Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 29, 2015

WE Are the Ancient Aliens and NOW Is the Time To Remember….



My internet has been completely out from Friday at 8am, all day Saturday and was restored, FINALLY, sometime early this morning.  I don’t know what the problem was, but it had nothing to do with weather at all.  Meditation class will be tonight at regular time (4pm in my world.)  I wrote most of this blog yesterday, waiting for the internet to come back on so I could publish it, since that never happened, I am adding to it and will try to fix the language, but if I don’t catch it all, please forgive me.)


What an amazing, mind-blowing day of information and interconnections Friday was!!  Lets start with my non-sleep experiences the last few nights, but most especially, the night of the 26th.  I am usually asleep before my head hits the pillow and sleep solidly, save the 2 am potty run.  I never have trouble sleeping or staying asleep, at least not until these last several nights.  I have been staying wide awake until after midnight and sometimes 1 – 2 am, I’m usually asleep by 9-10pm.  Nothing I did provoked sleep and then 2 nights ago, I finally got to sleep about 2am and must have woken up every thirty minutes.  So when I got out of bed yesterday at 5:30 am I was pretty sure I would not be able to do any readings, my mind was completely exhausted and was running super slow, hence, no sharing yesterday.  Let’s come back to this in a little bit.


My first appointment wasn’t so much a reading, but someone who hired me to use my “connections” to help him with an ongoing project he has been working on for years.  For the life of me, I could not see how I could assist, but man oh man, I am so glad he thought I could!!  It has been changing everything I thought I knew and opened up a bunch of stuff I didn’t know at all, and until yesterday, really didn’t care about!
He has been doing energy work at several “sacred” sites, truly, rock formations and ground openings around where he lives.  He had mailed me actual pictures that he took so I had something to connect to when our time arrived.  I had planned on doing meditations with them before our time arrived, but there was not day I had the energy after my day of readings to plug into one more socket, not even my own.  So I had only looked over half of what he sent me and looked at everything yesterday before our appointment, (memory retention has left the building long ago lol.)  I about shit when I had seen one of the rocks that was part of a rock formation.  I had seen this very same thing, shape, size, everything in a reading about a week or two ago (time blurs.)  Which I did mention in my sharing the day after, about the thick while anvil looking image that was very particular to my lady who I was reading for.  I had no idea what it meant to her, but I could see it as if it was in my back yard.  She was given homework on how to find out what it means to her.  She sent me an email a few days ago, excited that she did find out what it was, what her super power was, and it was using tuning forks that enhanced her antennas and she is now receiving all kinds of information thru sound vibration.  I am not sure if my word “anvil” is the right word to describe it, so I used my handy-dandy paint tool to show you its formation (because, the shape is so important!)
So let me tell you, when I seen an actual rock that not only looked exactly like her white thingie, but all the energy I felt with it in her reading, was connected to this rock too.  Trust me, excitement does not mean I understand a thing about what I am seeing, I just know something is connected.  But what??
My precious man is working with several sites and as dog tired as my mind was, it had no problem tapping into higher communication around not only these sites, but all the sites we have no idea what they were used for, but I know they are important.
Well!!  Did we get a mind full.  I have no particular connection to any of the rock formations on earth, which is kinda strange because my house and yards are adorned with rocks.  Some people connect knick knacks, I have rocks and crystals as my adornments.  And even tho, thru the years I have gone to particular rock places and picked up the information for that place, I was never curious beyond that, which is suddenly striking me as weird today.  I usually have an insatiable curiosity about anything I can hear or see beyond the norm.  Who knows, maybe the wiser part of myself knew there was nothing more to extract from a place until the energies of earth aligned within the higher frequencies and my mind expanded to the degree I could plop the bits and pieces into the missing puzzle parts.  Well, that time is now!!
Most of your rock formations have other formations somewhere around them (often times separated by many many miles) but they are built to work together as a whole.  Looking at just the surface of any of them, most of them don’t make complete sense and thankfully, very little geological digs are done around them.  I say thankfully because when science hits something unique, they will usually remove it and keep it “safe.”  Like one of the power rocks that has codes etched upon it was removed and placed elsewhere for safekeeping.  This rock is the key, or think the key that starts a car, that kind of key.
