Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 10, 2015

The Wonders of Our Changing Body’s!!!

energy body

On December 8th, I was put down further than I can remember being down in a long time.  Not only did my voice completely leave the building, any semblance of energy did too.  Body and mind was nothing but goo.  I took this heap of goo and poured onto the couch and remained there until I moved my goo pile into bed that night.  No higher or hell, even lower connections, my mind must have gone out to party with my voice and decided not to invite me!

I am so over this freakin voice disappearance for no known reason!!  I have had cameras stuck down my throat, CT scans, blood tests, no known cause for this more often than I can to deal with, voice loss.  Altho, my oncologist does watch my thyroid via the CT scans (and my lungs too) due to a spot showing up on my first scan back in 2012, my ENT assured me that that spot is a thyroid remnant that does occur in some people at birth and it sits on/near my hyoid bone.  It has nothing to do with my voice loss.  Nothing appears to have a direct cause that anyone can find.

So I took to google as I was melding into my couch.  I feel swelling in my throat, right at my thyroid, lets look at swelling in the thyroid.  I came across Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  YES!!!  Considering my white blood cells have been thru the roof for two years now, as long as I have been having these voice outages, and many of the other symptoms… this has got to be it.

Then in the afternoon, I get an email from “Suspicious Observers” that the sun just had a huge eruption:

Since my early days, I have always been geoeffective.  The first few years it produced major headaches anytime the sun spit, now I almost always get voice outages when it does something dynamic.

I decided, if I still have a missing voice when I woke up, I would take myself to the ER to have them look at my thyroid.  I also got the UPS notification that my birth certificate is arriving and I need to be here to sign for it.  OK, I will go after they get here.  Which gave my body plenty of time to tell me a story, most of it in visuals, the major catalyst of these new insights was in direct relationship to the information being shared with me on facebook.  I knew posting what I was feeling with my thyroid on facebook would result in many peoples beliefs about what causes thyroid changes/dysfunctions.  Sure enough!!  Fortunately, I may not have been plugged in outside of myself, but holy wow my body was absolutely plugged into me and communicating like crazy!!  I just love my freakin body.  I love how it knows itself and I gotta say, I love how I have been trained to hear it.  But I did have a big question, why wait two years to release this information to me.  The short reply is the opening of ongoing conscious understandings.  So let me turn it all into a story.

It is obvious that everything is changing.  The earth is changing, weather patterns are changing.  What was once lush landscapes are turning into desert lands, frozen earth is melting, hell the desert I live in is turning into a tropical rain forest.  Usually, we want to blame someone or something and stop the changes.  More often than not, we want to stop the changes, prevent what is going to happen anywayz from happening, only because we are seeing it all from the prospective of fear instead of knowing.

Same too with our bodies.  Anytime our bodies act in a way that we are not accustomed to, we instantly want to stop its process.  I find it absolutely amazing how often we give our inner power away to exterior causes.  Gluten!  That amazing, binding part of wheat gets a bad rap often!!  Which of course, came up a lot on the information exchange on facebook.  I could hear my body giggling with this insight:  “A piece of bread or a cupcake is not going to throw my whole system out of whack, unless of course, you believe it more than you believe me.”   Phew!!  I love both!!

However, lets hone in on that statement that I can see even more clearly today.  Give your power away.  The very moment you believe something outside of you has control of the inside of you, you have created an energetic loss within your body system, which appears to create the truth of your beliefs.    F.E.A.R. (False Evidence APPEARING Real)

Then there is the whole supplement gig.  I tried that when I was on my cancer journey.  Three days into ingesting these pill like supplements my body got really adamant and asked me… why the hell are you feeding me this stuff!!  Ummmm… well… cuz!!!  Proactive, ya know!!  That was the last time I took any supplements.

Yesterday, my body went on to explain the reason it does not want anything other than my daily intake of whatever I desire.  It, my whole body, OUR bodies, are energy systems.  When left to its own magically devices in cooperation with the human consciousness aligned to it, it knows what to do, how to do it and make itself even better than the moment before.  When we take someone in due to what we “believe” outside of ourselves, in this case, it is talking directly about any sort of supplements, we actually reduce the inner energy as we focus on outer ways of controlling its function.  In which case, that is like throwing a monkey wrench into moving parts.  Then, your consciousness (not the body itself) becomes dependant on perceived wellness based on exterior things.  What happens if you stop taking them… well it goes back to what it was doing in the first place.

As I was pondering the autoimmune system as well as the endocrine system (along with all the information coming thru facebook) my body took me back to the day my oncologist was going to poke a hole in my hip to extract marrow to see why my white blood cells are over the top.  None of my tests are showing anything leukemia related and he figured this would be a direct way of understanding.  Hey, I am all about understanding!!  The day came to get the extraction and let me tell you, the more I read about this procedure, the less happy I was getting.  It hurt!!  I am a wimp when it comes to any sort of pain.  As I drove to UNM Cancer Center to get my labs done and have this procedure done, I stated to my body… hey, if we need outside help to address this white blood cell thing, please feel free to show the ongoing overproduced white cells, however, if we do not need anything to adjust it outside of our self, please, just be normal today.  I would rather not have the hole punch if it is not needed.  The first and only time my white blood cells were completely normal, was on this day.  No hole punch.  Phew!!  My oncologist was beside himself.  I was smiling from ear to ear as everyone assembled to do this procedure was told it was canceled.  I LOVE this freakin body!!!!

