Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 22, 2016

The Garden of Eden, Expanded!

garden of eden

There are so many exciting things I have to share, I don’t even know where or how to start, or how to start.  I think I will start with the first few readings to hopefully give everyone a clearer understanding of the playing field we are now alive on.

We are in this wedge of energy that seems to be from the new moon on January 9th thru the full moon on January 24th.  The eternal flame (which is each one of us and all of us at the same time) is the energy marker housed at the new moon area of the field, which is to my left, with the full moon to the right, all the energy from yesterdays readings showed up in between these two energy markers.  The hue from every angle of the field, the airspace itself, is this beautiful reflective bronzy gold color, not clear as it has always been.

My first lady showed up with 4 very distinct energy line moving from left to right (new moon area to full moon area) creating soft sine wave patterns as it constantly moved to the right.  These lines only had the tiniest difference in their wave patterns, almost unrecognizable if spirit didn’t point out that they were each slightly different.  They were also at the upper most area of the field, one below the other separated by a few inches (again, going to scale of my vision.)  Once we understand that these were magnetic energy patterns, constantly attracting together, a natural part of her creation energies, the next thing they showed us was when they all hit the energy wedge to the right, the full moon area.  When the four magnetic sine waves hit that area, suddenly a single energy line emerged and came down to her center at about a 180 degree angle, still connected to that energy wedge at the full moon, but now dangling an apple over her center field.

It’s comforting to know that some of the language of light I have built over the last 15 years, some things will remain the same.  Phew.  Apples, in my readings, represent the first fruits of life, the first fruits from the tree of wisdom, the tree of life.  These apples being presented to her to eat, consume, nourish herself with and live as its energy system, is the wisdom, pure, true and fresh from our “original past.”  Not from the soap-bubble realm of creation, the many layers of experience we have had since the pristine days partially remembered as the Garden of Eden, but direct from that garden.

What I found really interesting and equally exciting, usually, before wisdom can be presented, knowledge must come first.  However, everyone that is alive and living on this new earth here Now, were also the first ones to live, love and expand within the original earth.  So deep in your cells, you already have the knowledge, the knowing, now it is simply time to eat of the tree of life in its origins, without all the other stories that have since sprung from that first moment, and BE THAT.  Wisdom is truly an action word, a way of living your life.

I watched apple after apple was presented to her and I watched her body, arms at her side, rise up to eat of each apple and then the last thing I seen was a bunch of purple grapes being presented.  GRAPES??  What the hell??  We are making fruit salad today! lol

Grapes.  A true collective working together.  Individual on the vine, together as a Source energy.  Thats us.  The beehive.  Truly, this is how I work every single day, a bunch of you show up to Grace us with your Presence, Your energy and Your Light of understanding.  I eat of you and produce my daily juice lol, this blog sharing… slightly fermented lol.

Before we can be the grapes of the earth, we must first and foremost, BE the wisdom alive in body as God made manifest in human form.  Yes, we still get to be human, have our human moments but never outside the energy of pure love.  Ever.

My second lady opened up a plethora of holy freakin shit moments.  My third appointment had to reschedule so I had plenty of time to go over and pick her energy field for goodies.  Let me tell you again, I know and understand NONE of this stuff without your presence, without your puzzle piece bringing your Light of Wisdom to the party.  So, again, deepest thank you’s to everyone!

I am going to bring back my super humble artwork of the way I see our universe (earths)

New Earth Layout

The way spirit explained the “original earth” and the one we are on now, which is really, one and the same.  A new-born baby and a 70-year-old are not two different people, but one enlarged in experience and wisdom, grown if you will.  So to the left of the new earth (above soap-bubble earths) was a smaller planet that was the original earth.  It almost looked like one could have been the size of venus the one we are on now the size of jupiter, the difference was that big!  Below the one we are on now still dangled what I call soap-bubble land, connected by that umbilical cord.  Keeping in mind too, I simply color coded the image to show the different aspects that I see.  The colors have no meaning in the art I humbly produced.

What spirit created was an arc of energy going from the new earth we are on to the original earth as it was in its purity, as WE WERE in our purity.  Free of judgement, there was nothing and no one to judge.  Free of thinking we had to act this way or eat that in order to be more spiritual.  None of that human conceptual energy was there.  Why would it be??  This is where we need to harvest ourselves from, the knowledge and live here now.

Then I was shown what many think of as the great separation, but really, you cannot really separate anything from itself.  We just extended the playing board to another level.  We had to add density, but it could not and exist on this pristine world, so we created dimensions to house density, the contrast we know as duality.  Then I was shown an image of a lion floating in front of my face.  The dualist nature of the lions we know would be aggression (since that was the example spirit used.)

