Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 7, 2015

New Frequencies of Sound, New Skin of Earth and Water too!


We really have some interesting frequencies buffing up, polishing up our new improved selfs and energy fields!!  There are a few experiences from the readings yesterday I do want to talk about, expand on really.  One of my lady’s had this white laser beam like energy emerge from the center of the sun.  Keep in mind, when it is sun energy itself, it would be a yellow gold light, what I call the central sun, the entrance and exit point to spirit, I see as white in the center of the sun, so her laser beam came from the central sun, located in her northwest quadrant in the sky and started etching this symbol on the north face of her glass looking terrarium.  I recognized the symbol that starts most sheet music I have seen:

g clef

Just inside her terrarium I could see what I “knew” as notes, but didn’t look like any notes I had ever seen before, started floating around in her inner north quadrant, they were even color coded, in colors of light.  New notes, new frequencies being released for her to bring in, understand and use.  It has got to be part of the energy system I talked about the other day, literally hearing the energy coming into me, in tones and notes I never heard before.  Some people’s assignment are to start understanding these frequencies and harness them.  Kind of like the guy who first tapped into, understand and started using that which we call Reiki energy.

We are all bringing in higher energies to understand, use then teach others how to tap into that with purpose.  It has become increasingly constant that everyone is leaving their readings with homework assignments!!  Lucky you!! lol

Another lady had intense energy bolts, not lightning cuz it wasnt coming from the sky, but again that northwest quadrant (future energy and the living chemistry lab of the west, melding together for this field of experience we call Now) at the top of her terrarium, ohhhh hehe, I don’t think I have mentioned this yet in my sharings (sooo much information, one humble lady trying to get it all out there) at the very top center of our terrariums is a sphincter.  A glass looking sphincter that opens and closes as needed.  My energy bolts lady suddenly had this ET with a long deep green amphibious feeling arm poking at what looked like little radiant yellow circles that were just above her head.  I was clueless as to what he was doing, but this morning, talking about my music lady, I realize if we looked at those circles like the holes of a flute… adjusting and retoning the frequencies blowing thru her.

What I found interesting and one would think I should have already had this epiphany long ago, but no, like I said, I can be slow on the uptake, the more I described her ET friend, she realized he was akin to the tree frogs, her favorite thing / connection.  Then it hit me like a light bulb, OMG how many critters we have here on earth, seeded from the stars to help us remember our connection to other worlds.

Obviously what is coming to us, is equally coming thru us!!  Our individual and collective jobs are to understand it and the applications of it all too.

So lets consider these two (and there are more than just these two) working with the upper atmosphere frequencies.

Another lady, stunned me.  Simply because so far, all this new energy is coming in external from the terrarium (which is still part of your energy field of course, just less concentrated than the terrarium energy inside.

She was standing in the center of her terrarium (like everyone else) but she was glowing this sun like yellow energy as her body.  I could hear and feel the earth move directly under her feet,  there was a sound frequency to it, and a rhythm.  The dirt of the earth, not just any earth, the high-flying, accelerated new earth, was moving upwards into the center of her terrarium, covering her in this dirt, kinda like clothes.

What was explained, and again, that flipping light bulb moment I should have had a long while ago lol, the dirt of the earth is exactly like our skin on our bodies.  Her biggest sensory organ that takes in and expelles a lot of energy.  We have higher frequency skin, a higher frequency sensory organ, of course she does too!!

Imagine what we can do, and how efficiently we will be doing it, once we really understand all this new energy, new earth, new skin, new us, together!!  its kind of really exciting!!

Now, lets completely (sort of) change the subject.  But first, lets really understand why we are seeing these terrariums in our field of life.  (Finally, a fuller understanding lol.)  Everything inside the terrarium is completely YOUR energy.  All your thoughts, hopes, desires, skills, karmic energy, it is 100% you.  O000hhhh, added note, I had no idea about this either, the more people that you live with, the smaller your terrarium, the less people, the larger.  It actually makes sense now, why I see such different sizes on the field.  It doesn’t make anything less potent, actually it would have to make it more concentrated.

What I see as the exterior, or outside of your terrarium is a blended energy of life.  Of course, I see the energies and how they are coming in and affecting you and needing your attention.  With some others, I do see how some of the people they live with affects the terrarium themselves, to the degree that some cannot even get into the center of their terrarium.  Knowing how to use the glass, which is the skin of your energy system, crucial!!

Hmmmm… skin of the earth, skin of our bodies, skin of our energy systems.  You seeing the bigger thing here!!??  I am not quite sure what it means, yet, but I do see the connections today.

Now, back to changing this up with the holy shit epiphanies that I never expected to have yesterday.  I am going to go with the finale of the event and work backwards, simply because spirit has been talking about our language, our words and even, our use of slang.  Of course, this all has been bursting thru what I knew to be true and was true until we hit this new, enhanced frequency.  We have much more responsibility, much more creational power than ever before.  In order to have gotten to this amazing place, we had to become proficient in the way we think, speak and act.  So great job everyone!!  Now the next level unveils itself.

