Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 7, 2016

Meta-Science, Meta-Tron and The Stillness of Speeding Up!!


Well yesterday we went straight into a “meta-science” (spirit’s words) rendition of the field.  Have I mentioned how challenged I am about anything science or math, or both!!  But then again, my team gives me a little relief from my science meltdowns by saying it’s because I see beyond what is known to science (yeah, because I don’t know science!! lol)
My first lady showed up kinda strange.  Suspended above her field about 15 feet (again, always going to my scale of vision) was this really large, light gray ceiling fan looking thing with many blades rotating in a counter-clockwise direction.  Not a fast spin, but not slow either.  And then there was my lady, hanging onto one of the fan blades spinning around and around with it.  What the hell??  I could even see the part of the ceiling fan that connects to the ceiling, only this one, didn’t connect to anything I could see, it was just… there.  Spinning.  And so was she.

As I was trying to figure out what the hell this could even mean, suddenly i got a flash from part of the image and message I woke up with.  I so forgot about the visual when the whole focus of my sharing yesterday was on wholeness, biology, divine masculine and feminine.  I clearly remembered seeing this golden particle thingie that was forming a huge circle.  I say particle because it wasn’t solid as it was like trillions of flecks of deep gold forming a really large circle.  Well that image came back as I was trying like hell to understand what a ceiling fan means to my lady.

Well, lets bring back the gyroscope, with a twist!!  So, using this picture, lets turn the rotor itself into the ceiling blades that i seen.  It is only this morning that I realize that there were 8 blades to this ceiling fan, using the energy of the unified whole, power and strength in its display.


Also, the frame would be the image I had seen waking up, the deep gold magnetic field of creation.  I think spirit used a ceiling fan to reverse my interpretation of the flow of counter-clockwise energy, which I have set up to mean opening or releasing new energies into ones field.  Well, when I looked up the winter or summer settings of a ceiling fan, the counter-clockwise direction actually forces the air downwards to the floor. Given the rest of the days readings, that fits better.

So, next I have to understand what a gyroscope is actually used for:  A gyroscope is a device that uses Earth’s gravity to help determine orientation. Its design consists of a freely-rotating disk called a rotor, mounted onto a spinning axis in the center of a larger and more stable wheel.

The stable wheel would be the magnetic energy surrounding the earth and each of us.  The rotor, is the energy of desires put into motion, the spin axis then activates the magnetic field of creation to… well… create.  Bring in the energies of your desires to form.  Ohh man oh man, now I hear “torque ratio” in relationship to the movement of our personal and planetary gyroscopes.  (melt down at 5am lol) So I gotta look up torque: Torque, moment, or moment of force is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis,[1] fulcrum, or pivot. Just as a force is a push or a pull, a torque can be thought of as a twist to an object.

My beautiful lady is rotating her force, no doubt about that.  But what I could not see and only remembered, was the magnetic thingie, the frame.

Now lets bring this all down into Lisa speak (smile.)  The force of creation is always moving, and moving at the rate of speed of your desires.  The stronger the desires, the more force (I guess that wold be torque) to bring that desire into creation.  The more loosey goosey the desire… well… we just spin around.  Now, saying you want something is not the same as the emotional flow of energy of that something.  I say, and mean, at least from the mental state, that I want to hit the lottery.  Emotionally tho, I really don’t give a shit and cannot fake giving a shit about hitting the lottery.  If that was all my mind focused on, I would be spinning around too.

So as I was starting to understand why my beautiful lady was hanging onto one of the fan blades, spinning with her flow, my own personal mind went to my world.  I am probably in a very similar position too and changed it instantly.  I thought about my mexico trip and have not etched a plan on getting there yet.  Now I am firm (well, as firm as one can get in these ever-changing energies) Fall Equinox, I WILL be there!!  Anyone want to join me??

So our job as creator Beings is to emotionally align with the creative force of Life and emote!!  If your loosey goosey, then you have wonderful energy just floating about awaiting instruction from your heart (and only from your heart.)

Ohhh, here is something to think on as well.  A broken heart.  A broken heart (one filled with sadness, regret and stuff) is the lower ego mind bleeding into the heart, which then becomes a part of your ongoing creation.  Interesting!!!  I never looked at a broken heart that way, but now that I see it, it so makes sense.

If gyroscoping wasn’t creating a melt down, my next lady brought me to goo!!  In a great way of course.  I was already seeing her before we connected, spirit knew I would need the extra time to understand what the hell…

About 30 feet above the earth was this gray (gray was the theme of the day) gel like fabric being stretched to the degree I could see the rip apart point in the middle.  It wasn’t ripped open yet, but I could see the stress marks where it was about to.

Spirit had said the day prior, when I couldn’t see anything but blue skies then nothing at all, we hit a new frequency point.  Now, lets keep in mind this is for the entire collective.  If we look at all the entire shambhala collective (that’s all of us on this new earth) like a massive beehive of pockets/frequencies:


We are not all piling into one pocket, but align to a particular pocket/frequency to bind together with the others.  Kinda like taking the honey that was stored out of a honeycomb and sharing and co-mingling it with the greater all of the hive/collective.  Using this analogy and straddling the piano keys too… new pockets have been revealed, new keys were placed on the piano of life.  So truly, it’s not just a single frequency but a whole honeycomb!! lol

As I was looking at her stretching gel thingie wondering…. what the hell is that??  Ohhh the melt down… it is a part of the “spacetime continuum”  Geez… really??  I barely got over gyroscoping.