There was another formation that topside, didn’t make much sense.  But my vision opened to the corridor long filled in with earth over time.  A HUGE circle or perfectly round opening/room that once was.  What spirit referred to as a “Ley Station.”  What the hell is a lay station??  Think, battery compartment.  Where the energy that is collected by the other formations is stored until its use is needed.  Lets also make clear what a ley line contains: electro-magnetic energy from the earth.
Inside this round room I could see things, stuff in the dirt walls, I had no clue what they were, until my next appointment dropped my jaw by having a similar conversation via a video she just watched before our appointment.
I started watching the video when we hung up and my jaw dropped even more when his first presentation was around sound.  How sound can boil water and levitate things.  OMG that rock, my lady’s anvil thing that opened her up to sound vibration and information.  Ohhhhh there is a spiritual collusion taking place here!!
If we stored the energy released thru the ley lines, the sun and moon and other particular (to the various formations uses) planets and stored them in a huge round room in the earth, the release could very well be done with sound waves.
Because of the information that came thru my time with this precious, mind opening man, the Intergalactic Beings that joyfully roamed free here on earth, brought their higher technology with them and these kind of sites powered their tools.
Well,, going a little further into this video, he was showing sound formations, all circular and within his images had the same kind things, bumps or dots that that big round dirt room had that I had seen.  If we go to timestamp 12:20 in the video, the image to the right, on the dirt wall, the inner band of that circle, with the dots and concaves, were there.  So maybe, the ley stations gathered the electro-magnetic energy and used it as sound??  I don’t know… yet.
Equally, the information that came thru is all of the sites currently on earth have been tampered down, shut off if you will, energetically speaking.  Unless you know the sequence of activation, would be akin to turning a light socket on without a light bulb it in.  It has some power, just no bigger use than that.  They can been seen, some maybe even understood, like the man in the video seen (thanks to aerial photography) how many of the structures he’s working with in S. Africa have lines connecting them together.  But does not know why… yet.
From the information that came thru for my man, we must first understand its original purpose, as well as the higher purpose that is now.  Much of which has been hidden in the annals of time, until we humans could come forward without bias, without thinking we know something about anything.  Equally, none of these sites can be reactivated to their full potential without knowing the order in which they need to come back online and the codes etched into the rocks and earth and beneath the earth.
There is a place here in Albuquerque that I love, it’s within the Pictograph Park called Boca Negro Canyon.  I have gone there many times over the last 5-6 years since I moved to New Mexico.  When there is no one but me there, I can sit at the top of this volcanic hill and tap into the ceremonies that were once done there.  There are many etchings on the rocks, codes and placement points.  At the very top there is a circle that the historians said were used for sheep or something, not even!! lol  In this circle of rocks, there is an opening due east.  I even took a group of people up there on the 10-10-10 gateway to do ceremony.
As I think back to the many times I have been there, the energy of this place is drastically reduced when other people are there.  Lots of people come to see the ruins, everywhere not just here tho.  A person’s vibration affects the vibration of the landscape, but of course!  It also affects the power of the energy, often times, dampens it to the degree tapping into its memories is not possible for me.  I never thought about any of this until these last two days.
Now, let’s put all this on hold and get back to my sleepless nights.  (It is all freakin interconnected in away that just kept blowing my tired mind.)  I also want to make clear here, my job as a storyteller/puzzle master in training, is to equally be a living part of the story, I understand things more clearly when the subject matter is over amplified in my world, otherwise, I would miss the intricate connections.
I just wrote about my building block lady the other day, where the perceived past is changing, the blocks are moving and realigning which is equally moving and releasing hidden wisdom/knowings within our consciousnesses.  But equally tho, this release requires a conscious participation from each of us.
When we open to various streams of energy, what we think of as past lives or hell, even future lives, it alters the familiar energy we live and sleep within.  The alterations for me, caused sleepless nights simply because I was absorbing the energies while awake (altho, I promise, I had no freakin clue.)  The evening before I met with this man, my sleep, or lack thereof, was horrific.  I need my 7-9 hours to work efficiently, well, usually.  We opened up timelines that long ago, were put away, hidden from us, just so the information didn’t get tainted with the story-lines.  Well!!  Many of us are being altered in the times lines held back til now, to really dig into the wonders of what we are about to do, together.  Without bias or thinking we know something.