Aggression, the desire to hunt for ones food did not exist there in the garden of eden, so one of the soap bubbles began.  Aggression was the contrast of incarnation, which gave way to so many other dimensions that simply (and continue to) interplay with each other, like greed and jealousy and so on.  This is why, when spirit talks of the soap-bubble earths they do include Lemuria and Atlantis, ancient egypt and so on.  Duality as we know it, was there in all those distant, distorted memories we have.

Thru my wonderful lady, I was able to see what effect we are having not only in the many bizarre if not cryptic readings we are sharing (hey, I am learning in the moment you show up) but how we are affecting soap-bubble land.  The more we align with our true selves and live the energy of the original earth, we are sending waves of these energies thru the umbilical cord to the many realms of dimensionally separated earths below.  It created a vibration so strong that we are going to see these dimension pop and release themselves.  We will also see those living and still going thru their soul growth in soap-bubble land either belly up and go home because the energy they need to live ceased to exist or they will jump dimensions and amp up their dualistic ways.  Either way is perfect for their unique soul growth.  Our job is to stay out of their energy fields, god knows we have our own to align with and settle into.

So with all this, with this particular lady, I could see a stitching happening, the old zig zag pattern in sewing.  Unlike magnetic lady whose sine waves were way at the top of earths atmosphere, this ladys was about mid level and presented this stitching going from left (new moon energy wedge) to right (full moon energy wedge) and for those of you who are not sure what the zig zag pattern is/was:

zig zag stitch

Her “thread” (if you will) started out the same deep golden bronze as the eternal flame glow and then became a soft white-blue, creator energy and then I couldn’t see anymore because she is still bringing this stitch into the fullness of life.

Keeping in mind, what I am seeing, is very much what spirit has been calling your super power, what you are doing for the collective “ALL” of us as a team, your job is to take it within and understand how to use these parts of your innate ability for your personal self.

Someone posted on my facebook that watching the movie “Interstellar” helped her understand perpendicular time.  I know I seen that movie in the theater back in the day, I also was pretty sure I owned it on DVD.  I looked.  Nope.  Something inside of me said look again, look behind the videos.  OK.  What I found was so much more than the movie (no, I do not own the dvd, but will on monday when amazon delivers it.)

I found an interesting group of items that must have been behind all my movies the last year or two.  Kinda like a seed capsule waiting to be rediscovered and interpreted as a whole unit (that bunch of grapes.)


All huddled together was my Kryon cards, a violet change purse a beautiful soul sent me a while back and my old business cards that I used to use before I changed them to reflect the mesa (the card at the top.)  At first, I was just excited about remembering I even owned Kryon cards and decided that I would shuffle the deck and pull a card for all of us.  I found this little stash coming out of my first reading for the day and the energy of the card I pulled would be reflected thru the entire day, readings and personal too.

kryon card

And then I had the thought to open that change purse, I knew change was in it, I could feel it and yet… opening it up made everything so much clearer (later in the day, after my readings were done.)


Kryon was a huge importance to me in understanding the enormity of DNA.  I was introduced to Kryon thru one of my very first massage clients I ever had after graduating.  She brought me a a Kryon book when she showed up for her second reading, explaining that what I was doing reminded her of his teachings.  I think it was book 11, but don’t quote me on that, I consumed the book and fell in love with his persona.  He has such attitude!!

I downloaded every talk he had on DNA and would listen to him over and over and over again.  His teachings were way over my head back then, but something was seeping in, I knew it.  He would show up in massage sessions in Lee Carroll’s voice and help me understand whatever I needed to thru the person on the table.

My old business cards, understanding the amazing matrix and changeability of the DNA thru so many amazing souls who laid upon my table.  This moment was much more than just a random find.  Again, I wouldn’t understand it all until my day was done.

So lets bring in the third reading of the day, a man… a virgin upon my field.  I LOVE virgins, new puzzle pieces to consume!!  Yum!!  Did I mention, he was a man (well, I am sure, still is today lol.)

Unlike the women so far, he was in form and coming up out of the earth.  He was not in human form, but a large amazing snake form.  Very much in a sine wave pattern, half in the earth and half above it.  Like said, no tiny snake, the half above was easy, 6 feet long and that is with all the curves of his snake body, I’m sure if i stretched him out straight, he would have been much longer.

His body was in two distinct patterns, from his side to underbelly was a beautiful green, from the side to his top was a pattern like a copperhead and his teams explained the patterns are part of what he uses to impregnate the field.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves (smile.)

