Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 18, 2015

“The meek HAS inherited the earth! ~ The Glory IS in us!!” ~ Mother Earth.

earth and glory

I woke up with an amazing explanation of what the three-day package of the Now moment really means and pretty much, how it works, how we work it all the time.  If I didn’t take that one art class “Paint Your Vision,” by my beloved landlady, I would have no clue what spirit was showing me, but thank god I did, cuz I really get it and think you will too, easily enough anywayz.

In my dream state, I had a blank canvas, life itself.  Thru my emotional field within, I swooshed colors around the entire canvas, giving it a background energy.  Thru the eyes of desire, looking at the smeared energy/paint on this canvas, we start to see the outcome, what the painting, what tomorrow is going to become.  Thru today, we add more color, rearrange some of the swooshy patterns on the canvas to provide detail and clarity.  However, unlike linear life painting, we are always doing all three at once, creating a new background, experiencing the outcome of the one we had completed and giving detail to the next outcome.

The brush itself is our focus, whether it is from the heart, the mind, the mind and heart together, we are constantly putting down brush strokes.  The paint and pigments are the elements of life itself, coming in to create completion at every given moment and yet, we can also change the patterns, the images at any given moment.  It was a stunning dream instruction and hope I made it simple enough in words to understand how extraordinary we are.

I do want to add, I woke up again with a completely dead phone battery.  Just sayin!! lol

I find this detailed example of understanding so perfect with all the energies, all the readings and wonders of yesterday.  I want to start with one lady in particular that sat with me all day long, expanded and overcame my emotional field, all day long.

All the new “clothes” I have been seeing so far, rather fancy, like we have dressed to go to the ball or something.  This one girl yesterday shows not at all like that.  Instead, she looked more like a peasant lady, her long purplish/maroon skirt torn and tattered, her blouse a dirty white from the wear.  And yet, the luminosity of beauty was radiant upon her.  Once I got out of my own way of trying to understand her appearance, a flood gate of love opened up in the explanation.

I know I say I am not an earth worker, a lot, but for 15 years I have had a deep, connected relationship with our beloved mother earth.  I know her voice, I know her energy and god knows, I know her love.  It earth herself who presented the explanation of information in this lady’s vision.

The depiction of her clothes is very purposeful, humble, meek, filled with humility.  The labor of love that shows upon her clothing.  The purplish maroon color of her long skirt shows the ascended master living and toiling on earth.  The blouse, loosely fitting so that the winds of change may blow thru her, move her, redirect her path upwards.

(When we look at the earth, do we look at her as broken feeble, depleted or the opposite.  Labored in love and growth, allowance and experience.  Empowered thru all time, lessons, and change.  True Beauty.)

In front of her humble tattered image was the earth itself, separated by bands of a fluid blue energy that created an ongoing arch (from west to east) outwards.  The arcs of energy got smaller as they got further away, at least, in my vision.  Earth had said that nothing gets smaller, ever.  It’s just like when we see something in the distance, it appears smaller until we arrive there.  These blue bands that sort of reminded me of the ocean, but it wasn’t water so much as it was constant moving energy from what we would perceive as future fueling her everlasting present.  Clear, untainted, pure power of earth energy.  Paint, if you will.

Thru the immensity of these energy bands constantly flowing in towards her, mother earth put her voice and her heart in it thru the expanding words:

“The meek HAS inherited the earth!”

The love and honor from mother earth was so overwhelming, and she stated this twice with her, brought me to tears, it filled my mouth with such love energy that I could barely get them out.

I don’t even have to wonder what that means, everyone’s readings yesterday explained it in such amazing, loving detail.

One of my beloved men showed up with one of those old coal shovels digging into the earth.  His dress was very farmer like, bib overhauls and all.  What earth stated with him (she was busy with the readings yesterday lol) is he has access to all the hidden quantum energy stored in the earth for full use now.  I could see this like, I don’t know, electrical cord that was long and moved as he moved and would bump into I guess storage areas deep in the earth, all teardrop shaped, and opened these sections up with desire, pulled it up thru his body and commingled it with his energy so that others may use it too.

