Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 6, 2016

Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and the Engine Called YOU!!

the divine whole

I have decided, I need to get better and really seeing and understanding the “signs” being revealed thru the readings.  As I mentioned in yesterdays sharing, the readings on feb 4th, just about everyone had a song clip that opened their reading.  Music, melodies, lyrics.  I understood how the lyrics fit in with the reading, but never gave much more thought to the fact that there was music involved prit-near all day long.  And truth be told, I didn’t get it at all until this morning as I sit here to share.

When my first beautiful lady showed up for her session yesterday, all I could see from ground up was what looked like the most clear, beautiful blue sky.  It felt expansive and all-encompassing, save the center area.  The area that spirit refers to as the south node of earth, where we all live energetically, at least, within the readings.  There was about a foot wide of… I don’t know, no blue sky.  All I could think of was the “pipeline” from the core of the earth upwards.  Nothing in the imagery was moving, at least not to the degree I was seeing.  This image was not personal to hear, but reflective of the entire field itself.  Clear blue skies today.  Nothing to see and understand.

My second reading, I got my floor, no sky, no nuttin except to hear “what is happening is happening behind the scenes” and that we have hit a new frequency.

I am not even sure what I think of, sound wise, when spirit talks about frequency, energetically I know what they are saying, but I am now understanding too, that when we open into a new, higher frequency of dimensional energy, there is music involved.  Not necessarily songs off the top 40, but the song of the universe opened to new keys and melodies being released to us crazy humans playing on the new earth.  Our bodies, our energy fields are absorbing those new notes and tones and adding to our field of aliveness, of usability.

Altho it all sound beautiful, and it is, the way it is absorbed into our personal energy may not equate beauty at all.  For the better part of yesterday I swore I had an alien inside of me.  I could feel something like bubbles, not tiny ones either, like ping pong sized, moving from my sacral plexus upwards into and around my head.  It was weird feeling.  Then, half way thru the day, I guess the lower half opened up to release the hulls (smile) and quantum soup came running out (giggle.)   My ears were ringing (still are) so loud all day long I had to turn the TV up to hear over it.  Love this new octave!! lol

As the body started to even out, suddenly my last man of the day on the 4th was present.  Well, his imagery from on the field itself.  And a larger explanation for all of us to understand.  I find it interesting too, that we are going to talk about this triangle of energy, of ourselves, as today and tomorrow the moon, mercury and venus are aligned in their triangle of light expression!!

The first thing I seen on his field was this sassy, I mean SASSY looking gremlin/elf Being working under the surface of the earth.  He really did look a lot like this (minus the ears and put an elf suit on him lol):


This guy, was set up to my mans left, just outside his bubble of creation, working beneath the surface of earth.  To his right, a completely different Being, gentle and floating and in the realm of “who gives a crap” (quite the opposite of the mr. gremlin.)  She was partly within the ground and mostly above it, undefined edges of her Being, but she reminded me of a cross between an angel and a fairy without any wings that I could see and radiating white.  Kinda like this:


My Gremlin (my name for him) was the speaker, did I mention attitude!!  I kept wanting to plop them both into the realm of elementals and he was quite insistent that they were NOT elementals nor were they “aspects” of this man.  They are both real and working with him on this new earth.

My mans masculine energy is working with the gremlin (nor is he a gremlin, I don’t know what the hell he is, however, I am sure of what he is not lol, cuz he ain’t bashful about telling me) the creator energy.  The one that serves creation made manifest.  Hence his position just beneath the ground itself.  The angel like Being, works with his feminine energy, just outside of the now moment, feeding the energies of our perceived future back to mr. gremlin to use.

Every one of us living, breathing, playing and ummmm changing lol, on this new earth is whole, unified, working as human, divine feminine and divine masculine all at the same time.  The true trinity of creation.  To celebrate one aspect and leave the other out of the celebration is like giving favor to your right leg and ignoring the left leg.  You will end up hopping thru life instead of dancing, walking, skipping…

The days you feel floaty, untethered to your personal space is because the divine feminine is doing the work of the day or several days, gathering the energies of the future so your divine masculine can set it into created for use, play, consumption, whatever.  These are the days you may feel like lead.  For creation to happen, the pure light of the… whatever, must slow down, wayyyyy down to become manifest.  Everything thing MUST come thru you, you are an active participant whether you realize it or not.  The days you feel like dancing thru your moments, the two energies fused together to become one.  Think, conception.

