Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 17, 2015

The Clothes of Grace and Beauty!!

grace and beauty

There has been something I wanted to talk about for a long while now, but I keep forgetting.  The sheer amount of information that comes thru every day, well, at least the days I am plugged into you, is at times, overwhelming and impossible to share all of it.

For as long as the Pleiadians have been showing up to connect with you in readings, they have been bringing thru a misunderstood essence of our natural being called Beauty.  Thru the many sessions and feeling and experiencing the energy permeating off the Pleiadians showing up and their explaining it, I realized Beauty, in its truth, has nothing to do with “looks.”

Beauty is a permeation of Light that comes from deep within you, your core energy reflecting outwards, more like a shine, a glow.  My system often times gets overcome by the energy of Beauty that I feel.  But even more than that, it’s also a part of our super power system as well.  I remember one gal who had/has a Pleiadian assistant teaching her about the true energy of beauty.

Yesterday, much to my surprise, 6 out of 7 connections showed up fully dressed in their “attire.”  Every one of them permeating the energy I am now familiar with as Beauty.  It’s an elegance, a shine, a glow of spirit and human so mingled together, one is no longer separate from the other.  In-Powered.  Grace and Beauty holding hands at the heart center.  There is no more “work” to do, now is play time, remembering your full power time.  To take yourself further, in joy and excitement, than you ever thought you could go.

I really expected this phase two to be a day by day addition of your new spiritual clothes, but nope, most everyone is now fully dressed and ready to go.  I do want to talk about the one lady who was my odd lady out, cuz this is as important to understand as well.  She was the only one out of 7 connections I had seen still in her terrarium and her terrarium was filled with a gel like fluid that really reminded me of baby oil gel, right down to all the little bubbles inside the gel.  She was inside her terrarium looking like a fish breathing water.  Her lips puckered like a fish, breathing.  There was a rhythm to her suspended self, moving upwards, then down, up then down.  Her team said that she was in a “suspended animation” stage thru the solstice.  The rhythm I am seeing is her going into her higher consciousness and bringing it gently down into her usable consciousness.  The gel bubbles are akin to fish food, nourishing her as she goes thru this stage.  When she asked about her husband, again the element of surprise given how I seen all 6 people today.  He was in a casket, in the death position inside the casket, off in the deep south-west field.  Her team explained he is currently undergoing a death process, releasing all the old and being infused with the higher energies of the west (that living chemistry lab energy.)

So, if anyone is feeling… still… know that it is as purposeful to your life as those who are dressed and ready to go.  There is no such thing as good or bad here, and when we have a mission that includes others, often times, we must wait for their readiness too.

I realized thru the readings too, that the only thing I am seeing is You.  Your body, your new dress and any trinkets you may have that enhances you magical Self.  There is nothing around you, no terrarium either.  Everyone in dress was jogged just a little to the right.  It took me a while (a good nights sleep) to understand why.  Spirit has said that Now includes yesterday, today and tomorrow as a quantum field of Now energy, well now you live and create on the leading edge of time, of light.  To be in this place means you have freed yourself, your mind of the limitations that once held you back.  Even if, at times, it doesn’t feel like that.  (We still get to have our human moments.)

What was equally surprising to hear thru just about all the readings, our power and abilities are now on ALL the time.  No more buffers, no more filters, creation creating at the speed of thought.  Which does come with a warning.  Be aware of what you are emotionally plugged in to.  If you do not fully know how to filter out someone else’s negativity and/or judgement, please step back, walk away, end it.  Because this amazing, beautiful universe feels your emotional charge of… whatever… and brings that to your created party of life.  No bias from the universe.

Everyone has their uniqueness of dress, of beauty and Presence on this amazing landscape of life and as much as I want to share the wonders of what I had seen yesterday, I am being held back.  What works for one person in a particular way, will not work for another.  We cannot copy someone else’s blueprint, we must understand and engage our own.

As my day of connections concluded yesterday, I swear y’all gathered together and just started pouring warm honey over my whole body.  I was wrapped up in this amazing energy and the gratitude in my heart would have brought me to my knees if I wasn’t already sitting down.  Your beauty and grace pours down over me, enlightens my own path forward.  Expands my heart, my own abilities. Your elegance, enthusiasm and the desire you bring to my party every single day, is more than I could have ever dreamed of having in this lifetime.  People dream of riches in their life, I am abundant in that area, I have you, body and soul shining lights I would never otherwise think to look.  If there is anyone feeling poor, less than, go stand next to them, they instantly become richer than they ever could have dreamed of being.

I love you so much and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your light, your love in my world.  You keep me dancing!!

((((HUGZ)))) of Grace and Beauty thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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