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2016 Plants New Seeds of Light thru the Divine Changemakers Alliance (that’s us.)

divine change

I think there was some sort of planetary contraction yesterday, holy cow every part of me felt squeezed, like a tight glove was placed over my whole body and let me tell you, it had zero slimming affects (smile.)  For the majority of the day, my psychic resources were down,  I paced, I was taking handfuls of light and fanning into my face (think splashing water on your face, only I was doing it with light… hey, I’ll try anything lol.)  A lot of times anymore, I may not be able to see the field due to whatever light storm is happening out there, but often times, I can hear spirit join in in our conversations about what may be happening, not so much yesterday, until I was between calls later in the day and I heard clearly:

“Sometimes, you gotta dig up a bit of dirt to plant new seeds.”

So what the hell does that mean??  It was the only clear and concise thing I heard and felt all day yesterday, so it has to be important.  I came back to my (unexpected) sharing yesterday.  Granted, I was processing what was happening with my daughter thru it, but equally realizing there is a lot going to go down as we move thru the intensity of 2016.

I am down to my last couple of days before I leave for Boston, yesterday was my last chance to take my garbage to the dump.  So to the dump I went, I was also eerily close to being out of coffee, so to the Family Dollar I drove and to the seed store.  I had hoped that the drive out thru the landscape would shed light on that sentence, on that directive but instead, it was like my heart was ripping down into my solar plexus.  The energy from my heart was so tight, so intense and I could feel it moving, thickly (for lack of a better way of describing it) into my solar plexus and it lasted thru my entire drive to and from these places.  I fully realized that that digging up dirt sentence was planetary not so much personal.

Thru the rest of the afternoon and evening, my team would plug me back in for a second to throw a visual to help the understanding get a little clearer.  I could see dirt on the earth, almost crusted over.  Then a little hand tool that breaks thru the crust, exposes what is underneath the crust.

Many of the old energy systems are like that, crusty, almost solid appearing.  We are not going to evoke change my praying our way thru it, but planting ourselves in places and systems, I for one, would rather not be a part of, to plant the seed of new light.

Now let’s add another sentence to the one I heard yesterday, that I am hearing right now:

“To grow a new garden, one must get their hands dirty.”


It will take bringing the power of love deep down into our power center, invoking the sheer will of Light and changing things from the inside out, to grow love and harmony where none seemed to be before.

Spirit has been saying, much will be asked of us, much responsibility goes with what we are doing and about to do and know that we will be put in situations that need us the most.  However, we equally have been given a power within ourselves that go way beyond the 5 senses.  We have been asked, if not demanded, to expand on those powers, play with them, use them, let them become as second nature to us as breathing is.  We have also been asked/directed to be mindful of who and what we align ourselves to.  To form a power grid that is indestructible by any outside force and that we may pull on to increase our power.  A unified power of Love and Will.

Shit, I was thinking party boots not garden shovels!!  But… phew, I hear also, there will be plenty of moments, experiences of celebration.  So we are to not feel like we have done anything “wrong” to be suddenly and purposely placed in places or events that need new seeds, but to invoke the inner power of Light and Will to change what needs to be changed.

With that, I am being shown my daughters path.  In spirit, her counsel of elders and her guides have been in what we would consider “meetings,”  deciding/calculating if she is strong enough inside herself to be the seed of light, the voice of change in a very dark and cold system.  Obviously, they decided yes, BECAUSE she has us to assist and bring to light anything and all that needs to be illuminated, addressed and changed.  Equally, I know there are others who have children, grandchildren, loved ones in the “system” and we will link up with each other, and link those within, with each other too.  Ohhhh spirit has something up their pesky sleeves!!

The one thing I am becoming absolutely sure about right now, 2016 gives way to a power of energy, a Light source that the earth has never known before and will be unstoppable in its growth efforts.  We have raised our Light vibration high enough that spirit can plow the fields right alongside of us, no longer separate or above us.

We are the power grids, the Divine Change makers living in Body and soul, on the ground, in the fields of matter.  I get a kewl visual that kinda looks like this:

light fields

With another quote (spirit is on a roll lol.)  Know thyself and the world around you MUST change.”  

And I get another peek at the upcoming Mexico journey.  Holy yellow energy batman.  The Zone of Silence is being prepared, readied.  For what??  All I can see is amazing yellow energy flooding that area.  Now my question is, party boots or garden hoes, or both??

There is the odd, exciting feeling, given the image above to the one I was just drawn to again:



What if, this gathering is about the seers and weavers, magnetic workers and such to restore the energy that long ago was damped in frequency use.  Let’s dig up a little dirt together!!

2016 is going to be a very interesting year, no doubt.  However, let’s see what today presents!!

I love you wild, courageous, adventurous things!!  Hybrids, star seeds, and the lot of us… this IS our time, let’s give it everything we got, together!!

(((HUGZ))) of deep inner power and electrifying changes to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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earth and glory

I woke up with an amazing explanation of what the three-day package of the Now moment really means and pretty much, how it works, how we work it all the time.  If I didn’t take that one art class “Paint Your Vision,” by my beloved landlady, I would have no clue what spirit was showing me, but thank god I did, cuz I really get it and think you will too, easily enough anywayz.

In my dream state, I had a blank canvas, life itself.  Thru my emotional field within, I swooshed colors around the entire canvas, giving it a background energy.  Thru the eyes of desire, looking at the smeared energy/paint on this canvas, we start to see the outcome, what the painting, what tomorrow is going to become.  Thru today, we add more color, rearrange some of the swooshy patterns on the canvas to provide detail and clarity.  However, unlike linear life painting, we are always doing all three at once, creating a new background, experiencing the outcome of the one we had completed and giving detail to the next outcome.

The brush itself is our focus, whether it is from the heart, the mind, the mind and heart together, we are constantly putting down brush strokes.  The paint and pigments are the elements of life itself, coming in to create completion at every given moment and yet, we can also change the patterns, the images at any given moment.  It was a stunning dream instruction and hope I made it simple enough in words to understand how extraordinary we are.

I do want to add, I woke up again with a completely dead phone battery.  Just sayin!! lol

I find this detailed example of understanding so perfect with all the energies, all the readings and wonders of yesterday.  I want to start with one lady in particular that sat with me all day long, expanded and overcame my emotional field, all day long.

All the new “clothes” I have been seeing so far, rather fancy, like we have dressed to go to the ball or something.  This one girl yesterday shows not at all like that.  Instead, she looked more like a peasant lady, her long purplish/maroon skirt torn and tattered, her blouse a dirty white from the wear.  And yet, the luminosity of beauty was radiant upon her.  Once I got out of my own way of trying to understand her appearance, a flood gate of love opened up in the explanation.

I know I say I am not an earth worker, a lot, but for 15 years I have had a deep, connected relationship with our beloved mother earth.  I know her voice, I know her energy and god knows, I know her love.  It earth herself who presented the explanation of information in this lady’s vision.

The depiction of her clothes is very purposeful, humble, meek, filled with humility.  The labor of love that shows upon her clothing.  The purplish maroon color of her long skirt shows the ascended master living and toiling on earth.  The blouse, loosely fitting so that the winds of change may blow thru her, move her, redirect her path upwards.

(When we look at the earth, do we look at her as broken feeble, depleted or the opposite.  Labored in love and growth, allowance and experience.  Empowered thru all time, lessons, and change.  True Beauty.)

In front of her humble tattered image was the earth itself, separated by bands of a fluid blue energy that created an ongoing arch (from west to east) outwards.  The arcs of energy got smaller as they got further away, at least, in my vision.  Earth had said that nothing gets smaller, ever.  It’s just like when we see something in the distance, it appears smaller until we arrive there.  These blue bands that sort of reminded me of the ocean, but it wasn’t water so much as it was constant moving energy from what we would perceive as future fueling her everlasting present.  Clear, untainted, pure power of earth energy.  Paint, if you will.

Thru the immensity of these energy bands constantly flowing in towards her, mother earth put her voice and her heart in it thru the expanding words:

“The meek HAS inherited the earth!”

The love and honor from mother earth was so overwhelming, and she stated this twice with her, brought me to tears, it filled my mouth with such love energy that I could barely get them out.

I don’t even have to wonder what that means, everyone’s readings yesterday explained it in such amazing, loving detail.

One of my beloved men showed up with one of those old coal shovels digging into the earth.  His dress was very farmer like, bib overhauls and all.  What earth stated with him (she was busy with the readings yesterday lol) is he has access to all the hidden quantum energy stored in the earth for full use now.  I could see this like, I don’t know, electrical cord that was long and moved as he moved and would bump into I guess storage areas deep in the earth, all teardrop shaped, and opened these sections up with desire, pulled it up thru his body and commingled it with his energy so that others may use it too.

She had also explained that the more he uses this energy and works on understanding his expanded skill set, he will align with other, what she called his network of people, that will help in restoring her depleting energy resources within (coal, oil and stuff.)  If I am remembering her words correctly, she made the statement of “as the enlightened beings gathered…”  If it wasn’t exactly that, it’s what I am hearing this morning.

My last lady of the day, phew baby!!  For the last two days, I have been seeing everyone before we connected, and the same is true for her.  I knew the energy I was looking at as her clothes, the wind.  I love the wind and its energy.  Her image was as if the wind wrapped around her and closed its field about three free in front of her, as a part of her (think folding a piece of paper around something and putting the two edges together to create an enclosure.  I kept looking at the clock, waiting for her time to arrive so I could understand more of what I was seeing.

The moment she was on the phone and by body moved to the back door, the “field,” a huge gust of wind wrapped around the side of the house and the back yard.  The wind itself stayed in constant motion in the backyard thru her entire reading.  This is her ally, a part of her makeup.

