Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 14, 2016

The Living Light, Our Cellular Intelligence and More.

living light

Well something happened yesterday, I don’t know what, but if this body never has to go thru whatever that was again, I will be a happy camper.  You would think after more than 10 hours of sleep, I would be raring to go… somewhere inside me I was, but the mind, not even close.  It never woke up with me and stayed absent pretty much all day.  A couple of hours into being awake, if I can call it that, an elephant seemed to come out of the woodwork and sat directly upon my chest, ouchies.  Just getting up and going to the bathroom left me winded and yet, I would breathe into my lungs without a problem (thinking this must be some sort of intense asthma attack, nope.)  All of this left me unable to see and of course, rescheduling my day.  Hell, even talking left me winded.  I seriously considered making an appointment at the clinic, because whatever was happening in my body, I cannot say I had ever experienced before.  Sadly tho, I didn’t have the energy to take a shower to even go there.  Within about 30 minutes after rescheduling my last appointment for the day, the elephant went back to whence it came.  Breathing was like breathing pure oxygen, a good thing.  It still didn’t replenish my energy/mental supply, but my dear good god, I love breathing with ease!! lol This new oxygen release lasted a few hours and then all went back to normal, and I use that word so hesitantly, cuz I don’t even know what normal is any more.  I had the very best sleep last night, never woke up to pee, and woke up in my sweet spot, between 4 and 5am with energy!!!  All I can say is its been a while (all of January) since I woke up feeling like this.  Feeling… Perfect!!  I hear my team say, “you went thru the midway point.”  Huh??? What midway point, you never said there was a midway point that would bring my biology more to its knees than it has been so far this year.

As I was looking around yesterday to see if there was anything significant happening to create this biological oddity, the first place I looked was  The first image I had seen sent my mind back to 2001, shortly after I moved from North Carolina to Virginia Beach and my “hearing” was just barely starting to come online outside of meditation.  I woke up one morning hearing a quatrain being said by someone I could not see up near the ceiling,  The voice was clearly male and all I could think of was the quatrain master himself Nostradamus.  Thru the years, I never really understood what it meant and for the most part, forgot about it until yesterday, it was back in my head, clear as day:

It has been known
Now let it be said
When the moon swallows the cave
 Light shall encompass the earth

The moon swallowing the cave has always tripped me up, no matter how I “thought” about interpreting it, it never fit right, from myself or others that tried to understand it.  So, I left it alone.  Forgotten until yesterday when it was echoing in my ears again.  But with understanding (imagine that!! lol)

The first new moon on this new, fully functional earth was January 9th.  I was completely down that day, and when we resumed readings on the 10th, it created a massive shift in the field, in the expression of Light thru you, in everything.  I realize now what that “cave” meant in the quatrain of 2001 was not a cave like I was thinking, but caving in of all things.  A caving in of realities, of time, of all old energies, everything.  I also never looked at the new moon, which is really a moment we see pretty much no moon, like a black hole energy.  Sucking out the energies no longer needed as it releases seeds of the new, of the unknown that needs to grow within us.

January 11th started a light show I have never seen quite like this before, again, from (click picture to see the other shots taken.)



So now, are you ready for an even more trippy understanding… WE are the makeup of that Light.  WE are now fully the Living Light of the World.  That is not a metaphor at all.  Something more profound than I can wrap my head around right now happened and continues to happen as we moved thru the new moon.  If something collapses, as it appears to do going thru a black hole, then it must come out somewhere else, in another way.  Energy never ceases to exist.  WE ARE what is on the other side of the black hole.  Speaking of holes, let’s go down the rabbit hole a little deeper right now lol, my team is on a roll this morning and holy shit even, my brain is keeping pace with it all!!

This light that is in the image is swathed over the fields of Canada, Russia and Alaska, the northern side of the earth’s pole.  We are on the south pole side in reading land.  It doesn’t matter where on earth you live, in the position I see and am understanding, our energy gathers and changes into usable light energy from the southern pole on earth, goes thru the core of earth and out the north pole, which connects to the soap-bubble realm I call the old earth.  And let’s take this one step deeper, my team is explaining that just like we breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, this light is what we release from all the energy work, changes, building we are doing.

