Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 4, 2016

The Original Earth Impregnating ALL Open and Ready on the New Expanded Earth!!


Reunion Island... gotta love the name, image and fusion of today's sharing!!

Reunion Island… gotta love the name, image and fusion of today’s sharing!!

I knew something big must have been underfoot when half way thru my blog on the 2nd, my brain crashed.  Hell it was only 6am and I had only been up for 2 hours, it didn’t matter, the rest of the day I was akin to quicksand.  When I woke up yesterday and sat down to share, nothing came out.  Even the things I knew I hadn’t shared yet went rolling back deep in my mind to the unfindable zone.  Fine!!  I’ll start catching up on emails, a very daunting task!!  However, before I get into the wonders of yesterday on the field, I want to start this out with a precious soul who has signed up with me to assist her with meditation, navigating and harvesting information that would help her find her footing and her passion in this new world from the inside out.  I gave her the meditation class to start working with, helping to see and hear and experience.  What she shared is from class three, building your personal soul gym, in which we started with 5 very specific rooms to see and understand beyond your self.  She went from I can’t to freakin rock star rather quickly and I want to share the email she sent me the other day, to give not only hope to all of you working within, but excitement too.  It actually all does fit into what I seen and understood in yesterday’s series of readings:

You asked me to tell you what I get in meditation about how to use the genesis cells so here it is.

In meditation I went into the bioengineering room and asked for more information on getting and using genesis cells.  I then, at your recommendation, opened a new room off of it called genesis cell room.  It contained a lot of balls about 4” in diameter.  The balls were mostly white but there were a few red and a few yellow too. I remember starting to see them when we talked on Friday.  As I was attracted to the balls individually, I’d take it in my hand and squish it into my body.  I squished them in wherever I wanted to be new again; my face, eyes, belly etc. etc.  I continued squishing them in and feeling their energy throughout the day.  Their energy was especially strong if I focused on them while also touching myself, like when I put cream on my face and lotion on my arms and legs.  I also get I can activate them when I exercise and a muscle feels uncomfortable.  I can just send their energy into it. 

Then in meditation this morning, I got that my next step is to take these changes into the discarding room and let go of all the old cells that are not serving me in the way that I want and fill the space they leave with genesis cells.  Next, walk into the new attire room and allow the energy of that room to help me activate them.  When I focus on them I only feel them in the right side of my brain, but if I put my hands on my face, belly, arms, legs, etc. I can feel them where ever I touch while focusing on the.  

While writing this my “guys” are telling me that then I need to go to the library room and learn more about them and how to use them.  Also, to go to the viewing room and see myself in this more alive body.  Here I started to write renewed body and my team said no, not renewed and they finally allowed “more alive”.  I am not sure that fully describes it so I’ll keep searching for the right words to describe the changes. I sense I will eventually end up in the special talent room finding out how to implement these new cells in my healing or new special talent. I am already starting to see the “work” people should be doing that will make their heart sing.

For me this is pretty exciting stuff and exactly what I wanted!  Feel free to try it and share if you want.

Much love and appreciation for your help,


I will come back to that “more alive” expression in a bit.  How all this really started to drop into place on my 2 hour round trip drive to the dentist yesterday!

My first reading of the day, holy frustrated excitement batman.  With everything within me, I so wish I could show you in the true light of my vision, how extraordinary the field of light is now, sadly, you are still stuck with my words.  Dammit!

The air itself was not clear but instead carried a golden/bronze hue to it.  Directly in the center of her field was a line, maybe like a magnetic pole or something that went from the ground upwards about 10-15 feet (always going to the scale of my vision) and then this line started to open up like a V.  In the center part of the V opening, the clarity of airspace, I am not even sure how to describe it.  The golden/bronze stayed to the outside of the V and inside it was like High Def on steroids, clearer and sharper than any vision I had ever experienced, in life or in the field.  Clear across the field, in the west area, a well-lit planet was rising, because of the shading on the planet I assumed it was the moon, but I don’t want to make any assumptions especially when we had such a shift from the 1st of February.  I didn’t hear a sound from the field, and let me tell you, I was begging for audio.  I could see this imagery, I could feel it to my core, but I didn’t understand what I was seeing and what it meant to my lady.  What the hell is that V-shaped opening mean?  What does that moon or planet mean… heyyyy… help some ladies out here please!!

A good 15 minutes into begging for understanding one of her team members showed up standing directly just on the outside of my back door.  She had an interesting attire on, a turban on her head and a simple dress on her body, both matching in muted down colors that blended so perfectly that at first glance it looked like the colors were one, not three.  But as I stared a hole into her, waiting for her to say something… anything, I realized the colors of her attire were white, pink and lavender, but again, blended so well that at first glance it looked like a single color.

