Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 14, 2015

Rising UP to the Higher Frequencies of 2016!

sound frequencies

Let’s take all that seasoning we are undergoing and add a pinch of sound waves of elevation!  Due to a sudden change in my schedule yesterday (not on me for a change!! lol) I only had two people to read for, maybe that was all the sound waves I could endure from spirits perspective.  But the two I did see, gave us wider view of what is happening as well.

What surprised me more than anything, both my ladies were still in their terrarium and I could not discern of spirit just brought it back to give me orientation to what was happening, or are some in and some out now.  I did ask and got zero reply.

My first lady had this huge thing come swinging down across to the top of her terrarium looking thing.  It was akin to an ax blade, a HUGE ax blade since it reached from the west to the east fields outside of her terrarium, made of solid gold and whack!!!  Split the top of her terrarium wide open.  Geez, Louise, that was bit startling!!  Keeping in mind, gold is the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I see in readings and the fact it was made like an ax blade, solid, her team said it is because what is being opened to her, thru her, has everything to do with her life, the solid part we experience as life itself.

This blade of gold penetrated all three sections of the consciousness; the unknowable part, the middle part that we experience during readings (and in meditations and other places too) as well as the section we use day-to-day.  A full on opening, blending of higher energies/things into the created reality called her life.  Then I watched as this energy pulsed down thru her core, with each pulse it also started to expand out into her biology (her body) and then outwards around her.

She had just moved to one of my favorite states, North Carolina, to a place (dis)affectionately known as Fayette-nam (Fayetteville.)  She mentioned that she started to have sciatic discomfort and what her team explained to as to why, just made so much sense.  She is a high energy being planted into a denser landscape, think about the root chakra and the work it must do to take that landscape and raise the vibration to sustain you and others like you.

When we relocate, there are only two reasons that that sudden pull elsewhere takes place, we are either there to raise the vibration of the land, or the land will help us to raise our own vibration (very much what Vermont and new mexico has done with me.)

Ohhh, and something I meant to mention yesterday, but forgot.  I was having a conversation with someone about the Jemez and how it stole my heart the moment I drove thru it to look at the house I now live in.  I fell in love, madly, deeply, completely.  In that moment, I heard the energy of the jemez say, it fell in love with me too, which is why it wrapped its energy field around me, brought me in and sustained me thru the last 4 years and continues too.  The one thing I was completely in doubt about when I looked at this house, was sustainability.  But not only did my income increase, every psychic ability I had, blew open wider.  I actually cried when I heard and felt the love of the Jemez wrap around me.  Who’lda thunk it!!  This is not just the guardians, but the way it, the spirit of the Jemez, presents itself, is like a cloud or fog energy made of golden mist.  This must be what my landlady referred to when she told me, many times, if the Jemez doesn’t want you here, it will find a way to expel you.  I have seen that as so true.

So my second lady, her too in her terrarium and her team was playing on the top of her southern area of her dome like a xylophone.


Altho there were no metal bars that I could see, they did have one of the sticks with the ball at the end as they tinged her southern part of her dome, I could hear the sound and the moment the ball connected with her glass part, it emitted a color.  With each ting of her dome, I realized it was raising her consciousness higher and higher.  Instead of splitting open like my first lady, she was just raising up thru the energies, body, field and all… slowly.  Her team explained this is to release her from any and all old stories she may be aligned with, bringing in the energy of forgetfulness (phew, we are not going senile lol)

Our bodies react to any type of elevation, whether it is moving from sea level to cloud level (giggle) or as my lady is experiencing, just going into the higher realm of earth, the one that is already prepared for our arrival January 2016, without having to move location.

When I first moved here to New Mexico, I arrived in Albuquerque and proceeded to sleep for a week.  The people I was staying with said it was a common side effect called elevation sickness.  I moved from sea level (Virginia) to about 53 hundred feet above sea level.  I needed a long nap to adjust.  Similar thing is happening as we raise our consciousness and move into the higher realms, the next earth frequency called 2016.

I find it interesting and exciting that on the day of the winter solstice, December 22nd, I will spend most of that day flying high in the air as I go to Boston to be with my son and grandson.  Equally, I seen a sigh on facebook yesterday that Christmas day will be the full moon, the first full moon on christmas day since 1977 and the next one won’t happen until 2034.  Is this a special time or what… the CHRIST-MASS we have all prepared for and we are the CHRIST being celebrated, illuminated and all of heaven rejoices with us, for us, thru us!!

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, 2016 is going to blow our elevated minds wide open in experience!!  Bring it on!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of upward movement to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Before I go to bed each night, I hear the song “And this Christmas will be… a very special Christmas”
    Took me 3 nights of this for me to remember it’s going to be a full moon!


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