From the depths of Gaia, lives the divine masculine.  Partners eternal.  We have drenched this beautiful earth with so much divine feminine energies and stories that the divine masculine within her, pretty much gets lost, left out.  This man was as much a part of Gaia as anything ever was, not separate but working to impregnate the seeds of life laid down by the dreamer of all dreams, the divine feminine.

Lets take a step back just for a moment.  If you and I are as much divine feminine as we are divine masculine, Self Creators, then too, must Gaia be.  She is irrevocably wed to her magnetic counterpart and works in unison as a whole energy system, lacking n0-thing.

So with this amazing energy and visual, think about what we have known as kundalini energy, the coiled serpent at the base of our spine… waiting…

Here, now on this new amazing beautiful earth, we are fully integrated as spirit and human, feminine and masculine, dreamer and creator.

Well, my day is collapsing in on me (more than I care to even talk about right now) so let me get back to my biggest holy shit of my life.  After my last reading yesterday I sat down, turned my TV on and started to eat lunch.  I usually put the TV on for background noise, it gives my lower brain the distraction needed as my higher brain processes the enormity of the day.  Something seemed to tap me on the shoulder and say, look at the TV and it was only in that moment I realize something profound.  I could see the TV clearly!!  Holy freakin shit!!  I checked my face to see if I put my glasses on and forgot, nope.  I know I took my contact out days ago, it was irritating my eye to kingdom come.

My vision, without corrective lenses, is -3.25 in each eye.  Meaning, 3 feet in front of my face everything gets blurry.  The further away something is, it becomes like smudge on a paper.  I look around my house, I could see the numbers on the clock from across the room, I looked outside, I could see the birds, the bird seeds on the ground, the defining edges of the mesa itself.  Holy fucking shit!!  I started crying.  OMG this has been my deepest and greatest desire since I understood about all that is possible in our DNA.  I had to crack up that I was seeing like this all day long since the moment I woke up, I just didn’t realize it.

Now, for the last several days, since taking out my contact, my last contact mind you and I have to get a new prescription to get any more, I have been trying to figure out where the branch of the tree of life that connects to free lasik surgery is.  Because of my vision and the astigmatism I have, lasik surgery is just under $2000.  I have been wearing only one contact for 8 years, called monovision.  This allows me to see close up and far away at the same time without needing glasses.  If I had both contacts in, I would need glasses to see up close.  When I have no contacts in, I need glasses to see far away.  With only one contact, all is perfect.  So I was thinking, lasik on one eye and I would be right as rain.

I started to test my new miraculous vision yesterday… it was as if lasik surgery was done.  My left eye could see close up but not far away, my right eye was seeing far away perfectly but not close up.  I am so freakin excited.  For the rest of the day, I kept testing and retesting my ability to keep seeing my mundane world so clearly.

I was also reminded of the stash I found in the morning.  DNA changing the old to the new.  YAY.  I did nothing but gave thanx and pray to keep it all like this.  OMG, how incredibly miraculous.

So when I woke up this morning, the first thing I wanted to do, make sure I can still see clearly.  I could.  Sigh of huge relief.  YAY.  Until about an hour after waking up… rut roh, I know blurry when I see it.  It is now daylight and my world is once again, fucking blurry!!  HEY!!  That is not even nice.  At all!!

However, what I did understand yesterday in the happening, I will find my way back there.  We are able to to hit intersecting timelines, desire, outcomes.  I have never had 20/20 vision so I have no idea what that is even like.  However, I am happy as a pig in shit with the way I see one contact in, one contact out and that is what I know.  So I moved into that energy system without effort, without concentration, it just happened.  Now I have got to find my way back there and stay there dammit!!

Before I close, I do want to talk about something that has been coming to my attention thru several people now.

Lets talk about our energy system.  The energy and all its bits and parts that fuels life itself is from the soul.  Including the areas we know and love as our chakras.  If we look at the soul as a battery, each chakra then would be a cell within the battery itself.  Each cell has a different energy output, but fuels the wholeness of our life experience, including keeping the body healthy and mobile.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to remove any of these cells.  Ever.  Yes, you can close them down (why would you want to??) or keep them open so they may remain as a fuel source, but it is impossible to remove what is of the soul system.  And why would that be a good idea??

Do you remember when lobotomies were a good idea for what society deemed crazy people?

On that note, gotta get ready for my day.  There is so much more I am leaving out from yesterdays amazing connections… until tomorrow….!!!!

I love you soooo freakin much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of blissful joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Someone wonderful soul put a clip from the movie “Interstellar” on my facebook that helps us really see the perpendicular timelines as only hollywood can show.  In-Joy!!








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