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The Crystalline Energy Infiltrating our Biology!!


Well, day 4 and my vocal cords are still being held hostage!  If I didn’t have a meditation yesterday that showed me exactly what is happening, I would be bitching (again) right now, but I cannot because I am way too grateful to be in this process no matter how inconvenient it is schedule wise.

So let me pick up where I left off yesterday and then add the new information I got from meditation yesterday.

It’s kinda funny how spirit will have us look in a particular place for information (going to my whole thyroid/Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) and what I am seeing and understanding thru it all.  Our immune system and our endocrine system are designed to work together most especially thru these intense changing times within us.  Of course, I know this metaphysically because I was shown it, so I went to the wonders of google to see if there is any science that see’s it too.  But of course!!  I found a website that says: Increasing evidence links the immune and endocrine systems. Cytokines produced by activated immune and immune accessory cells can affect, positively or negatively, the secretion of hormones from the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal or hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axes. On the other hand, adrenal and ovarian hormones affect the secretion of cytokines by cells of the immune system.

Now to try and get the understandings I have been shown over the last two days, out coherently.  But let me back up a little further to a reading I did a few days back.  It was a skype reading and the moment we connected together online, ohh my lord did she give me an freakin eye ache.  I could feel the energy piercing right thru my right eye, the energy then embedded in the bone structure underneath the eye itself.  I felt the pulsation in the bone.  As I moved over to align to the field, jeez, an intense stream of pure white light was raging thru my crown into my head.  This is all her energy making a point in my body.

As I was explaining to her what I was experiencing and the information coming thru as to what is happening, I was so surprised to hear that our bones absorb the energies and hold them until it all seeps into the bone marrow.

So with that understanding, lets look at this piece of information about our immune system (taken from this website):

The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. One of the important cells involved are white blood cells, also called leukocytes, which come in two basic types that combine to seek out and destroy disease-causing organisms or substances.

Leukocytes are produced or stored in many locations in the body, including the thymus, spleen, and bone marrow. For this reason, they’re called the lymphoid organs. There are also clumps of lymphoid tissue throughout the body, primarily as lymph nodes, that house the leukocytes.

A protection device.  We often think of our immune system as a defense, but there is equally an offence happening too.

These higher energies are coming in and what could be looked at, as wreaking havoc on the biology.  So the immune system taps the endocrine system and says hey, release some chemicals to slow your human down, to retain water, to gain some weight to hold this energy, to make them sleepy, the create serious hunger and so on.  Whatever is needed for the full on processing of these energies.

The very best thing we can ever do for ourselves is completely let go of what we think “being in balance” and how are bodies are supposed to work and look like.

Let’s put that on pause for a moment and I want to share something my team has been revealing to me the last two days, it will make sense of so much for many of us.

My team has been showing me my history getting to here (this lifetime history.)  Or maybe better stated, the evolution of my consciousness itself.  I have started many businesses thru this lifetime, the first one when I was 24.  I never had any business courses in high school and we all know how I feel about mouth, well, complicated math.  I had many businesses go bust, but it didn’t stop me from opening a new one harnessing the lessons I learned about why the previous one(s) went bust.

I was shown the consciousness I came in with, and that I purposely withheld a lot of skills that would have taken any one of my businesses into the high success rate, but that was not my journey.  My personal journey was to set myself up to see if I would give up or try again.  Would I use what I learned and apply it differently in my next attempt at whatever I was working on.  Of course I would!!  But, amazing to see that the choice was always there to never go beyond the perception of failure (again and again and again lol.)

One of my businesses was incredibly successful.  A lottery club I had opening in S. Florida.  I had the greatest, most dynamic employees any employer could ever hope to have.  Then I decided to open a branch of this business in Pennsylvania, within 6 months, it died a quick and cruel death, as did my life as I knew it, too!

Of course, now I completely realize, landscapes matter!!  The energy of the land in which we birth anything, matters.  It can either hold the vibration or it collapses it.  People on particular land masses matter!!

These collective choices was less about being in business but a gage of what I would or would not do when (actually it would be more an IF had I made other choices) the triggers of awakening were put into play.

Personal collective choices, landmass, connections with others.  Let me give you a surprising revelation from my meditation yesterday.  Altho my focus was on me and my personal moment, my head was still trying to wrap around someone’s post on facebook.  A beautiful man I had the privilege of reading for a few years ago and his support for Trump, his enthusiasm for Trumps ideas.  I personally stopped listening to Trump the first time he ran for president.  However, I cannot help but see a lot of people currently aligning his rhetoric with that of Hitler’s.

In my meditation yesterday, this was the very first thing addressed because it was so heavy on my heart… I was reminded that I see people’s potential, what they are capable of becoming in this lifetime, but not everyone makes that choice even if it is put in front them.  The inner programming and outer alliances hold heavy magnetic energy from the past.