Somethings were said to her that I want to share with everyone.  Her job, her gift really, is to command the wind, to control it for her needs.  I was really taken aback by the very particular words being used “command and control.”  I think I can use this important distinction with the example I am getting right now.

You command and control your body all day long.  You need to go to the bathroom, you command your legs to get up, walk from wherever you are to the bathroom, you command them to bend and even command your organs to release its storage unity.  You’re not sitting saying ohhh legs, please don’t fail me now.  (Well, maybe sometimes, one too many shots of tequila lol.)  This commanding center, control center is such a natural part of your Being, you don’t even think of it, you just do it.  Same with what we are (re)discovering within us.  It becomes such a natural part of our mastery, that it is already happening the moment you feel the need or desire of something.

We HAVE inherited the earth, her full on energy system, and she OURS, as well as all the lives and loves within and beyond the earth realm.

There is no more attaining that, there is now simply using that.  I must share this part too, its been hanging in my face since I started typing.

I remember back in 2008 when I went into my bath meditation as I always have, to look for some goo within to clear up.  I long learned the more shit I clear from within, the grander, more vibrant my immediate life and abilities became,  I went in often.  And this one day I went in looking for something to deal with and I could find a damn thing.  I called on my team to help me, their response was “Don’t you think you eventually get to a place there is nothing left to clear?”  Ummmm… no.  No one has ever said that.  Plus I still have shit happening in my head and my life, there’s gotta be more to clear up.  No.  Now is the time to use the mastery within.

The diamond has been cut, now the facets need shining, reflecting, use!!!

Same thing with striving to become ascended.  Ascended simply means you have cleared your container (body and mind) to the degree the higher (ascended) energies can pour in.  As we allow those higher energies to pour in, we move thru portals onto a higher vibrating earth that can sustain and facilitate the higher abilities coming on line.  Until we reach a peak point, which we reached with 2015.  Our bodies, our souls and our earth are now one living whole energy system and we have been let out of the gate in fullness as we close this year.

The meek  has inherited their power, the shared glory of Life aLive in Matter.

But beyond this incredible place we call earth, there are other systems, planets and other dimensions releasing amazing energy and power to us.  Very much like my wind lady, I had another lady who had this big ass planet above her and I swear it reminded me of being juiced (like an orange) these two ribbons of energy were streaming down from this planet I eventually figured out was Jupiter, and it showed how it weaved its energy, its great expansion (and so much more) into her sheathing, the glass terrarium, expanded into her immediate energy field (the inner terrarium place) and to her body.  This was her ally to use and understand even more than I was capable of.

Then there was this one lady who showed up in the middle of the reading day, came to trip me up!! lol (Said with love and giggles)  This lady too, was in her terrarium, or at least, I had the orientation of the terrarium.  All the others no terrarium, only these two ladies.  Just on the outside the north end of her terrarium was this freakin massive diamond shape 3 foot long diamond.  There were distinctly 6 sides to the top and bottom parts of the diamond.  I remember that there was a lady a few days ago, her circle had 6 sides, I looked it up, lol a a hexagon.  This diamond energy was set at about a 45 degree angle coming towards her outer terrarium. releasing energy that created the most amazing blue and red network of energy inside her terrarium, like massive cobwebs or something.

Her body, freakin bizarre!!  (Said with tremendous love mind you.)  She didn’t have feet she had a mermaid’s tail, but this fishy part was only from the knees down.


She was standing on the bent part like in the picture, only… standing, not leaning on anything.  It was explained that the fin part of her fish like tail releases very particular energy, and also takes energy in as well.  Her team was not of this earth, instead they explained that they are from a realm above this earth’s realm.  God bless him, he did everything he knew how to do to give me the name of his realm, did not compute in me!  I couldn’t spit it out to save my life.  Nothing I ever heard of before.

Her body was human looking with very particular clothes, sexy sexy sexy!! lol  Mini skirt, hell beyond mini skirt, just barely covered her girly parts.  Its her face that shocked me more than anything… OMG so sad I cannot draw.  Her head was a burnt orange color and resembled the texture of a dragon head, only this head had three huge mouths one above the other with big long teeth.  Kinda like this image, only with three mouths and no horn:

dragon head

The eyes were stunning, huge round almost glass like red orbs with these yellow four pointed star shapes that are like our pupils.  Only they work much more efficiently than ours,  When their pupils are dilated, they can see between all the dimensions, at will.  When they are not dilated, then they see just their dimension.  It was the kewlest, strangest thing I had ever seen.

He had also explained that when you look at his sector, his planet from the sky, you would see a burnt orange looking planet.  Earth from the sky is white and blue.

He went on to explain that he has been with her her whole life, she has an incarnation in that realm too, they have been exchanging information and growing abilities thru the whole timespace of her birth to now.  As I kept on saying how bizarre looking she is, fish tail, dragon like head, human body, he was sure to say that their biology serves in fullness the plane of life they live upon.  That we have strange bodies to them.  Yeah, reminds me of ant/grasshopper lady!!

The over lay is on purpose too.  Infused with the abilities of their realm and earth’s realm, together.

As my day of readings concluded, I swear I was wrapped up in some sort of energy cocoon, I could barely move with the wash of energy doing whatever it was doing.  Once again, 7pm I could not keep my eyes open and passed out on the couch until 12:30am, got up went to bed until 4am… draining my phone battery again and also an amazing understanding thru the dream state.

Ya know, i just realized something.  When I woke up seeing this canvas, the painting understanding, it was only like 3 feet directly above my head.  I was still seeing it and hearing the detail even as I woke up.  I don’t know why that matters to share, but, obviously it does.

I do want to share something that is getting…. larger in my field of vision.  When I started to see what I call the energy platform of 2016, which remains easy, 20 feet above our present moment, it was illumating this beautiful red energy.  Now as we get closer, even tho I cannot see a detail at all, I am seeing the energy platform more… clearly, wider really, instead of being a once inch electrical pulse, it now emerging as a landscape, filled with this amazing, beautiful red crystal like energy, sorta like this only, nothing poking up:

red crysal


Hmmm…. the ruby slippers, the red earth, the energy’s once held back, there for the taking, using, sharing.  I will end with something I am hearing from our mama:


I love you all so much, OMG that sounds like such an understatement.  Thank you for Being, for Shining, toiling endlessly in the heart of Love!!

Lisa Gawlas

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I wanted to add this channel that I just heard this morning from our beloved Kryon to today’s sharing.  It intertwines perfectly!!

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The Clothes of Grace and Beauty!!

grace and beauty

There has been something I wanted to talk about for a long while now, but I keep forgetting.  The sheer amount of information that comes thru every day, well, at least the days I am plugged into you, is at times, overwhelming and impossible to share all of it.

For as long as the Pleiadians have been showing up to connect with you in readings, they have been bringing thru a misunderstood essence of our natural being called Beauty.  Thru the many sessions and feeling and experiencing the energy permeating off the Pleiadians showing up and their explaining it, I realized Beauty, in its truth, has nothing to do with “looks.”

Beauty is a permeation of Light that comes from deep within you, your core energy reflecting outwards, more like a shine, a glow.  My system often times gets overcome by the energy of Beauty that I feel.  But even more than that, it’s also a part of our super power system as well.  I remember one gal who had/has a Pleiadian assistant teaching her about the true energy of beauty.

Yesterday, much to my surprise, 6 out of 7 connections showed up fully dressed in their “attire.”  Every one of them permeating the energy I am now familiar with as Beauty.  It’s an elegance, a shine, a glow of spirit and human so mingled together, one is no longer separate from the other.  In-Powered.  Grace and Beauty holding hands at the heart center.  There is no more “work” to do, now is play time, remembering your full power time.  To take yourself further, in joy and excitement, than you ever thought you could go.

I really expected this phase two to be a day by day addition of your new spiritual clothes, but nope, most everyone is now fully dressed and ready to go.  I do want to talk about the one lady who was my odd lady out, cuz this is as important to understand as well.  She was the only one out of 7 connections I had seen still in her terrarium and her terrarium was filled with a gel like fluid that really reminded me of baby oil gel, right down to all the little bubbles inside the gel.  She was inside her terrarium looking like a fish breathing water.  Her lips puckered like a fish, breathing.  There was a rhythm to her suspended self, moving upwards, then down, up then down.  Her team said that she was in a “suspended animation” stage thru the solstice.  The rhythm I am seeing is her going into her higher consciousness and bringing it gently down into her usable consciousness.  The gel bubbles are akin to fish food, nourishing her as she goes thru this stage.  When she asked about her husband, again the element of surprise given how I seen all 6 people today.  He was in a casket, in the death position inside the casket, off in the deep south-west field.  Her team explained he is currently undergoing a death process, releasing all the old and being infused with the higher energies of the west (that living chemistry lab energy.)

So, if anyone is feeling… still… know that it is as purposeful to your life as those who are dressed and ready to go.  There is no such thing as good or bad here, and when we have a mission that includes others, often times, we must wait for their readiness too.

I realized thru the readings too, that the only thing I am seeing is You.  Your body, your new dress and any trinkets you may have that enhances you magical Self.  There is nothing around you, no terrarium either.  Everyone in dress was jogged just a little to the right.  It took me a while (a good nights sleep) to understand why.  Spirit has said that Now includes yesterday, today and tomorrow as a quantum field of Now energy, well now you live and create on the leading edge of time, of light.  To be in this place means you have freed yourself, your mind of the limitations that once held you back.  Even if, at times, it doesn’t feel like that.  (We still get to have our human moments.)