In these alterations of timelines, something quite frustrating is happening in my day-to-day world, well, what appears to be my day-to-day world.  My sacred calendar, the very thing that keeps me organized and showing up for you, changes.  One moment I will look at it and have particular people at particular times (the blessing of a calendar lol) and hours later, I look again because I missed showing up for someone who was NOT on my agenda, suddenly is there and now over lapping with the one I did show up for.  What the hell??  Until yesterday, I just thought I was loosing my mind.  This is happening more than I am happy about!!  But it’s not just my calendar, hell, it’s you too!!  Calling me a week, days or a day early, hours early or late.  How the hell do we stay functional like this???
But that’s not even all of it.  This part became incredibly clear when I met with a man for his reading, I KNOW I had seen him purchase a new package recently, I seen it come thru my inbox.  Instead of asking him how many sessions he has left, I told him I knew he had three more because I got his purchase.  He insisted he hasn’t purchased a new package yet.  YES YOU DID!!  lol I seen it.  He has a unique name that no one else I have ever read for has, so I KNOW it was you.  Nope!!  Paypal went against what I thought, for sure, I knew.
I have (thought lol) I received emails, and read them before I went to sleep, my intention is to reply in the morning.  After my day of readings, I don’t go anywhere near the computer, I cannot, its like spirit put a huge energetic wedge between me and it.  I go looking for them in the morning, not there.  WTF.  Again, I am assuming i am just going nuts or my computer is having blips, or both.  However, on Wednesday I swear I got an email from that a package was being delivered on Friday that needed my signature.  I knew what that was, my birth certificate is finally arriving.  As the day passed and no UPS guy contacting me, I went into my email, not there.  I went to, hell it wouldn’t even acknowledge I had an account.  I looked in my trash email, the trash stopped its dateline mid October.  Where the hell is the trash from that point to now???  Freakin weird!!  And may I add, please forgive me if I unintentionally miss you either in email or our appointments and always contact me if it happens.  Please.
How the hell do we keep organized??  I’ll tell you, if it wasn’t for you and the information you bring to the party each and every day, I would be sure I went coo-coo.  So thank you for keeping what’s left of my own sanity, intact!! lol
So now, what has been long withheld from the consciousness of humankind, is starting to be released.
But lets take this all a bit further and connect my crazy ass life to what has been revealed thru the readings these last weeks.  Remember there for a few days spirit was saying we are so accustomed to knowing we need to speed up our vibration, that in order for anything to hold in this realm of matter, we also need to see and use the slower vibration.  Ummm, that was me Friday!!  My mind so slow like wading thru molasses and yet, I was able to see every reading and even understand most of it.  Today is Sunday, and unlike most reading days, the information is still very much intact and expanding.  Often times, what comes thru a reading I have no need to retain, we are looking at your super powers and what you need to do with it.  Obviously these connections on Friday were so important, my mind had to slow way down to truly absorb and retain it all.  It worked!
So now, let’s go back to the power sites we are aware of on this earth,  Many of them have very particular alignments, especially to equinox and solstice times.  In readings, solstice and equinoxes are highly magnetic energy times.  An energy formation that pulls energy to you and equally releases it for your creation of whatever is held deep in your core.  What if, what I have been seeing and understanding in readings for years, is more true than esoteric??
If all this wasn’t enough to blow my tired ass mind, I was also shown how important the ET connection sessions were that I offered for about a year and a half, then changed to incorporate the superpowers course, because I was getting tons of information, understandings, energy enhancements thru those that showed up, but less than 20 of the people who signed up for the course had full on ET connections by the time we were done.  It all started to become more of me doing information sharing from the ET’s than people doing their homework.  That was not the intention and yet, it all strengthened my connections that I never cared to have, for this expanded moment we are in.  I would have never done that if you did not show up.  Look just how often you push me over a cliff I had no desire to leap off of.  Thank you???
