Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 21, 2015

The Solstice Energy Weaves the New Story of Light thru Us!!


Happy Winter (spring down under) Solstice!! And let me tell you, it is a solstice like no other that I have seen.  Since I have been doing readings like I did here in the Jemez, every time the solstice or equinox rolled around, it would present like magnetic poles out of the ground.  Gold for the equinoxes, silver for the solstices, harnessing the energies you have put out and solidifying it as your next series of experiences between equinox and solstice.  Equally, using the magnetic energy to pull you into various experiences.  Not this time tho.  It is like nothing i have ever seen before, visually or placement wise too.

Instead of the energy system known as the solstice coming up thru the ground, it is emerging down from the sky.  It is not pole like, but more pine cone like.  The closest image I could find on the internet that sort of looks like what I am seeing is this:

solcstice light


Each of those sections, flaps, whatever, are made of thick light some are yellowish in color, some are white.  There is a finer whitish membrane that connects them to each other.  There is a luminosity that comes from within and radiates outwards.  In my field of vision, again, always going to scale of my vision, this odd-looking thing is about 3 feet long… and growing.

From the information I got thru all the connections yesterday, this is the closing of a massive system, shutting out or maybe sealing out the past from the future.  Over the 3 days of solstice (20, 21, 22nd) will elongate all the way down thru the earth and equally, become much wider too.  The closest I have come to understanding these sections of light is the upper dimensions, lower themselves down around us.  Being perfectly clear that the “us” is the collective energy I call the shambhala collective, or those living fully on the accelerated/ascended earth.

Now let’s be very clear here with what this means.  I would get glimpses yesterday of I guess we can call it a caution flag.  If you are defining any part of your reality, another’s experience or reality based on the old energy system/interpretation, you are not fully engaged within the new earth, in which case, (lord, this feels like groundhogs day, do you see your shadow or not?? lol) you have three more months of letting go of the old energies… thru the upcoming equinox in March to decide if you want to fully participate in the new way of Being in Life.

So this pine cone of light will slowly move downwards to seal off the old from the new.  So many of us can already feel this happening within ourselves.  So little connection to the old way of thinking, of being in life.  The outside dramas feel more like a movie than anything having to do with our lives and so on.

When it comes to the connections, I cannot see anything beneath the pine cone of light and if I am understanding this, this too will be the way of it thru the 22nd.  A genuine curtain call as we bow out of the old story and become imbued with the higher frequencies, dimensions and all that goes with that, wrap around, infuse into those who let it all go and made the energetic changes in their mind and their lives to Be Here Now.

Of my day of wonder yesterday, I have one lady who I am helping in her homework as she expands her light body and mind into the Superpower Hypnosis series.  She just happens to be on Hypnosis 3 and the timing couldn’t be more perfect to fully understand the intensity of the pine cone of light too.

Hypnosis 3 is a full on energy experience.  Melding what we think of as the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine, but it is also melding the full ascended energy of earth and source together in body.  Dreamer and creator, married within.  This hypnosis sessions really shows the energy of light within our blood itself.  How light is carried and radiated, embedded thru our entire body/organs/bone via the light of the blood.  So yesterday morning as I was looking over who was on my agenda for the day, the only person I could see biologically, was my superwoman lady.  OMG the radiation of light in the cells of her blood made her body luminescent like I have never seen before.  Since the blood is constantly in motion, it was like watching the most amazing light show within her Being.  Since her blood was now carrying this mixture of light, the luminosity of her skin made me gasp.

Of course, I had no idea what the field was going to look like or even what would show up thru the day, god forbid I should know a thing prior to the moment we get together.  So it wasn’t until I got together with her yesterday afternoon did I understand the bigger thing happening thru it all.  Thru her, I was able to see our light bodies weaving into the pine cone of light coming down.  The Light of God and the Light of Us, inseparable, so woven together in its enormity, in its radiant fullness, the strength of Light, the strength of Love, is All there is.

But I just got ahead of myself, lol.  Two of the (non) readings showed us more interesting detail of how this is unfolding, at least, sorta.  One of my lady’s was swinging on what looked like a black rope or cord hanging down from the center of this pine cone of light.  Her team expressly stated that the black is showing the unknowable.  And then she left me to ponder something that a bit puzzling.

Her team said all the choices have been made and now it is decision time.  Huh?  I would think (silly me, I know better than to think lol) that the two words are the same… NOT!!  So her team did what they could to give us clarity.  They showed us three plates of food, one chicken, one beef and one fish, these represent the choices we have made.  The decision becomes, which one to have/experience first.

My lady right after her, help put that into a (semi lol) clearer context.  She showed up swinging on a deep violet/maroon cord with a ball at the bottom, it reminded me of the gong inside a bell.  She was swinging back and forth, to and fro on this ball thing and connecting with particular sections of the pine cone lights.  Her team explained that each one of these sections represent a frequency, a dimensional energy that is being opening and blending together with the other ones that I was seeing being hit against.  This is creating the new threads of experience we will have in 2016.

So if I am understanding this correctly, it’s the human that brought all the choice points together, our actions and inactions, our thoughts and well, everything created plates of food for our next adventure.  It is now at the soul level that the decisions of which plates will be experienced first and in what order.

In one of the (non) readings as we wondered what happens after this solstice energy time, I could see an old wooden drawbridge being laid down, allowing safe and easy passage into 2016.

There is nothing we need to do, there is nothing we can do, but enjoy this last moment of life as it was.  Ohhhh this is a great visual… we can look at it as that moment we just start waking up from our sleep and we have yet to get out of bed.  That’s what these last few days of 2015 are like from spirits point of view.  Enjoy the warmth of all that got you to Here, to the change of all changes, the Light of ALL Lights.

We have dreamed of the possibilities, of the adventures and changes to allow heaven to live as one system of Light on earth, and we have made that dream come true!!  It could not and would not have been done without each and every one of you.

THIS is truly the time to Celebrate the Wonder of YOU!!!!

I love you soooooo flipping much!!  ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Now let me gift you a song from my heart to yours!!








  1. Thanks for this! My scalp has been buzzing since I woke up and I didn’t put two and two together until now. And then you end with my favorite obscure Elvis songs.

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  2. *oops. Didn’t finish typing correctly. I meant to say that you finished with my favorite Elvis song which made my day. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very informative – thanks Lisa. When you said “So little connection to the old way of thinking, of being in life. The outside dramas feel more like a movie than anything having to do with our lives and so on.” – I could so relate to this! I feel like I’m in that Star Trek movie where Kirk is stuck in time in the Nexus! LOL. 🙂 Good to know there’s an end in sight soon…
    Love your work! ❤


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