What was equally surprising to hear thru just about all the readings, our power and abilities are now on ALL the time.  No more buffers, no more filters, creation creating at the speed of thought.  Which does come with a warning.  Be aware of what you are emotionally plugged in to.  If you do not fully know how to filter out someone else’s negativity and/or judgement, please step back, walk away, end it.  Because this amazing, beautiful universe feels your emotional charge of… whatever… and brings that to your created party of life.  No bias from the universe.

Everyone has their uniqueness of dress, of beauty and Presence on this amazing landscape of life and as much as I want to share the wonders of what I had seen yesterday, I am being held back.  What works for one person in a particular way, will not work for another.  We cannot copy someone else’s blueprint, we must understand and engage our own.

As my day of connections concluded yesterday, I swear y’all gathered together and just started pouring warm honey over my whole body.  I was wrapped up in this amazing energy and the gratitude in my heart would have brought me to my knees if I wasn’t already sitting down.  Your beauty and grace pours down over me, enlightens my own path forward.  Expands my heart, my own abilities. Your elegance, enthusiasm and the desire you bring to my party every single day, is more than I could have ever dreamed of having in this lifetime.  People dream of riches in their life, I am abundant in that area, I have you, body and soul shining lights I would never otherwise think to look.  If there is anyone feeling poor, less than, go stand next to them, they instantly become richer than they ever could have dreamed of being.

I love you so much and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your light, your love in my world.  You keep me dancing!!

((((HUGZ)))) of Grace and Beauty thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Not surprising, yesterday was indeed a planetary reboot that my eyes could not see, dammit!!  One day spirit has got to have mercy on a schedule!!  Of course, I have been waiting for that mercy for 15 years and it ain’t happened yet!!  Dammit!! lol  But, no matter what, it was still a stunning, revealing day, at least, from the inside out!

It’s kinda funny how linearly habitual our minds are.  Spirit has said for months now that the Now moment consists of yesterday, today and tomorrow, our “time line” is that big.  Yet, when spirit throws out a date like the 15th, I’m only looking that day, period.  So when my first appointment rolled around yesterday, I was excited to see she was down under, into tomorrow (well, now that’s todays) timeline and dammit if I couldn’t see anything but my freakin floor.  So, I did my ritual bitching and holy cow, for the first time, I got bitched at!!  What the hell!!!  My soul interrupted my regularly scheduled bitching by saying you are on the 15th, so the reboot is happening according to the dateline I was given, everywhere.  Its a quantum happening, not a singular dateline.

As the day went on and I whined my usual whine about not being able to see and no one (spirit wise) telling us that we are going to have an outage, I was redirected, again.  They told us thru several of the readings as December began that phase one completed on the 15th as phase two began.  I should realize by now when we have an event this big, there is a field outage.  Dammit.  What was really uncanny about all this push back from my dear, beloved, pesky soul was the attitude.  And of course I had to comment back saying, hey!!  since when do you get to take on my attitude??  With a pesky, smirky energy smile, my soul replied, have I taken on your attitude or do you embody mine?  Hmmmm… never thought of it that way before.

Thru the day, hearing my soul loud and clear I also realized the sound of her voice moved too.  She was now streaming in on the left side above my head, she has usually taken center place there.  As I settled into my couch, my inner processing place, the fullness of december was revealed, in my personal space of recognition, which applies to many of us arriving here.  Now let me see if I can explain it all in words, since I hear in visuals.

For those who are done with their inner clearing, and have embarked on the mission of full integration, expanding their spiritual everything there has been a tremendous amount happening.  The fuller integration of soul and body.  Equal partners on this immensely rich playing field of life.  I was shown like weaving the energy into the very skin of our Beings, no longer above us, but fully partnered as us.  For me, with yesterday, it is almost like hearing myself, only in a Lighter tone of communication.  She stated she started projecting her voice to the left for the recognition I would (eventually) come to yesterday, that she is now a full on partner in the field of life, with me, as me.  And then she back it up to the beginning of December and the weirdness that I have been experiencing.

The sudden flashes of light, like intense light bulbs going off, was her vision fusing with my own, more strongly, more, permanently.  This creates the ability to see higher, to understand more fully (yeah, I am still working on that one lol.)  The four days of silence increased not only the breath in my lungs, the ability to communicate, or maybe its have higher beings communicate thru me, but it also increased the audibility in my hearing, these two lines within our bodies antenna systems are married together.  Equally, our ability to see with all of our eyes (physical and central/third eye) is connected to our entire mouth system, since that sets the vibrational tone outwards.  (Hence the feeling of my eye being poked with a needle, it was the infusion of my soul sight in both the physical and spiritual realms, and extracting (the past life experience I had as a dream of a worm, yuk) what is no longer needed.  I am already having a hard time connecting with anything in deep density, its only going to get more challenging from here because that is no longer needed for us to understand what we are doing now.  If nothing else, it distracts from it.

One of the most odd experiences I have had of late, was when I picked up a package from the post off the other day.  I knew it was a painting from a beautiful man namedJeff Schauss cuz he told me he sent it to me.  It arrived in a box about 3 feet long and 8 inches wide (more or less) and it traveled home with me leaning against my passenger seat and floor.  OMG, the energy coming from that box… it was whirling my heart chakra like freakin crazy.  It was excited and creating a spin that was rather distracting driving home.  I was trying to remember exactly what the picture looked like, I had seen it back in September, but couldn’t remember.  Then I opened it up and was like…. ohhhhhhh yeah!!!!

jeff schauss painting

The energy explosion in the picture was sure rocking my heart!!  I hung it on the wall that is between my bathroom and laundry room and this crazy, amazing painting found its inner voice and started complaining (hey, only I get to complain lol) it did not like where it was at, at all.  It wanted to be moved.  Since when does a painting have consciousness??  Well, everything has consciousness, I just don’t hear it all the time.  It’s already noisy in my world with spirit yapping away.  It was already night fall and too dark to rearrange my wall hangings, so I promised it tomorrow, I will move you.  So I took the dolphin picture my daughter painted for me when I had The Soul Center in Virginia and moved it to that place and placed this quite adamant painting to the wall it was hanging on:

new placement

It was now pulling in the energies from the front yard, what I have dubbed ET-ville when i was doing ET connections and it purposely wanted to be above the electrical box to amplify its energy (like it needs any amping lol.)  Equally, above my amethyst light too.  It is happy in its new home and can now do what it was created to do.

My worry was, holy shit if all the paintings and artwork I have hanging on my walls start talking, I will go insane!!  But this morning, as I am understanding more of this amazing transition we started in August, the artist (all artists in alignment with their soul energy) infused the spirit of the picture (for lack of a better way to say it) into the very paint and canvas itself.  Yes, one could say this is the way it always has been, but not really, not like it is now.  All life forms birthed August and beyond has a more audible voice than ever before.  Kind of like our children, every couple of years, they are coming in with more and more consciousness, so too, are the art forms of creation.  This not only applies to paintings but music and sculptors and so on.  Again, the more conscious the artist is, the more alive the creation is in its expression.   And this one is quite creative in its expression!!! lol  Equally tho, the receiver has got to be in alignment with the frequency to hear it.

Speaking of more hearing… my conversation with my first lady down under yesterday, suddenly as I was complaining about seeing my floor, I could hear that fast busy signal coming from the center of my room (keep in mind, I have a great room, so my living room and kitchen are all in one wide open space.)  You know the sound if you leave your phone off the hook and it starts making that fast busy signal sound, it was everywhere.  I even got up to see where it could be coming from, the only phone that would or could produce that sound I was already on… Talk about spirit telling is in very understandable ways.. you’re off the hook and busy!! lol  It was so loud and so real and I could even see the audible energy spread out in the living room, freakin strange!!

We have been told our abilities are expanding, becoming more and more… well no doubt about it.  It’s a bit overwhelming at times, our bodies are expanding so fast and puts us (biologically) into the uncomfortable zone (physically speaking) with its stretching… but my good god, I wouldn’t trade any of it for all the gold in the world.  This is getting wayyyyy too exciting!!!

Ohh one of the visuals I got yesterday about this phase one and phase two thing is the first half of the energy system we call December was being fully naked, this half is getting our new clothes.

And let phase two of the completion of all completions start in earnest today, and please allow me to understand what we are seeing!!

For those affected by my voicelessness and have not already rescheduled, please do.  There is nothing left in December and January is where the bigger party is happening, or so I hear (not that I have seen it yet!! lol)  Remember, Section B, reschedule zone!!

I must say again, thank you so much for bobbing and weaving with my own inner growth, so we can share the larger stage together, consciously!!

Big big smiling (((((HUGZ)))) to ALL!!  I love you All so much!!

Lisa Gawlas

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rebooting the energy field

There must have been some massive rebooting last night, I passed straight out on the couch at 7pm, I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I got up at 12:30am, went to bed and went back to sleep immediately until 3am when I swear someone or something was stabbing me in the right eye with a needle, holy freakin painful batman.  Got my tearing and pain under control and went right back into sleep and had the strangest freakin dream, blah.  In the dream I was waiting for the dentist to come over to my house to do some work since his office was not usable (per his words.)  While I was waiting for him to arrive I noticed that one of my front side teeth were pulled (this was not my current mouth at all) and this brown ooze was coming out the area where the tooth was missing.  So I pushed on the gum area and this freakin worm head came out of the socket where the tooth was.  EWWWWWW.  I pulled the damn thing out and could feel it as it slid out of inside my gums, easy 2 inches long and no rounder than a sewing needle. I called the dentist back in hysterics, pleading for him to hurry up and come look at this worm and brown stuff.  I found a container to put this worm in and woke up…. disgusted.  Just freakin EEWWWWW.  What the hell kind of dream is that besides one I could have lived without having!!  Once I woke up I thought why the hell would a dentist come to the house, a doctor, yes, a dentist, no freakin way.  But in the dream, it was a normal feeling.  No doubt a past life memory, again, one I could have very well lived without re-experiencing!!  I’m too grossed out right now to get to the “why.”

