Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 5, 2016

The Rising Full Moon Pulling Up and Out…. A Lot!! lol


So many interesting things appeared in the readings yesterday and dare I say, so many readings seemed to just show up on my calendar yesterday.  I am really trying to keep my light intake (smile) to five a day, if we have days of rescheduling, I will do six, anything after 6 is just to hard for me to maintain, my brain starts to become bloated, like when you over eat.  I don’t know how I didn’t notice from the get go I had 8 appointments on my dance, I didn’t notice until it was 11am and I had just finished my 5th reading and there was still 3 more to go.  OMG!!  I suddenly felt road weary! lol  And truly, technically, its impossible to have 8 on a day.  My calendar closes the day out at 5, I will hand set a 6th, but never more than that.  I did 7 and by the time I got to the last one, bless her heart, the only visual I seen was of my antenna looking like a lit fuse sparking back into my head.  I cracked up, I got the message, one more intake of the high light coming thru, I would blow up.  I am grateful she understood.  But this morning, with most of yesterday’s incredible information and expression digested, the 8 was there as an energy system, a reflection of the enormity of the day.  SIGNS!!

Eight, infinity, as above so below, power and strength, unified energy within duality. Just keep that in mind as I share…

Just about every reading started with a song clip such as “Age of Aquarius,” “it’s like thunder and lightning,” “Jesus Christ, Super Star,” and I know there were at least two others, but at this moment I cannot recall them, if I do, I’ll slip them in here.

Even as I heard the song age of Aquarius, my lady’s team was sure to mention, we are beyond the dawn and into the day, however, there is something very relevant with “the rising full moon” underway that is Feb. 22nd.

Thru just above every reading, the full moon or at least, its energy was prominent in the west field, rising.  It took me just about all day to really understand the significance of what I was seeing (forgive me if I am all over the place today, my brain is like mush but I want to get some things from yesterday out.)  The “rising full moon” currently underway is actually pulling up the energy from within the core of earth, what we are now calling the original earth.  This pure, sacred energy is being disseminated day by day, hour by hour.  As it rises, some of us took up the task of linking the root chakra with the core of the earth and allowing it to pass thru our bodies.  One of my men yesterday looked just like a bubble fountain.  Those clear bubble coming out of his head and dispersing thru the air around him.  His body was in such a rapid state of spin I only realized he was spinning when his team slowed it down, to my eyes he looked like he was standing still.  He mentioned how rough his body has been feeling the last couple days, nauseous, hard to breathe at night, and the back door trots.  Perfect!!  Again all this energy MUST come thru the human incarnate to be used.  Not that the human should be interfering with the process, or doing anything, it’s already underway.  How could we possible consciously (lower consciousness not the soul consciousness) know what to do with something we have never remembered before.  The old earth, soap-bubble land, does not work by the same laws as the new earth.  So just letting it pass thru you is more than enough.  This air, these molecules are super intelligent and not weighted down with the density of duality.

I have to giggle here, suddenly I feel bad calling the old earth soap-bubble land, it feels like a slur of some sort.  My team instantly said I see the old earth like a massive cluster of soap bubbles to show its impermanence.  They are also kinda reflective black, so I cannot see thru any of them, again they say because there is nothing left to see or access there.  The energy we are working with here on the new earth is thinning the bubbles and over time, one by one, the density in which they were created, will burst and cease to exist.

I do want to talk about two amazing energies that came thru yesterdays connections, I have been racking this groggy brain of mine to remember how and why one showed up, for the life of me, I cannot recall.  However, his image and energy is as vivid now as it was yesterday.  Perhaps why and how he showed up is specifically for my gal whom I was reading for.

His image was huge, easy 20 feet tall about  feet wide, not human looking at all, but also, faceless.  His body itself easily reminded me of a robot, just from the size and shape, but he was not robotic at all.  He was so big that appearing in my lady’s reading as her helper, created vibrations from the earth outward, like something super heavy would do.  I could feel and hear each foot step, his color spectrum reminded me of the “old african housewife” from the day prior, a blend of white and lavenders, only a little deep in color than the lady, but not much.  The moment he heard me think “who are you” instantly I heard in this boom like voice “Metatron.”