She did help us understand what we were seeing, but in no way like I am familiar with.  I hear, I get packages of knowing, I get all kinds of ways spirit talks to us, but nothing ever like this.  I am not even sure the first thing she said, well, didn’t say… I became aware of like tiny bubble in the upper left side of my kitchen, in my house, that seemed to burst and in their bursting released words and feelings so fast they were coming out of my mouth before I had time to even realize what was said or felt or however the hell that worked out.  It was kinda kewl and incredibly different.  She kept referring herself as an “Old African Housewife.”  Huh??  I realized she has no discerning skin at all.  Within her clothes she was a beautiful energy Being.  I was looking to see is black or white or what… none of it.  Nor was that important either.  It had nothing to do with what she referred to herself as.

I eventually understood that the V thing was the full on opening, the full on alignment with the core of the earth, what we are now calling the “original earth.”  The magnetic pole that eventually formed a V was the opening of many of the dimensions that until now (this information I got from another reading yesterday) were never presented to us incarnate Beings.  They were very specifically hidden away, unviewable, inaccessible so not a single molecule of what we now refer to as “soap-bubble land” could taint them.  Keeping in mind, soap-bubble land is what many think of as our fall from grace, but we didn’t fall anywhere, we purposely created alternate dimensions to house the density of duality, the negative spectrum of duality so we can play and learn in that diversity.

I find it interesting that we have created the story that heaven is above us, hell is below us and we were always at the mid section, choosing.  Choosing the higher frequencies or lower ones.

Anywayz, back to my lady’s Old African Housewife.  When I asked her about the word “Old” I instantly seen the old/original earth.  She was indeed talking about coming from there.  Let me leave the rest of her name here for now, because I would not understand Africa until my car ride, I still have no real idea what she means by housewife, but I know for sure, its now what we think.

The Old African Housewife is rather good at sign language, what wasn’t bursting forth in bubbles in my kitchen she was using her hand to affirm what i was feeling.  The planet in the west is indeed the full moon of February.  I had to crack up when she affirmed this by putting her index finger to her nose then pointing back to me.  Why wasn’t a yes good enough??

As my next lady in the field would affirm even more… the theme of the day was “sign language.”  Not so much the kind we think of for the deaf, but not that far off either.  We MUST pay attention to the signs, the living signs all around us, in trust and without fear of any sort.

My second lady had a strange bubble fountain coming out of her center of creation.  A shit ton of muted pastel colored bubbles rising from a single point in the ground and blasting upwards, in a wider V formation and as these bubbles spread out, they also vanished from my field of vision.  Again, in a series of odd sign language and non verbal communication, I understood (eventually) that there was now a complete open and fully working pipeline from the core, which is now the original earth that is releasing what spirit is referring to as the original molecules of life from that pristine earth, the true garden of eden, untainted in any way from the trips into soap-bubble land.

Altho i asked time and time again why are the colors muted, almost like their true and full energy is being held back, no one told us at all.  Smirky spirit smiles is all I get!!

So it came time for my lady to ask a question, even as the words were coming out of her mouth, a ton of hands appeared from west to north, just outside the energy field of my lady’s created reality, applauding.  My lady had just broken up with a guy who was knee-deep in soap-bubble land and obviously she got an ovation for the decision!!  More sign language!!  Only there were no body’s that I could see, just a lot of clapping hands, from about 3 inches of the forearm, the wrist and hands, all in this golden/bronzy hue.

As she and I was talking, suddenly they (her team) inserted an additional visual that really really surprised me.  Her bubble fountain was spewing steady as all this other information showed up.  I could see a lava oozing volcano about 10 feet north of her center (future) and it was suspended about 3 feet from the ground she lives upon.  Imagine my surprise when she said she lives an hour or so drive from Mount hood.  She mentioned the increase in seismic activity taking place there.  If I am remembering these names correctly today, she is about 5 hours from Mt Rainier.  Suddenly i remembered the dream I had last year about the activity underground and the eruption of the volcanos in that area.  Thru our conversation spirit noted that the way the energies flow to everyone is thru the active volcano.  Those of us on the new earth can access the energy without the eruption, but accessing it still does, on purpose, shift all the dimensions beneath us and the earth shakes, the lava spills to seed everyone.

Pay attention to the SIGNS.  No fear, not trying to stop anything because it wouldn’t work anywayz.  Try and squeeze a lady in labor legs together, that baby is coming one way or another!!  LIFE is unstoppable!!

