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Soul Partnered in Biology, Biology Expanded by the Partnership.


Not surprising, yesterday was indeed a planetary reboot that my eyes could not see, dammit!!  One day spirit has got to have mercy on a schedule!!  Of course, I have been waiting for that mercy for 15 years and it ain’t happened yet!!  Dammit!! lol  But, no matter what, it was still a stunning, revealing day, at least, from the inside out!

It’s kinda funny how linearly habitual our minds are.  Spirit has said for months now that the Now moment consists of yesterday, today and tomorrow, our “time line” is that big.  Yet, when spirit throws out a date like the 15th, I’m only looking that day, period.  So when my first appointment rolled around yesterday, I was excited to see she was down under, into tomorrow (well, now that’s todays) timeline and dammit if I couldn’t see anything but my freakin floor.  So, I did my ritual bitching and holy cow, for the first time, I got bitched at!!  What the hell!!!  My soul interrupted my regularly scheduled bitching by saying you are on the 15th, so the reboot is happening according to the dateline I was given, everywhere.  Its a quantum happening, not a singular dateline.

As the day went on and I whined my usual whine about not being able to see and no one (spirit wise) telling us that we are going to have an outage, I was redirected, again.  They told us thru several of the readings as December began that phase one completed on the 15th as phase two began.  I should realize by now when we have an event this big, there is a field outage.  Dammit.  What was really uncanny about all this push back from my dear, beloved, pesky soul was the attitude.  And of course I had to comment back saying, hey!!  since when do you get to take on my attitude??  With a pesky, smirky energy smile, my soul replied, have I taken on your attitude or do you embody mine?  Hmmmm… never thought of it that way before.

Thru the day, hearing my soul loud and clear I also realized the sound of her voice moved too.  She was now streaming in on the left side above my head, she has usually taken center place there.  As I settled into my couch, my inner processing place, the fullness of december was revealed, in my personal space of recognition, which applies to many of us arriving here.  Now let me see if I can explain it all in words, since I hear in visuals.

For those who are done with their inner clearing, and have embarked on the mission of full integration, expanding their spiritual everything there has been a tremendous amount happening.  The fuller integration of soul and body.  Equal partners on this immensely rich playing field of life.  I was shown like weaving the energy into the very skin of our Beings, no longer above us, but fully partnered as us.  For me, with yesterday, it is almost like hearing myself, only in a Lighter tone of communication.  She stated she started projecting her voice to the left for the recognition I would (eventually) come to yesterday, that she is now a full on partner in the field of life, with me, as me.  And then she back it up to the beginning of December and the weirdness that I have been experiencing.

The sudden flashes of light, like intense light bulbs going off, was her vision fusing with my own, more strongly, more, permanently.  This creates the ability to see higher, to understand more fully (yeah, I am still working on that one lol.)  The four days of silence increased not only the breath in my lungs, the ability to communicate, or maybe its have higher beings communicate thru me, but it also increased the audibility in my hearing, these two lines within our bodies antenna systems are married together.  Equally, our ability to see with all of our eyes (physical and central/third eye) is connected to our entire mouth system, since that sets the vibrational tone outwards.  (Hence the feeling of my eye being poked with a needle, it was the infusion of my soul sight in both the physical and spiritual realms, and extracting (the past life experience I had as a dream of a worm, yuk) what is no longer needed.  I am already having a hard time connecting with anything in deep density, its only going to get more challenging from here because that is no longer needed for us to understand what we are doing now.  If nothing else, it distracts from it.

One of the most odd experiences I have had of late, was when I picked up a package from the post off the other day.  I knew it was a painting from a beautiful man named Jeff Schauss cuz he told me he sent it to me.  It arrived in a box about 3 feet long and 8 inches wide (more or less) and it traveled home with me leaning against my passenger seat and floor.  OMG, the energy coming from that box… it was whirling my heart chakra like freakin crazy.  It was excited and creating a spin that was rather distracting driving home.  I was trying to remember exactly what the picture looked like, I had seen it back in September, but couldn’t remember.  Then I opened it up and was like…. ohhhhhhh yeah!!!!

jeff schauss painting

The energy explosion in the picture was sure rocking my heart!!  I hung it on the wall that is between my bathroom and laundry room and this crazy, amazing painting found its inner voice and started complaining (hey, only I get to complain lol) it did not like where it was at, at all.  It wanted to be moved.  Since when does a painting have consciousness??  Well, everything has consciousness, I just don’t hear it all the time.  It’s already noisy in my world with spirit yapping away.  It was already night fall and too dark to rearrange my wall hangings, so I promised it tomorrow, I will move you.  So I took the dolphin picture my daughter painted for me when I had The Soul Center in Virginia and moved it to that place and placed this quite adamant painting to the wall it was hanging on:

new placement

It was now pulling in the energies from the front yard, what I have dubbed ET-ville when i was doing ET connections and it purposely wanted to be above the electrical box to amplify its energy (like it needs any amping lol.)  Equally, above my amethyst light too.  It is happy in its new home and can now do what it was created to do.

My worry was, holy shit if all the paintings and artwork I have hanging on my walls start talking, I will go insane!!  But this morning, as I am understanding more of this amazing transition we started in August, the artist (all artists in alignment with their soul energy) infused the spirit of the picture (for lack of a better way to say it) into the very paint and canvas itself.  Yes, one could say this is the way it always has been, but not really, not like it is now.  All life forms birthed August and beyond has a more audible voice than ever before.  Kind of like our children, every couple of years, they are coming in with more and more consciousness, so too, are the art forms of creation.  This not only applies to paintings but music and sculptors and so on.  Again, the more conscious the artist is, the more alive the creation is in its expression.   And this one is quite creative in its expression!!! lol  Equally tho, the receiver has got to be in alignment with the frequency to hear it.

Speaking of more hearing… my conversation with my first lady down under yesterday, suddenly as I was complaining about seeing my floor, I could hear that fast busy signal coming from the center of my room (keep in mind, I have a great room, so my living room and kitchen are all in one wide open space.)  You know the sound if you leave your phone off the hook and it starts making that fast busy signal sound, it was everywhere.  I even got up to see where it could be coming from, the only phone that would or could produce that sound I was already on… Talk about spirit telling is in very understandable ways.. you’re off the hook and busy!! lol  It was so loud and so real and I could even see the audible energy spread out in the living room, freakin strange!!

We have been told our abilities are expanding, becoming more and more… well no doubt about it.  It’s a bit overwhelming at times, our bodies are expanding so fast and puts us (biologically) into the uncomfortable zone (physically speaking) with its stretching… but my good god, I wouldn’t trade any of it for all the gold in the world.  This is getting wayyyyy too exciting!!!

Ohh one of the visuals I got yesterday about this phase one and phase two thing is the first half of the energy system we call December was being fully naked, this half is getting our new clothes.

And let phase two of the completion of all completions start in earnest today, and please allow me to understand what we are seeing!!

For those affected by my voicelessness and have not already rescheduled, please do.  There is nothing left in December and January is where the bigger party is happening, or so I hear (not that I have seen it yet!! lol)  Remember, Section B, reschedule zone!!

I must say again, thank you so much for bobbing and weaving with my own inner growth, so we can share the larger stage together, consciously!!

Big big smiling (((((HUGZ)))) to ALL!!  I love you All so much!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I am physically stretching and expanding at an accelerate rate. Thank you for speaking about what is not being said. With that I feel you!

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  2. I am getting medical attention, blood work reading Vitamin D deficiency. ..I am a brown woman..I have been in sun bathing just strolling along doing life. My higher self is agreement to what you write about feels like confirmation about what we are experiencing. Thank you, Sharon


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