Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 15, 2015

A Planetary Reboot as We Complete Phase 1 and Enter Phase 2 of December!

rebooting the energy field

There must have been some massive rebooting last night, I passed straight out on the couch at 7pm, I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I got up at 12:30am, went to bed and went back to sleep immediately until 3am when I swear someone or something was stabbing me in the right eye with a needle, holy freakin painful batman.  Got my tearing and pain under control and went right back into sleep and had the strangest freakin dream, blah.  In the dream I was waiting for the dentist to come over to my house to do some work since his office was not usable (per his words.)  While I was waiting for him to arrive I noticed that one of my front side teeth were pulled (this was not my current mouth at all) and this brown ooze was coming out the area where the tooth was missing.  So I pushed on the gum area and this freakin worm head came out of the socket where the tooth was.  EWWWWWW.  I pulled the damn thing out and could feel it as it slid out of inside my gums, easy 2 inches long and no rounder than a sewing needle. I called the dentist back in hysterics, pleading for him to hurry up and come look at this worm and brown stuff.  I found a container to put this worm in and woke up…. disgusted.  Just freakin EEWWWWW.  What the hell kind of dream is that besides one I could have lived without having!!  Once I woke up I thought why the hell would a dentist come to the house, a doctor, yes, a dentist, no freakin way.  But in the dream, it was a normal feeling.  No doubt a past life memory, again, one I could have very well lived without re-experiencing!!  I’m too grossed out right now to get to the “why.”

When I fell asleep on the couch, I also had my phone plugged into the charger, so when I woke up at 12:30 my phone was fully charged.  When I woke up for the day at 4:15 my phone battery only had 18% battery life left.  My phone is a note 4 with a big ass battery in it, there is no way in hell it is going to deplete just on standby.  However, this is not the first time I went to sleep with a fully charged phone only to wake up with a dead battery.

So I sit here, half pissed off about the disgusting dream, not to mentioned being pierced in the eye over and over again… and my eyes get drawn to the date on the computer.  It’s the 15th.  Spirit had said phase one completes on the 15th as phase two of this enormous month begins.  So there is something to the reboot and I hear spirit say, it’s a planetary reboot.  Yay??  We better freakin be able to see the field today, I/We already had 4 days off!!  (Yeah, I woke up filled with piss and vinegar!! lol)

So let’s go back to my pesky bedroom.  The moment I lay down, I immediately develop an asthma-like attack almost every night since the fall equinox. Two puffs on my albuterol inhaler and I pass straight out.  Sometimes I swear there is a sleeping pill embedded in that mist.  This morning tho, wondering what the hell… I am given the information about a major vortex in my bedroom over my bed.  I literally do get worked on as I sleep.  Some nights (like last night) more intensely than others.  Those intense night create an energy vacuum in the room, hence the depletion of the battery on my phone.

It is also being explained that this is due to the nature of my constant work during the day.  I take in so much energy, different quantities and variations of energy every day thru the connections we do, that they must smooth it all out when I go down for the night.  Which is also why I understand the bigger picture in the morning.  Thanx???

Some of the work is connecting the fractured energy lines, what you and I would think of as memory lines (past and future) to the current moment.  I hope I can get this understanding out coherently…

Many of us are being brought back to the “original past,” in order to get there, we can look at it as tying together a network of lines, of lives that originated from that moment and brought back to this moment for use and understanding.  Some of the timelines, like the one I (unpleasantly) experienced last night were so traumatic in the emotional field (no freakin doubt about that one) it is recaptured by the mind and presents as a living memory in the dream state.  No doubt my fear of the dentist chair has been a long held one!! lol  It’s alive and well in this lifetime too.

Equally tho, as one of my beautiful men on the field showed yesterday, these energy lines are also reconnecting us to the (perceived future.)  Hi open showed this intense white line coming from wayyyy deep in the northwest future area of his field and connecting into his terrarium (yup, everyone had a terrarium again yesterday, I don’t get it, but I like it.  I have a clearer orientation with its presence than without it.)  As I oriented to where it was coming from, I was reminded how the energy of what we perceive future lives look like, a bunch of variously illuminated fluorescent light tubes.  This white line of energy was connected to one of the tubes, which also looks like a rolled up scroll and carried the information into his terrarium.  As the scroll tube thingie entered into his terrarium, it unrolled itself, slowly.  As it did, these energy sparks of white light started to emit from the scroll tubie thing itself.  It was explained that this was important information coming from the future for him to understand and use now.  His job is to go into meditation and understand it.