I knew the name but nothing more.  I think he liked that a lot, cuz what we think we know, is not accurate and he will be assisting my lady… shit, I cannot recall in any way.  Geez!!  The one thing I am sure of tho, it has everything to do with the original earth and what we don’t know about any of it or him or hell, even ourselves!!

Following him, my next I got a song clip “its like thunder and lightning” and with it, when I heard the “its like thunder part” this really large golden, lightning bolt shaped thing appeared resting from the ground over the bubbled dome of my lady’s left side of center.  When I heard the “lightning” part, another one appeared to the right side.

So lets take this to the larger stage of all of us for a minute.  I had to google how does thunder and lightning form, not so much for the science part of it, but turn the science into the metaphysical and feel it from there:

Thunder is caused by lightning. When a lightning bolt travels from the cloud to the ground it actually opens up a little hole in the air, called a channel. Once then light is gone the air collapses back in and creates a sound wave that we hear as thunder.

Lightning is the way the atmosphere balances the charges that have been separated. The charges are separated by the collision of rain and ice particles. During the collision of the particles an electron (which has a negative charge) is stripped one of the particles. Thus having the lower part of a thunderstorm filled with negatively charged particles. While the earth surface now has more of a positive charge, the charge difference will continue to build as the atmosphere does not conduct electricity well at all

I made italic that one sentence cuz I just remembered my man mentioned above with bubble spewing out of his head, his team kept staying he is “hulling” the energy.  He kept thinking ship, I kept seeing seeds.  Even going to a dictionary, gotta get past all the ship definitions to get to this one:



  1. The dry outer covering of a fruit, seed, or nut; a husk.
  2. The enlarged calyx of a fruit, such as a strawberry, that is usually green and easily detached.

The fruit of the womb!!!  Seeds a plenty!!

Lets get to my one man who is soooo consistently aligned with the song “Jesus Christ… Super Star,” or at least, that lyric from the song.  He was on my dance card yesterday, and as I was on the holy throne releasing some coffee, I thought of him (he was next) and instantly not only did I hear the song clip I just mentioned, suddenly I could see the west field, and where the moon itself as been prominent in rising upwards, now there was this freakin HUGE Jesus!!  His arms completely outstretched at the shoulders.  His garment a glowing white radiating the reflection like the moon had been.  And this dude was HUGE, easy 100 feet tall and rising!!



He had no face, he never does.  The only “human” thing on him was his hair, god I love his hair.  Even back in my first three years of my path, when he would teach me in my meditations, he never had a human body, but he did put on some hair and his reasoning was, I loved his hair!

Let’s talk about these two presences and their lack of faces.  Their lack of identity.  This is a huge huge message for everyone.  We can really get caught up in ourselves, we are this, we are that, we can do this or we connect to that… who cares.  That’s the ego identifying… the heart of passion just does.  The true Light of Christ (enlightened ones) radiates, works, sings and dances without the need to identify.  A “Super Star” radiates, shines so brightly for all to see without having to tap on anyone’s shoulders to say, look at me, see how big and bright I Am!!

Why this freakin enormous version of Jesus… of Sananda, the Christed energy glowing bright??  There was a lot for my beautiful man on a personal level of connection, but lets look at the metaphors here.

This coming full moon, the reflection of the sun/son radiating outwards to the earth, shining bright like a super star, releasing the christ consciousness as a usable, full spectrum energy system.  Not just the concept, or alignment, but the ego-less use of all that is available.

The meek HAS inherited the world.

I am going to close on that note.  There is so much more to share that I cannot possibly keep up.  I have not completely unpacked all the information and visuals that came thru yesterday and in an hour, I am heading out for more.  Mercy!! lol  My mind needs a pause for the cause before I start again today.

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with the thunder and lightning of Creation, Creating!!

Lisa Gawlas






  1. Some readers reply and reference severe effects of ascension due to the high frequencies downloaded.

    All are at their unique point on their unique path of divine evolution, yet integrating the highest of frequencies does not automatically necessitate, or equate with the extreme discomfort and pain. It does not need to be so.