So then my third lady, this is where my first lady’s visuals became clearer in understanding.  This precious soul had like a magnetic tube that I could not see, just felt the energy off, from the ground to about 10-15 feet above the ground, creating pastel sheets of swathy energy.  Her team explained these are dimensions that have been hidden from humanity that she not only now has access to, but must go into and bring forth the sacred information from there to the masses (us.)  Her team color coded the swaths to show more than one dimension and this pipeline that I knew was there but I could not see it what she will use to place herself within the dimensions.

I am going to jump to my last lady (I am running out of time and still have a ton to share.)  My lady was in australia, a day ahead of us and before we even connected on skype, I could see a shit ton of bubble, clear and various size bubbles blowing into my house.  What the hell??  Even when we connected, it actually intensified.  Streaming in from the field thru my window and infiltrating my kitchen about 3 feet in, then disappearing from my field of vision.


The pure molecules of the original earth are now impregnating the dimensions within our space with new life.  They (her team) kept everything clear so I would not try and understand what was being impregnated and where.  Instead they showed a larger view of her field of life and all these sections that just kept reminding me of the deepest honeycomb bee hive ever seen, and one bubble would go in and fertilize the section.

Let me give you something that may trip your mind up like it does mine (why should i be the only one lol.)  When we look around ourself, our world, we, on purpose see air, clear air.  It would be way too disorienting if we seen something like this:



Every intersection in that image would represent a dimension.  What my team is calling interdimensional space.  When we go higher in the realm of earth, then we start accessing the multidimensions.  All of it together, uncountable.  So I beg of you, if you think 5th dimension, 12th dimension, numbers at all… stop it!!  Without even realizing it, you limit yourself.  However, there are frequencies, octaves that are higher than others, that is the key to accessing other spectacular dimensions.  You job is to vibrate at those octaves, in which case many associate the 5th dimension with Self Realization, love, mastery… trust me, if you are on the new earth, you are already there!!  Now its time to put on the explorer’s hat and well, explore new sights, sounds, communication and ways of living so fully, more alive on earth than ever before.

So my beautiful aussie lady gave us a heads up.  This impregnation started on February 3rd, is embedding your/our entire field of created reality in all the various dimensions that will open to life experienced and her team showed us her saturday, our friday when a new skin (and I seen it like a peachy colored skin or membrane or something) happens.  I rescheduled her cuz that’s about as much I could understand.


Now to my amazing car ride to the dentist.  Of course, I had my second listening of the audio book “My Life After Death” from a young man (20) who committed suicide and found a wonderful spirit translator (Jamie Butler) to write this book thru.  So the entire book is his first person perspective of how spirit and us incarnated, interact and what all he is capable of doing here in the vast dimensions of earth.  It was perfect background music for my processing.

The first thing I was thinking of was my lady in Washington state and that volcano.  Suddenly my own memory was taken back to when i was in the Salvation Army homeless shelter in 2001.  I had just come off a week long spiritual strike (I was pissed to be in a homeless shelter and refused to meditate lol, I am so human lol) and I was in the bath and suddenly, I was standing in a lava flow that was up to my ankles.  In my meditation I could feel the heat of the lava, the landscape completely unfamiliar to my eyes… to this day, I never understood why I had that experience… until yesterday.  When I got out of that meditation I had 1st and 2nd degree burns on my foot and ankle but ONLY on my right foot.  The rest of me, including my left foot, completely fine.  I did find out later that day or days later, at that very moment a volcano erupted in the Congo.

Africa.  The point of origin for the seeding of new, conscious, living spirit in biology.  There was no ego as we have now back then.  Old African Housewife ties in here… I have no clue how, but I know she does.

I also remember the guardians that sang and shared and stood guard at the top of the mesa when I first moved in here.  Just about all of them having human incarnates here, now.  We spent the first few years linking them back up to you, consciously.  Obviously, very well done.  There are not as many up there now, they’ve come Home within YOU!! ❤


The Guardians of Shambhala.  Waiting eternity’s for our arrival and welcome.  Parts of our soul energies protecting the original earth and her secrets with loving heart and firm conviction.  Now merged back into living biology called… US!!  WE truly Are Here!!

Then came one of my favorite franchises, The Twilight Series.  Edward the vampire of Light, he twinkled in the sunlight like a thousand diamonds. Spirit.  Jacob, the native american shapeshifter.  Bella, torn between the two and loving them both each in their own way.  But who can resist a man who twinkles in the sunlight?? lol

I was given the image of Bella turning into a vampire (scene clip below, fast forward to about 2:35 on the time stamp) and the pain of changes taking place within her body.  You and I have been undergoing these changes for a long while.  The fusion of spirit and biology now completed (for most of us, some are still in process.)

