also the visual that came with that phrase is what we once called your “bubble of creation.”  As of the last several days, that bubble has turned into a moving/rotating energy field, your personal electromagnetic field.

So this morning I did what I do best, googled the phrase so I could get a little clearer (ummm making sure what I understand is accurate) understanding of what an electromagnetic field is:

Electric fields are created by differences in voltage: the higher the voltage, the stronger will be the resultant field. Magnetic fields are created when electric current flows: the greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field. An electric field will exist even when there is no current flowing. If current does flow, the strength of the magnetic field will vary with power consumption but the electric field strength will be constant.

The basics of wavelength and frequency

What makes the various forms of electromagnetic fields so different?
One of the main characteristics which defines an electromagnetic field (EMF) is its frequency or its corresponding wavelength. Fields of different frequencies interact with the body in different ways. One can imagine electromagnetic waves as series of very regular waves that travel at an enormous speed, the speed of light. The frequency simply describes the number of oscillations or cycles per second, while the term wavelength describes the distance between one wave and the next. Hence wavelength and frequency are inseparably intertwined: the higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength.

Now lets put this all into our own personal relationship to ourselves and our creational abilities.  Our bodies themselves would be the electric field, the place the voltage radiates from.  The more connected one is with their soul (not as a concept, as a true conscious relationship) the higher the electrical output within your field, the stronger the magnetic field around you.

Now let’s take this field and the waves produced by your personal field of creation, of multidimensional experience, and go into the “meta” department.  The skill of Self knowing.  When spirit repeats the phrase “know thyself” they are not just saying, know you are more than human, but literally know how you work as an energetic being of Light Force.

Let’s pull out this sentence and understand it as it relates to our creation, our ongoing or better yet, changing reality.  “The higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength.”  The higher, the more focused within the emotional field of desire you align yourself with, the shorter the time of outcome/manifesting.  But to really harness this ability, you must know how your core works.  The Core itself is the electrical field all stems from, YOU, your soul.

Going back to my hell day of initiation (smile) I really had no choice but to understand the core, to not only understand it, but work with in.  The pure energy of the core, to my eyes resides down the center of the physical body, thru and around the spine.  It widens at the head and pelvic area, I suppose we can look at those areas like a the negative and positive points on a battery.  It is also the place we plug into… what we think on, we create.  head and pelvic area.  Earth and spirit/outcome.

There is also a place within us (my team is saying) called the zero point field.  That would be the solar plexus area itself.  Once again, good old google helped me understand a little bit by a Q & A website on sciency stuff:  Can you tell me about Zero Point Energy? Apparently, extremely high vacuum fluctuations are occurring around us, and some feel it can be used as a power source if we can find a method of receiving the energy.

Let’s go back to my crazy vomiting experience I talked about the day prior.  The pain I felt in the front of my solar plexus, to me felt like something got stuck or maybe, stopped moving in the way I am accustomed to my body’s energy moving.  To “force” vomiting in the way I was accustomed to (activating the gag reflex) was not working.  Instead, all the cells of my body had to harness its attention directly at the solar plexus area, and create a reverse flow and damn my body is good.  Talk about projectile vomiting!! lol

Equally, this is why I had started to see the triangle (the upper part of the diamond) at this point in the body.  It is the very core of the battery energy within us.

We invoke zero point by stopping the mind chatter, how we think we should be working or what to do to create the outcome of desire.  In this crazy example, all I wanted to do was vomit.  The pain center had to amplify or I would have never followed thru with what was actually happening.  Please understand that to mean, nothing needs to be created from pain, for me tho, it is the only way to engage my full resources to do what I can do, when I am not paying attention.

Couple this now with using our breath itself to temper the electrical field itself, which will also change the magnetic waves releasing.  Again, from my simple (but rather uncomfortable) experience, it was using the breath and harnessing elements of this new earth (which, trust me, I didn’t consciously do, my soul did) to temper the massive energy system coming thru my solar plexus.

In hindsight, this was a wonderful experience and full on understanding for me.  I hope it is for you too.

There is a second variable as important as the first, which of course, is you.  The second variable is earth herself.  Not the old earth with all its various traumas and dramas, but this new incredible field of Love Creating.