When I fell asleep on the couch, I also had my phone plugged into the charger, so when I woke up at 12:30 my phone was fully charged.  When I woke up for the day at 4:15 my phone battery only had 18% battery life left.  My phone is a note 4 with a big ass battery in it, there is no way in hell it is going to deplete just on standby.  However, this is not the first time I went to sleep with a fully charged phone only to wake up with a dead battery.

So I sit here, half pissed off about the disgusting dream, not to mentioned being pierced in the eye over and over again… and my eyes get drawn to the date on the computer.  It’s the 15th.  Spirit had said phase one completes on the 15th as phase two of this enormous month begins.  So there is something to the reboot and I hear spirit say, it’s a planetary reboot.  Yay??  We better freakin be able to see the field today, I/We already had 4 days off!!  (Yeah, I woke up filled with piss and vinegar!! lol)

So let’s go back to my pesky bedroom.  The moment I lay down, I immediately develop an asthma-like attack almost every night since the fall equinox. Two puffs on my albuterol inhaler and I pass straight out.  Sometimes I swear there is a sleeping pill embedded in that mist.  This morning tho, wondering what the hell… I am given the information about a major vortex in my bedroom over my bed.  I literally do get worked on as I sleep.  Some nights (like last night) more intensely than others.  Those intense night create an energy vacuum in the room, hence the depletion of the battery on my phone.

It is also being explained that this is due to the nature of my constant work during the day.  I take in so much energy, different quantities and variations of energy every day thru the connections we do, that they must smooth it all out when I go down for the night.  Which is also why I understand the bigger picture in the morning.  Thanx???

Some of the work is connecting the fractured energy lines, what you and I would think of as memory lines (past and future) to the current moment.  I hope I can get this understanding out coherently…

Many of us are being brought back to the “original past,” in order to get there, we can look at it as tying together a network of lines, of lives that originated from that moment and brought back to this moment for use and understanding.  Some of the timelines, like the one I (unpleasantly) experienced last night were so traumatic in the emotional field (no freakin doubt about that one) it is recaptured by the mind and presents as a living memory in the dream state.  No doubt my fear of the dentist chair has been a long held one!! lol  It’s alive and well in this lifetime too.

Equally tho, as one of my beautiful men on the field showed yesterday, these energy lines are also reconnecting us to the (perceived future.)  Hi open showed this intense white line coming from wayyyy deep in the northwest future area of his field and connecting into his terrarium (yup, everyone had a terrarium again yesterday, I don’t get it, but I like it.  I have a clearer orientation with its presence than without it.)  As I oriented to where it was coming from, I was reminded how the energy of what we perceive future lives look like, a bunch of variously illuminated fluorescent light tubes.  This white line of energy was connected to one of the tubes, which also looks like a rolled up scroll and carried the information into his terrarium.  As the scroll tube thingie entered into his terrarium, it unrolled itself, slowly.  As it did, these energy sparks of white light started to emit from the scroll tubie thing itself.  It was explained that this was important information coming from the future for him to understand and use now.  His job is to go into meditation and understand it.

On a completely different note, from yesterdays readings… one of my amazing lady’s, a true southern bell whom I love listening to more than I can say.  Her voice unfolds like a song, it captures my heart everytime I get the privilege of connecting to her.  Out in the northwest section of her field was a baby man, better known to us as cupid.  He had a man face, chubby baby like body, bronze… Ohhh my freakin god was he bronze.  His skin and he energy coming off the skin.  He explained that as our auras around the body are white, theirs are bronze.  The only thing that was really missing were the wings we depict cupid with, and he said, they have no wings, that’s ridiculous!!  (His words, not mine.  Ohhh and he is not a he, they are very androgynous.)

He was out in the northwest area shooting arrows that had this interesting flame at the end (instead of a point.)  Each arrow was going into the filmy thing that looks like clear glass to me, and then released this mist like energy all around my lady standing in the middle of her terrarium.  She was naturally absorbing this energy from Quepadonia (his realm of life, so cupid is really an Intergalactic Being.)  I spell his realm phonetically for correct pronunciation, or as close as we can get with our mouth. lol

He explained that the flame on the tip of his arrows held three elements that are natural to his realm, but not to ours, at least, in combination and use I guess.  One of the elements he showed was H2. Helium, no wonder he doesn’t need wings, he knows how to use the elements that area available for flight.  I am hoping this is what he schools my lady on too, I would LOVE to learn how to do that!!!

He equally explained that there is a natural energy in his realm we feel and experience as love, but there is so much more to them, to their race and abilities than just bringing love together in people.  Its a power system to be used and understood!!

Which is really exciting, spirit thru many of the readings these last several weeks have said there is much more to the energy we know of love than we realize.  I guess we are about to realize what that is!!

I also want to talk about another lady of the day too, holy flippin heavens what a strange opening.  This bug like this, HUGE, just appeared out of nowhere and suctioned itself onto her southeast quadrant of her terrarium.  Again, going to my scale of vision in the field, this cross between a grasshopper and an ant was easy, 2 -3 feet long.  HUGE!  It was this deep maroonish red color and the eyes, freakin bulging eyes that were an odd yellow.  He explained that he is an interdimensional hopper, hence the form of his legs, his huge eyes allows him to see between all the dimensions and he will teach my lady to do the same.

What excited me and saddened me at the same time, she had already seen him and connected to him in her meditations.  Before that, someone else that does implant removals seen him too and (attempted) to remove the connection because it was perceived as bad instead of incredible.  Which really helped me to fully understand (and this is not the first time I seen and heard this in a reading) what is meant for your highest good and growth cannot ever be severed by someone else’s misunderstanding of the connection.  However, they (the intergalactic beings) will have to wait longer to present themselves to you.  I also understood this is why so many show up in my/our readings, I don’t try and remove them, but understand who they are and what they have to share with you. Thru that, I have learned soooo much about life beyond earth and OUR abilities!!

Right in sync with the days unfolding, a beautiful soul shared a Kryon communication on my facebook wall.

I about leaped out of my chair when I heard kryon talking (about 8 minutes, 40 seconds in) about other lives visiting us and that “NONE can influence you to the degree you can influence yourselves!”

Not only are WE living in the most exciting times on earth, WE ARE the most exciting times/things that is changing it all!!!

Have an amazing day my beloveds.  Stay in the center of no fear, just love and excitement!!  It’s taking us over the top!!

((((HUGZ)))) of love and gratitude to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Rising UP to the Higher Frequencies of 2016!

sound frequencies

Let’s take all that seasoning we are undergoing and add a pinch of sound waves of elevation!  Due to a sudden change in my schedule yesterday (not on me for a change!! lol) I only had two people to read for, maybe that was all the sound waves I could endure from spirits perspective.  But the two I did see, gave us wider view of what is happening as well.

What surprised me more than anything, both my ladies were still in their terrarium and I could not discern of spirit just brought it back to give me orientation to what was happening, or are some in and some out now.  I did ask and got zero reply.

My first lady had this huge thing come swinging down across to the top of her terrarium looking thing.  It was akin to an ax blade, a HUGE ax blade since it reached from the west to the east fields outside of her terrarium, made of solid gold and whack!!!  Split the top of her terrarium wide open.  Geez, Louise, that was bit startling!!  Keeping in mind, gold is the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I see in readings and the fact it was made like an ax blade, solid, her team said it is because what is being opened to her, thru her, has everything to do with her life, the solid part we experience as life itself.

This blade of gold penetrated all three sections of the consciousness; the unknowable part, the middle part that we experience during readings (and in meditations and other places too) as well as the section we use day-to-day.  A full on opening, blending of higher energies/things into the created reality called her life.  Then I watched as this energy pulsed down thru her core, with each pulse it also started to expand out into her biology (her body) and then outwards around her.

She had just moved to one of my favorite states, North Carolina, to a place (dis)affectionately known as Fayette-nam (Fayetteville.)  She mentioned that she started to have sciatic discomfort and what her team explained to as to why, just made so much sense.  She is a high energy being planted into a denser landscape, think about the root chakra and the work it must do to take that landscape and raise the vibration to sustain you and others like you.

When we relocate, there are only two reasons that that sudden pull elsewhere takes place, we are either there to raise the vibration of the land, or the land will help us to raise our own vibration (very much what Vermont and new mexico has done with me.)

Ohhh, and something I meant to mention yesterday, but forgot.  I was having a conversation with someone about the Jemez and how it stole my heart the moment I drove thru it to look at the house I now live in.  I fell in love, madly, deeply, completely.  In that moment, I heard the energy of the jemez say, it fell in love with me too, which is why it wrapped its energy field around me, brought me in and sustained me thru the last 4 years and continues too.  The one thing I was completely in doubt about when I looked at this house, was sustainability.  But not only did my income increase, every psychic ability I had, blew open wider.  I actually cried when I heard and felt the love of the Jemez wrap around me.  Who’lda thunk it!!  This is not just the guardians, but the way it, the spirit of the Jemez, presents itself, is like a cloud or fog energy made of golden mist.  This must be what my landlady referred to when she told me, many times, if the Jemez doesn’t want you here, it will find a way to expel you.  I have seen that as so true.

So my second lady, her too in her terrarium and her team was playing on the top of her southern area of her dome like a xylophone.