The use of our words, for years my team had said it is the energy behind it that gives it power and thru that evolutionary phase, that was true.  Now we have more power, and we must really think thru what we say and how we say it, because nothing is slowed down to filter thru what we really meant.

This moment has been staring us in the face for years, thru the works of Dr Emoto and his water crystal documentation.

water emoto

Everything has a vibration, an expression of its own.  Even our words.  I am sure the person who wrote on the piece of paper “You make me sick, I will kill you” didn’t really mean he wanted to kill anything.  I would even venture out to say, he was a very kind, loving Being without any intention, any emotional energy to kill anything.  And yet, the water felt the vibration of the sentence, the frequency it emitted by someone bring those series of words to life and just letting them there.

Let’s hang on a moment and come back to one of the ET’s in a reading really having a problem with me referring to him as “dude.”  I had no clue where we even got that slang from and what it means in its origin.  Good ole handy dandy google just turned on a light bulb: The word was first used in the late 1800s as a term of mockery for young men who were overly concerned with keeping up with the latest fashions. It later came to stand for clueless city folk (who go to dude ranches) before it morphed into our all-purpose laid-back label for a guy.

I say a lot of things, ignorantly and am filtered consistently in readings, I am now really understanding the higher why!!

Now lets go to what we consider inanimate objects.  Crystals.  They all emit a frequency of their own.  You and I cannot change their frequency, but we can utilize it for grand things.  Computers, cars, tables, every thing in life whether we created them or they grew of the earth, was created with original purpose and emits a frequency according to its purpose.  The closer we get to any object, we are absorbing and digesting their frequencies and vise versa.  I have always known that everything communicates, I learned that on the mountain in Vermont what feels like a million moons ago.  I guess I never really gave any thought to the frequencies things by nature emit. Dah!!

My daughter (who is doing sooo very well by the way) put a post on her facebook that congress passed a vote to allow non violent felons to own guns.  I reacted!!  Which started an unexpected avalanche of information, of course coming in intense controversy on her wall.  My simple, yet heart-felt sentence in response to her post was: “Just what we need, more people with more guns. We are a fucking insane nation!”  (Sometimes, the word “freakin” just won’t do!!)

Well, that simple sentence unleashed some serious gun enthusiasts into my field of communication.  One person in particular was going on and on and instead of hearing his words, I could see his energy field and it was not pretty.  I have seen fields like this in my massage days, holes in the auric field, close to no light permeating the field around him.  And thru his team, they explained that this is what the frequency of guns, any guns, do to the auric field of a person.

I was stunned at the information coming thru.  I have never ever had a gun in my house, ever.  Guns, any guns from childhood thru this moment, make my whole energy field repel.  I have always assumed I was just afraid of them, which was true coming up. But now I see there was a much bigger reason.

Of course, you start talking about the energy of a gun, it instantly invokes justification from all kinds of people.  The reason one has a gun is a whole other energy system.  That is personal motivation.  But my whole understanding, going right back to the water crystal being embedded with not so loving words, took on that energy, guns only creation in life is to kill, harm, maim.  So its frequency can only emit that, no matter the reason one has for having one, using one, whatever.

Look at the words Adolph Hitler, as he came into his age of reason, his energy field emitted the frequency of control, manipulation and separation.  He was amazingly good at that.  He perfected his frequency and look how the water reacts to his frequency.

Later in the evening a beautiful friend posted a video that really takes this to a huge level of understanding ourselves now.  Spirit has been saying for years, put boundaries around yourself, choose what frequencies (people, places and things) you allow into your energy field.  Clear your field, not just your mind but the space around you too!

This video shows how water takes on the frequency of its surroundings.  Considering we are made of what, 70% water, we are absorbing and morphing in our bodies, more than we (meaning, me) ever realized.



It really is amazing the rabbit hole I am still digging into.  If we are conscious creators, then we also MUST be conscious absorbers!! (smile)  We can only put out to the degree we take in!!

What are you taking in???  (I take in YOU, yum, yum, yum!!)

My day is about to begin, I love you all so much.  Know, we are all armed with Love bullets, life enhancing, protective and bioeffective  😉

Big big watery ((((HUGZ)))) to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas








  1. Oh my goodness, Lisa! I so get it now. Thank you, thank you. I have a tough problem to solve now but at least I know what I need to do.


  2. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Fascinating. I have seen Dr. Emoto’s work. The video with the water is great. So we can change things if we focus love, peace, joy, harmony when we are in water? Maybe we can minimize, remove the water pollution by focusing on clear water. Hold a glass of water, or put our hands in the water and ask, focus that it be changed, cleaned, purified. Worth trying.

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  3. This is the first time I have ever posted on this blog. I’m confused about the section on words. I understand what is meant about words having power. What I don’t understand is why the original meaning of a word(dude) would have more power than the current meaning of the word. Especially since most do not know or think about the original meaning to add any energy to it.


