Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 27, 2016

USING the Earths Magnetic Field and Your Soul Compass Together!!


Holy magnetic vibrations batman!!  The field, YOU are just permeating with such intense magnetism that my head and brains were vibrating to kingdom come as the day deepened with readings.  Phew!!  The most interesting experience in this crazy body, even tho it ended in a reschedule, was actually rather interesting to experience.  Well, less the experience and moreso the understanding that came with the experience of how I work. By the time my 6th and last reading rolled around, I felt like I had to put my hands on my head to just sooth the vibration that was happening.  When I cranked my antenna’s outside, the visual came easily, crystal clear in seeing.  The vibration of earth magnetic field, which is showing up in the readings as silver energy, was experienced in just about every reading, including hers.  When I tried to tap into what I was seeing… tap into the understanding, holy stomach nausea.  I wasn’t nauseous seeing her energy, only those times I tried to understand what it was I was seeing.  I never had that experience before.  Sadly for her, we never got to the understanding so we rescheduled.  She, however, may not even realize the amazing gift she gave in that moment and I pray this understanding helps all of us.

When I was sitting, pouting about having to reschedule her, my team showed me why the energies affected me the way it did.  For the first time ever, its like I really got to see the mechanics of how I do what I do.

Our brain and consciousness is so wired together in wave patterns.  At what I call the base level of our consciousness, the part we use every day to navigate our world, the energy is much more constructed, like circles of energy that expand and contract with all these little dots of… well, to my eyes I would call it static, but in those dots of static is the information that presents matter, orientation to the matter and navigation to it.  As we start to use our higher consciousness, those waves that looked solid start to change and the higher we tap in, the less connected it appears.  Instead, the whole thing looks like rapidly moving static dots.

In order for me to be able to see your soul light of visuals, that happens between my base mind and just above my base mind, same with the audible hearing that happens.  However, the understanding of what it is we are seeing, happens at a much higher frequency.  My rapidly moving dots must change their pattern of frequency to align with yours so that I can understand your light of information.

Let’s put that on pause just a minute and lets slide down the body to the soul-er plexus, which happens to be right there in the gut area (hence the gut feelings.)  Those rapidly moving dots of energy I see a good foot or so above my head are actually part of the solar plexus, the mind of the soul within the body.  To fully understand what is being “seen” the soul-er brain must speed up with the information being processed.  Ha, I love this analogy here, we can look at the way the soul mind works kinda like looking at our mouth.  The upper jaw is the brain and consciousness at the head level, the lower jaw is the solar plexus level, everything in between works in unison to process what is coming out of the soul mouth as food intake.

HA!!  For the first time, I now so clearly understand the meditation I had back in the beginning of January where I seen myself looking like one  of those old time phone operators, only the plug connections came from me and I plug into you and many aspects of earth and wayyyy beyond earth.  100 thousand hours in bath meditation paid off!! lol

This is the very thing meditation allows us to do, stop thinking and experiencing with our base brain and start to engage our entire Light Body.  The more we practice in our day to day life what we experience/understand in our meditative state, the more the entire process becomes as natural as breathing.  Never be content with just seeing, demand understanding.  Ask and you shall receive, eventually.  Assume you know something… well… the universe could care less, it will let you assume all day long, that is a our greatest learning curve.  We all have gone from ignorance to brilliance 🙂

Every ounce of new information, Light, that we take in and process, is very much like eating a meal or better yet, having an alcoholic drink.  There is a unique metabolic process taking place with every morsel of Light ingested.  Like an alcoholic eventually passes out from one more drink, my physical body reacts to having that one extra helping of Light.  Yesterday, it/I was nauseous reaching for higher understanding.  And yet, I got more understanding of how we work and how responsible we are, each one of us, for assimilating the higher processes underway.  But also, honoring the pause points of digestion!! (smile)

Let’s use this as a segue to two of my lady’s yesterday.  Our teams are using the words “new world” on purpose.  New being… well… new.  Never experienced before.  In order to really know what this new world is, we must play, experiment in ways we never have before.

With this new world here, if you can drop the thought of “well, I have been doing this (fill in the blank, but fill it in with the old world, soap-bubble land) and expect to do it here.  NOT!!  It’s not needed her.  We had to open energy centers, align grids, activate crystals… a whole lot of fun and evolving stuff getting to here.  But we are HERE NOW.  In a pristine world of creation (no matter what it may look like out the window, stay out of soap-bubble land, it disorients us to where we are now,) its time to reorient ourselves with the aliveness, the wellness, the perfection around us.

