Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day – In-Joy the God-Light Flowing In!!!


Happy happy lovers day my loves!!!  I really don’t have anything new to share, but wanted to say I LOVE YOU SOUL MUCH!!  Maybe, I’ll share what I don’t know and maybe we can get some light within the cracks of what i don’t know. lol

It seems the static I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, on the phone, was a prelude to hearing and seeing nothing in the field yesterday.  As is my way, of course I started my bitchfest when it became clear I was only going to see my floor (not a clean one at that!!)  So spirit threw us a bone, not a meaty one, just a bare bone, all they said was the outages are due to a “sonic boom.”  What the hell??  What exactly is going faster than the speed of sound??  Silence!!  Dammit.

As I wake up this morning, not feeling all that connected, at least to the vast information I have not shared yet, I ponder the field and my appointments today.  I consistently see this down pouring of light, a pole of light no larger than a baseball round (again, going to my scale of vision.)  Until I started typing, I figured one pole for the planet, ohhh hell no.  One pole of incoming light per person aligned with it.  Meaning, those as clear as the pure love that is Life is being poured into.  So, there is a shit-ton of these light poles breaking the sound barrier, each one of You have one.

So I do what I do best, I google what is the sonic boom and lets change out the energy of the plane to your crown chakra:

Now, if the plane is traveling at the supersonic speeds, it is going faster than the speed of its sound. As a result, a pressure (sound is variation in pressure) wave is produced in the shape of the cone whose vertex is at the nose of the plane, and whose base is behind the plane. The angle opening of the cone depends on the actual speed the plane is traveling at. All of the sound pressure is contained in this cone.

Of course, I have to ponder what the hell does even mean.  I get flashed the conversation my team had on one of my drives into the big wide world about my (ongoing) Valentine’s day special.  Two diagonal lines meeting together at the point known as Valentine’s day:  >  

I suppose when you gather energy from both sides of the timeline (the 10th thru the 13th, and the 15th thru the 18th and move it all into one day… we break the sound barrier and create this intense pole/cone of light that is PURE LOVE.  Do not confuse this love with simply relationship kind of love, it is pure, untainted, rarefied LOVE of Creator (god, source whatever) filling those open to receive.  Wait, let’s be clearer, those who have a clear untainted vessel/energy system to pour it into.  To ignite.

From what I am seeing here now, this is the energy that is igniting the magnetic pole set up on the spring equinox.  I only know this because I am seeing my lady from the other day, sweeping around the equinox pole that was still not running energy thru it.  This is the first equinox of this new world and it is HUGE.  Spirit had said thru most of January this whole first quarter of is… sheez, I want to say orientation time, but that is so inaccurate a description, but the closest I have to use.

Even tho today is the first day this sonic boom love potion is being released, no worries it will continue to release thru that full solar eclipse on March 8th.  We have plenty of time to pick any and all old debris out of our energy system for full infusion, if we haven’t already done so.

Now, to get a wee bit more complicated, this sonic light thing is also fully affecting the energy of our personal (spirit’s words not mine) siamese twin energy field (full moon on the 22nd thru the full son on the 3rd.)  For a change, I am leaving the misspelling like it is.  Every single time I have typed in the full son of the 3rd, I have to go back and change the spelling to sun.  The full christed energy in body.  Me and you!!

On that note, remember to celebrate yourSelf today.  The Love that  you are, the Love you bring to the party of Life.  Take a moment to feel the sweet gift coming into you, becoming a part of you more brilliant than ever before!!

You Are, truly, The Light of the World.  And I thank you and LOVE you sooooooooo much!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of pure love and sweetness to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S. I have the mexico road trip page done.






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  2. Curious about references to Metatron in post of Feb 7th.


    information in the article linked below covers.

    “Metatronic Reverse Mutation”
    “The Metatronic code”
    “Metatronic frequencies”
    “Entropic Coded Metatronic Spirals”


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