    • Until recently, I have never been corrected like I have been recently and I am still understanding it all. But then again, the redirect of the word Dube came from an ET (as opposed to our spirit guides/teachers) and the only thing I do understand right now, its all about clarity of communication. Maybe its him and not me lol. ((((HUGZ)))


      • Lisa thank you for responding. After my post I could not help but continue to think of the question. Maybe the problem with the word (dude) when directed towards an ET is that dude in it’s basic meaning is man/male and in a broader aspect human. Perhaps the ET did not relate to being called a human and/or male. Maybe. Now I’m wondering why it was bothering me to begin with hahahaha. Love!


    • I agree with your assessment, scratchits….my Higher Self is indicating that you are correct, the ET is not relating to the human/male energy currently given off by the word “Dude”.

      Also, re: your other observation, why the original meaning would have more Power than the current meaning:
      the original meaning is composed of energy that was specifically targeted at a certain group of people….so it would have been more concentrated, as it was much more deliberately “focused” energy.
      The word was originally created, in order to affect a change of people’s perception — in order to re-program them, and to cause a SEPARATION between individuals.

      However, the current definition of the word “Dude”, has evolved in the opposite direction — it has evolved to become very inclusive. It is now a word indicating general togetherness of the male population.

      Unlike the original meaning, the current meaing now sends out the energy of Cohesion.
      And this current energy is expansive, and not restrictively concentrated.


      • Thank you for your insight Kiera. Do you think the new meaning would ever nullify the original or there would always be a concentrated amount of energy?


  4. This thought keeps coming back to me so I will share it. It we can influence water, then why can’t we influence other things like gunpowder. The thought is to ask the gunpowder to no longer go off. And that will end all fighting with it, and might bring peace to the planet. I have asked gunpowder to no longer go off, and not do anything. I ask that others ask the same thing, and share this idea also with others. We can ask that any other things that make guns, bombs go off to also, to not do anything.


    • That is precisely how you become a deliberate Creator, unityoness. You are at Ascended Master level, when you are utilizing your Imaginative Power just like this, to re-manifest the external reality.

      What you are actually doing (which you don’t realize), is shifting YOURSELF, to an existing Parallel Reality, of a higher frequency level than your current one.

      Now if you want to speed this up, and affect a really BIG change in your reality….then bypass completely the focus on all weapons and ammunition.
      Because any focus on weapons/ammunition at all, will energize them, and thus it will KEEP THEM IN YOUR REALITY. So it has the opposite effect, of what you really want to achieve.

      Instead, Imagine a reality with no weapons at all.

      Eliminate them from your thoughts — clear them out of your energy field — give them *no energy*.
      Do not support them any longer with your own energies, with the immense power of your focused Thoughts.

      And you will find that you will eventually shift yourself to a higher dimensional “Unity Conscious” Earth Reality containing no weapons.


    • “And that will end all fighting with it, and might bring peace to the planet.”

      Just to clear up this incredibly muddled human concept….

      “PEACE” is never achieved, by focusing on the external reality around you.
      That, is merely a hologram — it is always a holographic REFLECTION of what is going on, *within*.

      World Peace is created, by going within. By creating peace within oneself.
      If every human on the planet suddenly did this, we would have World Peace instantly.




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  5. Wow! Loved your thoughts about guns! Mirrors my own very much. And today I set my Facebook news feed so I no longer see posts related to guns and my ex’s love of them. I just had it and no longer wanted to see his comments in my life related to guns and violence. Cleaning out my energy field related to violence and hate. Love is way better and more healthy! Now I’m thinking of clearing out my news feed for other inappropriate and unhealthy stuff. Thanks for your thoughts, love them!


    • Magnificent, Denise…if all Lightworkers did this, we’d shift into beautiful 5D Earth with no more collective lag time resistance, holding us all back.

      I have felt the same way about guns most of my life, but I had to evolve even further than this….take it a step further, and actually NEUTRALIZE the energy signature of weapons.

      I had to do this, because my son’s life exploration theme, is highly focused around weapons.
      We discovered through his “Angel Team” (he’s an Indigo) that in his most recent linear incarnation, he was a Vietnamese soldier during the Korean War.
      A soldier and a weapons expert, in charge of guarding a secret weapons base in North Korea.

      His entire life he has been strongly attracted to both Creation and Destruction — creating virtual worlds through Minecraft & Age of Empires and other high frequency reality building games…..and at the same time, exploring destruction through Call of Duty games and carrying over his weapons expertise from his other life.

      In order to connect with him and share his experiences (eg. us playing together with toy guns and enjoying hilarious fun), and also in order to heal his traumatic “death” experience as a soldier….I deliberately cleared my Energy Field of its 3D programmed Belief Systems and deliberately assigned no MEANING to all of his many weapons.

      Completely Neutralized belief systems. Zero Point Neutrality achieved. The crucial balanced Point of Power.

      I exerted full and glorious control over myself, so that I could fully accept everything about him — total unconditional acceptance.
      And in so doing, become a hugely Positive influence in all aspects of his life.

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