Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 1, 2016

Welcome to the Sensual, Fertile EnergyScape Called Febraury!!!


Saturday evening, about an hour before I headed to bed, the winds started circling the house, blowing and singing their eery sound all night long.  I love the wind, it makes my whole body sing.  So I had to smile when my first reading of the day, her name was/is Wendi.  I knew she was going to be the reflective energy of the song and dance that played out around my house all night long.  Sure enough…

I actually started to see and feel her energy as I was releasing some coffee.  What the hell is it about the holy toilet?? lol  I got a visual of her jumping rope in the middle of her field of life, each time her feet hit the ground, the ground itself reverberated with the energy… it reminded me of the ripple that happens when you throw a pebble into a still pond, waves moving outwards.  However, with this pre-glimpse, I could actually FEEL the earth waves as they moved out, its like they cut thru my abdomen, it was kinda nice, kind of odd.

Once we connected on the phone, and I cranked it on outside (smile) the image was the same, only with more understanding that turned into a split screen, outside in the field of light, inside my house to represent her mundane/created life itself.  She was in rhythmical motion (jumping rope) with the field of her life, loosening the soil with waves of desires.  Inside my house, I could see the ground itself, her field of life with all these flower leaves pushing up thru the ground itself in a 360 degree view.  Kinda like this only dirt and again, tons all around:


Her team kept having me feel the energy of crocuses with this field of emerging flowers.  The beauty and bounty of a crocus, nothing can hold back their will to bloom, to live; snow, rock, sandy soil…  Nothing can stop the energy she put into motion to spring into her life.  Her team did say, that of course, they will not all bloom at once (arrive at once in her life) but in stages, as it should be.

I did everything I know how to do, to see what the flower heads looked like and might represent… too much to hope for I guess.  Spirit loves to keep the element of surprise alive and us on the edge of our seats!!

So when my next reading came along, she too was pre glimpsed, but only at the moment I was ringing her phone from my computer and walking over to what I call reading land (a 7-8 foot stroll lol.)  The mighty winds created a massive funnel of energy sprawling from her field of light into my kitchen.  I kept calling it a vortex, but it really wasn’t a vortex like we think of them, I don’t know what the hell it was, except for intense.

So when we connected, the image unfolded the same way, outside and inside.  Obviously her field of light and her mundane world are engulfed in the circular winds of change.  When I started to look for her, I could see her up inside the part of this massive system out in her field.  The only thing I could see clearly was from her mid calf down and she was being sucked up into this system and the rest of her was unviewable to my eyes.  But what I could see… holy freakin brilliant batman.  Her skin and shoes were in a color spectrum beyond anything I had ever seen in the field before.  I didn’t know how to explain it to her yesterday, or to you today.  We surely do not see, or at least, have not seen the true color spectrum of life that is… instead, we see thru the filters of our eyes, muted down colors, even our skin… with seeing her skin and her shoes, let’s just say it was all enhanced, clear without anything dulling down the spectrum of light.  She was also up in that funnel of massive energy and dangling about a foot above the earth.  Then I remembered, ohhh yeah, February is about a foot above the frequency of January.  Guess she is getting a ride into it!!

Also, the reason I could not see above her calf, the vibration of the rest of her body was too high for my antennas.  The light field that makes up the body vibrates faster at the crown and in increments, slows down as we get to the feet.  So I was able to see the light spectrum from her calf down as she was lifted to the energy field we are now calling February!

However, it is soooo important for me to note (yeah, my team is not letting me forget this lol) that her winds were as much in my house as they were in her field.  Keeping in mind, outside in the field of light, that’s your soul expression in untethered, untainted expression, in my house, its your mundane biology/created life that we live each day.  With two in a row showing up like this, KNOW, that what has been seeded in the light of your soul, IS finding expression in your physical life moving forward.  And YOU are now in complete radiance, in the full spectrum of Light!!

Let me intersect an email I got from “The Universe. via”  My daily emailed message that I almost never read, I just delete.  Not today tho, I was compelled to open it to see what wisdom was being shared today… right in sync with this sharing, of course.

Please don’t let the wisdom you seek or the changes you wish to manifest be driven by feelings that you’re somehow flawed, weak, or lacking. Because the ability to imagine change in spite of the illusions that surround you and move toward it without even knowing “how” your kingdom will come, is the hallmark of perfection, strength, and divinity.

