Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 21, 2016

Crystal Seed + Ice Crystal = New Passionate Life Happening!!

ice crystal

So sorry for being a no show in the world of communication yesterday, didn’t mean to worry anyone.  I was just taken into the deep silence inside of myself.  That happens, not often quite like this last day and a half, but on rare occasions…  Whats was even more odd about this internal silence was waking up so pissy yesterday.  I felt like someone took my beautiful fuzzy spiritual sweater and hid it from my skin, and I stayed aggravated about nothing at all until well into afternoon. But spirit musta blew my balloon back up while I slept, I woke up feeling like… Today is the day!!  Quite excited and smiling!!  Weird emo fluctuation there!! lol

But lets see if the sneak peaks into the field these last two days will give us a heads up on what really happened.

The 19th was a strange day that really left me pondering or should I say confused.  I had  readings scheduled, 4 grown adults, one beautiful 14 year old teenager and this teenager was the only one I could see for at all.  She was my second reading of the day and I actually started to see her imagery before we connected on the phone.  When that happens, it is usually my first person of the day that I got my floor with, they are in their own deep personal energetic changes so I cannot see for them until their energy settles into form.  Well, all four adults got my floor.  Odd.  But given yesterday’s even stranger events, its kinda making a little sense.

So this beautiful teenagers imagery was intensely yellow gold everywhere.  Her body form that color, deeper to form her human outine, the ground itself, the airspace and the two connecting items where she was in the middle of… the eternal flame and the full moon.  She was above the ground, directly in the middle of these two energy systems spinning clockwise like crazy.  Every time I read for her she has this cross between a fairy and angel aura to her.  She had her wild wings a going in the reading, creating this stationary spin and her team said that she is creating a solidification of the energies in this clockwise spinning I was seeing her in.  With that was the feeling that she was amplifying the magnetic pathways of the seed crystals from the eternal flame and the ice crystals being released from the full moon, so they can connect to each other.  I am sure there is more to it all, but that is still over my head.

So of course, I had to ponder why all of us adults were in the no see zone and this beautiful 14 year old girl was as vivid as life?  Our children came in with purer fields of light already embedded in their full on energy system.  They came in with a knowing of their Presence here, so they have less… hmmm upgrades to go thru than us old timers.

So given the state of emotions I woke up with yesterday, I wasn’t even sure I would be able to see.  I sure as hell didn’t feel like writing anything at all, not even a shout out to say I am not putting a blog out on my facebook.  There were several posts I wanted to comment on on my facebook, my hands were tied and I felt like I was put in the time out corner.  So what the hell is readings going to be like.  Actually… interesting!!


My first lady gave us an enormous understanding in the glimpse we got of the field.  I realized, I am still plugged in, I could hear her team explaining what we were seeing and why, for which, I am ever thankful.

So I purposely tried to pre-glimpse the field for my first reading just to see if my attitude was going to get in the way of seeing, not at all.  I could see this beautiful downpour thru every section of the field of ice crystals.  There were more beautiful than seeing them only thru the moon beam.  Each ice crystal had a tiny spark of color piggy backing within its core.  I am not sure if I wrote about one of the readings the other day where I seen this amazing stream of pin points of various lights streaming into our reality straddling the wide full moon beam energy, coming in just above it, and what was explained thru that reading, was new energy never before here in this realm that will mix with the ice crystals when ready.  Obviously, that has happened.

The first thing I had seen was this huge red plus sign.  I have seen in readings past, big old red X’s as the fields expression of saying you cannot see the field today.  This plus sign had a similar but different energy.  The seed crystals from the eternal flame and the ice crystals from the full moon are in that first spark of life, conception (think, pregnancy.)  The embedding of these two fused energy systems is already creating new life on this amazing new world we opened.

The reason the plus sign prominent thru every (non) reading yesterday was because we do not have the ability to fully understand what is enlivening on our earth, in our lives.  It is still super multidimensional and made of light cells expanding.  I kept being given the parallel between when sperm and ova meet.  The first thing that happens is an electrical charge, then weeks of cell division, then the zygote stage and so on.  Similar, but obviously not the same here.

I got to witness first hand the enormity of this energy.  My daughters first of two hearings was scheduled for today.  I was supposed to be there with her, to hold her hand but also, incase she went to jail, I got to spend some time with her before.  I had purchased my ticket to Virginia back in December, but had no return ticket and no ability to get a return ticket.  I canceled the flight, sadly too, when you book with united, you also lose all that money too.  I was really feeling sad in my heart on the 19th, my daughter took a step back into her old ways of not dealing and I really just wanted to be there with her while she endured this first leg of the outcome of her immediate future.  She texted me late morning yesterday and said that her hearing on the 21st suddenly got changed to March 3rd, the same date as her second hearing is.  Ohhhhhh hopeful heart sprang back up in me.  Somehow, someway, I will be there!!

The second sudden change that happened literally overnight.  I have been watching the spot on my back, where my melanoma was back in 2012, grow and enlarge like it did the first time.  Suddenly my focus on the 19th was on my back.  I got the handy-dandy selfie stick my son got me for christmas and took several images of that spot, I cannot see it very well with my eyes.  Shit, it’s looking a lot like my first appearance of melanoma.  Had a long talk with my back and gave it permission to do what it needed to do.  I understand that the energies are radically changing our biology, our cells, and if this is the way it must do what it needs to do, that would be ok… but know, there is a surgeon’s knife not that far away!!  When I woke up yesterday, it was much smaller and no more brown spots, just red dry skin.  I went to my local clinic for assurance… sure enough, nothing to be concerned over.

Love is the greatest and only producer of Life there ever will be.  Focus on the love and everything that needs to fall in place, will, obviously.  That tree of life has limitless branches and will drop its seeds of life where you are most focused.

If all this is happening BEFORE the full moon even arrives in our field of life, it’s going to be interesting to see what arrives during and after it all!!

I love you all so much!!  Here’s to the greatest seeds of life enlivening and changing it all for the All thru each of us!!

((((HUGZ)))) of passion and sizzle to everyone ❤

Lisa Gawlas




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  3. I kept getting confused with this blog because I was taught never to share readings I do for other’s publicly. I literally could not connect with the content because I was having a closed mind. SMH at myself. I shall come back and try to read this again later hopefully with a more open mind. Much love.


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