Altho there were no metal bars that I could see, they did have one of the sticks with the ball at the end as they tinged her southern part of her dome, I could hear the sound and the moment the ball connected with her glass part, it emitted a color.  With each ting of her dome, I realized it was raising her consciousness higher and higher.  Instead of splitting open like my first lady, she was just raising up thru the energies, body, field and all… slowly.  Her team explained this is to release her from any and all old stories she may be aligned with, bringing in the energy of forgetfulness (phew, we are not going senile lol)

Our bodies react to any type of elevation, whether it is moving from sea level to cloud level (giggle) or as my lady is experiencing, just going into the higher realm of earth, the one that is already prepared for our arrival January 2016, without having to move location.

When I first moved here to New Mexico, I arrived in Albuquerque and proceeded to sleep for a week.  The people I was staying with said it was a common side effect called elevation sickness.  I moved from sea level (Virginia) to about 53 hundred feet above sea level.  I needed a long nap to adjust.  Similar thing is happening as we raise our consciousness and move into the higher realms, the next earth frequency called 2016.

I find it interesting and exciting that on the day of the winter solstice, December 22nd, I will spend most of that day flying high in the air as I go to Boston to be with my son and grandson.  Equally, I seen a sigh on facebook yesterday that Christmas day will be the full moon, the first full moon on christmas day since 1977 and the next one won’t happen until 2034.  Is this a special time or what… the CHRIST-MASS we have all prepared for and we are the CHRIST being celebrated, illuminated and all of heaven rejoices with us, for us, thru us!!

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, 2016 is going to blow our elevated minds wide open in experience!!  Bring it on!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of upward movement to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Orignal Past, Other Skies and Christ-Mass.

other side of a black hole

What if… WE are the portal?? The outcome and connection??

One day, maybe, I will stop expecting things to look a certain way.  Maybe.  lol  Yesterday morning, shortly after I woke up, I kept hearing the lyrics “It’s a new dawn,  it’s a new day, it’s a new life… and I’m feeling good!”  Over and over and over again.  Not to mention that about an hour before the first reading was scheduled, I could feel a wind blowing down around me, as if it was coming in from my ceiling, the charge of love and excitement in this wind made me even more excited for the day’s readings to hurry up and get here.  Ten minutes before the first reading, a huge wind literally rolled in outside and took what was left of the leaves on the tree and the air was filled with leaves dancing and fluttering, it was beautiful, it felt so purposeful, all of it.

The first thing I seen with my precious first lady were two spot lights in motion, coming directly out of the deep west and shining parallel to the ground connecting to geez, what was left of her terrarium.  The lights were blue and green:

spot lights


What used to be her glass looking terrarium was now like a wide glass bowl with a curled lip at the outer edge.

steuben bowl

The strobe lights of the west were hitting the upper part of her sheathing.  (Spirit really doesn’t want me calling it a bowl, cuz it ain’t that.)  Then I went looking for her, where is she in relationship to this imagery.  I got a double dose of her, super imposed images on top of each other.  One ladying down in the center of her sheathing, head south, feet north and at the same time, buried in the earth up to her shoulders at direct center, all I could see where her neck and head.

Her team explained that this is a time of stillness for her (hence the laying down part) as she grows rich from the earth herself (being buried.)  Her team explained that the two spot lights were coming from the other side of a black hole (not the sucking in part, but the releasing part.  We all are.  This is releasing a series of frequencies very particular to those of us who have cleared our bias, that think we know something about anything, so that we may filled with what spirit is now calling “original truth.”

Let me talk about that for a moment, since I keep forgetting.  Since December opened up, I am seeing many people directed (given homework) on connecting with the true, untainted with stories, origin of earth, what spirit is now referring to as our “original past” and its nothing like we think it is.  We know stories of many versions of our past, the building of layers of timelines and experiences getting to here, but the truth of our original past has been held back from our consciousnesses on purpose.

The earth herself holds memory, very much like storage compartments of her entire history.  Layer by layer by layer, a lot was purposely hidden.  Come to think of it, I have had memories of earth in her full on molten lava like stage, I remember coming here and seeding many of the crystals deep in her belly  and watching the inners grow, but not once, ever did I ever get to see how we arrived in our first form here on earth.  I have seen later versions, but not the original.  Of course, until this month, I had no idea there was an original past!! I assumed (silly me) what I had experienced thru many a journey was our first lives here.  Nope. lol

Anyway, back to my lady.  Her team explained that the energy coming out of the spot lights, we have no ability to fully understand… yet.  But it was embedding in the reflective, transformative sheathing I see as a bowl and going directly into her body, the laying down aspect.  At the same time, it is creating a new growth we have never seen before.  When new, rarefied energy comes into our planet, it must be absorbed by the humans who vibrate to that level of energy, then it is mixed up with our biological energy to become usable for all on this planet.  Kinda sounds like spiritual osmosis lol.

Then I watched as this energy I could not see, released from her body, went up the sides of the bowl and out to the lip that formed like a c cup edge, then I seen what looked like energetic bricks forming a brick wall immediately under the lip.  Her team said it was “the wall of silence.”  I was baffled, she was excited!  Glad she understood that lol.  But that was what her last few weeks were like, no one showing up when they were supposed to, contractors, people… it fit perfectly.  What is happening is so intricate, delicate, we can almost liken it to brain surgery.  One wrong frequency, wham…

I also gotta say, she was the only one all day I had seen inside her field, maybe it’s because she had the longest time session, I really don’t know.  Every one else that was on my schedule yesterday, all the energy and imagery was exterior to their center field and their center field was dark like midnight.

My next lady, I seen a huge keyhole, the old skeleton type keyholes, in I guess I will still call it her upper consciousness, but located at the west field.  This keyhole was easy 2 feet tall by about 6 inches wide (going to scale of my vision of course.)  It was made of radiant white light, the center or where the key fits in, black as midnight, the but the light from what formed the keyhole radiate outwards, it was beautiful.  Then I seen a large skeleton key made of silver, that thing was huge.  Like 4 feet long and intricate designs aligned its entireness.  Her team said, it is her job to open up the codes on this key, without bias, and will take her back to our original past and many of the ancient, long hidden things will be released to her, bit by bit to use as we move forward.

My next two ladies made me scratch my head, a lot!!  My third lady… all I could see was a mouth like energy in the sky, a sky full of clouds at the north face of her energy field.  This mouth started blowing, I could see the stream of cloud energy go from way up in the sky towards her then suddenly, smoke rings were made from this energy and started to align at what would have been the top part of her terrarium had she still had one that I could see.

smoke rings

(Ignore the sun in the picture and the smoke ring was aimed about 180 degrees downwards towards her.)  Then they aligned themselves, interlinked at the area of consciousness.  Kinda looked like this except cloud energy and not gold at all and not a necklace lol:

interlinked circles

The circles started at the northeast section of where the sheathing of her terrarium would be and aligned themselves north to west.  The basic understanding is, cycles of completion that represents our future completions, all the way thru the past, linking to now.  When we have a cycle of completion of course it gives birth to a new cycle, but what we are in now, is the ultimate completion of the future that we have experienced as well as the past, giving birth in its fullness to now.  Her job is to go breath them in, and understand the fine mist revealing itself to her.

My fourth and final lady, nuttin but red and green twinkly lights all around her exterior energy field from west to east.  They were everywhere in the midnight of the field, no pattern that I could discern and come to think of it, could very well be like the stars in the night sky, except made of red and green lights.  I was baffled.  Kinda still am.  All I could think of with her was christmas or actually, christmas eve given the midnightness of her inner and outer fields.

Another thing that was coming thru the connections, this energy will continue thru the winter solstice.  All I could think of is the food is cooked, and now we are being seasoned!! lol

After my last appointment, I had to run to the post office.  I got a notice that there was a package too big to fit into the mailbox so I had to go pick it up.  I had no idea the post office was now closed on Saturdays.  But heading there, about  miles down the road, the landscape itself caught my breath and dammit if I didn’t leave my phone at home.  It was intensely foggy at all the mesa tops.  The clouds themselves stretched from the sky to hug and surround, encircle every mesa top that I could see.  All I could think of was my smoke ring lady and there MUST be a connection with what I am seeing but most especially, what I am feeling.  I could have cried (joy tears.)

Our mesa’s are all pretty much wide circles of volcanic ash that layered itself at the tops of the volcanic rocks it rests upon a million years ago when the caldera blew.

Then a Christmas song came on the radio, good ole Elvis singing of “decorations of red on a green christmas tree” and again, I was hit with my last lady of the day… I am more right than wrong, Christmas, CHRIST MASS.  The eve of Self realization!!

Keep in mind, when cooking anything (smile) seasonings are only good when they are absorbed by the dish (ummm, you.)  If left to the exterior, all you can taste is the seasoning and not the dish melded as a whole.

OMG!!  I just went potty and since it is only 6 in the morning right now, its dark outside still.  Since I know where all my parts are (smile) I don’t turn the bathroom light on, and the moment I sat on the holy throne, my vision with my eyes wide open, was filled with the most stunning red and green twinkle lights just like seeing the stars in the sky, except the stars were green and red.  I closed and covered my eyes, the image remained and then… faded.  But holy shit (there is such a truth to that statement lol) suddenly, I get it.  Not all sky’s in other universes look like ours.  Some, this one in particular, the stars twinkle red and green.  Did we ever wonder why those are our CHRIST-Mass colors??  I never did… now I don’t have to…much. lol

Ohhhh its getting yummy!!!  I have my fork and spoon at the ready… cannot wait to dig into today’s specially seasoned dishes!!