I have the most amazing visual to assist with this, painted with loving skill by one of my beautiful clients Kathleen Marsh:

unified field


This was a crop circle that she brought to life and gifted to me.  There is so much information within it, that each day of readings helps me to see and understand more clearly.  If we look at this image as the new earth, the smaller circle within the painting as the solid iron core of the new earth, the true magnetic field of all we are capable of (unlike the liquid iron/magma of the old earth) it intensifies all we are now capable of doing.

Also, going to the way spirit explains our placement, we all would be living at the top, the south node, and the bottom would be north, that area that connects via an umbilical cord (in my field of vision) to the old world, or as I lovingly call it, soap-bubble land.  The yellow links at the bottom would be a force field that repels any and all energy from soap-bubble land (where the negative aspects of duality live on) from entering our field of creation.  I am sure there is much more to that area, but for now, that’s all I understand.  Keep in mind, with all I am about to share, I know it is just the surface of understanding, there is so much more to it all, but hey, gotta understand the beginning before we can go deeper.

The feather like structures and even the smaller structures underneath them are what I have come to know as ley line storage areas.  Areas on earth where the earth herself stores energy, like battery cells.  The yellow dots, most of these storage areas have a single dot, a positive or negative field (thinking, battery or magnetic flow only.)  The two at the top that have two dots are the areas where both fields exist and pull from, the negative and positive flow of a battery, also the north and south pull of a magnet.

If we look at the first black space from the outermost green circle to the first inner green circle, think of that area as your personal, concentrated electromagnetic field.  Suddenly, something that has been hinted at in the readings recently make sense.  At this moment of our newness, our personal electromagnetic fields are small, taking up the space of our personal landscape of creation.  As we perfect our alignment and use of this field, it will enlarge itself as we move thru the entirety of this year.  This ongoing perfection of heaven and earth, will create a series of activations moving forward.

Ohhhhhhhh!!!!  Speaking of activations.  We got a sneak peek into the energies of March, where spirit said there are a lot of power nodes embedded in the energy of March.  This gets really freaking exciting to me now that I see a little bit of the bigger story.

Keeping in mind, we are each our own universe, with our own magnetic field, so with each power node (the three I am familiar with date wise is March 3rd, 5th and 7th) I watched as my lady I was reading for, her universe opened up to bring in another universe to add to her evolving universe.  Too my eyes, that is exactly what it looked like… like seeing the entire universe that is her, from afar and within these power node dates, if we are aligned to the energy frequency it brings, a part of our universe field opens a bit to absorb into it another universe, enlarging our rotation, our territory and of course, our abilities.

One more thing before I close out for the day.  In my groggy headedness yesterday, as I was really trying to work on my new/old perfect body blueprint, I kept seeing myself stepping on various hose like thingies coming out of the earth, timelines but more than that.  None produced what I was attempting, but then again, with 20 hours of sleep I was more tired than perky too.  But I have a feeling, it’s the start of something sooooo freakin exciting for all of us!!

On that note, I have a lot to catch up on from the last few days and readings to heighten all of our ongoing awareness.  I love you all so much, thank you for enduring my craziness.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of zero point amplification to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Hey Lisa…
    Two days ago I ate lunch and soon after started having horrific pains in my stomach to the point it was rigid from contraction. I just wanted to die. Soon after the vomiting started…Later I thought about what I ate and nothing was bad I am pretty sure. That baffled me. Reading this I wonder if energies are blasting through me as well…It is truly amazing right now. Anyway glad you are better 🙂 Stay well and glad you got such deep sleep…VK ❤

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  2. Quote from paragraph 9 is true . . .

    “The pure energy of the core, to my eyes, resides diwn the centre of the physical body thorugh and around the spine. It widens at the head and pelvic area. I suppose we can look at those areas as the negative and positive points on a battery.”