So I got to a handy dandy googled website and this pops out at me:

Einstein realized that space and time are relative — an object in motion actually experiences time at a slower rate than one at rest. Although this may seem absurd to us, we travel incredibly slow when compared to the speed of light, so we don’t notice the hands on our watches ticking slower when we’re running or traveling on an airplane.

Now lets put this into spirit speak!! lol  An object in motion.. that would be you.  Working, thinking, doing stuff, constantly in motion (please do not misinterpret that from our use of the word action.)  Time slows down, meaning all you really ever see is the slowness of the mundane world around you.  However, step into the stillness, at rest (not busy) now you are moving and seeing at the speed of light.

I really love this analogy too (from the same website) What does this mean for the Captain Kirk and his team? The closer an object gets to the speed of light, that object actually experiences time at a significantly slower rate. If the Enterprise were traveling safely at close to the speed of light to the center of our galaxy from Earth, it would take 25,000 years of Earth time. For the crew, however, the trip would probably only take 10 years.

Getting the mind itself to the stillness (not busy) gets you where you want to go not only faster, but more youthfully too!!

Now lets take the image placed in this sciencey website and wrap it around my two ladies imagery:



So, lets say the spacetime square is the frequency packet your are reaching.  The first thing that has to happen (per the information from my lady’s reading yesterday) is that light you see, must run thru your body and connect to the new frequency.  The center ball in this image would very well be the gyroscope energy of your personal world.  Keep in mind, you are a LIGHT body temporarily in mass/physicality.  Ohhh here is a bring back from yesterdays sharing… in impermanence (physical life itself.)

Now our teams want us to get out of the mindset (and let me tell you, the word filters are on super filter thru readings) of shifting, we shifted.  We are expanded too.  Now, we are raising the biological voltage within our body to meet the higher frequencies.  This came thru as my lady was complaining (smile) about how much her body hurts these days.  Well of course!!  This is a good thing, even if, temporarily uncomfortable.  Power UP!!

My third lady really threw me for a loop.  Her gel like frequency was in a different place (thinking beehive, this makes sense this morning) but the imagery to her left and right… shocked me.

Unlike my lady before her, her gel like thing was domed shaped as opposed to being stretched out.  To my left and right sides of her gray domed pocket/frequency thingie, was something that looked like this:


Anything looking like a double-barreled shotgun shocked me.  Only hers was deep bronze, bringing in the energy of an alloyed material emphasis.  ANd lets be clear on what alloy means: You might see the word alloy described as a “mixture of metals”, but that’s a little bit misleading because some alloys contain only one metal and it’s mixed in with other substances that are nonmetals (cast iron, for example, is an alloy made of just one metal, iron, mixed with one nonmetal, carbon). The best way to think of an alloy is as a material that’s made up of at least two different chemical elements, one of which is a metal.

It took me a long moment to realize this double barrel is part of her heart/creation energy.  It had no trigger or handle, only the barrels.  Also, what I didn’t realize yesterday with her, it is using the full energy of masculine and feminine to create/open/dislodge.

Her team eventual explained the release of energy like a sonic boom:  a loud explosive noise caused by the shock wave from an aircraft traveling faster than the speed of sound.

Now lets tie this in with the understanding before her.  We must be still enough (in our lives) to travel at, travel with the speed of light and loud enough in our energy output to break the sound barrier.

Oh!!  Here is something to think about and feel with!!  If you heard your heart the moment it locks into that intense desire, it sends out sound waves, activating all that is involved within your desire to bring fulfillment.  The sonic boom meets the speed of light and wham… desire made manifest!!

There is so much movement in the stillness than there ever can be in the busy-ness.

On that note, I am going to close and save an hour to try to get to some emails.  I probably have easy 50 or better just from the last couple days, not to mention the ones I had yet to get to yet… forgive me should yours have gone to the wayside.  There just is not enough of me to do all I really need to do in any given day.  I love you for sharing your stories and experiences and for those asking for assistance, my intentions are good, I just need to learn how to slow the hands of the clock to get to everything!!

Ohhhh and one more thing lol, I so forgot about this until right now.  After the day of science leaning readings, I thought about the large dude rumbling the ground calling himself metatron.  I had heard his name before but have no idea who he is.  Even the websites I look at didn’t seem to fit energictially with what I was seeing and feeling in my lady’s field.  At least until yesterday as I was digesting all this meta-science, he said I am on to something, look at meta and tron:

meta: (of a creative work) referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential.

denoting a subatomic particle.
denoting a particle accelerator.

Lets take the words from meta that are being focused thru my eyes:

  1. making reference to itself or oneself.
    • (of a literary or other creative work) making reference to itself, its author or creator, or their other work.

Get it?? (smile)

Ohhh and when it comes to talking about the info I share daily, I do that on my facebook.  Again there is only so much of me to go around and I have got to set focal points.  Facebook is that for group conversations (no PMs tho, please.)  If you sent me a friend request and I have not accepted, email me ( some profiles look like fakers (I have about 300 or better unaccepted requests.)

Anywayz… Have a still, sonic boom kind of day!!

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the torque of desires made manifest!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. Hi LIsa – Look up Archangel Metatron, he is a powerful being with intense energies, look him up in google images. Also he is all about sacred geometry and the flower of life. Here in Colorado there is a monthly Metatron channeling where you get to ask him a question. Sheryl Watson channels him here in Denver area.
    love and light,


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