As if crazy, sexy, cool wasn’t already enough –
    The Universe

I want to bounce forward here to my last reading of the day.  I was kind of intimidated by her.  She was given the reading as a holiday gift, so she doesn’t follow my blog (read the language we use) and her original appointment was last week, on a reschedule day and she told me she was going to be 90 years old this summer.  My heart burst with such love and honor for this lady.  So as our appointment neared, I gave my instruction to her team, please give her something she will understand thru me.  I am often times bringing in information that is over my own head of understanding, I want to be clear and informative with this precious soul.

My precious lady was out in the center of her field, on this radiant and ever-changing new earth, but made out of light orbs.  Her feet, which I could feel she was on her tippy toes, even tho I seen no flesh, she was put together by balls of light, three red balls made up each foot.  Reflecting the harmony in which she lives upon and with this radiant new earth.  Her team kept having my mind connect to a ballerina in her foot position because she moves thru life, thru the changes that IS life, with such grace and fluidness.  I seen her ankle and her knee as this blue ball of light.  Her team explained that her soul expression is so flexible (hence the knees and ankles) with her movements, with the changes and she lives her life by example of Grace incarnate.  They kind of tripped me up on the calf part, because the next thing I know, they are floating a femur in front of my face in my kitchen.  Going back to my body layout in my massage days… the calf is the foundation we have built our life upon, thinking of beliefs and knowings and stuff.  With her, her femur was her calf energy, which represents strength of movement, of change and flexibility.

But really, this morning, I so see the bigger gift her soul showed to all of us thru her.  We really get hung up on 7 chakras, some others too, but we are a WHOLE system of light.  Thru my massage days, I have seen the gazillion chakras in our bodies, but only as streams of energy coming outwards.  Like each pore in our skin has a chakra, I have seen the release of energy thru ankles and knees and stuff, but never the energy center themselves, until yesterday.

The foot has three main energy centers, one in the ball of the foot, one in the arch, one at the heel.  The ankle, a ball there, connecting however you live your life to the knee center/ball of light.

That’s all I got to see within her body, again, the rest was in too high a rate of spin moving into February for my antennas, which too, were moving higher than I could use.  Hey, at least we got to have readings!!

Now I want to connect the third reading and my homework lady and an experience they are both having, but also that I have heard from several people over this last week or so.  The surge of sensual energy at the root chakra.  The orgasms being experienced without effort, if one allows the flow to… flow!!

Life naturally attracts thru the sensual energy, not just in humans, but all living creatures (to include the plants and things.)  When something is about to change, bring in new life, the root chakra is usually the first thing to realize it, again, it vibrates the slowest so is super sensitive to the uptick in earth energies that are impregnating your/our world.

Do not confuse these extraordinary vibrations with having to integrate your kundalini, if you are here on this new earth, I promise you, your are fully integrated, you couldn’t be here if you weren’t.  Keeping in mind, what we do for ourselves, we do for the all.  So the many of us that took in the joyful labors of integrating the light spectrum of our soul into the biology was done for all that vibrated to that merger.  Now, its your living surf board of creation, your job is to learn how to ride!!

I am going to close here for today so I can do a meditation and join it with the many from around the world being led by James Twyman with Peace in Syria.  I have to park mine in their timeline since I have an appointment at 8am, but hey, there is no time-limits.  Let me share the info with you here:

Join us on Monday, February 1st for 
The Great Abrahamic Pulse
Here’s what you need to do: Stop at the designated time and hold the energy of love and peace as you imagine the children of Syria being fed, and the people of Syria living in peace. All you need is 10-15 minutes. James Twyman will be with leaders from the three Abrahamic religions ~ Jewish, Christian and Muslim ~ in a Syrian village on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights within eyesight of several villages held be either ISIL or Hezbollah. They will anchor the energy from the meditation and pulse it through the entire region. James will sing the peace prayers from the three religions, and the leaders will share prayers of peace from each tradition.
Time of the Synchronized Meditation:
7AM Pacific US Time
10AM Eastern US Time
3PM London Time
It will be sundown in The Middle East, and as the sun dips beneath the horizon we will imagine the end of the violence and the beginning of an era of peace. This is likely the largest synchronized vigil in history, so please join us.

I also want to include a clip from something I just watched last night “Real Time with Bill Maher” where he interviewed Dr Sam Chachoua and he talks about the cure he has for aids and cancer… stunning information!!!

Enjoy the bounty of this ever lasting moment!!  I love you all so flippin much!!!

((((HUGZ))) of rapid growth in realms you never imagined!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  LAST Day Bridge into February Special:  Save 31% off everything I offer thru my online calendar.  For single readings type into the coupon line 31, for packages use coupon code 3-1.  This special is (the 31st) and LAST DAY TODAY (the 1st) ONLY.  See you in the fertile fields!!






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