Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 9, 2016

The Pregnant Fields of February: New Garden or Replication of the Old??

life unleased

Not surprising to me at all, I was not able to see the field yesterday, well, not while trying to look directly at it thru readings.  I could see, however, thru what I call my peripheral vision, (sitting on the couch pondering lol) tons and tons of golden magnetic flecks of energy floating around the field.  I had two ladies on my dance card yesterday in Australia, in what is now today’s dateline.  Sometimes, I can see them because they are out of the energy influx.  I couldn’t as my team said, for my own safety.  However, shortly before their connections, as I was peeping the field from my couch, my first one produced an interesting visual, I didn’t understand it at all yesterday and connecting to her didn’t provide information.  This morning tho, I get it.

It was 4am on the 9th in her world yesterday when we met.  What I had seen about 15 minutes before we connected was a gathering of these magnetic flecks that came together and created a huge explosion.  But the explosion was facing inside my home, biological matter.  The explosion was spherical, the inside of the sphere a hot red, reminiscent of molten lava, only not bubble out, just radiating the core of this round magnetic explosion.

This morning, I now hear clearly, this is “life” coming into creation.  If my hearing antennas were on yesterday (they weren’t, not even a little) I would have heard something similar to a sonic boom.

February is a very very fertile month of energy.  Life becoming anew or replicating itself.  Keeping in mind, only you and I see anything of replication as good or bad, the universe, our souls, do not.  No such animal as good or bad, there just is evolution.  These magnetic flecks are reading the energy of your heart center, the codes you are putting out, and bringing the sonic boom to your field of living.  If all you are focused on is what was, what has been… guess what!!  Replication codes underway.  Let me tell ya, you can fool yourself, but you cannot fool the universe of creation.  Just because someone says that want something new doesn’t mean they emotionally align with that magnetic force.  It’s a desire so deep, so full it becomes the only song the universe can hear!!  That doesn’t always mean you know what you want, but you trust the movement towards it.  Especially if that movement is not what you wanted, or better stated, in the way you envisioned yourself or where.  Lets put this into a usable example, over the years I have had several people ask during their readings, where should I move too.  I get really excited when spirit gives a reply of where.  I get confused to find the person I read for next time, moved somewhere else and not the place spirit said, but I am not surprised they have yet to find their groove.  Same with jobs or relationships.  Free will can be a pesky thing and we become replicators, recreating the same experiences in different places.

But lets pick up on where I left off yesterday, which is a great segue here.  My last lady of the day on the 7th gave us all a huge heartful to understand, especially given the above understanding (no wonder I ran out of time to finish my blog lol.)

I put together a very very humble visual of her field:

field of creation

Those diamond-shaped, silvery blue thingies were the very first things I had seen when I aligned to her field.  Actually, it was the one in the west field, the others were reveled as I understood that one (well, understood it the best I could.)  Forgive my humble drawing here, each diamond was at due West, East, North and South.  Each were of the same hue, all about 3 feet long (again, going to my scale of vision.)  As I locked into the one on the west field, it specifically had 6 sides to the upper and lower quadrant, facets I guess.  I do not understand why, that’s on my lady to understand (smile) but it started spinning clockwise and as it did, all these multicolored particles of energy starting coming in from the right side of this rotating diamond.  Pure energy from the multidimensional field coming into her center area.  This diamond also started rotating point over point towards the west.

Then the east diamond became my focal, it was rotating point over point towards the north and the understanding was it was bringing in what we think of as future energy.

The two together, bringing the energy we think of as the future (already here on earth) blending it together with the new multidimensional energy, fertilizing the entire sphere of her field.  It was at this point of understanding that I suddenly seen the two diamonds at the north and south quadrants change into what looked like sun balls.  Her team explained they were magnetic force fields coming together directly over her center, creating Life.  The magnetic field of creation can only be activated by her hearts desires, energy flow/ codes of life.  If we look at yesterdays cell  division video I shared at the 37 second mark on the video where they are showing the “by-pass” channels… this is what I feel so connected with in my lady’s north-south magnetic energy part.  We can by pass the old life and fuel the new… or… not!! lol (She is, just to be clear here, she is fueled in the new.)

