Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 1, 2015

December is the Final Part of this Shift Phase! Are You Ready??


I swear yesterday was like playing pick up sticks, all the readings seemed to be scattered all over the place.  Usually there is some sort of consistency thru the day, not yesterday, at all.  Well, as I look up the science of “shock waves” maybe two were more interconnected than I realized, the only two that had the presence of Intergalactic Beings hijacking the readings (smile.)  Interestingly enough, it was the only two readings I had with men that had ET’s literally take over the entire reading.  Hmmmmm.  Ohhh, but one lady had these odd looking butterfly flocks at two sides of her “terrarium” and they specifically stated they were from another realm, so we had Intergalactic Butterflies too.

Let me talk about my first man with his ET, that very same ET that was the clearest to my field of vision when they infiltrated the field the day I was down.  This ET guy with a large fan/fin like head (not fish like, which I could draw, or find something similar on the internet, I have searched and cannot find something similar and yet, to me, his form is totally familiar to me.)  Anywayz, he shows up on the west side of my guys field, outside his terrarium thingie and started shaking the freakin ba-jesus out of it thru the whole flipping reading.  This dude had zero humor, as he stated, by design.  He reminded me of spock but with serious attitude.  Even at one point, when I was referring to him as an Intergalactic Being, he changed my word to “Intelligent Being.”  I cannot remember how this explanation of his shaking my guys energy field came about, but he said he was creating “shock waves.”  He didn’t say why, but did say it was important for my man to connect with him to understand why.

But this morning, I had to treck around google to understand a bit more about shock waves, given what was captured with my other man.  From the britannica website:

Shock wave,  strong pressure wave in any elastic medium such as air, water, or a solid substance, produced by supersonic aircraft, explosions, lightning, or other phenomena that create violent changes in pressure. Shock waves differ from sound waves in that the wave front, in which compression takes place, is a region of sudden and violent change in stress, density, and temperature. Because of this, shock waves propagate in a manner different from that of ordinary acoustic waves. In particular, shock waves travel faster than sound, and their speed increases as the amplitude is raised; but the intensity of a shock wave also decreases faster than does that of a sound wave, because some of the energy of the shock wave is expended to heat the medium in which it travels. The amplitude of a strong shock wave, as created in air by an explosion, decreases almost as the inverse square of the distance until the wave has become so weak that it obeys the laws of acoustic waves. Shock waves alter the mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of solids and, thus, can be used to study the equation of state (a relation between pressure, temperature, and volume) of any material.

I made bold the last sentence on purpose, thinking back to the video with Michael Tellinger and how sound waves can boil water or levitate stuff.

Now lets fast forward to my other guy with an ET.  I knew this ET, one of my Jemez sisters had him show up in her ET sessions, now he is back and trying to connect to a man in the UK.  We had our session on skype as usual, but there was nothing usual about our connection.  His video was intensely pixilated to the degree he was coming thru in shades of blue and green, his voice was like morse code, most of the time I had no idea what he was saying at all.  It was all so bizarre I had to take a picture to show him what he looked like on my end.  Its only this morning do I see the bigger relationship with my first guy and seeing “shock waves” on the sites I was trolling this morning.  Since you cannot make out who this person is, let me share the picture, I circled the area to look at, the sound waves coming in.

sound waves

Just for the record, depending on how high def your screen is, they either stand out or not.  On my phone, incredibly visible, on my computer, not so much.  Even the green of his pixelating body was the same color green as his ET.  Notice I am crystal clear in this image, I was also very audible on his end, so really the energy was all around him, it is, after all, his Intergalactic connection and not mine.

But lets talk about morse code for a moment.  Actually I am realizing there was a lot more interconnectedness yesterday than I realized.  I just needed to start writing to see the bigger picture.