She had also explained that the more he uses this energy and works on understanding his expanded skill set, he will align with other, what she called his network of people, that will help in restoring her depleting energy resources within (coal, oil and stuff.)  If I am remembering her words correctly, she made the statement of “as the enlightened beings gathered…”  If it wasn’t exactly that, it’s what I am hearing this morning.

My last lady of the day, phew baby!!  For the last two days, I have been seeing everyone before we connected, and the same is true for her.  I knew the energy I was looking at as her clothes, the wind.  I love the wind and its energy.  Her image was as if the wind wrapped around her and closed its field about three free in front of her, as a part of her (think folding a piece of paper around something and putting the two edges together to create an enclosure.  I kept looking at the clock, waiting for her time to arrive so I could understand more of what I was seeing.

The moment she was on the phone and by body moved to the back door, the “field,” a huge gust of wind wrapped around the side of the house and the back yard.  The wind itself stayed in constant motion in the backyard thru her entire reading.  This is her ally, a part of her makeup.

Somethings were said to her that I want to share with everyone.  Her job, her gift really, is to command the wind, to control it for her needs.  I was really taken aback by the very particular words being used “command and control.”  I think I can use this important distinction with the example I am getting right now.

You command and control your body all day long.  You need to go to the bathroom, you command your legs to get up, walk from wherever you are to the bathroom, you command them to bend and even command your organs to release its storage unity.  You’re not sitting saying ohhh legs, please don’t fail me now.  (Well, maybe sometimes, one too many shots of tequila lol.)  This commanding center, control center is such a natural part of your Being, you don’t even think of it, you just do it.  Same with what we are (re)discovering within us.  It becomes such a natural part of our mastery, that it is already happening the moment you feel the need or desire of something.

We HAVE inherited the earth, her full on energy system, and she OURS, as well as all the lives and loves within and beyond the earth realm.

There is no more attaining that, there is now simply using that.  I must share this part too, its been hanging in my face since I started typing.

I remember back in 2008 when I went into my bath meditation as I always have, to look for some goo within to clear up.  I long learned the more shit I clear from within, the grander, more vibrant my immediate life and abilities became,  I went in often.  And this one day I went in looking for something to deal with and I could find a damn thing.  I called on my team to help me, their response was “Don’t you think you eventually get to a place there is nothing left to clear?”  Ummmm… no.  No one has ever said that.  Plus I still have shit happening in my head and my life, there’s gotta be more to clear up.  No.  Now is the time to use the mastery within.

The diamond has been cut, now the facets need shining, reflecting, use!!!

Same thing with striving to become ascended.  Ascended simply means you have cleared your container (body and mind) to the degree the higher (ascended) energies can pour in.  As we allow those higher energies to pour in, we move thru portals onto a higher vibrating earth that can sustain and facilitate the higher abilities coming on line.  Until we reach a peak point, which we reached with 2015.  Our bodies, our souls and our earth are now one living whole energy system and we have been let out of the gate in fullness as we close this year.

The meek  has inherited their power, the shared glory of Life aLive in Matter.

But beyond this incredible place we call earth, there are other systems, planets and other dimensions releasing amazing energy and power to us.  Very much like my wind lady, I had another lady who had this big ass planet above her and I swear it reminded me of being juiced (like an orange) these two ribbons of energy were streaming down from this planet I eventually figured out was Jupiter, and it showed how it weaved its energy, its great expansion (and so much more) into her sheathing, the glass terrarium, expanded into her immediate energy field (the inner terrarium place) and to her body.  This was her ally to use and understand even more than I was capable of.

