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The Eternal Flame of Love and Seed Crystals – Phase Two has Begun!


After being harassed (in the loving way spirit can harass us lol) for weeks now about not getting myself back into meditation to understand how to use those plug-ins I had seen on the only meditation I had since I have been home, I finally declared yesterday meditation day in place of a blog.  I swear to freakin god our teams have an ongoing comedy show with us.  I got nothing at all.  Ok, maybe nothing completely at all.  I went in from the vantage point of being on earth, the center of all these crazy membranes that are showing up thru the readings, which it took me two weeks, but I finally understand they are interdimensional membranes.  I could barely see the space around where I stood and the tiny bit I could see, I had no clue what it was.  I blew a raspberry at the universe, got out  and hoped the day of readings would give me clarity.  Well, in a way it did, just not in the way I expected it too.

However, before I get into all that, I received an amazing email two days ago, and I so have to share it here.  It is a channeled message from a precious lady from her soul about two weeks ago that really explains how the our teams are using the word and energy of “royalty” more clearly than I could have ever hoped to understand.  Thank you so much Courtney!!  Here is her incredible message:

I was born of royal blood. The blood of my mother, the earth, runs in my veins. My inheritance is the most natural and righteous of them all, the earth. My connection with my kingdom grows stronger every day. I am here for her and she for me. My blood is Royal and so is yours. When will you realize who you are and why you came here? We are her children and protect her we must. 

We are born of Royal blood. The blood of our mother runs in our veins. Our Inheritance is the most natural and righteous of them all. Our connection with her grows stronger every day. We are here for her and her for us. One day we will realize who we are and why we came here. We are her children and we must protect her. 

We are the inheritors of the earth. The real secret Royal bloodline that has been passed on for generations. We are meant to come to natural power again one day, for it is only the laws of nature that are the truth, and the laws of nature only serve earths Royal blood, as we only serve to protect her. 

We are of Royal blood. Don’t underestimate your greatness.

Courtney Marie Schmidt   For more of her soul sharings go here:

I want to add to that, don’t underestimate your multidimensional-ness either!!  All these various membranes I have been seeing thru the readings, I finally understood they are the various dimensions interplaying with within earth and us.  What I have been seeing for each person is their section and what they are already, naturally doing from the soul level.  Our job, if we desire, is to take it all into meditation to really understand it and see it the fullness of it thru the amphitheatre of the soul, meditation.  Equally tho, we don’t have to.  Getting here is enough.  We can take a passive role and still enjoy the glory of this incredible new world we are living.  So, don’t ask what should I be doing now, the reply will be, your Here, what do YOU want to do??  YOU are now fully the decider, the inventor and the explorer, or you are the spectator.  One of my lady’s asked a similar question the other day and her team gave us a great analogy.  If we look at this as a football game, there are the players on the field and then there are the fans that root the players on, fuel their energy with their excitement, but are needed, one is not seen better than the other from spirits view.

Something, however, did change planetary wide, at least, this new world planet anyway.  Thru every connection yesterday,nothing was “personal,” but what we seen was a planetary event.  Even that, it took me 6 people to really understand the bigger event we were within.

Finally, for the first time so far this year, I was able to see the ground itself.  YAY.  Love the interdimensions, but man, readings are much easier at the ground level lol.  At what I now know to be the south node, the center of our created life together, was this massive flame.  It was about as round as a basketball and easy 10-15 feet tall.  Thru the first few people of the day, I think spirit was just orienting us to what is happening.  Let me tell you, I have no idea what we are going to see and what it is going to mean until we show up together.  That seems so unfair to you, listening to me ramble on to get a handle on understanding!! lol  Bless your hearts.

But the understanding started to present itself (mostly when I got out of my own way lol.)  This is the eternal flame of life, of Gaya.  A passion and fuel that fills the air, that melts the barriers between the dimensions (did I mention, we are fully multidimensional now.)

With each person, I watched this pure flame, clean burning, grow higher and higher until it started to flow over like a water fall coming back down to earth.  In one of the connections, I could see something familiar that I had seen thru one of the membrane readings a few days ago.  Out of the flame showering itself back to earth was this viney thing sprawled out in 360 degree, and in various parts of the vine that was interconnected to itself, to this flame where these massive rose heads.  The rose heads, as I said, showed up in one of my lady’s reading the other day, so I actually knew what I was seeing (imagine that!! lol)

Rose still embodies the highest vibration of love that I see thru a reading.  The rose petals usually denote what kind of love I am seeing, with these roses tho, they are so multi-colored and some in colors I have never ever seen before, so I know this vine, this network of pure love consists of everything.