One of my lady’s had a familiar green machine gun blasting circular indents at the exterior of her terrarium, what her team called love bullets.  Not the destructive kind, but the life altering in frequency kind.  They started talking about dashes, going back to my lady with the hatchet in her reading, and explaining that this other lady was being encoded with the dashes of morse code and the lady I was reading for yesterday, getting the dots.  That there would be a relationship emerging in December that extracted the other half of the informational map within each other.

The lady with the intergalactic butterflies, encoding the energy from their realm and sectors into her consciousness to be extracted and used as we move forward.

I do want to add as well, one of my lady’s shocked and excited me.  I suppose there really is a seam within our terrarium that I cannot see in readings because when she showed up, her terrarium split in two, from east to west, each side fell to the ground (south and north) and evaporated into the landscape itself.  The feeling was we had been pouring into a very specific frequency mold as we crossed the 11-11 and now, we are ready.  Ready for what, I have no clue.  I could not see anything else on her field.  Her team explained its because we need the december energy to make what I was not able to see visible, kinda like invisible ink.  I rescheduled her.

There are a few puzzle pieces that linger in my consciousness, I don’t fully understand them, but want to put them out here anywayz, incase you do!!  The directions on the field, I really thought they were to orient us to the messages/meanings of that area of the field.  Not so much, its only a small part of it.  This really came thru with my guy with mr attitude ET shaking his field up.  He is in the west for a bigger reason than my definition of a living chemistry lab.  Our friends from the skies really understood the energy of direction if you will.  If we once again, look back to that video with Michael Tellinger, he reveals many of the directional coordinates within all of the formations.  YOUR job (not mine, phew) is to understand why that direction, why that compass point in your readings.  Whether you have an ET show up or not, I get the surface information, your job is to go much deeper since this is all you anywayz.

There is something else that has been on my mind with that video too, when he talks about the floods and how the floods have come again and again.  My team shows me an etch-a-sketch.  Wiping out the data that was stored there, not because something went bad, but because this is a game with so many levels to it.  When we have completed one level, the floods come, wipe out what was needed for back then, allowed the remnants of what was started to be seen so that we could now build higher, more clearly with each level (think, video games.)

Ohhh, this is kinda kewl information coming in.  The etch-a-sketch is done thru magnetics.  My vision is able to see the trace magnetics left behind from its original form.  Going back to my guy who hired me to work with his project, I can see the magnetic inlay that was created and has since been covered up by time and earth, on purpose.  Our jobs, as a working collective, is to take what once was and perfect to the time and energy of NOW.  One person will never figure it out alone.  Just like there is not just one ET showing up to help.

I cannot help but think of Kokopelli too, the flute playing dude who brought the rains… What if his race brought the floods to clear the playing board and took those who were on the earth at that time, to other realms.  This would be one reason that we can see the landscape and even date it to 100k-300k years ago, but no bone, no fossils remain.  We also had very different bodies, biodegradable bodies, as many of our friends from the skies do.

I find this all interesting really.  It almost seems like cycles when ET’s come to hijack readings (that is said with a giggle and a lot of love.)  They are here and share messages for weeks or months, then not an ET in sight for many more months, and then back they come.  Today I am being shown like, filmy layers being laid down in our realm, in our consciousness.  They release some information, we either digest it or toss it out and those with homework assignments either connect or they seek a back up plan for the connections that are needed.

I have also noticed something very relevant, if not completely uncomfortable in my personal world.  When we are shifting out of one massive energy system into another, my personal finances seem to go with it.  This has now happened at least 4 times in the last 3 years, too consistent to not notice.  I am now in a negative space with my money, the last time this happened to this degree I think was the beginning of the first quarter of this year.  Change of frequency and venue on all levels.  Why it messes with my money I have no idea, maybe just to make it clear we are in a complete shift right now that culminates with the end of this year (hey, can we move christmas to january then lol) and our new choices are coming online as we breathe.

On that note, its almost time to start the December readings!!  Yay!!  Let’s see what the invisible ink is going to reveal now!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of intergalactic love and secrets coming to Light!!

Lisa Gawlas






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