Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 25, 2015

The Body Temple and the Food of Consciousness.


Happy Full moon everyone!!  Ohhh shiny, shiny, shiny!!  And so many new things are growing in our personal and collective terrariums filled with Life.  Forget G Force, we have Life Force!!  Spirits joke there and yes, their humor has hit a new high!! lol

Even tho yesterday, so many new things are emerging within people’s personal space, spirit was focused in between the readings, on taking yesterdays sharing a step further.  And I knew, with the intricacy of  information they were sharing, that that info would be the focus of today’s sharing, a continuation, a fulfillment, of yesterdays.

I snagged an image off the internet and added the detail that I kept seeing yesterday.  Something I have only started seeing and understanding yesterday (and let me tell ya, a lot of things that got us to here in understanding, started to change, added detail to so many things I thought I knew… but now we are getting the bigger picture.)

If we look at this image the way I see the field, the circle that says energy field, that would be your center of created life, now known as your terrarium.  Outside that field is the larger platform of life, everything beyond your immediate control, going shopping for example, the shopping center and all that exist there is in the outer field. Yesterday however, spirit incorporated the triangle over the body.  My simple lines are not very accurate.  There is no part of the body that is outside the triangle and it originates, or is at its apex at the pineal gland, the center point of our consciousness.

energy and body

The bottom part, the wide area at the triangle actually makes sense of how I have started to see the fullness of our energy body, our energy centers, especially that which we call the root chakra in my massage sessions.  To me, the root actually spreads out across the hips and creates like a hoop skirt down to the ground with a bunch of tubules that are embedded there, connecting to every life we have ever lived or ever will live at the ground level, earth level.

As they created this triangle over the body, they brought in a term many people use in relationship to themselves “the body temple” or the “temple of the body.”  But just like many of the temples we have created for certain things, we also have a variety of “conditions,” ideas, about how this temple works best.  But, as my team explained, conditions and judgements actually defuse the totality of this amazing creation called a body.

If we look at the apex of the triangle, it is drawing in the power from the consciousness itself.  It forms the reality construct around you, and at the same time, draws from various life times that ignited whatever it is we area drawing in.

So, this amazing thing called a body, what spirit calls the greatest energy source ever conceived, works by the energy in the consciousness.  The purer (based on truth not assumptions) the consciousness, the more efficient, the higher the energy output and capabilities of the body are.

The greatest dysfunction we have with our bodies is our thoughts around food.  If we have a judgement around anything, we have tainted the full capacity of our energy system because we eat that as our food.  It never has been about what we eat, it’s about judging what we eat or don’t eat.  Which brought my team to their first example, something I have heard many times from people and shared information that I had no idea what they could possibly mean.  A clean diet.  What the hell is that??  My food isn’t dirty, ok I do live by the 10 second rule, sometimes, maybe, it is a little dirty but I ain’t wasting one drop of chocolate!!

To spirit, clean means free of judgement or conditions.  To us, we changed it to mean certain types of food I guess.  In the last couple of weeks, a few people told me they were instructed by their team to eat vegan.  My insides cringed and I admittedly said I would kick my team in their ass if they even suggested I do that.  Each time, I hear my team giggle and reply, we would never ask you to, first of all, we know you wouldn’t.  Which actually had me pondering deeper, because at the end of the day, I would and have done, every single thing my team has ever asked me to do.

To spirit any suggestion to diets is to facilitate and clear the judgements out of the consciousness about anything.  That is the cleanest eating anyone can do.  If we think something is good for you or bad for you is judgement, an energetic weightiness that slows down the vibration of anything consumed.  As opposed to simply Being deLightful to eat, or not appealing at all to eat.  Organ meat is not appealing to me at all, something in my body system repels my lips from consuming organs.  I have no judgement at all about organ meat, it just doesn’t fit into my dietary needs I guess.  Our taste buds and smell centers should be the driving force of all we consume, and believe it or not, that goes way beyond food.  Truth has a taste and smell to it, which is why lies have so commonly been labeled bullshit, there is a distinct odor and unappealing taste to BS.  Once we refine our systems, clear it of all and any belief systems, it becomes clearer and clearer what is true for us.  Equally, truth in all its depth has layers.  Don’t settle for the first layer, always strive to go deeper.  Kinda like eating a baklava, layers upon layers of truth to bite into!!


So, let’s go back to this amazing power center called our body’s, what we draw in from the consciousness creates our reality.  Now in readings, I see our consciousness as about 3 feet thick, again, going to scale of my vision and not literally.  There is the working consciousness at the bottom level, the mid consciousness, new ideas, concepts and skills opening up into your awareness (which is where our readings unfold) and then the higher level consciousness, unseeable/unknowable by me, or you until we start to bring in and use the mid consciousness level of energy, which flushes out or expands with new information, the older concepts that got us to here at the lower level.

