Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 10, 2016

Inhaling the Light of Life and the Absence of Time-ish.

light of life

I should have realized when my team said that is enough for today as I concluded my blog, they really meant ALL DAMN DAY!!  No readings, I even tried to find my grove in the bath tub, nada.  Grrrrr.  To top all that off, I completely forgot to schedule days off in January (or anywhere in 2016) so I don’t even have my placement holders for reschedule days.  More grumbling on my end!!  I was actually really dull when my bath meditation went nowhere, since I realized it was the first new moon on this new wonderful plane of existence and I wanted to connect with it.  Nope.  But, as much as I bitched (and I did) I do understand the need for a pause for the cause.  Every single connection and brought forth so much new information that I absolutely have to have processing days, where I am not taking even more information and energy in, but assimilating what is already bloated in my head!  Indeed, yesterday did serve that purpose quite a bit starting with a sharing someone put on my facebook and a reply I made to it.  The reply was supposed to be more of a funny than anything, but ended up being an explosion of understanding.

That umbilical cord that I see connection this earth we are on and all the soap-bubble earth’s beneath it truly does look like an umbilical cord when a baby is born.  So the question I posed, or maybe really, was posed to/thru me was “who birthed who?”  A trip to the holy toilet started to reveal the answer!

Spirit has been talking, emphasising the “original past” for months now.  Asking us to let go of all the stories in between, all the era’s and events in between the birth of the earth, the true garden of eden, and then all the stories and variations that have happened since then (example, Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient times and so on.)  Humans have a tendency to identify themselves with eras, hell even other realms, kinda of like saying, not only have I gone thru the 9th grade in school, I remember it so well, that’s who I Am now.  NOT!  They all were various courses we took to get to here, the graduation of all graduations.  So this earth we have revitalized now with our concentrated efforts moving past 2012, is alive and well-coming.

A phrase in my semi-disconnected state yesterday was the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.  This is that earth.  From here, all the other versions were birthed and held in the memories for our arrival Here.  Now that we are here, grown in our evolution (even if we may not feel that grown lol) those earth’s, those events will eventually release themselves from the collective memory.  Not any time soon, but there will be a time.

I also think about the way spirit keeps saying “the first quarter.”  To me, the first quarter starts in January and concludes in March and then we have April.  For those 3 or 4 people I have seen already aligned in the energy of the future, the energy beyond the first quarter, spirit WILL NOT let me call it April.  Its not a month or a relationship to a month, at all.  Equally, this first quarter is not individuated by months either.  There is no feeling of February or March, there is this expanded Now that IS the first quarter.  It’s all-inclusive and not individuated by time.

There are a couple of the readings that I do want to talk about, now that I understand a wee bit more of how things are happening.  And I really mean.. a weee bit.

Spirit seems to be referring to the soap-bubble earths as the “colder” climates, where fear still resides and keeps the warmth of love separate from ALL of Life.  One of my lady’s showed up in a pure white parka, she reminded me of an eskimo, all ready for deep snow.  She was beautiful in presentation.  She was shoveling chunks of gold into the center of our earth, the south node.  These chunks of gold were going down thru the core of earth, thru the umbilical cord and releasing into all the various soap bubbles below.  Another lady was high up in the upper atmosphere and yet, below the magnetosphere and she too, was funneling energy down that pipeline.  Let me bring back my humble diagram for a visual:

New Earth Layout


From what her team explained, the new energy coming in thru the magnetosphere, co-mingling with the high energies hovering at the upper atmosphere, creating brand new earth energy molecules and are being piped to the old worlds.  It was also stated many times thru the readings the last several days that we do not have to get hands on involved like we did before.  Made me wonder how all this will directly affect those still within the soap-bubble realities.  And like a good, healthy network that we are (smile) someone shared a post on my facebook yesterday that gave me that OOHHHHHH yeah feeling.  Let me give you the link to his entire channeling (thank you so much Zacariah) while I grab a few sentences to share here:

From Zacariah Heim: “THE BREATH IS THE PORTAL OF CONSCIOUSNESS!!!!   …Atoms (Atum/ATUN= light) are manifested out of wave forms that coalesce into LEFT SPIN particles of light which are NEGENTROPY IN NETER (NATURE) when these “particles” take on more light information they bond based on valence frequency resonance becoming RIGHT SPIN PARTICLES OF ENTROPY FLOW which forms molecules smile emoticon thus elements. NOW the “magik” elements that are VERY FLEXIBLE in their valence structure are the PLATINUM group elements, which include GOLD,IRIDIUM, RHODIUM,RUBIDIUM,PLATINUM, and more that i will not go into detail here as my focus is GOLD.


Since we are all forced to breathe lol, it is an inescapable inevitability that ALL will breathe in this new energy, this new light of life in all realms.  And truly, it’s not even new, but the ORIGINAL Light of Life.  Pure.  Pristine.  Life Changing/Enhancing.

But it does take the physical body a bit to adjust.  Even those of us who have been breathing in the higher energies for what seems like an age, are still going thru the biological reactions to the purer energies we are not only breathing in, but using and working with.

Well, my day is about to begin and it better be a day of Light and Readings lol.

Big big loving (((HUGZ))) to ALL.

Lisa Gawlas




  1. I believe that the yellow diamond inside may be taking shape for the lateral and north lying horizon belts.


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