Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 8, 2016

The Magnetic Flux and Accelerating Change!


There are days where the energy coming in from the field is much more intense than others.  Yesterday was one of those wild rides thru the readings.  After my first connection, I knew the day was going to be energetically intense.  My brains were already starting to vibrate, by my fourth one, my brains were vibrating so damn fast, my language centers were hanging on for dear life.  My firth, I was literally hanging onto my table because the energy around me and the field was spinning so damn fast I was dizzy.  Keep in mind, my body was not spinning, it was an external experience directly affecting my body.  As I stare at my computer with brain fog this morning, not sure what even to talk about, most of the readings are a blur to me this morning, I hear my team (as I ponder the massive energy of yesterday) say the words “magnetic flux.”  Well, I googled it and my brains are now dripping down my face lol.

A precious soul put an amazing “magnetic” video on my facebook yesterday that may be able to express what I cannot:


<p><a href=”″>Magnetic Movie</a> from <a href=””>Semiconductor</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Jezuz, now lets marry that to what I am seeing now, all in relationship to the massive change underway.  I found an image that are of cells, but if we look at each cell in the image, each one would represent the way I see you.  nucleus (bubble of creation) and the outer cell area, (external world of creation.)  When we come in contact with each other, or groups of each other, it also look like this picture too.

Conceptual cells

Your body would be a point in the center of the blue are of the cell.  Now, I found another picture representing when cells change.  Let me add this little tidbit from an MIT website about cell change:  A cell devotes itself to growth in a phase called G1. A critical transition occurs when the cell enters the S phase, during which DNA is replicated in preparation for division. The researchers found that growth rate increases rapidly during the G1 phase. This rate varies a great deal from cell to cell during G1, but converges as cells approach the S phase. Once cells complete the transition into S phase, growth rates diverge again.

(Again, the way the universe speaks, is it any coincidence that the test above says G1 and we are under a G1 sun storm today??  Nope!!!)

cell change


On regular days, i experience you like the first picture, on magnetic flux days where we are changing again, this above picture.  The electrical current around my head, my antennas, gets fried!!  But at the same time tho, it’s so exciting to now fully understand it all, well the best I/we can.

I also want to share a cell division movie from the same MIT site.  I want to straddle that info with my last lady of the day…



Now lets take all this information and bring it to your universe, your cell of evolving life.  Cells are programmed from the DNA of the body and knows what to do.  Our life is given instruction by YOU.  If you don’t know what you want to do or focus on, then, the magnetic flux just kind stays in flux until YOU decide.

There is so much I want to with the amazing information especially from my last lady of the day yesterday, her visual explains a lot.  However, I am about to start my day soon and I don’t want to speed thru it.  So I will kick-start tomorrow with that information.

However, strangely enough my team is really insistent on getting this information out today.  Obviously, we have changed.  Our energy fields no longer look nor work the same as they did.  We are so accustomed to our old bodies, physically and energetically that we do not fully understand the brand new, super-duper vehicle we have now.  We no longer work the same as we did.  So if you choose to go to an energy worker for a tune up, be sure they are working within the new body field and not the old one.  The example my team is showing me is of (my car) a Honda Civic vs a Honda Civic Hybrid.  Exteriorly they look exactly the same, but nothing about its working mechanism is the same (some similarities, but not the same at all.)

We are a whole, unified living system, not separated by power cells.  Because the new hybrid system called us lives in a higher field of light, those working on the old systems (which they are so needed to continue to do) will see only your old engine and not the new.

Well, my day is about to begin and I am strapped in today!!  Phew baby!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of harnessed power for Creation until you! deepest desires!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. hey- a nice fit for your team might be ‘Dark Star Update” (?Terral?) at’s been at it since ’11 (which ‘ties in’) & only 1 ‘on it’ – rest of long list have died/disappeared …. much luv to Ya!

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  2. btw: I was ‘painlessly tassered & sound like large utility-transformer blowing ‘ as passing into dreamtime awhile back..& told it was ‘DNA activation’ .. idk


  3. i am feeling very out of it today…tired..cant focus..thank God most of the day is mine!


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