Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 13, 2015

The Orignal Past, Other Skies and Christ-Mass.

other side of a black hole

What if… WE are the portal?? The outcome and connection??

One day, maybe, I will stop expecting things to look a certain way.  Maybe.  lol  Yesterday morning, shortly after I woke up, I kept hearing the lyrics “It’s a new dawn,  it’s a new day, it’s a new life… and I’m feeling good!”  Over and over and over again.  Not to mention that about an hour before the first reading was scheduled, I could feel a wind blowing down around me, as if it was coming in from my ceiling, the charge of love and excitement in this wind made me even more excited for the day’s readings to hurry up and get here.  Ten minutes before the first reading, a huge wind literally rolled in outside and took what was left of the leaves on the tree and the air was filled with leaves dancing and fluttering, it was beautiful, it felt so purposeful, all of it.

The first thing I seen with my precious first lady were two spot lights in motion, coming directly out of the deep west and shining parallel to the ground connecting to geez, what was left of her terrarium.  The lights were blue and green:

spot lights


What used to be her glass looking terrarium was now like a wide glass bowl with a curled lip at the outer edge.

steuben bowl

The strobe lights of the west were hitting the upper part of her sheathing.  (Spirit really doesn’t want me calling it a bowl, cuz it ain’t that.)  Then I went looking for her, where is she in relationship to this imagery.  I got a double dose of her, super imposed images on top of each other.  One ladying down in the center of her sheathing, head south, feet north and at the same time, buried in the earth up to her shoulders at direct center, all I could see where her neck and head.

Her team explained that this is a time of stillness for her (hence the laying down part) as she grows rich from the earth herself (being buried.)  Her team explained that the two spot lights were coming from the other side of a black hole (not the sucking in part, but the releasing part.  We all are.  This is releasing a series of frequencies very particular to those of us who have cleared our bias, that think we know something about anything, so that we may filled with what spirit is now calling “original truth.”

Let me talk about that for a moment, since I keep forgetting.  Since December opened up, I am seeing many people directed (given homework) on connecting with the true, untainted with stories, origin of earth, what spirit is now referring to as our “original past” and its nothing like we think it is.  We know stories of many versions of our past, the building of layers of timelines and experiences getting to here, but the truth of our original past has been held back from our consciousnesses on purpose.

The earth herself holds memory, very much like storage compartments of her entire history.  Layer by layer by layer, a lot was purposely hidden.  Come to think of it, I have had memories of earth in her full on molten lava like stage, I remember coming here and seeding many of the crystals deep in her belly  and watching the inners grow, but not once, ever did I ever get to see how we arrived in our first form here on earth.  I have seen later versions, but not the original.  Of course, until this month, I had no idea there was an original past!! I assumed (silly me) what I had experienced thru many a journey was our first lives here.  Nope. lol

Anyway, back to my lady.  Her team explained that the energy coming out of the spot lights, we have no ability to fully understand… yet.  But it was embedding in the reflective, transformative sheathing I see as a bowl and going directly into her body, the laying down aspect.  At the same time, it is creating a new growth we have never seen before.  When new, rarefied energy comes into our planet, it must be absorbed by the humans who vibrate to that level of energy, then it is mixed up with our biological energy to become usable for all on this planet.  Kinda sounds like spiritual osmosis lol.

Then I watched as this energy I could not see, released from her body, went up the sides of the bowl and out to the lip that formed like a c cup edge, then I seen what looked like energetic bricks forming a brick wall immediately under the lip.  Her team said it was “the wall of silence.”  I was baffled, she was excited!  Glad she understood that lol.  But that was what her last few weeks were like, no one showing up when they were supposed to, contractors, people… it fit perfectly.  What is happening is so intricate, delicate, we can almost liken it to brain surgery.  One wrong frequency, wham…

I also gotta say, she was the only one all day I had seen inside her field, maybe it’s because she had the longest time session, I really don’t know.  Every one else that was on my schedule yesterday, all the energy and imagery was exterior to their center field and their center field was dark like midnight.

My next lady, I seen a huge keyhole, the old skeleton type keyholes, in I guess I will still call it her upper consciousness, but located at the west field.  This keyhole was easy 2 feet tall by about 6 inches wide (going to scale of my vision of course.)  It was made of radiant white light, the center or where the key fits in, black as midnight, the but the light from what formed the keyhole radiate outwards, it was beautiful.  Then I seen a large skeleton key made of silver, that thing was huge.  Like 4 feet long and intricate designs aligned its entireness.  Her team said, it is her job to open up the codes on this key, without bias, and will take her back to our original past and many of the ancient, long hidden things will be released to her, bit by bit to use as we move forward.

My next two ladies made me scratch my head, a lot!!  My third lady… all I could see was a mouth like energy in the sky, a sky full of clouds at the north face of her energy field.  This mouth started blowing, I could see the stream of cloud energy go from way up in the sky towards her then suddenly, smoke rings were made from this energy and started to align at what would have been the top part of her terrarium had she still had one that I could see.

smoke rings

(Ignore the sun in the picture and the smoke ring was aimed about 180 degrees downwards towards her.)  Then they aligned themselves, interlinked at the area of consciousness.  Kinda looked like this except cloud energy and not gold at all and not a necklace lol:

interlinked circles

The circles started at the northeast section of where the sheathing of her terrarium would be and aligned themselves north to west.  The basic understanding is, cycles of completion that represents our future completions, all the way thru the past, linking to now.  When we have a cycle of completion of course it gives birth to a new cycle, but what we are in now, is the ultimate completion of the future that we have experienced as well as the past, giving birth in its fullness to now.  Her job is to go breath them in, and understand the fine mist revealing itself to her.