So as I was taking my shower yesterday, pondering so much about, well, everything now.  My body showed me the sun’s eruption form the day prior.  The magnetic field exploding from the sun.  Not to mention, the comet itself zooming into the sun creating the unstable and eventual eruption.  Then I seen my body, from head to tail bone, the magnetic filament energy coming thru my field of energy, appearing to separate what my body told me was the immune system and the endocrine system so that this energy could come into the middle of it.  Enhancing the two, changing the cellular energy field thru the whole body construct.  The immune system is not so much attacking the body (unless it is blocked by any sort of fear, then it’s the host consciousness that changes its agenda, until it is released to do what it is designed to do) as it is working in conjunction with the endocrine system to make it better than it was before.

Our entire body systems started changing in earnest as we cross 2012 into 2013.  Land mass changes, body mass changes.  So interlinked its stunning.

So, on my long drive to the ER, I am listening to my new favorite author Thomas Campbell and his Big Toe part 1 trilogy.  I was really in and out of what he was saying, listening to my body talk, and now and again listening to what he is saying.  Then it was like my whole team drew my listening to what was coming out of my car speakers, and I had to smile as I heard him talking about ego, consciousness, understanding the workings of our Self, expanding our consciousness by the projection of others.  (Much more detailed and to long to listen to and retype out) and how we expand our consciousness thru adversity, when something just hits us deep inside as not true for me.  Getting out of the external belief (information) system and listening to the Source within.

This has been my morning in overdrive!!

I was sure, given everything I seen and understand about my body, the immune system, the thyroid, which I SWEAR was swollen, I felt its swollenness with my own hands for two days.  Its funny how I forget I feel energy.  Silly me.

My thryoid labs all came thru perfect.  I have a healthy ass thyroid.  REALLYYYYYY??  I was actually kinda sad to hear that.  Gimmie a freakin pill, fix my voice, fix my now insane schedule.  Nope.  I am a healthy little shit.  On top of that, my doc said there was no swelling that she could feel.  REALLYYYY????  I have feel it inside and out!!  What the hell?  I could hear my body giggling.  Not funny!!!

So I asked her, do you have a freakin clue what this could be??  Nope.  Everything it could possibly be has already been ruled out.  So the only recourse she had (I really loved this lady) was lets talk about my smoking.  OK… lets talk about the fact I smoke every day, all day long and yet, this voicelessness is only triggered mostly fall and winter, usually with sun eruptions (but not always) and that my body actually loves smoking.  She went into her medical knowledge, I went into my metaphysical knowledge and OMG, reminiscent of the mormon boys that came to preach to me about their version of jesus, which I let them do, when they were done, I gave them my version of jesus, the mormon boys and now this wonderful young doctor literally started heading for the door.  Her words, “I cannot hear this conversation.”

Which brings me to something incredibly revealing yesterday morning and something spirit has been on a bandwagon about for months.  Bias.  It is really amazing how much we cloud anything, everything when we bring in bias.  When you need to believe something, when it is so programmed into you (like smoking and the health profession) it becomes repealing to open up to something that may be the opposite.

I got my birth certificate yesterday, which now included my time of birth on it.  My mother had told me I was born somewhere around 3:30 in the afternoon, she just couldn’t remember when exactly.  My mentor back in the day, taught me how to do breathwork to invoke the rebirthing experience.  Literally going thru the birth experience.  I did exactly that so I could find the exact time of day I was born.  I got much more than I bargained for (in understanding how my mother felt and stuff, I needed that for my inner healing and understanding) and when I looked at the clock thru my new born eyes, I know it said 3:27pm.  Bias.  I was so sure I was born around that time that I did not allow for the truth, so I seen exactly what I expected to see… somewhere around 3:30pm.  I was actually born at 10:04 am.  Shit!!

Just think about that for a long long moment!!  Even in our meditations, if we are holding onto something that we THINK is true, we equally bring in the bias of that and we see it because we expect to see it.

Imagine that!!

So after leaving the ER with no new external information about my crazy, wonderful body, I had to ask my body, well, you should me the immune system and the endocrine system and the magnetic field between the two, I am confused.  Did I get it wrong??  Nope, except that it is the energy system itself.  We work first and foremost at the level of energy, for as long as we do not interfere in the process, yes it rocks the physical body, but improves its function not destroys it.

On that note, here is hoping my day is about to begin.  I can hear sounds today, yesterday and the day before there was zero sound.  I do have more to share, but there is always tomorrow… right!! (smile)

I love you so much and thank you for enduring the silent zone with me!!

(((HUGZ)))) of unbiased function and wisdom to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




















  1. Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing your journey…your process…your self!!

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  2. Fairly new follower of your post,
    Been having bodily experiences myself. Thank you for sharing what’s going on with you!

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