One of the things stated as I was seeing all this thru the greater aspects of all of us and was amplified in my head as I woke up, if anyone thinks they are missing any part of them (what many think of as a twin flame, the other half of themselves) then they shut down half of their energy systems.  If is impossible to be partly here, soul wise.  Our souls can have 100 incarnations, or be divvied up to assist (from the soul realm) 100 other people at once (I really got this point listening to the audio book “My Life After Death” by Erik Medhus) our soul energy is whole at all times, in all streams, in all ways.

If we look at the human incarnate (yeah, us) we are the motor in which all this runs, this is how important you are as an incarnate Being.  YOU, your humanness, your amazing, blessed divinity in biological form is the only motor of creation.  The divine masculine and feminine works with you, or gets benched because of you.

The law of like attracts like will always be the law of creation.  So if any part of yourself is feeling like half of what it should be and someone out there is the other half, then you are going to attract someone who is equally only using half their engine.  In this scenario, two halves DO NOT make a whole.  It makes two halfs.

Now here is a surprising word of caution, even a unified whole Being can and will attract those feeling like half themselves are missing.  (I had no idea until just now lol.) Kind like bugs to the light (not that I am calling anyone bugs lol, just thinking of the cartoon a bugs like and the critter uncontrollably heading to the bug zapper saying out loud when the other bug is asking him why he is flying towards it “I can’t help it, its soooooo beautiful.”

To truly unlock all that we are capable of, in a partnered relationship, two whole’s must be present and participating in their wholeness.

So lets talk about our planetary triangle.  The moon, the emotional field of creation connecting with Mercury, the planet of communication, the masculine in its essence: Mercury, much like the winged messenger of the gods, comes in on feather-light wings and commands us to speak. Communication, intellect and awareness are all within Mercury’s domain, as are logic and reasoning, our manner of thinking, and how we create and express our thought processes.  (Taken from

And Venus, the feminine: Venus is all about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with someone else. This planet concerns itself with love, romance and harmony in our emotional attachments, marriages, friendships and other unions (like business partnerships). Venus is content to spread happiness and tenderness, all the while teaching us how to love and appreciate others and the things that we possess.  (taken from

That means, WE must be the moon energy.  No wonder why the rising moon has been so prevalent in the readings the last few days.  We are rising up to our fullness!!  The full spectrum of emotional Light, the Christed energy, the power and force of the earth!!

WE ARE the song of the Universe!!  What song are you signing?  Whatever it is, it’s also your creation song!!!

With love and joy and music of happy things to ALL wrapped in reverberating (((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas

I found one of my favorite songs from my youth from the show The Partridge Family.  I was looking for the song but as I watched this segment, it is saying a lot of about this moment and even… this sharing.  In-Joy!!





  1. Dear Lisa, I do hope this finds you doing well & blessed! I so much enjoy reading your emails every morning with my morning coffee. I am disabled & live in chronic pain. But have recently started your meditation from your ebook. And I enjoy that as well. The reason I am writing is because I was not sure how to ‘change’ my email address with you. I am switching over because I have soo much junk/spam in this account that it has become a big mess. My new email is- I pray you have a very wonderful & very blessed day! Sincerely, Missi Estelle baker

    P.S. Oh I almost forgot… Last year you gave a special for Mother’s Day readings. I filled out the form & It took me right to the pay form & I paid but I never got the reading. I must not have needed it. But still hope to be able to pay & get a reading. I am always so fascinated by your readings when I read your emails. Thank you again very much!!!

    On Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 7:31 AM, The Shift of Time and Energy! wrote:

    > Lisa Gawlas posted: ” I have decided, I need to get better and really > seeing and understanding the “signs” being revealed thru the readings. As > I mentioned in yesterdays sharing, the readings on feb 4th, just about > everyone had a song clip that opened their reading. Musi” >


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  3. Found this one 2 years ago….still no other stellar YT video versions of it out there, but every year I keep looking:



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  4. Well here’s a treasure I never got to see before — David and his half bro, cutie Shaun singing together (in harmony) from their Broadway show… freaking beautiful is this, I say……thanks, Higher Self.

    The brothers start singing at 6:00 into the video:




  5. That was really beautiful, thank you! Felt the love come right through this post! Love Shiva at the top!


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