My fourth and final lady, nuttin but red and green twinkly lights all around her exterior energy field from west to east.  They were everywhere in the midnight of the field, no pattern that I could discern and come to think of it, could very well be like the stars in the night sky, except made of red and green lights.  I was baffled.  Kinda still am.  All I could think of with her was christmas or actually, christmas eve given the midnightness of her inner and outer fields.

Another thing that was coming thru the connections, this energy will continue thru the winter solstice.  All I could think of is the food is cooked, and now we are being seasoned!! lol

After my last appointment, I had to run to the post office.  I got a notice that there was a package too big to fit into the mailbox so I had to go pick it up.  I had no idea the post office was now closed on Saturdays.  But heading there, about  miles down the road, the landscape itself caught my breath and dammit if I didn’t leave my phone at home.  It was intensely foggy at all the mesa tops.  The clouds themselves stretched from the sky to hug and surround, encircle every mesa top that I could see.  All I could think of was my smoke ring lady and there MUST be a connection with what I am seeing but most especially, what I am feeling.  I could have cried (joy tears.)

Our mesa’s are all pretty much wide circles of volcanic ash that layered itself at the tops of the volcanic rocks it rests upon a million years ago when the caldera blew.

Then a Christmas song came on the radio, good ole Elvis singing of “decorations of red on a green christmas tree” and again, I was hit with my last lady of the day… I am more right than wrong, Christmas, CHRIST MASS.  The eve of Self realization!!

Keep in mind, when cooking anything (smile) seasonings are only good when they are absorbed by the dish (ummm, you.)  If left to the exterior, all you can taste is the seasoning and not the dish melded as a whole.

OMG!!  I just went potty and since it is only 6 in the morning right now, its dark outside still.  Since I know where all my parts are (smile) I don’t turn the bathroom light on, and the moment I sat on the holy throne, my vision with my eyes wide open, was filled with the most stunning red and green twinkle lights just like seeing the stars in the sky, except the stars were green and red.  I closed and covered my eyes, the image remained and then… faded.  But holy shit (there is such a truth to that statement lol) suddenly, I get it.  Not all sky’s in other universes look like ours.  Some, this one in particular, the stars twinkle red and green.  Did we ever wonder why those are our CHRIST-Mass colors??  I never did… now I don’t have to…much. lol

Ohhhh its getting yummy!!!  I have my fork and spoon at the ready… cannot wait to dig into today’s specially seasoned dishes!!

I love you all so so so so much.  Thank you for being the greatest soul food one could ever want to consume!!

(((HUGZ))) made of smoke rings and twinkle lights!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I’ve got to laugh about the red/green lights…. there is a very popular xmas laser light this year, “Star Shower”, as seen on TV….. here’s the youtube commercial

    Walmart and other stores started to carry them for the xmas season and were all sold out by the first week on December… they have become center stage in my observations of my neighbors and roommate… and my roommate got his first one from late night tv shopping, lol….. got a second one from Walmart….. then while trying to find a third one in the stores, he ran over his second one with his vehicle….. it’s just funny and I know very significant, and you’ve helped by talking about the red/green lights.

    And I’ve been taking notes on the formation of Earth and it’s outer crust movements since 2011, as well as plasma energy… so this post is very interesting to me to read….. thank you 🙂


  2. I also got a message to “Resurrect your old MySpace account”…. which, I knew was a firm, true message to me, but couldn’t figure out why I would want to resurrect anything “old”, lmao, you always confirm, validate, and explain my messages/understandings….. I truly am grateful for you and all you do in putting yourself and writings out there for us to read!


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  4. “…but not once, ever did I ever get to see how we arrived in our first form here on earth. I have seen later versions, but not the original.”

    The Planet Seeders know that every planet will produce/evolve a different higher level being naturally, based on the specific conditions of each planet…for instance, there are planets whose conditions were favourable for evolving “Insectoid” higher level beings, like the Mantids.

    The ET’s tell us that once a viable, higher level race finally evolved naturally on Earth, it turned out to be the hominids.
    At that time, the hominids that were genetically re-engineered are what evolved today into the “Sasquatch”.

    So you have our Sasquatch ancestors, being DNA manipulated first by the Anunnaki, supposedly to create a “slave” race of workers.
    Others planetary races contributed their DNA to the Sasquatch mix — purportedly there were 7 different DNA contributions, but 5 of these, were already ET hybrids.

    Therefore altogether originally, the DNA seeding of the “human” consisted of the native Earth Sasquatch hominid, plus 5 ET hybrids (5 X 2 = 10), plus 2 non-hybrid ET races. (10 + 2 = 12)

    Altogether then 12 non-Earth DNA races were mixed in with the early Sasquatch DNA.
    To create modern day Humans.


  5. […] The Orignal Past, Other Skies and Christ-Mass. […]


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