Just like in the Twilight series, those reborn all have their own unique super powers they are born with.  Us too!!  They all have enhanced vision and hearing, us too!!  I realized so fully yesterday, my infatuation with the Twilight series was about our own transformation… and equally, waiting for the Edward to enter my world, or a Jacob.


I also want to share the clip of how Bella goes from looking ragged as hell to stunningly healthy and beautiful… the restoration.

We have, by complete free will and dedication, FUSED spirit and biology together as one.  We ALL have our own unique super powers, and even in Twilight, Bella had to practice, perfect using hers, us too!!  Even on the other side of the veil, as described in detail by Erik Medhus (see referenced book above) at the soul level, we must practice perfecting what we are capable of and going beyond that, if we desire.

Well, I know there is sooo much more, but my tap was just shut off lol.  So I will let you digest this as I get ready for another bizarre and exciting day in the field.  God, I love you all so much.  Thank you for giving me, giving us ALL the gift of understanding thru You!!

Big big impregnable ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and excitement to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. I very much appreciate this post. Especially in light of the fact that just over a week ago, I did some healing work on myself (with assistance) that produced a massive shift. At the same time as I shifted, my 13 year old son also was brought into this shift. Ever since the day after my session, my son was experiencing physical pain and discomfort in his torso (he’s been out of school since last Wed.). Finally, the discomfort is coming in waves that are further and further apart and he’s starting to feel a bit better. But I knew that he wasn’t “sick,” and with reassurance from 2 intuitive friends who can see energy and read the body, I was pretty darn sure that he was just releasing a lot of old energy and going through a process. Because he’s as sensitive as he is, I’m not surprised that he was in discomfort and some pain, but still, I was surprised by this whole process. Seeing the videos you posted, I got a big yes! inside- a graphic representation of what he’s been going through. I won’t be able to explain this to his teachers, so I just tell them he has a stomach ache, head aches, a little bit of fever, and he’ll be back at school when he can (I’m thinking Monday). I’ve been actively doing healing work on myself for about 5 years, and at times had a headache for a few days or felt like a truck ran over me, but I’ve never experienced what my son is going through. Thanks for helping me understand the bigger picture.


    • The bigger picture still isn’t big enough:

      Of course I’d seen all that before, the Bella clips….and I wonder even Now, what I wondered a few years ago, first watching them —

      — that when I finally transmute into crystal energy form, will *I* get those long thick fake false eyelashes too???
      Hell yeah…

      Indeed, the unrelenting non-stopping energy downloading of the past 4 years straight has done to me, what was done to Bella, but 1000 times worse.
      And what is/has been done to my “skin”, nonstop, I cannot even describe as it is a living Horror Movie.
      I’ve noticed that when being “drained” to the max, my face goes grey and sunken and black/grey colour appears under my eyes.

      Because I download the highest frequency energies, I’ve REVERSE AGED from the continual effects of it, and I’m around 50 but I look like a young teenager.

      I’m about half as emaciated as Bella was, at this point, thanks to 4-5 years of this.

      So yeah, this ascension process is literally “killing” me.
      Not just theoretically, or metaphorically. It is torture that is physically wasting me away.

      Liked by 1 person

    • And when you have a 13 year-old Indigo son, like I do — going through Ascension sicknesses….and he asks to be Homeschooled (like he did 5 years ago) — then you get his ass out of the toxic Illuminati non-Education indoctrination Machine — and Homeschool him yourself.


  2. This was..different. And intriguing. Thank you for taking the time to share 🙂 I’ll certainly be pondering over the concept of spirit and body fusing together. Wow. Namaste.


  3. […] Source: The Original Earth Impregnating ALL Open and Ready on the New Expanded Earth!! […]


  4. Inspirational! Love that meditation of the Genesis cells…You are so wonderful to share these insights Lisa. ❤


  5. Of course I’d seen all that before, the Bella clips….and I wonder even Now, what I wondered a few years ago, first watching them —

    — that when I finally transmute into crystal energy form, will *I* get those long thick fake false eyelashes too???
    Hell yeah…

    Indeed, the unrelenting non-stopping energy downloading of the past 4 years straight has done to me, what was done to Bella, but 1000 times worse.
    And what is/has been done to my “skin”, nonstop, I cannot even describe as it is a living Horror Movie.
    I’ve noticed that when being “drained” to the max, my face goes grey and sunken and black/grey colour appears under my eyes.

    Because I download the highest frequency energies, I’ve REVERSE AGED from the continual effects of it, and I’m around 50 but I look like a young teenager.

    I’m about half as emaciated as Bella was, at this point, thanks to 4-5 years of this.

    So yeah, this ascension process is literally “killing” me.
    Not just theoretically, or metaphorically. It is torture that is physically wasting me away.


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