Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 13, 2016

The New You Can Get Covered Up by the Static of the Old Stories.


I think I can look at the information coming thru yesterday as all of us taking a moment and cleaning our receptor ducts. (smile)  Ever single phone call during reading time produced annoying static in the phone.  Everyone had to call me back at least twice to clear the static so I wouldn’t be so distracted by the noise.  When my son called in the afternoon, the phone line was completely clear for the entire 30 minutes we talked, same with my daughter later that day.  So this static was part of yesterday’s redirect within the field of new light.

Let’s first talk about our collective static, which I see so much of.  Spirit is giving us all brand new information, a bite at a time, the moment it is released, many are swooping in and filling it out with past understandings, past similarities and so on.  Static of our past getting to here.  For as long as we keep bringing the old forward, we will never get to fully using the new, there is too much interference to be clear on what the new is and what it means to you/us.  Please let all the noise of yesterday subside. Please.  It was a great song for yesterday, great abilities and information, but we will miss the new by always pulling on the old, only hearing that, only focusing on that.  All my previous understandings get trimmed down immediately during readings, it’s what I call being filtered and even the word itself gets lodged in the back of my throat.  Spirit would rather not use any word than use one that denotes the incorrect energy expression.  We can over interpret something and completely lose the point.

Ohhhh I have a great analogy for this coming thru.  Imagine you have built yourself a brand new house made of brand new material never lived in before and you moved in a month ago, but for whatever reason, you keep leaving and going back to the old house to sleep in and move around in, simply because its familiar.  But you cannot occupy both spaces at once, that would be like playing a football game with the Yankees in Yankee Stadium.

I had three readings yesterday, well actually four, but my first appointment mysteriously fell off my calendar and I completely missed her.  I really feel tho, spirit was leaning on the energy of three yesterday.  Three days prior, I had the wake up dream thingie of only having three people on my dance card, and then yesterday what should have been four, became three readings.  Three in my world is all about action and communication,  33 is the christed energy (Knowing ThySelf) in action, in life, which is an action word.

My first lady showed up wayyyyyy on the left side of her created field of life.  Far away from the party zone on the other side.  The first thing I had seen was the party zone, this thick white hall like area that is the space between the full moon on the 22nd, and the full sun on the 3rd (there’s that three again lol.)  This shows up in the far right/north quadrant off everyone’s field.  With my first lady, I could see this beautiful disco ball looking thing at a ceiling, that is not a ceiling, (there is no ceiling lol) but one was needed to give this visual placement, but beneath the multicolored disco ball, or at least half of one.  Nothing else was visible but the thickness of this white light area.

So there is my beautiful lady, sitting as far away from the party zone as one can get, her feet dangling over the edge of her creation, looking over a past that no longer exists (at least, to my eyes, the past is nothing but a void of energy.)  I kept feeling like she waiting for someone or something and there was this sadness… not a boo-hoo kind of sadness, but you know that sadness you get when you know it all changed, and you have to let go and move forward.  That is a very natural part of the human process, unless it weighs us down…

I did everything I knew how to do to get her up and moving, nothing worked.  So I had to ask her, what is it that keeps you here in this position, ohhhh she hit on something, she said she knows she is afraid of her full power.  Instantly, in that recognition, I started to see a stream of moving energy coming up from her feet thru her head.  She still didn’t get up, but hay, a flow of energy was happening that will allow her to get up, go connect to the disco ball (her souls representation of her power) and dance a new dance in a new way absorbing and becoming the new energy.  I broke her reading up (time-wise) so she could go get this homework done and we can see the rest of her story!!

I will get to my second reading after I talk about the third one, she kind of ties both of these up.  My third lady is a soul near and dear to my heart, not only have I been reading for her for some time, I got to spend physical time with her in person.  I know her.  I KNOW her capabilities and the radiance of her soul song.  So I was freakin stunned to see her the way I did yesterday.

There she was, in the center of her created field of life, pushing this huge industrial broom around.  I kept asking her what the hell are you cleaning up, this place is spotless???  What was equally odd was the fact that the spring equinox magnetic pole was also in her center field, not sparking yet, because we haven’t even moved into this party hall of light, so that is not enlivened yet, but she is cleaning away there.  I realized too, her position was that her back was to the party zone, this siamese twin Light zone, and I couldn’t even see it thru her field.  She started talking about her husband, her true divine counterpart whom she met, fell in love with and married over the course of the last few years.  The moment she mentioned his name, I seen him on the far southern side of their created field of life, he was sitting in a chair watching her sweep.  Even looking thru his energy field, since he was facing her and I should have been able to see that hall of Light now prominent in the field, nope.