Now lets talk about love.  We say the word love and most often we think… I love you, I love chocolate, I love sunshine and so on.  But love itself is the only force of creation that exists.  It obviously have different hmmmm qualities and frequencies to it, but this vine and these roses show that the air space itself is birthed and flourishing with pure Love of Source energy made manifest.  The presence of the Presence.  This is now growing and spreading thru our air on the edges of the eternal flame of Gaya.  Talk about heaven and earth as one whole passionate, loving energy!!

The second lady I had seen something thru, came thru as seed crystals.  Literally seeds of crystalline light spewing out of the center of this eternal flame and come down towards earth in the flame energy.  In our conversation, the understanding came thru that seeds all carry DNA that is ready to be activated. But let me back this up a little bit, finally some of the readings and what these incredible people are doing from a soul level is being understood… well, sorta.

Some of the folks I read for, was positioned between the area I see as the central sun, the place where the other side of the veil, spirits side, releases energy to us.  I have always seen this within our actual sun itself.  So there are those souls who are taking the energy being released from the center of the sun and helping to direct it outside of the sun.  Once it goes outside of the sun (think CME, solar wind, solar flares and so on) it then binds with other energy from space itself (planets, stars, what we think of as space debris) then heads towards our magnetosphere to enter earth.  In each quadrant, we have incarnated souls (us) directing and assisting this energy.  Once it enters earth’s atmosphere, it impregnates the energy I will just call stem cell energies hovering at the underside of the magnetosphere.  Once it is impregnated, it then goes down into the belly of the earth to become potential matter.  These are the crystalline seeds I seen yesterday flowing out of the eternal flame.

To be able to ignite the energy inside these crystal seeds that are more than plentiful, we must also align to the roses of the vines of life.  The pure energy of Love is the only fertilizer that will make anything manifest, spring into life from the Source of Life.

This is huge to understand and employ.  Think and live like Source (god, whatever.)  Love without conditions and judgement.  BE without ego involvement.

The one thing my (lack of) meditation taught me yesterday morning, we need each other, to be interactive with each other, to see and understand the full landscape of this amazing world we brought to life once again.  A post shared by the incredible Nancy Orfield brought this crystal seed understanding and imagery to life.  Let me share what she posted as well as the pictures she posted too:

I am going to try to describe my/our creative process now as it relates to my life and some photos from space. About a week ago Phyllis sent me a photo of what was thought to be the Carina Nebula featuring ice pillars. We both loved it. It turned out the ice pillars in the photo were an artists rendering. Lisa then posted about the coming full moon and ice crystals. When I read that I thought of the photo with the rendering of ice pillars. Today she posted a photo of light pillars taken from Earth that are appearing in our sky. This brought to mind another photo that was taken by Hubble of ice pillars in the Eagle Nebula. They dubbed it Pillars of Creation. Nasa said at that time the surrounding area of the pillars reminded them of the Carina Nebula photo (minus the artist added ice pillars). I know this may be confusing, partly due to I am not tech savy. But I feel Lisa and I are getting pieces of the same creation puzzle. I am posting photos of the artist rendering of the beauty of Carina and the actual photo of Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula. Whatever is happening, I feel our new creations are as incredible as the birth of a star. Shine bright.

seed crystals



Let me add something else I found incredibly amazing yesterday, from

STREET MAPS IN THE SKY: Winter is unfolding around the northern hemisphere and, as temperatures drop, pillars of light are springing up from ground. Urban lights bounce off ice crystals in the air, producing luminous columns that reach into the heavens. Such “light pillars” are a common sight around northern cities in winter. On Jan. 12th, however, Mia Heikkilä looked up from her hometown in Eura, Finland, and saw something uncommon. “There was a street map of Kauttua painted in the sky!” she says. Heikkilä took this picture of the apparition:

light map


And to think, we have a second showering of crystals… ICE crystals (but not ice like we think of it, more than that, what I don’t know yet) from the full moon on the 24th.

We have passed the midway point, which I now believe really means, we set up house, now we get to play!!  We shall see…

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of seeds of love made manifest to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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