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The Future and The Astral Realms.


Ohhh the days of our lives, wild and freaky, in a good way of course.  There are several things that have been changing, or maybe becoming clearer (actually we are changing to the higher, truer info, not the other way around) that I keep forgetting to write about.

The element we think of as the future, now when I see the north field as it relates to future (not this year or next year, further out than that) it looks like ton of different fluorescent light bulbs, all white light, each one emitting a different frequency.  Kinda looking like this, minus the connecting parts at the end:

the future


Even tho they look like light bulbs, they also look like rolled up scrolls emitting light.  This really puts a slant on saying time is not linear at all, it’s simply our brain that see’s and experiences it all as linear.  Equally, you and I may think of 2015 as a single light bulb, but it’s not.  There are many versions, many frequencies of earth playing out all at the same time, so there may be 25 light scrolls all representing 2015.  Keeping in mind, we can access information and understanding at our own light frequency or lower, but we cannot access the higher ones until we vibrate at that frequency.  Hopefully I complicate this, but equally, if we are looking for particular information in lets just say 2050, we can access any version of 2050 that is vibrating at our current vibration or lower, if what we need is at a higher vibration, we will just have to wait (read that to say, work towards) until our vibration reaches that frequency.

Equally, know that vibration also represents our conscious ability to understand, assimilate what may be taking place in the higher fields of life.  The things I know and am able to do now, I had to work towards, ain’t no way I could have even come close to processing, understanding or using the energy fields even 10 years ago, like I do now.

At this point, we are going into the higher folds of frequency every day, the readings are presenting information and visuals I have never seen before.  Which keeps me pushing my vibration higher so I can get some understanding for you, and us, thru our sessions.  We really are a team sport pushing each other to the edge just about every day!!

There is something last night’s meditation class asked about, that was so apart of my dream-time last evening and I suppose, we are going to talk about it right now, since it is now sitting in my face to talk about.  Astral projection!!  I had to do my google thing to understand the true meaning of that phrase (obviously not a phrase I use personally.)  Here is what we get:  Astral projection (or astral travel) is an interpretation of an out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it. Astral projection or travel denotes the astral body leaving the physical body to travel in an astral plane.

What we may not fully realize, there are two areas of astral travel, one within the magnetosphere of earth itself.  This is where all the lower realms of energies and entities can and do play.  discarnate beings, some, not nice at all.  Lesser vibrating beings from other realms, all get free rein here.  Even your military watchers and stuff, here too.  I would imagine, those that forewarned me about how dangerous meditation can be back in my beginnings, experienced this realm.

Then there is the astral realm outside of the magnetosphere.  A place the lesser vibrations cannot see you (even they cannot see beyond their frequency.)  The way I do meditation, teach meditation, this is what we do all the time, astral project in the higher realms of frequency and understanding. Thru my dream team last night, my team was explaining this in detail and making sure we talked about it today.

Because I had a good dose of fear about what could or would connect to me in meditation back in the day, I started every single entry into meditation with the words “Only the highest entities who have my highest good and the highest good of all in heart, can connect to me.”  I had no desire to have any oogaly boogaly’s connect with me.  Bad enough I had one come thru the Ouija board, ain’t happening in my bath!!  Until 2004.  I had no idea there were two realm of astral anything.  People started talking about remote viewing and astral projection into the astral realm of earth.  I was hell-bent on experiencing this, sounded exciting to me.  I insisted on having this experience, which I did and literally ran from my bath three times in a week.  Scared the ba-jezuz out of me.  Each time I was faced with military watchers, standing guard in my face, making sure I didn’t see what they didn’t want me to see.  One of the experiences this dude had a freakin machine like gun in my face!! Holy chit!!  But now I was determined to experience what these freakin watchers were trying to prevent me from see.  So I called on my team with my 4th attempt (separate day of course, had to let the fear subside.)

I called on my team at the very start of meditation to show me how to see within the earth’s astral plane and stay protected from anything that meant me harm.  Instantly a train (literally a freakin train) emerged from beneath my bathtub, spread my legs so I was straddling the engine and away we went to a realm I now know very well, outside the magnetosphere (had no idea what it was then,)  the band of energy that separates the inner realms from the outer realms.  Altho I was now riding the (soul) train in the outer magnetosphere, I was able to see what these watchers were trying to keep me from seeing.  Before I share this part, let tell you the difference (I had no idea really, until just now.  It’s not a place I play in.)

When you enter the astral realm at the lowest frequency, you keep your frequency low too.  This is not a negative thing, think about our day-to-day life, we can see each other because our vibration slows way down to be able to see each other.  It’s not unlike that in the lower astral realms of earth.  When we keep our vibration high and see from the higher realms, no one can see us, but we can see what is happening if we desire.

