Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 30, 2015

As the Body Changes….


Well, yesterday didn’t go as I planned… again!!  I was hoping, excuse me, expecting to learn more about the readings the day before from the presentations yesterday.  Nope.  The only thing that happened when I attempted to align with the field was get a runny nose.  I didn’t have a runny nose before or after, only during my attempts.  However, my continual attempts simply produced clarity of how much my floor needed washing!!

I also became incredibly aware of something else… I am not sure how to put it into words really, but the closest I can get is to call it the separateness of body.  When someone would ask me how I feel, “I” felt great, my body feels like is going thru the ringer.  I would spike energy fevers (not the kind of fevers like when we are sick, similar but different.)  My body was producing and on and off sore throat that actually went all the way down to my high heart area, I suppose in my esophagus.  Like my spiking then retreating body fever, the sore throat was there, then not, then back again and this lasted all day long.  My mind felt like it was stoned… expanding to a degree I could not access its contents, nor did I have the energy to try.  I ate non freakin stop yesterday, not because of hunger, just my body demanding more fuel to sit on my royal ass.  Who am I to argue??

As is the usual case, I now understand the day priors odd readings because of this crazy little thing (if I keep eating like I did yesterday, it will once again become a big thing) I call my body.

In the readings, one lady’s imagery was a fat elfin like dude with a hatchet kind of tool, slamming into the upper left quadrant of her glass dome, leaving dash marks but not breaking the glass at all.  The handle was made of a light wood and the blade a light gold.  My next lady, there was a red and blue light beam creating an upward spiral etching on her domed area of the glass terrarium, but equally this light thingie elongated and became a mirror image of the etching it was creating.  Everyone on the field, all of their energy was exterior and I could not see a single thing interior.  My last lady kept coming to mind yesterday as I attempted to look at the field.  She had this weird-looking thing the color of snot, green snot, that even took on the feeling of green snot slime, but in a very distinct formation:

green snot

Just like that, only perfectly symmetrical.  It started standing up at the top of her dome and then do a slinky kind of movement, head over bottom half way down the area I would call due east, then back up, then back down.  Somewhere in this due east dome her team kept insisting there was a seam it was following, but I never seen a seam at all.  Now my lady does have an on again off again sinus drainage happening, they insisted this is a great thing for her.  They even mentioned the word “sinus rhythm.”  Well if this green snot represented her sinus, then indeed there is a rhythm.  However, there is equally a sinus rhythm within the heart at the sinus node.  I know the two are connected, but I have no clue how.

The one thing I have not understood at all getting to here, what does that glass area of our field represent.  Nothing ever shows itself without their being a higher meaning or connection, I’ve just been patiently waiting for the reveal.  I think I understand something this morning, just because of the oddity of my body yesterday and the blanks filling in this morning.

The glass I see is a reflection of our physical body, unlimited, unrestricted by our perceptions of matter, but very much limited, or unlimited by what we think,  what we think we know or don’t know, and our relationships within those knowings not knowings.

Our physical bodies are the terrarium that is growing (or not growing) within the energy field I see within the glass terrarium.  What started happening on the 28th and I feel, will continue thru today is the one thing that was missing from that picture I placed in the sharing the other day:

energy and body

I cannot even remember when I had seen something similar.. in the video yesterday?  But there was a circle within the triangle… this is what is coming online now thru the Light centers we know as the pineal gland and rearranging consciousness and timelines.  The physical body is changing to accommodate whatever this means to us.  Again when our bodies go thru something I have a tendency to experience it on steroids just so I don’t miss a thing.  Off and on yesterday I could feel my heartbeat in the gums of my teeth or mostly, where teeth once was (grumble.)  Sinus rhythm within the areas of sinus cavities… true consciousness happens at the core of the heart and when we are unbiased in anything, it releases a new rhythm to our actual consciousness that revolves around the brain and pineal gland.

I really don’t understand the bigger story yet, but something beyond strange happened yesterday before my first reading was scheduled.  I was looking at something on the computer when all of a sudden, out of what I will just call my peripheral psychic vision, a shit ton of Extraterrestrials started to emerge on the center of the field outside.  WTF??  I could see them clear as day, they were all different in I don’t know… species… race??  There was easy 20 or more all starting to huddle together, then it just became a freeze frame image.  They did come into the field from just above it.  There was one, is one, that is more prominent in my field of vision than the others.  I spent yesterday trying to find even a close image of him, but turned up nothing.  His head had this huge fin or fan made out of what we would consider cartridge and was several different, vibrant colors that was kind of metallic in nature.  He kind of reminded me of peacock ore…

peacock ore

I fully expected to have them be a part of the readings yesterday, but no readings happened.  Not more images of them expect the freeze frame that still exists.  Is that their way of saying they are coming or that they are already here watching us get out information straight??  I don’t know.  Yet.

So this morning, not really having anything new to write about, I watched some of the video I embedded yesterday.  I am now about an hour into Michael Tellinger’s presentation.  What he is understanding is putting so many of the information that has come thru the readings together.  Sound, frequency, geometric patterns, the golden means, the larger connections on earth to include the pyramids in egypt on the 31st parallel and someone already stated that the pyramid in egypt is on the same lines as the zone of silence in mexico and the bermuda triangle.  He also talks about adam’s calendar (I think that is what he is referring to) that inside the circle GPS doesn’t work, outside it does and at certain points the GPS is sooo off in the lat and long readings.  Yeah… welcome to the zone of silence.

I have also looked for ways to contact this dude in the video came up blank.  I would love to pick his mind and share my over crowded mind with him… anyone have a contact / email for him??

Anywayz, I am going to leave off here.  Here’s hoping and praying we see and understand a little something something today!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of love and excitement!!!

Lisa Gawlas








  1. Hi Lisa! Thank-you, and your team, for writing everyday about the changes that have been occurring. It has helped me to decipher and understand my own visions and I feel a lot more confident that I’m not going crazy! Source and how we relate to it is changing and not a lot of people are discussing it!

    I wanted to leave a comment about Michael Tellinger. I have been following him for a few years and totally agree that he has uncovered a lot of great info about ancient wisdom and sound. Plus his Ubuntu movement is totally inspiring. I don’t have a direct email but he is active on his facebook page. Also, I saw Freddy Silva speak at a conference in 2012 and he also had some great info about ley lines and ancient temples, I believe the title of his book is The Divine Blueprint. I hope this helps.

    Thank-you again for all that you do!

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