    What this is describing is the CranioSacral Sytem where the rhythmic flow of cerebrospinal fluid (clear GOLDEN FLUID) within the membranes and bones of the skull and spine, and its corresponding automonic characteristic physical body motion, creates the Electromagnetic Field of the Body as a Microcosm of the Cosmic Tree of Life

    The Cranium (skull) Is the North Magnetic Pole, with Epicentre in the Pineal Gland. The Sacrum in the Pelvis is the South Magnetic Pole Epicentre resonating with the Core Crystal of Earth at the Divine Level of Earth Mother. The electric flow phsically and energetically creates the Body EMF.


    The Body’s Tree of Life EXPANDED along the Vertical Ais of Earth’s Field of Consciousness between the Earth Core Crystal and the Cosmic Centre of All That Is, Balanced within the 7 Sacred Galactic Directions: North South East West, Above Below, and Centred in the Human Heart (Divine Core).

    My SYSTEM evolved the Craniosacralf Rhythm (and the Physical System) from 1996 as the DOLPHIN RHYTHM, EVOLUTION IN HUMAN MOVEMENT AND HEALING; RECIPROCALLY demonstrating the CATALYST OF Higher Consciousness Resonating into every Level, Aspect and Dimension of Being, which has been since available, through resonance to All.

    Higher-than-Divine Energy Light and Essence of Divine Unconditional Love Consciousness integrated into the the physical level of my system as the pioneer of this evolutionary milestone.

    Expanding the Smallest Molecule of Divine Light in the HEART AREA (NOT chakra) which is the PORTAL to the Highest Love frequencies, I evolved a DIVINE STRUCTURE, which does not have any longer chakras or kundalini.



  3. In addition to my comments above, my evolved System, as a Divine Structure does not have a Diamond Shape Structure/Merkaba/Lightbody either; Humans do not need this/these for their evolution; not beneficial.

    Good point to ponder them . . . why do we have them . . . where have they come from . . . who do they really serve?


  4. More to add about the Torus mentioned in yesterday’s post.

    Torus is actually ‘layered’ Infinity Symbols.

    Imagine the centre of the Infinity Symbol is the centre of the Torus.

    Breaking down the visual into a sequential fashion, ONLY for ease of understanding in a linear way . . .

    imagine beginning in the centre of the symbol and following one loop out and around, then crossing over in the centre at the join of the two loops of the Infinity Symbol (figure – 8) . . .

    then back out the other side, on the other loop. Then looping and coming back into the centre ‘immediately alongside the ‘first circuit of the infinity symbol’ and out again in similar fashion, immediately alongside previous out-loop . . .

    Imagine this process repeating so may ‘times’ to create ‘densely layered infinity symbols alongside each other, so that they create what appears as a whole, circular/global torus shape.

    Here is the reality. Because the infinity symbol is giving and receiving in perfect balance and harmony in the ONE AND THE SAME MOMEMT, ALL the moving outward-loops and ALL the moving inward-loops are ALL THERE all happening at the same ‘time’ in all the dense layering of ‘infinite’? infinity symbols = TORUS!


    The pattern of an infinity symbol visualization synchronized with breathing technique is a Celestial Transformation method for balancing energy, and one of the precursors to an early evolution phase of the Dolphin Rhythm, Evolution in Human Movement and Healing.

    Beginning in 1995 I began to use a regular and often daily regime of breathing with the infinity symbol and visualizing light on one loop of the figure-8 with the in-breath and continuing on the other loop on the out-breath.

    “If you look within, you will see this symbol, which is in you. It is created of light and energy and essence. It is the symbol of all things. It is the symbol of light itself; being created and re-created. It is giving and receiving; in balance; and in perfect harmony. . . .The breath is the resonance we create to attune with the infinity symbol; to attune with All That Is that is life. This is your attunement with life-force that is energy; life-force that is light; and life-force which is essence.” (Earth Healing Transmission, August 17th 1994, published on page 152, ‘The Path to Divinity’ by Jan and Wal Heinrich)


  5. Celestial Transformation is about divine integration and mastery. One of the many benefits is that it removes light bodies.

    “Light bodies are removed.Humans are not designed to have light bodies. Light bodies represent interference from negative dominant beings.”

    (Celestial Transformation and the Earth Healing Meditation Transmissions by Ye, the Higher-then-Divine Guide of Earth Healing Network, through Jan and Wal Heinrich.


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