I love you all so so so so much.  Thank you for being the greatest soul food one could ever want to consume!!

(((HUGZ))) made of smoke rings and twinkle lights!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Crystalline Energy Infiltrating our Biology!!


Well, day 4 and my vocal cords are still being held hostage!  If I didn’t have a meditation yesterday that showed me exactly what is happening, I would be bitching (again) right now, but I cannot because I am way too grateful to be in this process no matter how inconvenient it is schedule wise.

So let me pick up where I left off yesterday and then add the new information I got from meditation yesterday.

It’s kinda funny how spirit will have us look in a particular place for information (going to my whole thyroid/Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) and what I am seeing and understanding thru it all.  Our immune system and our endocrine system are designed to work together most especially thru these intense changing times within us.  Of course, I know this metaphysically because I was shown it, so I went to the wonders of google to see if there is any science that see’s it too.  But of course!!  I found a website that says: Increasing evidence links the immune and endocrine systems. Cytokines produced by activated immune and immune accessory cells can affect, positively or negatively, the secretion of hormones from the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal or hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axes. On the other hand, adrenal and ovarian hormones affect the secretion of cytokines by cells of the immune system.

Now to try and get the understandings I have been shown over the last two days, out coherently.  But let me back up a little further to a reading I did a few days back.  It was a skype reading and the moment we connected together online, ohh my lord did she give me an freakin eye ache.  I could feel the energy piercing right thru my right eye, the energy then embedded in the bone structure underneath the eye itself.  I felt the pulsation in the bone.  As I moved over to align to the field, jeez, an intense stream of pure white light was raging thru my crown into my head.  This is all her energy making a point in my body.

As I was explaining to her what I was experiencing and the information coming thru as to what is happening, I was so surprised to hear that our bones absorb the energies and hold them until it all seeps into the bone marrow.

So with that understanding, lets look at this piece of information about our immune system (taken from this website):

The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. One of the important cells involved are white blood cells, also called leukocytes, which come in two basic types that combine to seek out and destroy disease-causing organisms or substances.

Leukocytes are produced or stored in many locations in the body, including the thymus, spleen, and bone marrow. For this reason, they’re called the lymphoid organs. There are also clumps of lymphoid tissue throughout the body, primarily as lymph nodes, that house the leukocytes.

A protection device.  We often think of our immune system as a defense, but there is equally an offence happening too.

These higher energies are coming in and what could be looked at, as wreaking havoc on the biology.  So the immune system taps the endocrine system and says hey, release some chemicals to slow your human down, to retain water, to gain some weight to hold this energy, to make them sleepy, the create serious hunger and so on.  Whatever is needed for the full on processing of these energies.

The very best thing we can ever do for ourselves is completely let go of what we think “being in balance” and how are bodies are supposed to work and look like.

Let’s put that on pause for a moment and I want to share something my team has been revealing to me the last two days, it will make sense of so much for many of us.

My team has been showing me my history getting to here (this lifetime history.)  Or maybe better stated, the evolution of my consciousness itself.  I have started many businesses thru this lifetime, the first one when I was 24.  I never had any business courses in high school and we all know how I feel about mouth, well, complicated math.  I had many businesses go bust, but it didn’t stop me from opening a new one harnessing the lessons I learned about why the previous one(s) went bust.

I was shown the consciousness I came in with, and that I purposely withheld a lot of skills that would have taken any one of my businesses into the high success rate, but that was not my journey.  My personal journey was to set myself up to see if I would give up or try again.  Would I use what I learned and apply it differently in my next attempt at whatever I was working on.  Of course I would!!  But, amazing to see that the choice was always there to never go beyond the perception of failure (again and again and again lol.)

One of my businesses was incredibly successful.  A lottery club I had opening in S. Florida.  I had the greatest, most dynamic employees any employer could ever hope to have.  Then I decided to open a branch of this business in Pennsylvania, within 6 months, it died a quick and cruel death, as did my life as I knew it, too!

Of course, now I completely realize, landscapes matter!!  The energy of the land in which we birth anything, matters.  It can either hold the vibration or it collapses it.  People on particular land masses matter!!

These collective choices was less about being in business but a gage of what I would or would not do when (actually it would be more an IF had I made other choices) the triggers of awakening were put into play.

Personal collective choices, landmass, connections with others.  Let me give you a surprising revelation from my meditation yesterday.  Altho my focus was on me and my personal moment, my head was still trying to wrap around someone’s post on facebook.  A beautiful man I had the privilege of reading for a few years ago and his support for Trump, his enthusiasm for Trumps ideas.  I personally stopped listening to Trump the first time he ran for president.  However, I cannot help but see a lot of people currently aligning his rhetoric with that of Hitler’s.

In my meditation yesterday, this was the very first thing addressed because it was so heavy on my heart… I was reminded that I see people’s potential, what they are capable of becoming in this lifetime, but not everyone makes that choice even if it is put in front them.  The inner programming and outer alliances hold heavy magnetic energy from the past.

I thought about Trump and Hitler, many of the psychics I honored in my beginnings said hitler was not allowed to reincarnate, for whatever reason, I so believed them.  Until yesterday in my meditation.  My team reminded me of my own bias with my birth time, there is no way to supersede our beliefs until we actively start to question them, then the cracks of light open.

Life happens in cycles, what we do not evolve from, presents itself again, similarly but different.  All those that were once aligned to a negative system that once played out here (for this real example, it would be Nazi Germany) are triggered again, will they choose the same or differently.

With this man, I seen him tucked into a sleeping bag and then zippered himself in.  It was dark in there, but its dark in that field of alignment.  I was assured that that scenario will never play out on such a scale again, but, it is creating massive choice points in those that were active back in the day.  Then I seen what looked like a fishing net and all those aligned with that separatist, fascist mentality, was scooped away to a place that looked like a holding pen in the (topside mind you) middle of the earth as this massive light ring expanded around it.  I have no idea how that plays out, I’m just glad I’m not involved!!

Suddenly, it makes total sense why, before the true full engagement of this crazy path I have been walking/stumbling down started with a full view of my life in Atlantis, using and teaching people how to control and manipulate others with their sexual energies.  I was shown this over and over again until I finally got out of one of the experiences crying and declaring “I will NEVER EVER do that again.”  I never went back after that.  Phew!!

The next thing I was seeing and understanding, was the presence of energy coming thru right now.  It has the full spectrum radiance of crystalline seed energy within it.  Of course, besides the above pondering, I really wanted understanding about this elongated time out of talking I am in.  I seen my vocal cords, but instead of the physical likeness, they were two growing crystals learning to harmonize with each other in this massive energy system.  My team explained the biological vocal cords are actually frozen while the harmonics of the crystalline growth takes president.  It was actually so beautiful and the joy of the two crystals working together frequency wise, just filled me with so much love and awe.  OK, I’m good, I won’t bitch and take this silence with grace.  But please have mercy on my calendar!!!

With this understanding my team took me back further in my walk to Here.  I have had more crystals disappear in meditation than I care to count.  I had a moldavite on my third one once that just was completely gone when I came back from my journey.  My beloved trigonic quartz crystal, just gone without a trace from my heart chakra during meditation.  Even my hybrid lemurian quartz that exploded at my fathers house, a huge 2 inch by half and inch shard released itself and was no where in my bath waters to be found.  They absorbed into my energy fields all in readiness for this moment we are in and are all now in full activation mode.


Something else was revealed that completely blew my mind.  My cancer journey.  My team explained that I carried that energy for two years on purpose.  Which is why, the several doctors I had asked to look at that thing growing on my back, declined, saying it was too big for them to deal with and I didn’t have the money for a dermatologist.  It allowed it to grow big enough to cause my docs concern, but my field within was high enough so that it was always contained.

I have always wanted to have an actual study done for those who are purposely on this path, applying and changing from their insights of meditation and stuff.  Well, this is now my living study of myself and how my body created the way to have it done.  I have now been 3 years cancer free and yet I still go every three months for work ups because my body “appears” to be out of whack.  Of course, it is, but to the highest degree of whackiness!!

And then my father showed up.  It was sooo great to have such a long conversation with him.  This is really the first time since he passed two years ago we had such an amazing, communication session.   He showed me being embedded in my personal energy field, kinda like piggy backing on that one crystals energy that exploded at his house.  He is at the helm of keeping my biology hmmmmm… how to say it, free from any sort of harm I guess would be the best way, altho that is really inadequate.  With the immune and endocrine systems working overtime to facilitate change, he is keeping the balance in me, which is why the thyroid tests showed perfect function.

He also said something, with the tiniest glimpse of what he said being shown…. we have much to do moving forward and we are going to become very active in the forefront of change.  With it, I could see us (me and y’all) gathered together in various places, in person,… I have no idea what we were doing, but the one thing for sure, it was important.

Ohhh yeah, for those not on my facebook page, one of the important things for us to do right now, is eat!! lol  Not just any old food, but what we think of as our comfort foods, the heavier, richer foods.  It helps to take in the intense crystalline energies and even them out because otherwise they scatter to the winds.

I guess I have the room to do another meditation today since I am still less than a squeaky toy!! lol

I love you all so very much, big big (((HUGZ))) of wild times to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am adding this part after publication here just so its easy to find.  Many of us are having interesting experiences, I am now seeing orbs with my physical eyes flying around my house.  Some people are hearing their name being called, or sounds and other stuff.  In my meditation my team showed me what you and I call 3D and 4D, that little filmy place that keeps the two separate, releasing or ceasing to exist to those who have maintained their inner vibration to go beyond the limitations of what we call 3D density.  So what was once out of our line of vision and auditory hearing will become as common place as seeing the trees or hearing the wind.  We are just now being eased into the vaster reality to kinda adjust to the larger environment!!  Enjoy!!



