Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 2, 2016

The Living Energy of Gaia Comes Thru US, in Wholeness!!

unified wholeness

I have completely decided (smile) that there is this incredible, wonderful, magical relationship between the elements that make up earth and us.  I woke up at 3am yesterday to the downpour of rain, all I could think as I drifted back to sleep was, I’m glad that’s rain and not snow.  I wake back up at 5am, look outside to make sure that was rain and not snow, and I was correct.  Yay, I have a bird seed run I need to do and this girl long stopped driving in the snow, our roads are just too windy.

Just before 6am, the winds started howling like crazy.  I love me some wind energy!!  Then my outside light sensor flicked on and when I turned around to just look, wow, the show was crazy wild out there!!  As daylight broke, you couldn’t even see thru the snow coming down, the winds singing at the top of their lungs and I am now keeping a steady eye on my internet connection and checking my phone line.  When the weather is this intense, I lose either one or both of them.  I figured I better be safe and forewarn everyone on my dance card, just incase I am a no-show, no call.

Within 2 hours, we had inches of white fluffy stuff blanketing the entire landscape, there was an enhanced beauty with it all.  Ten minutes before 8am, my first appointment of the day, it stopped as fast as it came.

Equally tho, at about that same time, I took all that beautiful energy raging down from the heavens and created like an I.V. flow over Syria, where James Twyman and the gang of us around the earth, gathered in Peace.  A steady, bountiful energy for those hearts ready to Be Peace on earth, in life, in love.

When I “read” my environment ceases to exist.  My walls are no longer there, the landscape of my backyard is no longer there, in its place is you, your light field and living hologram.  Whatever is being shown, is all I see.  Except yesterday, it seems the snow came in on purpose in this way to become the very blanket of everyone’s readings.  It was amazingly visible in every reading of the day, even as it started to melt, it didn’t in the readings.  Bringing into the same spot, the mundane with the spiritual energies.  That alone is a HUGE shift in the field, in the way readings have shown up and very telling of the shift into February.  The two are now one living system of energy that MUST be used and mastered together.

The theme became very apparent, everyone’s world is now filled with the ice crystals laying on their seed crystals, creating a blanket canvas in which to create from (thinking artist canvas, only now, this is the very life you woke up into yesterday.)  Everyone’s placement was within their bubble of creation which looked more like a snow globe than ever before, only the snow was the very ground the bubble was placed on.  It was actually so beautiful.

My first lady showed up in an interesting spin within her bubble.  She was in a rapid movement from east to west leaving only a trail of various shades of grey that my eyes could see.  In yesterday’s readings, the east was all about spring, new growth, a new season of life and west was representing the harvest, all that was planted, fully bloomed.  Invoking both areas harness the desire and outcome as a unified whole.  Just outside of her bubble of creation were the most stunning seeds of light I have ever seen.  They were in various shades from peach to pink and all just above the ground.  I was reminded as i was wondering what the hell they are, that we are no longer just planting at the ground level, but also the dimensions and time-space above it too.  From her spinning in her bubble, in shades of gray showing she is not trying to define anything, but create within the unknowable spectrum of outcome, allowed these seeds to move to the dimension that will open for her to experience.

One of my other lady’s during the day (I am forgetting the order they showed up in) there was this liquid stream of energy coming down onto her snow globe (smile) from way above.  The color blend was a beautiful milky white and yellow energy.  As this stream of energy got to about a foot above the very center top of her bubble of creation, it turned into this gold, but not smooth at all, instead, it reminded me of thick christmas garland, but was not bigger than a nickel round (again, going to my scale of vision.)  This golden spark must have been equal to a glass cutter because I could see etching that reminded me of the longitude lines a globe (but had nothing to do with a globe or even the longitude lines, just to be clear here) after the sections were completely etched out from top to bottom, they gently fell open like the petals of a flower.  BTW, everyone’s snow globe/bubble of creation was crystal clear.

When I moved my vision back to that stream of liquid energy coming down from above to the top of her bubble, trying to understand what has created this stream, instantly I seen the connection of the moon and mars.  I already looked at that morning so I knew that the moon was aligned with mars as it connects with each of those  planets on particular days.  Yesterday was  a half-moon mars alignment.  Planets nor astrology being any part of my understanding, the only thing I knew about mars is it’s the plane to war.  However, we being on the new earth, where the negative influence no longer exists for us because we have cleared those learning lessons and our job is to focus and embrace on the positive aspects of anything. So I had to go to the handy-dandy internet to understand mars:

Mars: Planet Of Passion

Mars is the action planet of the zodiac. The ‘Red Planet,’ after all, should be pretty fiery, and Mars does not disappoint. Energy, passion, drive and determination are all right up Mars’s alley. This planet commands you (and yes, Mars does rule the military) to stand up, be noticed and get things done — sitting on the sidelines belongs somewhere else in the heavens. Simply put, Mars speaks to the power and confident expression of the individual. …

Mars rules our sexuality and sexual energy…

I had no freakin idea about all that!!  How appropriate that the moon connects to mars on this first exciting day of February.  Equally tho, gotta look at that moon, a half-moon, the luna part of the moon.  We tend to see most everything as either masculine or feminine instead of their wholeness, but then again, that’s how we view ourselves and we tend to create everything from our own sense of self.  In this case it is the luna (feminine) energies of the moon merging with the masculine energy of mars and that ah-ha came from the lady I was reading for, she made it clear about the relationship by remembering the book “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.”  That fit like the most perfect puzzle piece ever!

Her snow globe was very much like the petals of a flower, opening and closing at her Will.  Inside the glass petals was her body, very much like the pollen of a flower, she was the pollen.  Life’s pollinator!!



Almost like a bookend or compliment to this flower power lady, one of my other lady’s was the living dirt of the earth.  Inside her bubble of creation.snow globe, her team started to change my language to refer to it as a terrarium.  At first the inside of her bubble of creation was nothing but dirt, beautiful, healthy dirt.  Within the dirt I could see living energy in a  white/silver hue that reminded me of veins spreading out carrying life force to all that needs that spark of life to grow.


This is how she sparks life into the greater All.  When it came to her personal aspect, that’s when it turned into a terrarium, all she needs is within her bubble creation to grow all she desires within her life field.  What she does for others was like laying down sod (their desires) and connecting the life force of earth to take root (the energy of earth herself.)  Her team said she was the living embodiment of the dirt of earth!!


What we are seeing together is much more than just how incredible we are, and WE ARE!!  It is showing you, showing us our dynamic within the wholeness of Life and the part we are building with.  If we never go beyond that knowing, of course, our soul keeps doing what it does, but the human who can do sooo much more than what I am seeing, never really takes root and grows beyond the newness of merger (soul and body, heaven and earth.)

I know there is so much more to share, but my brain is shutting and I have a full day today.  So I will leave off here, until tomorrow!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of fiery passion, pollinated desires and life taking root everywhere!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Hey — show her Team, this one………(ROTFFLMFAO!!!)

    Also the living embodiment of the “dirt of Earth”:



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