Then there was this one lady who showed up in the middle of the reading day, came to trip me up!! lol (Said with love and giggles)  This lady too, was in her terrarium, or at least, I had the orientation of the terrarium.  All the others no terrarium, only these two ladies.  Just on the outside the north end of her terrarium was this freakin massive diamond shape 3 foot long diamond.  There were distinctly 6 sides to the top and bottom parts of the diamond.  I remember that there was a lady a few days ago, her circle had 6 sides, I looked it up, lol a a hexagon.  This diamond energy was set at about a 45 degree angle coming towards her outer terrarium. releasing energy that created the most amazing blue and red network of energy inside her terrarium, like massive cobwebs or something.

Her body, freakin bizarre!!  (Said with tremendous love mind you.)  She didn’t have feet she had a mermaid’s tail, but this fishy part was only from the knees down.


She was standing on the bent part like in the picture, only… standing, not leaning on anything.  It was explained that the fin part of her fish like tail releases very particular energy, and also takes energy in as well.  Her team was not of this earth, instead they explained that they are from a realm above this earth’s realm.  God bless him, he did everything he knew how to do to give me the name of his realm, did not compute in me!  I couldn’t spit it out to save my life.  Nothing I ever heard of before.

Her body was human looking with very particular clothes, sexy sexy sexy!! lol  Mini skirt, hell beyond mini skirt, just barely covered her girly parts.  Its her face that shocked me more than anything… OMG so sad I cannot draw.  Her head was a burnt orange color and resembled the texture of a dragon head, only this head had three huge mouths one above the other with big long teeth.  Kinda like this image, only with three mouths and no horn:

dragon head

The eyes were stunning, huge round almost glass like red orbs with these yellow four pointed star shapes that are like our pupils.  Only they work much more efficiently than ours,  When their pupils are dilated, they can see between all the dimensions, at will.  When they are not dilated, then they see just their dimension.  It was the kewlest, strangest thing I had ever seen.

He had also explained that when you look at his sector, his planet from the sky, you would see a burnt orange looking planet.  Earth from the sky is white and blue.

He went on to explain that he has been with her her whole life, she has an incarnation in that realm too, they have been exchanging information and growing abilities thru the whole timespace of her birth to now.  As I kept on saying how bizarre looking she is, fish tail, dragon like head, human body, he was sure to say that their biology serves in fullness the plane of life they live upon.  That we have strange bodies to them.  Yeah, reminds me of ant/grasshopper lady!!

The over lay is on purpose too.  Infused with the abilities of their realm and earth’s realm, together.

As my day of readings concluded, I swear I was wrapped up in some sort of energy cocoon, I could barely move with the wash of energy doing whatever it was doing.  Once again, 7pm I could not keep my eyes open and passed out on the couch until 12:30am, got up went to bed until 4am… draining my phone battery again and also an amazing understanding thru the dream state.

Ya know, i just realized something.  When I woke up seeing this canvas, the painting understanding, it was only like 3 feet directly above my head.  I was still seeing it and hearing the detail even as I woke up.  I don’t know why that matters to share, but, obviously it does.

I do want to share something that is getting…. larger in my field of vision.  When I started to see what I call the energy platform of 2016, which remains easy, 20 feet above our present moment, it was illumating this beautiful red energy.  Now as we get closer, even tho I cannot see a detail at all, I am seeing the energy platform more… clearly, wider really, instead of being a once inch electrical pulse, it now emerging as a landscape, filled with this amazing, beautiful red crystal like energy, sorta like this only, nothing poking up:

red crysal


Hmmm…. the ruby slippers, the red earth, the energy’s once held back, there for the taking, using, sharing.  I will end with something I am hearing from our mama:


I love you all so much, OMG that sounds like such an understatement.  Thank you for Being, for Shining, toiling endlessly in the heart of Love!!

Lisa Gawlas

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I wanted to add this channel that I just heard this morning from our beloved Kryon to today’s sharing.  It intertwines perfectly!!


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