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The Wonders of Our Changing Body’s!!!

energy body

On December 8th, I was put down further than I can remember being down in a long time.  Not only did my voice completely leave the building, any semblance of energy did too.  Body and mind was nothing but goo.  I took this heap of goo and poured onto the couch and remained there until I moved my goo pile into bed that night.  No higher or hell, even lower connections, my mind must have gone out to party with my voice and decided not to invite me!

I am so over this freakin voice disappearance for no known reason!!  I have had cameras stuck down my throat, CT scans, blood tests, no known cause for this more often than I can to deal with, voice loss.  Altho, my oncologist does watch my thyroid via the CT scans (and my lungs too) due to a spot showing up on my first scan back in 2012, my ENT assured me that that spot is a thyroid remnant that does occur in some people at birth and it sits on/near my hyoid bone.  It has nothing to do with my voice loss.  Nothing appears to have a direct cause that anyone can find.

So I took to google as I was melding into my couch.  I feel swelling in my throat, right at my thyroid, lets look at swelling in the thyroid.  I came across Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  YES!!!  Considering my white blood cells have been thru the roof for two years now, as long as I have been having these voice outages, and many of the other symptoms… this has got to be it.

Then in the afternoon, I get an email from “Suspicious Observers” that the sun just had a huge eruption:

Since my early days, I have always been geoeffective.  The first few years it produced major headaches anytime the sun spit, now I almost always get voice outages when it does something dynamic.

I decided, if I still have a missing voice when I woke up, I would take myself to the ER to have them look at my thyroid.  I also got the UPS notification that my birth certificate is arriving and I need to be here to sign for it.  OK, I will go after they get here.  Which gave my body plenty of time to tell me a story, most of it in visuals, the major catalyst of these new insights was in direct relationship to the information being shared with me on facebook.  I knew posting what I was feeling with my thyroid on facebook would result in many peoples beliefs about what causes thyroid changes/dysfunctions.  Sure enough!!  Fortunately, I may not have been plugged in outside of myself, but holy wow my body was absolutely plugged into me and communicating like crazy!!  I just love my freakin body.  I love how it knows itself and I gotta say, I love how I have been trained to hear it.  But I did have a big question, why wait two years to release this information to me.  The short reply is the opening of ongoing conscious understandings.  So let me turn it all into a story.

It is obvious that everything is changing.  The earth is changing, weather patterns are changing.  What was once lush landscapes are turning into desert lands, frozen earth is melting, hell the desert I live in is turning into a tropical rain forest.  Usually, we want to blame someone or something and stop the changes.  More often than not, we want to stop the changes, prevent what is going to happen anywayz from happening, only because we are seeing it all from the prospective of fear instead of knowing.

Same too with our bodies.  Anytime our bodies act in a way that we are not accustomed to, we instantly want to stop its process.  I find it absolutely amazing how often we give our inner power away to exterior causes.  Gluten!  That amazing, binding part of wheat gets a bad rap often!!  Which of course, came up a lot on the information exchange on facebook.  I could hear my body giggling with this insight:  “A piece of bread or a cupcake is not going to throw my whole system out of whack, unless of course, you believe it more than you believe me.”   Phew!!  I love both!!

However, lets hone in on that statement that I can see even more clearly today.  Give your power away.  The very moment you believe something outside of you has control of the inside of you, you have created an energetic loss within your body system, which appears to create the truth of your beliefs.    F.E.A.R. (False Evidence APPEARING Real)

Then there is the whole supplement gig.  I tried that when I was on my cancer journey.  Three days into ingesting these pill like supplements my body got really adamant and asked me… why the hell are you feeding me this stuff!!  Ummmm… well… cuz!!!  Proactive, ya know!!  That was the last time I took any supplements.

Yesterday, my body went on to explain the reason it does not want anything other than my daily intake of whatever I desire.  It, my whole body, OUR bodies, are energy systems.  When left to its own magically devices in cooperation with the human consciousness aligned to it, it knows what to do, how to do it and make itself even better than the moment before.  When we take someone in due to what we “believe” outside of ourselves, in this case, it is talking directly about any sort of supplements, we actually reduce the inner energy as we focus on outer ways of controlling its function.  In which case, that is like throwing a monkey wrench into moving parts.  Then, your consciousness (not the body itself) becomes dependant on perceived wellness based on exterior things.  What happens if you stop taking them… well it goes back to what it was doing in the first place.

As I was pondering the autoimmune system as well as the endocrine system (along with all the information coming thru facebook) my body took me back to the day my oncologist was going to poke a hole in my hip to extract marrow to see why my white blood cells are over the top.  None of my tests are showing anything leukemia related and he figured this would be a direct way of understanding.  Hey, I am all about understanding!!  The day came to get the extraction and let me tell you, the more I read about this procedure, the less happy I was getting.  It hurt!!  I am a wimp when it comes to any sort of pain.  As I drove to UNM Cancer Center to get my labs done and have this procedure done, I stated to my body… hey, if we need outside help to address this white blood cell thing, please feel free to show the ongoing overproduced white cells, however, if we do not need anything to adjust it outside of our self, please, just be normal today.  I would rather not have the hole punch if it is not needed.  The first and only time my white blood cells were completely normal, was on this day.  No hole punch.  Phew!!  My oncologist was beside himself.  I was smiling from ear to ear as everyone assembled to do this procedure was told it was canceled.  I LOVE this freakin body!!!!

So as I was taking my shower yesterday, pondering so much about, well, everything now.  My body showed me the sun’s eruption form the day prior.  The magnetic field exploding from the sun.  Not to mention, the comet itself zooming into the sun creating the unstable and eventual eruption.  Then I seen my body, from head to tail bone, the magnetic filament energy coming thru my field of energy, appearing to separate what my body told me was the immune system and the endocrine system so that this energy could come into the middle of it.  Enhancing the two, changing the cellular energy field thru the whole body construct.  The immune system is not so much attacking the body (unless it is blocked by any sort of fear, then it’s the host consciousness that changes its agenda, until it is released to do what it is designed to do) as it is working in conjunction with the endocrine system to make it better than it was before.

Our entire body systems started changing in earnest as we cross 2012 into 2013.  Land mass changes, body mass changes.  So interlinked its stunning.

So, on my long drive to the ER, I am listening to my new favorite author Thomas Campbell and his Big Toe part 1 trilogy.  I was really in and out of what he was saying, listening to my body talk, and now and again listening to what he is saying.  Then it was like my whole team drew my listening to what was coming out of my car speakers, and I had to smile as I heard him talking about ego, consciousness, understanding the workings of our Self, expanding our consciousness by the projection of others.  (Much more detailed and to long to listen to and retype out) and how we expand our consciousness thru adversity, when something just hits us deep inside as not true for me.  Getting out of the external belief (information) system and listening to the Source within.

This has been my morning in overdrive!!

I was sure, given everything I seen and understand about my body, the immune system, the thyroid, which I SWEAR was swollen, I felt its swollenness with my own hands for two days.  Its funny how I forget I feel energy.  Silly me.

My thryoid labs all came thru perfect.  I have a healthy ass thyroid.  REALLYYYYYY??  I was actually kinda sad to hear that.  Gimmie a freakin pill, fix my voice, fix my now insane schedule.  Nope.  I am a healthy little shit.  On top of that, my doc said there was no swelling that she could feel.  REALLYYYY????  I have feel it inside and out!!  What the hell?  I could hear my body giggling.  Not funny!!!

So I asked her, do you have a freakin clue what this could be??  Nope.  Everything it could possibly be has already been ruled out.  So the only recourse she had (I really loved this lady) was lets talk about my smoking.  OK… lets talk about the fact I smoke every day, all day long and yet, this voicelessness is only triggered mostly fall and winter, usually with sun eruptions (but not always) and that my body actually loves smoking.  She went into her medical knowledge, I went into my metaphysical knowledge and OMG, reminiscent of the mormon boys that came to preach to me about their version of jesus, which I let them do, when they were done, I gave them my version of jesus, the mormon boys and now this wonderful young doctor literally started heading for the door.  Her words, “I cannot hear this conversation.”

Which brings me to something incredibly revealing yesterday morning and something spirit has been on a bandwagon about for months.  Bias.  It is really amazing how much we cloud anything, everything when we bring in bias.  When you need to believe something, when it is so programmed into you (like smoking and the health profession) it becomes repealing to open up to something that may be the opposite.

I got my birth certificate yesterday, which now included my time of birth on it.  My mother had told me I was born somewhere around 3:30 in the afternoon, she just couldn’t remember when exactly.  My mentor back in the day, taught me how to do breathwork to invoke the rebirthing experience.  Literally going thru the birth experience.  I did exactly that so I could find the exact time of day I was born.  I got much more than I bargained for (in understanding how my mother felt and stuff, I needed that for my inner healing and understanding) and when I looked at the clock thru my new born eyes, I know it said 3:27pm.  Bias.  I was so sure I was born around that time that I did not allow for the truth, so I seen exactly what I expected to see… somewhere around 3:30pm.  I was actually born at 10:04 am.  Shit!!

Just think about that for a long long moment!!  Even in our meditations, if we are holding onto something that we THINK is true, we equally bring in the bias of that and we see it because we expect to see it.

Imagine that!!

So after leaving the ER with no new external information about my crazy, wonderful body, I had to ask my body, well, you should me the immune system and the endocrine system and the magnetic field between the two, I am confused.  Did I get it wrong??  Nope, except that it is the energy system itself.  We work first and foremost at the level of energy, for as long as we do not interfere in the process, yes it rocks the physical body, but improves its function not destroys it.