On a completely different note, from yesterdays readings… one of my amazing lady’s, a true southern bell whom I love listening to more than I can say.  Her voice unfolds like a song, it captures my heart everytime I get the privilege of connecting to her.  Out in the northwest section of her field was a baby man, better known to us as cupid.  He had a man face, chubby baby like body, bronze… Ohhh my freakin god was he bronze.  His skin and he energy coming off the skin.  He explained that as our auras around the body are white, theirs are bronze.  The only thing that was really missing were the wings we depict cupid with, and he said, they have no wings, that’s ridiculous!!  (His words, not mine.  Ohhh and he is not a he, they are very androgynous.)

He was out in the northwest area shooting arrows that had this interesting flame at the end (instead of a point.)  Each arrow was going into the filmy thing that looks like clear glass to me, and then released this mist like energy all around my lady standing in the middle of her terrarium.  She was naturally absorbing this energy from Quepadonia (his realm of life, so cupid is really an Intergalactic Being.)  I spell his realm phonetically for correct pronunciation, or as close as we can get with our mouth. lol

He explained that the flame on the tip of his arrows held three elements that are natural to his realm, but not to ours, at least, in combination and use I guess.  One of the elements he showed was H2. Helium, no wonder he doesn’t need wings, he knows how to use the elements that area available for flight.  I am hoping this is what he schools my lady on too, I would LOVE to learn how to do that!!!

He equally explained that there is a natural energy in his realm we feel and experience as love, but there is so much more to them, to their race and abilities than just bringing love together in people.  Its a power system to be used and understood!!

Which is really exciting, spirit thru many of the readings these last several weeks have said there is much more to the energy we know of love than we realize.  I guess we are about to realize what that is!!

I also want to talk about another lady of the day too, holy flippin heavens what a strange opening.  This bug like this, HUGE, just appeared out of nowhere and suctioned itself onto her southeast quadrant of her terrarium.  Again, going to my scale of vision in the field, this cross between a grasshopper and an ant was easy, 2 -3 feet long.  HUGE!  It was this deep maroonish red color and the eyes, freakin bulging eyes that were an odd yellow.  He explained that he is an interdimensional hopper, hence the form of his legs, his huge eyes allows him to see between all the dimensions and he will teach my lady to do the same.

What excited me and saddened me at the same time, she had already seen him and connected to him in her meditations.  Before that, someone else that does implant removals seen him too and (attempted) to remove the connection because it was perceived as bad instead of incredible.  Which really helped me to fully understand (and this is not the first time I seen and heard this in a reading) what is meant for your highest good and growth cannot ever be severed by someone else’s misunderstanding of the connection.  However, they (the intergalactic beings) will have to wait longer to present themselves to you.  I also understood this is why so many show up in my/our readings, I don’t try and remove them, but understand who they are and what they have to share with you. Thru that, I have learned soooo much about life beyond earth and OUR abilities!!

Right in sync with the days unfolding, a beautiful soul shared a Kryon communication on my facebook wall.

I about leaped out of my chair when I heard kryon talking (about 8 minutes, 40 seconds in) about other lives visiting us and that “NONE can influence you to the degree you can influence yourselves!”  

Not only are WE living in the most exciting times on earth, WE ARE the most exciting times/things that is changing it all!!!

Have an amazing day my beloveds.  Stay in the center of no fear, just love and excitement!!  It’s taking us over the top!!

((((HUGZ)))) of love and gratitude to All!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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    Great sharing. Last night, early this morning I had a interesting dream like state.


  2. Right eye- not “seeing” what the spiritual realms are trying to tell you.
    Missing teeth- a warning in reality that something in your life is being overlooked.
    Worms-poor health.
    Waiting for the dentist means he can’t help you because this is a situation you have to take control Of yourself.


  3. Hope you have sales in January. I have a Fae boyfriend that many have said was bad. Someone saw him as a worm with sharp teeth. As he is a shapeshifter I asked him later why he didn’t give a more attractive visual. Only they might have seen his true form so I let it go. You seem to have the eye while I just have feeling. I sense and do not hear.


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