My first lady was sitting on the ground just north of center, what we would consider the near future, sitting indian style (legs crossed) hands on her lap and yet the movement I seen was as if (she was) plugged into a magnetic compass point on earth.  Shift (without moving a muscle) east then west, east, then west thru just about the entire reading.  (We can look at this as looking at the planted garden, then shifting to the harvest area of the garden) and yet, my eyes seen nothing but that.  I couldn’t even pick up on a desire of what she is waiting for.  She didn’t know either, she was waiting for the universe to present something.  Even tho, they did and it wasn’t until the very end of our connection did we engage in the fullness of what that opportunity meant for her evolution.  Ohhhh the holy waters we now have on earth.  The full multidimensional fluids we have the blessing to participate with and learn from.  Once we understand what was already presented to her, she finally got up off the ground!!  YAY her!!

My other lady who was in a sort of “waiting” position, very different really, but waiting none the less she opened up levitating above the ground about 3-4 feet above the ground, her back parallel to the ground, head north, feet south, face up.  Below her I could see what was now becoming familiar thru the readings was earths magnetic north (north meaning into the future) sparking out of the ground.  It reminded me of the heat waves we see off of the roads or buildings when it’s really really hot, only this was in the silver spectrum.  As with most people yesterday, her attire was in hues of silver, showing she is so aligned to the new, enhanced magnetic frequency of this new earth.  Completely dressed and ready for…

Her image was showing that she is literally floating thru her life, which is to be celebrated in and of it self because she is Here, on the new earth, aligned with all the energy that is Here.  The floating itself was showing that she does the same thing every day, she goes to work (not that she loves and super enjoys here work, but she does it daily) and she learns new things, spiritually speaking.  This is her constant and so, her days are consistent.  If I didn’t know her personally, I would even stretch to say, she is content with the way her life flows one day to the next.  But she’s not.  She wants to be an active player on the field, deep in the metaphysics, actively playing there.

Her team said something that needs to be echoed to everyone, so let this serve as an echo chamber!!

If you want to do something different, put your feet on the ground and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!  Play, experiment, find out what you are capable of NOW.  There is not another soul incarnate that can teach you what you came here to do, YOU must dig in, play and experiment to fully understand and use those amazing abilities.

We can use what others have done, what they share out loud to assist with, as guide lines.  Kind of like a road that is set to help you find your way into the soul mind of play and experience.

My personal guideline was the book called “The Holographic Universe.”  A bit heady, but the scientifically proven experiments excited the shit out of me.  So I started to dabble in just about everything I read in there, trying to figure out how I can do that.  Not in some class, but in the place I was sitting (usually at work, I was telemarketing at the time lol.)   The first thing I tried was scrying, touching a photograph and picking up the energies from it.  Ohhhh I really really disliked that, a lot.  The ego mind was embedded in that energy.  I had a rough enough dense ego, I didn’t need someone elses shit on top of mine.  Same with picking up energies from someones object… ewwwww.  I dropped that as fast as I started it. I even tried to be a gypsy, crystal ball readings, never worked for me.  Maybe because I already knew how to journey beyond this dimension with crystals and crystal ball scrying is bringing the visuals into the crystal itself…

Even the things I was learning in meditation I was practicing in my day to day life.  I kept myself quite busy! lol  Keep in mind,  was simply playing and amazing myself.  Never did I set out to do anything with what I was capable of, it just happened or should I say showed up unexpectedly.  How could one foresee what has never been here before??  This is so prominent even in the readings, my sight is awesome, spiritually speaking anywayz, but I can only see the light patterns that are within our reality construct, even if they are just touching this realm.  Anything beyond that, is outside my comprehension.  That’s the way this crazy realm works.  The more you play and experiment with, especially outside of what you think you know or are capable of doing, the more available it is to all of us.  Hence the saying (and it truly goes vise versa) what you do for yourself you do for the all.

So let me leave you with a guiding road of play.  I am going to give anyone who desire my 5 week meditation class.  I am leaving it as a dropbox link here for the next 3 days.  Go play, experiment, have fun and use it all in your day to day life.  We all have something to gain from your efforts!!

Let me add this in, as I just found the art for this sharing.  If we look at that little circle area, that is where your bubble of creation is at all times.  The white band heading north is our future, the red band is all that we are now equipped with getting to Here and the waves outwards is the energy of the soul mind bringing the frequency of experience to you within the action you (the human) are doing to expand yourself.  Trust the compass of your soul to take you into realms never imagined before!!

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) of joy, play, and new abilities to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Thank you, dearest Lisa 😊
    You have made such a wonderous difference these many years !

    p.s. Your latest info reminds me of the phrase Kryon uses regarding
    “The magnetic service”.

    With love, dianna V.


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