On that note, here is hoping my day is about to begin.  I can hear sounds today, yesterday and the day before there was zero sound.  I do have more to share, but there is always tomorrow… right!! (smile)

I love you so much and thank you for enduring the silent zone with me!!

(((HUGZ)))) of unbiased function and wisdom to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


















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New Frequencies of Sound, New Skin of Earth and Water too!


We really have some interesting frequencies buffing up, polishing up our new improved selfs and energy fields!!  There are a few experiences from the readings yesterday I do want to talk about, expand on really.  One of my lady’s had this white laser beam like energy emerge from the center of the sun.  Keep in mind, when it is sun energy itself, it would be a yellow gold light, what I call the central sun, the entrance and exit point to spirit, I see as white in the center of the sun, so her laser beam came from the central sun, located in her northwest quadrant in the sky and started etching this symbol on the north face of her glass looking terrarium.  I recognized the symbol that starts most sheet music I have seen:

g clef

Just inside her terrarium I could see what I “knew” as notes, but didn’t look like any notes I had ever seen before, started floating around in her inner north quadrant, they were even color coded, in colors of light.  New notes, new frequencies being released for her to bring in, understand and use.  It has got to be part of the energy system I talked about the other day, literally hearing the energy coming into me, in tones and notes I never heard before.  Some people’s assignment are to start understanding these frequencies and harness them.  Kind of like the guy who first tapped into, understand and started using that which we call Reiki energy.

We are all bringing in higher energies to understand, use then teach others how to tap into that with purpose.  It has become increasingly constant that everyone is leaving their readings with homework assignments!!  Lucky you!! lol

Another lady had intense energy bolts, not lightning cuz it wasnt coming from the sky, but again that northwest quadrant (future energy and the living chemistry lab of the west, melding together for this field of experience we call Now) at the top of her terrarium, ohhhh hehe, I don’t think I have mentioned this yet in my sharings (sooo much information, one humble lady trying to get it all out there) at the very top center of our terrariums is a sphincter.  A glass looking sphincter that opens and closes as needed.  My energy bolts lady suddenly had this ET with a long deep green amphibious feeling arm poking at what looked like little radiant yellow circles that were just above her head.  I was clueless as to what he was doing, but this morning, talking about my music lady, I realize if we looked at those circles like the holes of a flute… adjusting and retoning the frequencies blowing thru her.

What I found interesting and one would think I should have already had this epiphany long ago, but no, like I said, I can be slow on the uptake, the more I described her ET friend, she realized he was akin to the tree frogs, her favorite thing / connection.  Then it hit me like a light bulb, OMG how many critters we have here on earth, seeded from the stars to help us remember our connection to other worlds.

Obviously what is coming to us, is equally coming thru us!!  Our individual and collective jobs are to understand it and the applications of it all too.

So lets consider these two (and there are more than just these two) working with the upper atmosphere frequencies.

Another lady, stunned me.  Simply because so far, all this new energy is coming in external from the terrarium (which is still part of your energy field of course, just less concentrated than the terrarium energy inside.

She was standing in the center of her terrarium (like everyone else) but she was glowing this sun like yellow energy as her body.  I could hear and feel the earth move directly under her feet,  there was a sound frequency to it, and a rhythm.  The dirt of the earth, not just any earth, the high-flying, accelerated new earth, was moving upwards into the center of her terrarium, covering her in this dirt, kinda like clothes.

What was explained, and again, that flipping light bulb moment I should have had a long while ago lol, the dirt of the earth is exactly like our skin on our bodies.  Her biggest sensory organ that takes in and expelles a lot of energy.  We have higher frequency skin, a higher frequency sensory organ, of course she does too!!

Imagine what we can do, and how efficiently we will be doing it, once we really understand all this new energy, new earth, new skin, new us, together!!  its kind of really exciting!!

Now, lets completely (sort of) change the subject.  But first, lets really understand why we are seeing these terrariums in our field of life.  (Finally, a fuller understanding lol.)  Everything inside the terrarium is completely YOUR energy.  All your thoughts, hopes, desires, skills, karmic energy, it is 100% you.  O000hhhh, added note, I had no idea about this either, the more people that you live with, the smaller your terrarium, the less people, the larger.  It actually makes sense now, why I see such different sizes on the field.  It doesn’t make anything less potent, actually it would have to make it more concentrated.

What I see as the exterior, or outside of your terrarium is a blended energy of life.  Of course, I see the energies and how they are coming in and affecting you and needing your attention.  With some others, I do see how some of the people they live with affects the terrarium themselves, to the degree that some cannot even get into the center of their terrarium.  Knowing how to use the glass, which is the skin of your energy system, crucial!!

Hmmmm… skin of the earth, skin of our bodies, skin of our energy systems.  You seeing the bigger thing here!!??  I am not quite sure what it means, yet, but I do see the connections today.

Now, back to changing this up with the holy shit epiphanies that I never expected to have yesterday.  I am going to go with the finale of the event and work backwards, simply because spirit has been talking about our language, our words and even, our use of slang.  Of course, this all has been bursting thru what I knew to be true and was true until we hit this new, enhanced frequency.  We have much more responsibility, much more creational power than ever before.  In order to have gotten to this amazing place, we had to become proficient in the way we think, speak and act.  So great job everyone!!  Now the next level unveils itself.

The use of our words, for years my team had said it is the energy behind it that gives it power and thru that evolutionary phase, that was true.  Now we have more power, and we must really think thru what we say and how we say it, because nothing is slowed down to filter thru what we really meant.

This moment has been staring us in the face for years, thru the works of Dr Emoto and his water crystal documentation.

water emoto

Everything has a vibration, an expression of its own.  Even our words.  I am sure the person who wrote on the piece of paper “You make me sick, I will kill you” didn’t really mean he wanted to kill anything.  I would even venture out to say, he was a very kind, loving Being without any intention, any emotional energy to kill anything.  And yet, the water felt the vibration of the sentence, the frequency it emitted by someone bring those series of words to life and just letting them there.

Let’s hang on a moment and come back to one of the ET’s in a reading really having a problem with me referring to him as “dude.”  I had no clue where we even got that slang from and what it means in its origin.  Good ole handy dandy google just turned on a light bulb: The word was first used in the late 1800s as a term of mockery for young men who were overly concerned with keeping up with the latest fashions. It later came to stand for clueless city folk (who go to dude ranches) before it morphed into our all-purpose laid-back label for a guy.

I say a lot of things, ignorantly and am filtered consistently in readings, I am now really understanding the higher why!!

Now lets go to what we consider inanimate objects.  Crystals.  They all emit a frequency of their own.  You and I cannot change their frequency, but we can utilize it for grand things.  Computers, cars, tables, every thing in life whether we created them or they grew of the earth, was created with original purpose and emits a frequency according to its purpose.  The closer we get to any object, we are absorbing and digesting their frequencies and vise versa.  I have always known that everything communicates, I learned that on the mountain in Vermont what feels like a million moons ago.  I guess I never really gave any thought to the frequencies things by nature emit. Dah!!

My daughter (who is doing sooo very well by the way) put a post on her facebook that congress passed a vote to allow non violent felons to own guns.  I reacted!!  Which started an unexpected avalanche of information, of course coming in intense controversy on her wall.  My simple, yet heart-felt sentence in response to her post was: “Just what we need, more people with more guns. We are a fucking insane nation!”  (Sometimes, the word “freakin” just won’t do!!)

Well, that simple sentence unleashed some serious gun enthusiasts into my field of communication.  One person in particular was going on and on and instead of hearing his words, I could see his energy field and it was not pretty.  I have seen fields like this in my massage days, holes in the auric field, close to no light permeating the field around him.  And thru his team, they explained that this is what the frequency of guns, any guns, do to the auric field of a person.

I was stunned at the information coming thru.  I have never ever had a gun in my house, ever.  Guns, any guns from childhood thru this moment, make my whole energy field repel.  I have always assumed I was just afraid of them, which was true coming up. But now I see there was a much bigger reason.

Of course, you start talking about the energy of a gun, it instantly invokes justification from all kinds of people.  The reason one has a gun is a whole other energy system.  That is personal motivation.  But my whole understanding, going right back to the water crystal being embedded with not so loving words, took on that energy, guns only creation in life is to kill, harm, maim.  So its frequency can only emit that, no matter the reason one has for having one, using one, whatever.

Look at the words Adolph Hitler, as he came into his age of reason, his energy field emitted the frequency of control, manipulation and separation.  He was amazingly good at that.  He perfected his frequency and look how the water reacts to his frequency.

Later in the evening a beautiful friend posted a video that really takes this to a huge level of understanding ourselves now.  Spirit has been saying for years, put boundaries around yourself, choose what frequencies (people, places and things) you allow into your energy field.  Clear your field, not just your mind but the space around you too!

This video shows how water takes on the frequency of its surroundings.  Considering we are made of what, 70% water, we are absorbing and morphing in our bodies, more than we (meaning, me) ever realized.



It really is amazing the rabbit hole I am still digging into.  If we are conscious creators, then we also MUST be conscious absorbers!! (smile)  We can only put out to the degree we take in!!

What are you taking in???  (I take in YOU, yum, yum, yum!!)

My day is about to begin, I love you all so much.  Know, we are all armed with Love bullets, life enhancing, protective and bioeffective  😉

Big big watery ((((HUGZ)))) to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas






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  1. Thank you. I am being led somewhere and whilst reading this post a ringing started in my ears. I do not understand but I am learning – again thank you xx

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