Now with all this, I have become even more super excited about my eventual trip to Mexico, the zone of silence, the ancient temples especially the temple of the son and the temple of the moon.  I am really feeling its going to be a spring equinox adventure.  There is no doubt in my heart, I have a lot to remember between now and arriving there.
Now lets take a moment to look at yesterday in the field.  Keep in mind, if we ever have an appointment scheduled and I do not call you, PLEASE call me or at least, know my internet is more than likely down if I am a now show.  Four people called me for their appointments yesterday, to the other two, so sorry I was an unintentional no-show.
What I found most interesting about yesterdays readings, every one of them was oriented on work being done exterior to their glass terrarium looking thing.  I kept remembering one of the readings a while back, her terrarium, kinda looked like an igloo, only because of the small opening in the front, and her team said it is the bridgeway into December.  What I am feeling is we have done as much of the inside work, rearranging, whatever it is we have been doing and now the finishing touches are being hooked up, externally.  I don’t fully understand it at all, no two were even close to being the same to even start snapping the puzzle pieces in.  So on that note, we will pick up there tomorrow.
However, I do want go back to that movie I embedded here and the formations he is using as examples from his adventures.  Most especially go to timestamp 30:15… look familiar??  Looks like you in the field, minus the inner circle.  The triangle just came online within us within the last week.  His image shows us one more inlay upcoming.  No doubt, what the enormity of December is all about.  Just a note, I have not watched beyond 40 minutes yet… I will get to that eventually.  I go into holy shit mode and turn it off until my team is done explaining things to me.
One of the things that I am becoming very aware of, the symbols etched into the rocks or even the landscape itself, are instructions for use.  What energy systems, what we think of as portals, what combination of energy it harnesses to use and stuff.  I do not think anyone “one” of us will have all the information to reactive these energy systems that are all around the world and truly, interconnect with each other.  I would LOVE to do a conference, in the physical with people who are currently working with these sites, that understand the sound, ley lines and stuff, the things I have no clue about.  Because the way spirit works, no one person is the key to unlocking this tremendous potential (that’s why everyone gets homework lol) but as a group energy, understanding the maps we are decoding within ourselves… holy chit batman!!
I now have an intense and excited intention for 2016!!!  Teotihuacan, Mexico anyone?
Ohhh before I close, and as I was adding to this information today, Kokopelli suddenly crossed my mind, so I looked him up.  The flute playing trickster god of fertility.  Obviously an intergalactic Being who understood sound frequencies and how to sing with his flute  to the weather to bring what was needed, fertilize human eggs (make babies in women) but most interesting of all, the Hopi talks about the waxing and waning moon cycles as the times when they “see” him.
And I think of my new investment of a pan flute with the instruction to bring it to mexico to use. Hmmmmmmm!!!!
Getting to here, the Sun has been a huge and relevant player.  As we crossed over the 11-11 threshold, all of a sudden it’s all about the moon, the lunar energies and our relationship within it.  I have a big big feeling inside that this is one of the final pieces of the puzzle to bring a lot to Light as we climb into the fields of 2016!!  I am so excited!! lol
OMG, I just heard my team say “We are the ancient aliens that worked all this grid work, now we must REMEMBER!!”  …Without fear!!
I love you, so much!!!  Thank you for Being you in all your brilliance!!
((((HUGZ)))) of hidden artifacts being revealed thru us!!!  YAY team!!!
The entire grid of earth is encoded to work together.


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  2. Lisa,

    I’ve been following these earth structure sites for 40 years. Here’s the best blog on the info.

    Look at the photos here:


  3. I think time may be passing away 😉 becoming unstable


  4. Me! Me! Pick me, as a travel companion! When you first posted about The Zone of Silence, I was covered in goosebumps, chills running thru my electrical systems creating a fast moving vibration causing my human to physically {{shake}}. Of course I flew straight to google to read about this place, and it set up a yearning in my pounding heart 💗. I thought, ‘oh my GOD, I want to go to this place too! and how beyond words amazing would it be to be there with Lisa?!!’ I set the desire aside because you were planning to go in December and I knew I couldn’t go at that time. I was told “spring 2016′ … Ok… Well THAT seems FOREVER away, but OK! And then, you wrote that YOU were now planning to visit The Zone of Silence in the SPRING OF 2016 and asked if anyone wanted to join you AND you mentioned my reading with you in your post… WHAT?!!! So, if it {{feels}} right to you I’ll GO!

    Love & Gratitude Anne


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