I was taken to a military installation I think in Nevada.  In this installation there were three very very sick ET’s.  They were being experimented on and held against their will and my heart broke in a million pieces for them.  I was even able to have a talk within one of the ET’s, a conversation I have long forgotten.

But the way our beautiful spiritual team does… several weeks after this experience (which was my first and last) a new client contacted me to do hypnotherapy.  She was too ill to come to me, so I would go to her house.  We eventually formed a friendship and I started telling her about this ET experience and she broke down and cried uncontrollably for a long while.  She explained that she was a nurse in the military and was stationed at the facility I had seen in my meditation.  She was also part of the clean up crew of an extraterrestrial crash.  There were indeed 3 survivors (I didn’t tell her how many I had seen, just talked about the one I had the conversation with.)  She said she did everything she could to help these ETs, but truly her hands were tied.  This was a huge part of her heart disease we were working thru with her via hypnosis.

Spirit will always find a way to validate what you cannot even conceive as true…  And I remain the living persona of what not to do!! lol

I know I have more to share, but I am drawing a blank now.  So I will end on that note for today.

I love you all so very very much and so much more than that too!!  Thank you for constantly pushing me off the edge, so together we can grow higher than never imagined before!!

((((((((HUGZ)))))))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Lisa, on Youtube there is a series of interviews “Alien interview Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy full.” She was reportedly a nurse who was in attendance of aliens at a military facility.

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  2. ok, so Lisa, i am having an experience w someone who comes to visit me who is astral projecting/traveling. i have been assuming it is good because i believe i know this entity and i always say “i only want to be visited by …….”. but now after reading ur blog i am not sure and hope i haven’t been playing around with something that is deceiving me. you don’t mention anything about the higher frequency travelers. did you get any info on that? Big Thanks 🙂

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    • I am an astral traveller/explorer. Highest frequency traveller you’ll probably ever meet.

      My frequency is currently so high, that I am cursed in this abysmal Ascension Process with downloading very VERY high dimensional frequencies…consequently I am burned and fried and radiated and skin-seared daily, constantly bringing in these intensely burning Photon light packets and stepping/transforming them down for humans, and also directly downloading them into Gaia’s core.
      Pure unceasing torture on the body. I’ve wished for the release of death, so many times because of it, I’ve now lost count.

      I also have a triangular rainbow bridge “stargate” portal, that my Higher Self built one night in 2012, to allow me to connect across 3 dimensions — 3rd, 4th, and 5th — and I am continually downloading as well into the planet, all the 5th Dimensional energies that I can connect to (match) and bring through my personal portal….bringing it in for Gaia and lower frequency Humanity.

      So here is my advice, the advice of a now totally Fear-Less, very High Frequency astral explorer.

      First piece of advice for you AND Lisa, and every other fear-infested human out there (so we’re already at 7 billion silly human FEAR-mongering players)…

      Is to 100% LET GO OF FEAR, once and for all. ALL of it. Be FEARLESS.

      Because doing that very simple thing — clearing yourself of all fear — automatically lifts you to a VERY HIGH FREQUENCY. And as Lisa says, no lower frequency Beings can even “see” you. You are totally invisible to them.
      You can see them (but you’d have to go looking for them)…but they can’t see YOU. Period.

      So stop all of the ridiculous “Protection Invocations”, because all this does, is REINFORCE FEAR.
      All you are doing, is attracting these lower frequency beings, with your fears of needing “protection”.

      The best protection ~ IS NOT NEEDING ANY!!!!!!!!

      *KNOW* that you are all-powerful, indestructible, indomitable — that you are Pure Source Power, transforming & consuming & transmuting every low frequency with your blazing, Radiant, white-hot Power.


      Since you are obviously still emanating lower frequencies of FEAR, if you want to test this being that is visiting you…..then imagine yourself as white Source Light (because you ARE), and simply “hug” this being to you. Bring it into your light. Absorb it into yourself.

      If it IS of lower frequency, doing this will eliminate it from your reality entirely ~ plus, with this act, you will have just raised your own Frequency exponentially by experiencing a taste of your own Power ~ and being at this new fearless, powerful, Higher Frequency Level puts you beyond reach of any more of these lower frequency beings.
      They will no longer be able to visit you.


    • Trust what your doing canondaler. I live by the moto, if it feels good and harms no one, do it!! I used to travel (had no idea what I was doing then, nor did my team ever use labels to call what I doing and learning anything in particular. I used to travel to australia, a lot, via my meditations. There was always this bubble around earth, I had no idea what it was then, but it helped to navigate me to the spot I wanted to land in. By virtue of your nature and desire, you automatically travel higher, talk about taking the high road lol. Had I not had that series of experiences in 2004, I would have never even realized there were two astral realms. Enjoy your connections!! ❤


      • Big thank you! 🙂


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