Divine counterpart relationships sound so romantic, and god knows, they are!!  They also bring in challenges that we just don’t have when we are flying solo.  So they are really working to clear the flow between the soon to meet divine counterparts, kinda like, working out the kinks for the rest of us (thanks!! Can ya hurry tho lol.)  He is from another country, another culture and left it all to be here, including his children and all he knew.  What a brave beautiful man he is.  But a part of him still resides there and a part of him here.  I know personally how hard it is to move 2000 miles away from my kids, my grandson, I cannot image moving a long continent away.  But, until you are not only fully present in one place or the other, but also playing in the new passions of life… there is simply toiling and watching, waiting.

So my lady, still pushing her broom too and fro, and talking about all the other folks in her life and how she feels about it all suddenly, out of the clear blue sky on the ground level of my backyard, her broom pushing light hologram left and I could see my back yard and this very very out of place bird strutting from the west to the center of where all the song birds were eating… a coopers hawk.  What the hell is he doing there??  He has come to visit a few times over the years, but usually presents himself on a perch outside the window, he doesn’t interact with the birds I feed on the ground, at all.  But he did yesterday, to the point of making body movements that shouted LOOK AT ME.  I did!!  Holy shit even.  He is a beautiful creature:

coopers hawk


The moment I acknowledge him, he looked straight at us and flew upwards to the north of the field.  His message was loud and clear, fly higher, SEE higher, put that broom down and get out of the place you no longer belong.  The birds I feed every day, they are beautiful and I love them dearly, but if we looked at them as the energy of soap bubble land, our job is to soar higher, see clearer, KNOW THYSELF in the next realm (new earth.)

With the disruption of her reading by the presence of this hawk, which had me moving over to the computer to look up the coopers hawk energy, then back to reading land, suddenly I could see the hall of Light and my lady’s HUGE freakin new shoes.  They were easy three feet long made of a golden mesh and bedazzled like crazy.  These appeared after the presence of the hawk and her talking about some teacher of hers for the last 20 years.  Instantly my mouth spit out “So when do you become the teacher???”  When do you start wearing the shoes you worked so hard and diligently to create.

Finally she put the broom down… now we will see if she puts these awesome freakin shoes on by her next appointment!! (smile, wink, wink.)

So my middle lady, my number two of the day (talk about the number of duality.)  She made me realize many things I had missed.  This white hall of Light is at a super sonic frequency.  It is Living Light, not just what we think of as usable light (like right now.)  I could see her present moment, the light field, tho beautiful, very transparent in the visual, the hall of light from the 22nd thru the 3rd, holy thick illumination batman.  Plus, it showed up an easy 2 feet higher than the one we are in (again, think of a ceiling that does not exist lol, just so I can understand what I am seeing.)

She was an interesting ceiling fan gyroscoping energy (Recap of what this means is on my Feb 7th blog.)  She was in full power source “cutting thru the shit.”  (Per her souls phrasing, not mine lol.)  She, her 8 bladed fan was spinning clockwise directly in the center of the white hall place and the now place, but an interesting added motion was happening, not only was the blades themselves rotating clockwise, the entire fan was rotating north, down, south, up.  Dual energy, that’s how a gyroscope plays!  Cut thru the shit of our mind chatter, what we think we need to know, allowing for all we don’t know to be present(ed.)  To be patiently active (doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron lol.)  Actively putting your new energy to use, and patiently gathering the information around it all.  Kinda like how I do readings, day by day, person by person, the bigger story unfolds, the moment I try to copy yesterdays info (read that to say, all the understandings from our lives in soap-bubble land) I get shut out and become a babbling idiot who no longer knows how to put consonants and vowels together. lol

So, if I can beg anyone still hearing the static of all the old stories… and there is a shit ton of them, turn them off.  Listen deep within yourself, that is the only place the new came come thru from.  No more working and cleaning and stuff.

A few days ago someone put an audio channeling from my most favorite magnetic master, Kryon on my wall, feel his passion, his words of intensity and JUST DO IT!!  Please.


Also from a beautiful soul sharing on my facebook (I love that freakin place lol) she mentioned there is a full solar eclipse on the 8th of March.  I had no idea.  Even tho the field is not focused on that energy yet, I know in my heart, those first three power nodes (the 3rd, 5th, and 7th have everything to do with that eclipse.)  Also, I think it was the day before yesterday, I had a hard time for a moment understanding if I was seeing the sun or the moon, they seemed to be together… now I know… they were.

Until tomorrow!!  I love you all so much and then some!!

(((((HUGZ)))) and kisses and wonder to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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P.S. I got the mexico road trip page done.




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