Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 31, 2016

Changing the Templates of DNA is a Process Within Us.

DNA changing

The end-day of this wild ride arrives, finally.  Then again, for those across the pond, you already into February, YAY February!! lol  Altho, here in my world, our beloved mother is going to cast a ton of ice crystals into our world.  We are under a double barrel storm adversary and warning.  One arriving sometime this evening thru tomorrow, then the next one tomorrow evening into Monday.  Somehow tho, it feels perfect, like a gift that will spring up so many surprises thru February.

Yesterday was such an amazing gift of information, couldn’t see a damn thing beyond the moment, but holy heavens the info was priceless.  Thru my last lady of the day, we could clearly see we are in another elevation period as we close out the energy system I call January.  I could see this plank of energy from her present moment to the (blocked out from spirit) field of February and it was bridging us up about a foot in vibration higher than we were in this month.  Of course, what that means to us, we will understand thru experience and landing in February, spirit is really tight-lipped about that adventure, even this close to the gateway.

One of the things that was on my mind to share before I even woke up was a conversation and release of information that took place with one of my lady’s yesterday.  The information itself is not new, but the presentation of the bigger picture, turned so many light bulbs on, I pray, for all of us.

This beautiful lady is young with young children to take care of.  About 3 years ago she developed an autoimmune thing (I refuse to call any of this disease, because, it’s not) called rheumatoid arthritis.  The first thing I had seen was her coming here to assist in changing the template of our DNA for all those who will incarnate beyond this moment.  A few years ago, thru the readings, spirit was talking how our bodies are changing from the autoimmune defense system to… dammit, I cannot remember, something else that will keep us in complete wellness when all this really settles in to the core of humanity.  Finding particular blogs that I put out has become like finding a needle in a needle stack!

She was also concerned that some part of her must be broke or blocking out her higher connections because she went to a quantum hypnotherapist, looking for the past life connection to clear this issue in her body.  She could not connect at all.  Of course, it was not a past life issue, it is one of the elements of work she has come in here to do for the greater all of humanity, changing the biological templates within the immune system.  Her team showed me what looked like globby stuff in between her bony joints, new energy, new cells, new evolution of the whole.  When her therapist in that same session tried to connect her with her higher self, that too did not happen.  This morning I understand the why there too, no one in that moment was ready to fully understand what was really happening.  Hell that blocking still happens in readings to this day.  We all have so many questions, and every question will always be answered, but only in the moments we are ready to fully understand and accept the reply.  Everything we are going thru, is a process.  Our body changes are a process, what we are capable of understanding in those changes, a process.  But be assured, just because you are trying to look backwards for something that is really future oriented, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your “connections” you are just looking in the wrong direction.

My own physical body started to brew up a crazy storm three years ago, that time when we all made the leap from 2012 into the bridgeway of the new world January 2013 and we started changing in earnest.  We are grounding in the new template by living it.  Thank god we are all taking up a unique section of our bodies.  Mine is the lungs, three years ago I developed asthma like symptoms and that pesky voice loss, which I now fully realize is due to spirit lube/phlegm covering my vocal chords (thanx to the magical tea my sons friend got me when I lost my voice in boston, it returned in 3 sips.)

When I went into meditation time after time in the early stages of this chest shit, my body consistently said, we are breathing in higher energies, new energy, releasing it thru our conversations and stuff and this is what happens as we transition from the old template to the new.  All of life has always been a process, not a quickie in any phase.  This too, is why spirit has said over and over to all of us, don’t stop the process, but do find ways to eliminate the discomfort.  For me, that albuterol, magic I tell ya.  For my lady who asked about getting on meds, which she has not done yet because of pregnancy and breast feeding, she asked about getting on an immunosuppressant, the reply came so strongly thru my gut… NOOOOOO!!  Pain killers, anti inflammatory meds, yes most effective of all is energy work turning down the pain receptors so that the process is easier.

On a up note, her team also stated that in about 6 months, june-july the process we have been bringing into the DNA should be settled in by that time.

It’s time to look at our bodies and stop thinking “what is wrong with me,” instead, “what am I changing for the greater All of humanity?”  We cannot be Divine Change makers without going thru changes ourselves.

Now, as my morning is gearing towards my next phase, I do want to mention this amazing, synchronistic exchange yesterday within my email.  I am days behind from responding to any emails at all.  Since I finished my blog early, I decided to delve in.  A precious soul many of you know and love named Aisha North (author of the “Manuscript of Survival” and now watercolor painter extraordinaire, with her New Blog “Water Speaks”  send me an email a few days ago with a stunning image she made from melting snow that she calls  “The Magnetic Force of Creation is Set!!”

 "The Magnetic Force of Creation is Set!!"

“The Magnetic Force of Creation is Set!!”


My whole insides came alive with butterflies because that is the exact color scheme and pattern I see as the “original earth” in the core of this new expanded earth.  The fact that she painted this with the multidimensional element, fresh from the universe, snow, just hit me.  As I was tying my reply to her, I got a tap on the shoulder from the universe to turn around and look outside.  The most stunning sunrise in a long stretch, reflective of this beautiful painting was happening:




So I excitedly took a ton of pictures and send her a few images of the reflection in the sky at the exact moment I was connecting with her, her heart of art and stuff.  n her reply back, I do want to share with everyone the song of her extraordinary soul, here is a snippet of her reply back (Thank you Aisha, I LOVE YOU!!):

I just wanted to share this with you, it is part of a message I received a few days ago:
I heard the words “The darling buds of May” and with them came this message:

“You are emerging through the crust of the old like fresh sprouts, and even if you may feel vulnerable and fragile, you are in fact powerful and strong for you have a very secure foundation. Your roots are deeply embedded in the nutritious New Earth, and so, you are free to continue to grow and unfold into something that has never been seen before. For there are no longer any old rules that apply as to what you will grow into, and as you continue to emerge and show more and more of what it is you carry within, people will begin to gravitate towards you because they feel these same stirrings of new growth within themselves. For you are not alone, you are a part of a vast network of emerging souls all over this planet, and as your buds open up, the new flowers will appear, and they in turn will mature into fruits that will be there for all to savour. For this time, the Tree of Life that is you is also the Tree of knowledge, and this time, the fruits are meant to be for the nourishment of ALL.”

I am going to close on that beautiful radiance, a message from the vast heart of the universe to ALL!!

Take time today to give thanx to the energy system called January, it has enlivened all that was in your heart and mind and a lot of stuff that wasn’t.  The bounty of Fertile February is about to be revealed (today would be a nice time to reveal it lol.)

Big big fertile (((HUGZ))) to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

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