Then it got really, really, really interesting.  When i asked her if she had any questions, she said (we didn’t even get to a question part yet when it all lit up, became so much more) she lives in New Hampshire but went to California for a few months (where she is presently) and wasn’t sure why.  Even tho she was loving the beach and the warmth, she was missing the trees and slower life of NH.  The moment she said she was in california… holy heavens, i wish with everything in me, I could show you exactly how I seen this stunning visual.

Her entire field became a super large diamond energy around the 4 smaller diamonds (see humble visual) now strapped together was this gold band around her larger field, but the diamond energy surrounding her entire field went from the ground to easy 20 feet upwards and was oozing with this amazing white light.  Holy shit, it was so intense I could have had an orgasm if I wasn’t focused on understanding it!!

Right now California is releasing a lot… wait.. A LOT of energy directly from the core of the earth (aka the original earth) it magnetizes (gathers) topside to those magnetically aligned to its power and magnetic intensity.  She went to california not to do anything, but to absorb this stunning energy that is enlivening her field in ways I cannot wait to understand!!

Keeping in with this seismic activity (smile) a precious soul shared a post on my facebook yesterday that ties in with her and also with the lady I wrote about a week or so ago, where the volcano showed up in her reading and she lives in Washington state:


“In the past 24 hours, the whole West coast has moved from South to North, from the border of California / Mexico @ Salton Sea Volcanic buttes, all the way North to Mount Saint Helens volcano in Washington State.”



Given all that has been coming thru the readings these last several days, I am getting serious about my Mexico trip.  I have decided that I will leave here on September 18th with a target return date of September 28th.  The only thing about this trip I am sure of, the first place I will be is in the Zone of Silence for 3 nights and three days and then eventually making way to the pyramids for the equinox on the 22nd.  Spirit is explaining that we need time (the 3 days and nights in the middle of nowhere lol) to orient to the energies, to each other (yup, a group trip, ya coming?) and fully align with instruction there.  Not bringing any pre-seeded notions with us, but opening to the new, once there.

In this coming week, I will create a webpage about the Mexico Adventure, what is needed (to drive) and stuff… as soon as I have it organized, I will put the link here.

Something amazing sure as hell infiltrated yesterday.  I took my happy ass to the big wide world because I could (and needed stuff lol) and OMG it was like joy on steroids.  I had submitted paperwork that I had totally forgot to sign to a state agency and went there to sign it, the man was so happy and was actually singing replies to my questions.  I LOVED it!  I told him I feel like I just entered the Voice!!  Even the check out lady at walmart was soooo freakin happy.  I could feel her joy so much.  They were impregnated with the joy of life and in turn, impregnated me with more!!  I so LOVE freakin Life!!

This morning as I woke up, I swear someone tickled me or something, such a shot of happiness ran thru my eyes, my body and the bounce in my step as I went potty!!

May we all see the bounty of Life Joys, together and outwards far and wide!!  For today, I will settle for seeing it thru the precious souls on my dance card!!

I love and honor you All sooooooo freakin much.  Ohhh and just to put this out there, on my drive into the world yesterday, my team wants me to put out a Valentine’s Special.  This is an odd and interesting way to see how to do this special.  The 14th of February, just about the entire world is focused on Love.  So what they showed me in running this special, first, it will be a 22% off special, specifically to bring in the energy of the “master builder” (in numerology) and it will start on the 10th and end on 18th.  But here is the interesting part, they showed me this dateline like this:    >  4 days on either side of the 14th.  The connection at the 5th day, the target day of the 14th.  Time is not linear to spirit, but in this moment, amplified on both sides.

Chew on that for minute lol.  I am getting ready for an exciting day in the field!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of Love unceasing to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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