Going back to dietary intake, if we eat judgement, we produce judgement in our lives as living energy systems, however they may show up.  The judgement or condition itself becomes imbedded in our body and produces energy to that effect.  When we change our relationship to how we think about anything, especially food in all its variety, we begin the process of releasing the old energy, the judgments and conditions we embedded within our cellular structure to pure Light energy.

If we think, for a single moment that our chemical system, our biochemical lab of life is contingent on physical food, we really don’t understand what we are made of, what LIFE is made.  It’s ALL energy.  It is ALL source energy.  It is ALL LOVE made manifest.  To eat clean is to KNOW this from the depths of our souls.

My team, in my very early beginnings as I started to hear all kinds of talk about good and bad things, smoking… OMG so many people told me it reduces my spiritual growth.  My team said bullshit.  Phew, thank god for that!!  Anything in moderation is perfect.  Hmmm moderation huh??  At that time, I was smoking 3 cartons a week…. A WEEK!!  I was a stressed out human back then.  I eventually found moderation with a pack a day… to this day.  My Holy Smoke!! ❤

I have got to share a semi quote from my new favorite audio book I am listening to “My Big Toe” by Thomas Campbell.  I say semi because I don’t remember it word for word, but the concept of his expression is too awesome to not share.  It is from the chapter called “The Belief Trap” and he asked his team is there any beliefs out there that are good for you and his team’s reply is priceless, is there any time ignorance is good for you??

Eat clean food directly from Your Source of Life.  Assume nothing, question everything (including me!!)  That is what gets the juices flowing!!

So tomorrow, the biggest eating day of the year, Thanksgiving in the USA, be mindful of the conversations filling your food, Change the channel to loving gratitude when ever you can, and celebrate the life that gave its life to our own, be it animal, vegetable or something created by the masters of creation, human made.

What are you fertilizing in your field of life???

Until tomorrow…  may the brilliance of this emotional high of a full moon illuminate the greatest aspects of your amazing self to live out loud in the land of created reality!!

I love you all sooo much.  You really are my candy of Life!!  Num, num num!!

((((HUGZ))))) of clear mind and powerful growth to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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shit happens



  1. Ok. I know you’ve talked about the food thing for awhile now and some of it makes sense but some of it is just downright confusing to me. I had food allergies as a child and never thought I had a judgement about food. Of course I only wanted to eat foods that tasted good and avoid those that tasted awful, but other than that I pretty much ate a variety. So, is that still having a judgement about food? Corn tastes good, I want to eat corn, chocolate tastes good, I want to eat chocolate, liver tastes awful, I want to avoid eating liver, etc. I would get this strange rash all over my body and the doctors figured out I had food allergies and had to avoid a list of foods, although some of them I actually liked so was sad to avoid them.

    When I got older I would get migrane headaches a lot and I found out then I also had environmental allergies that were triggering the headaches. Things like perfume, cigarette smoke, gas fumes when filling up the car tank, chemicals in food like msg, artificial colors, etc. When I avoided all these things I felt better and would not get headaches, so of course I had to read food labels to avoid the food additives, but it did make a difference. Maybe I had a lot of other underlying issues that triggered these allergies. I’ve been working on them too and I always bless my food with love, but I know I still go back to that “this certain food has msg in it so I’m not going to eat it”.

    I’ve done a lot of research since then on health issues, gmo’s, vaccines, etc. and I bless everything with love and I see that everything is more or less created by source or God, but man can also manipulate these things to be not in our best interests to consume. A cat consuming anti freeze will die from it. A dog eating too much chocolate will die from it. So even though I may bless my gmo corn with love I think I will still avoid eating it. I’ve had enough headaches in my day and don’t want to take a chance.

    Some concepts are just too darn confusing anymore and I do try to be non judgmental but sometimes it’s so dang hard to do and I know how my body feels when I eat certain things so I guess I just have to use that as a guage and each person has to make the choices that are right for them.

    Blessings to you and Happy Thanksgiving,


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  3. YES!!! this is so awesome, the day before i read this i saw a talk about magic and how we all make magic with our thoughts, then i saw a post on Facebook, can’t remember exactly what it was but it said something that eating meat was wrong because of all the abuse animals were put on and something came to me!! when someone says ” i want to eat only vegetables because of the animal abuse” then the universe has to create that abuse on animals to give that person their reason to eat vegetables, i was so shocked!!! all vegans that chose to not eat meat because of the animal abuse on farms are creating that abuse!!! and they don’t even know it!!! and it’s the same with all the decisions we make, if we chose something because it’s “good” we are automatically creating the “bad” to justify that “good” and reading this blog was like a confirmation of that, wow!!
    well i know you know but felt i needed to write this 🙂 to say that i in-joy reading your blog Lisa.

    ~ Love love ~


  4. Hey Lisa, Thanks about food; I love that. Reading your blog latest to oldest. Picture of being in 2 triangular solids is a merkaba. Very interesting. Just had mine connected a couple of weeks ago.


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