At the same time, our old biology is collapsing too.  Releasing the old way of working as new cells within our bodies come more fully online, inlight.  There are days, like mine yesterday, the process is so intense that connecting with other on the new earth (old earth connection much easier since they are not going thru the biological change like we are, they are still going thru the processes we have gone thru) too much for the biology.  Our cells, each and every cell, is a conscious living energy system that makes up our body.  It knows when to put the shields up as it goes thru its own changes and it equally knows how to take those shields down to add a bit more light elixir in for more upgrades.  A full on intelligence participating!!

Instead of fighting our bodies like we normally do, to give way to the fullness of what is happening, will allow for the fullness of what is happening to come online more quickly.  Let’s clarify that statement more.  We are dying (to the old us) and rebirthing (into the new us) pretty much on a daily basis any more (hence the acclimation of January.)  I just took a stroll to google to look up what happens to the body when we die, holy chit batman, no wonder why there are days we feel like we are dying (speaking for myself here) because, we are!!  Take a peek at this website: 8 Things That Happen When You Die.

Our skin dries out, the muscles contract, your sphincters release, and I want to really look at number 5 , phew recently I have been loudly and uncontrollably burping during readings.  OMG its crazy.  But, knowing that we are so connected and that your light field is really pushing on my light field to understand… it is releasing the air in my stomach as it does so.

However, simultaneously, while the old is dying, the new is coming online, moving in if you will.  New cells are moving in, dividing, moving to their new organs, systems, whatever their job is.  All of this is taking place at the same time, and believe it or not, it is in triple time now on this new earth.  Everything we went thru prior to being here was in preparation for being here.  Hence the ever present tiredness that so many of us are experiencing.

Lets really stop to ponder this enormity that I am seeing today.  Every word we speak holds higher energy.  Every thought we think, holds higher energy.  So much so, we are now a blanket of living light surrounding the new earth.  This light is feeding and seeding more than we could comprehend right now.  It is altering the soap-bubble earth in ways we may want to try to prevent later on, please don’t.

We are all being asked to pay attention to the living Light we are and how we work now.  Our super skills are being presented thru every reading and your job (not mine, thank goodness) is to delve in deep to know what it all means to you personally.  I even got a loving kick in the ass the other day from those yapping away in the field.  I have only done one meditation to see where I am at on this new earth, the old timey operator plugging things in.  I have not gone back to understand any more and as my team not so gently told me, you will never understand the fullness from the outside in, there is so much more than what I think I know, but it requires going in and then using it outside.  Dammit!!  Gotta schedule some bathtime soon!!

So now lets take a moment to talk about the next important moon phase that will affect all of us, the full moon on the 24th.  As I just now thought about it, I could see a release of trillions of tiny crystals.  I hear the words very distinctly, “ice crystals.”  Lordy, lordy there is always something more to wrap my head around, thank god I guess. lol  But in this last two weeks, there were two children that made themselves known in the readings, I think one child was 8 months old the other 2 years old, it think, but referred to as “ice princesses.”  Equally, in a reading or several, “royalty” has been stated, but not in a way I am fully understanding yet, which is why I have not talked about it.  But now that spirit is showing me this amazing energy coming thru the full moon and they are using the words “ice crystals” something is being revealed… no, activated.

The only thing that is consistent is the instance that “royalty” in our original past was nothing like we perceive it to be now.  Ohhhhhhhhh, ha, I love writing!! lol  I get sneak peeks into what I don’t understand.  Royalty as spirit is referring to our original past, were the ones who actively participated with the elementals of earth, working in conscious harmony to do whatever they do/did.  Thru some of the readings, especially when talking about the children, it has been stated we have new elementals (well, new to us) that were here in our original earth/orginal past that are now active once again.

And on that note, it got silent.  So I will end here and get ready for my day.  I feel so damn perky and it feels good!!  YAY!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of… well shit, every great thing imaginable and unimaginable!!

Lisa Gawlas








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