    That it is so for some is a culmination of factors within one’s unique purpose and path; and choosing; choice at some level. Is that choice from one’s Highest, to experience what one is experiencing, or from another level, aspect or dimension of Being? It is not for me to know, or assume.

    What is important is the reminder to all, that as Divine Beings, in our Highest, WE have the power to declare that the unfolding of our evolution occurs in the best, most beneficial way, and in line with our humanity.

    We have the choice to evolve by choosing the positive way, and only to learn and grow through negative when and where it is totally and 100% beneficial for ourselves and beneficial for all, and in line with our purpose/s; by choosing to work within Divine Law and to become an expression of the Highest of Love; which is infinite and beyond even the higher than higher-than-divine unconditional love.

    Yes, the body must change, and rapid growth has been the necessity to assist the evolution of humanity and Earth Mother and all life within and without. In this there are inevitably discomforts at times, yet we also have the power to slow the changes; even undo them! I know this because these essential intentions form just a minute portion of what is called ‘The Grand Transformation Program’ which is a major part of Celestial Transformation: It is what has worked successfully for me since 1994.

    “Celestial Transformation touches upon that which is ‘Divine’ and ‘Higher than Divine’ and awakens that within people. It assists in the evolution of individuals and of humanity as a whole and it also assists in transforming that which is the nation of Earth People. Currently, there is no other form of therapy which does this. Therefore it is unique. The growth available and the evolution available through the use of Divine Words of Power and Celestial Transformation is limitless. It is infinite. It is a rapid transformation and enlightenment method that is one hundred per cent beneficial. As a gift from The Highest of All That Is, Celestial Transformation contains Divine Love and Apex Knowledge, the highest form of knowledge.”

    The question was asked of The Highest “What is the best wording to use for an intent which would thoroughly safeguard us for any eventuality?”

    The Grand Program of Transformation was soon thereafter Transmitted (circa 1994)

    “When the Grand Transformation Program is fully accepted by your being, it will act like an intelligence that unerringly steers your life towards your highest purpose, by accepting only that which is of benefit and rejecting all else. This does not mean that your life will be free of challenges, as the truth is quite the contrary. For just as trees grow stronger as they face the wind, so challenges strengthen the self. The fully accepted Grand Transformation Program however, ensures that the winds of challenge do no, non-beneficial harm.”

    Anyone who would like to access the Grand Program of Transformation, it can be found in these two books/ebooks on the links below.

    The quotes in this post are also from the sources in the links below.


  2. Hi Lisa,

    I was wondering who else was seeing the 22nd as significant – but I didn’t think anyone would also pick Christ/Sananda as its focus. We seem to be in synch 🙂

    The way I see it, by the 22nd, the incredible changes that have appeared within us over the last year are ‘sealed’ or fixed within us.

    This particular year our connection with our inner Christ/highest selves becomes real. First on a consciousness level (‘sealed’ on the 22nd of Feb), then on a physical level (in the second half of the year).

    (P.S. In my blog, I wrote that we are in a Year of Thunder, beginning of Enoch’s Day of Thunder. Another synch 🙂 )

    On the subject of Metatron, did you realise that Enoch is said to be Archangel Metatron? Enoch was one who did not die, but instead was taken by God. Another who was taken by God was Elijah. He was said to be Archangel Sandalphon. Sandalphon and Metatron are said to be twins.

    The focus of these Archangels are complementary. Enoch was a scribe, and he was charged to record all he was shown about the heavens. Elijah was a prophet who learned about God’s true power in our world, and how to hear God’s true voice.

    So Enoch (Metatron) was of the Heavens, and Elijah (Sandalphon) of the Earth. In my own work, Metatron is the energy of our Divine Blueprint, our Blueprint of Highest Potential, and Sandalphon is the energy of our Blueprint of our Living Being – that which we choose to express. They work hand in hand. In fact, they share their energy through a metabolisation circuit in the shape of an ‘8’ or infinity loop (another synch!)

    Another interesting fact is that John the Baptist was thought to be a reincarnation of Elijah. Given John’s complementary relationship to Jesus, I can’t help but think that perhaps Jesus was a reincarnation of Enoch. Which would mean that your visions of Metatron and Christ were related. Just a thought.

    Much love, Liza


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