I thought about Trump and Hitler, many of the psychics I honored in my beginnings said hitler was not allowed to reincarnate, for whatever reason, I so believed them.  Until yesterday in my meditation.  My team reminded me of my own bias with my birth time, there is no way to supersede our beliefs until we actively start to question them, then the cracks of light open.

Life happens in cycles, what we do not evolve from, presents itself again, similarly but different.  All those that were once aligned to a negative system that once played out here (for this real example, it would be Nazi Germany) are triggered again, will they choose the same or differently.

With this man, I seen him tucked into a sleeping bag and then zippered himself in.  It was dark in there, but its dark in that field of alignment.  I was assured that that scenario will never play out on such a scale again, but, it is creating massive choice points in those that were active back in the day.  Then I seen what looked like a fishing net and all those aligned with that separatist, fascist mentality, was scooped away to a place that looked like a holding pen in the (topside mind you) middle of the earth as this massive light ring expanded around it.  I have no idea how that plays out, I’m just glad I’m not involved!!

Suddenly, it makes total sense why, before the true full engagement of this crazy path I have been walking/stumbling down started with a full view of my life in Atlantis, using and teaching people how to control and manipulate others with their sexual energies.  I was shown this over and over again until I finally got out of one of the experiences crying and declaring “I will NEVER EVER do that again.”  I never went back after that.  Phew!!

The next thing I was seeing and understanding, was the presence of energy coming thru right now.  It has the full spectrum radiance of crystalline seed energy within it.  Of course, besides the above pondering, I really wanted understanding about this elongated time out of talking I am in.  I seen my vocal cords, but instead of the physical likeness, they were two growing crystals learning to harmonize with each other in this massive energy system.  My team explained the biological vocal cords are actually frozen while the harmonics of the crystalline growth takes president.  It was actually so beautiful and the joy of the two crystals working together frequency wise, just filled me with so much love and awe.  OK, I’m good, I won’t bitch and take this silence with grace.  But please have mercy on my calendar!!!

With this understanding my team took me back further in my walk to Here.  I have had more crystals disappear in meditation than I care to count.  I had a moldavite on my third one once that just was completely gone when I came back from my journey.  My beloved trigonic quartz crystal, just gone without a trace from my heart chakra during meditation.  Even my hybrid lemurian quartz that exploded at my fathers house, a huge 2 inch by half and inch shard released itself and was no where in my bath waters to be found.  They absorbed into my energy fields all in readiness for this moment we are in and are all now in full activation mode.


Something else was revealed that completely blew my mind.  My cancer journey.  My team explained that I carried that energy for two years on purpose.  Which is why, the several doctors I had asked to look at that thing growing on my back, declined, saying it was too big for them to deal with and I didn’t have the money for a dermatologist.  It allowed it to grow big enough to cause my docs concern, but my field within was high enough so that it was always contained.

I have always wanted to have an actual study done for those who are purposely on this path, applying and changing from their insights of meditation and stuff.  Well, this is now my living study of myself and how my body created the way to have it done.  I have now been 3 years cancer free and yet I still go every three months for work ups because my body “appears” to be out of whack.  Of course, it is, but to the highest degree of whackiness!!

And then my father showed up.  It was sooo great to have such a long conversation with him.  This is really the first time since he passed two years ago we had such an amazing, communication session.   He showed me being embedded in my personal energy field, kinda like piggy backing on that one crystals energy that exploded at his house.  He is at the helm of keeping my biology hmmmmm… how to say it, free from any sort of harm I guess would be the best way, altho that is really inadequate.  With the immune and endocrine systems working overtime to facilitate change, he is keeping the balance in me, which is why the thyroid tests showed perfect function.

He also said something, with the tiniest glimpse of what he said being shown…. we have much to do moving forward and we are going to become very active in the forefront of change.  With it, I could see us (me and y’all) gathered together in various places, in person,… I have no idea what we were doing, but the one thing for sure, it was important.

Ohhh yeah, for those not on my facebook page, one of the important things for us to do right now, is eat!! lol  Not just any old food, but what we think of as our comfort foods, the heavier, richer foods.  It helps to take in the intense crystalline energies and even them out because otherwise they scatter to the winds.

I guess I have the room to do another meditation today since I am still less than a squeaky toy!! lol

I love you all so very much, big big (((HUGZ))) of wild times to everyone!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am adding this part after publication here just so its easy to find.  Many of us are having interesting experiences, I am now seeing orbs with my physical eyes flying around my house.  Some people are hearing their name being called, or sounds and other stuff.  In my meditation my team showed me what you and I call 3D and 4D, that little filmy place that keeps the two separate, releasing or ceasing to exist to those who have maintained their inner vibration to go beyond the limitations of what we call 3D density.  So what was once out of our line of vision and auditory hearing will become as common place as seeing the trees or hearing the wind.  We are just now being eased into the vaster reality to kinda adjust to the larger environment!!  Enjoy!! ❤





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