Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 24, 2015

What Goes In, MUST Come Out! Can we just say: Holy Shit!! <3 :-)

Look at the pathway of what we take in, thru the heart and lungs, down thru the stomach and liver, out as fertilizer, or not.

Look at the pathway of what we take in, thru the heart and lungs, down thru the stomach and liver, out as fertilizer, or not.

The first thing I have got to share today is yet another reading that took my jaw and dropped it straight to the floor.  We all know spirit uses their creative license anyway they want to get the message of understanding out, but HOLY SHIT (wink wink) this took it to a level that I never ever expected to see in a reading.

My lady shows up sitting on a wrap around (the entire inside of her terrarium) wooden bench at due east area.  She is completely naked, thank goodness her back is to me.  Her right leg is crossed over the top of her left leg and her right hand is tapping the top of her right leg, like she is waiting for something and it just isn’t coming fast enough.  I do want to add, just about everyone was naked in their readings yesterday, and I want to thank spirit for blurring out the personal parts.  I guess we should understand naked, stripped down, nothing left to hide and ready for the new attire getting ready to reveal itself as we move thru this exciting full moon of illumination phase.

So there she is, tapping and waiting and there is nothing else that I can see.  So I kinda yell at her (with love, of course) would ya get up and do something!  Man she is obedient!!  Instantly, she got up off her bench, walked directly to the center point of her terrarium (power of creation center) and tilted her head up towards the sky, opened her mouth and this thick liquid gold stream of energy just started pouring down from the top of her terrarium and straight into her mouth.  This lady would make even the greatest beer bong champion blush in shame, she guzzled and guzzled and never spilled a drop!  As I started wondering what the hell you drinking, her team instantly said mana.  Drinking in the pure energy of Source to fuel the desires within her heart.  Alrighty then, at least she is doing something other than waiting!!  But what came next… phew baby, I will forget in all my lives, ever!! lol

She easily guzzled down a few gallons of this golden mana and then she went over to the west field, what I didn’t notice until the reading was almost over, her field actually expanded, grew in size.  Until this moment, everyone’s reading is unfolding in lets just say a 10 foot in radius terrarium, now she is taking up the entire field.  This “action” puts the words “enlarge my territory” into play as well.

There she is, standing in the west field and then suddenly I see an energetic outline of what looked like an old fashion outhouse take form.  Sure enough, it is a spiritual outhouse and this beautiful, naked lady sat down and well, there is no mistaking someone taking a healthy shit on a toilet!!  With every ounce of surprise and intense laughter I had in me, I just OMG your taking a shit!!  What the hell????  Her team made sure I added a word to my startled sentence, it’s a “holy shit.”  WHAAAATTTTT????

Forget the golden egg, embedded in us is that deeply unappreciated golden turd!  We spent most of our time together laughing our freakin asses off.  She is the only person I have ever seen that shows up for her reading to take a shit!!  Not just any kind of shit, a HOLY SHIT!!

After she was done there, back over to the east she went, sat back down on her wooden wrap around bench and at her feet were two things, on the ground at her right foot was the tiniest baby I had ever seen, about 6 inches big but fully formed.  New life.  Right foot, representing her spiritual life.  At her left foot was this kewlest, clear crystal looking thing, sacred geometry on steroids.  It had many points to it, but no matter how you looked at it, it always looked diamond-shaped, point up and point down.  It’s hard to explain and the closest thing I could find out there on the internet was something like this:


But in full depth and radiance, a 3D crystal thingie.  Her team explained this is the energy that creates the outcome in her material world for her desires.  But, before this becomes active, she must go and drinking in the mana of her soul Source.  Let’s understand this part clearly, because as funny as it was, and let me tell you, it was freakin hilarious, there is a seriousness to it all.

I watched again as she drank this golden mana in, I watched as it went down and radiated her core energy, and tiny little lines of gold sprawled thru her body to ignite the organs and veins and stuff with this energy, what was absorbed, radiated in her body, what was not needed was released as fertilizer for her desires.  Holy shit, if you will.

Her team explained how we don’t value the full functions of our body’s.  We can look at animals and see how their fecal matter can fertilize our fields of life, our gardens and farms and yet, our own holy shit, plopped in the energy carrying water we call our toilet bowl, runs thru the currents of life (or better known as our sewage pipes) and fertilizes so much, or remains dormant, uncharged by our relationship with the amazing function we call our body.

Equally, as we were understanding all this, suddenly she must have been or had a fairy godmother (reminiscent to Cinderella) because clothes started to wrap around her body.  The most beautiful shimmering silver outfit that kept changing.  One piece, long gown, miniskirt and her team said her clothes must change to fit the situation.  The reflective silver is the reflection of her Self and the New world in which we are creating (and shitting in, lol, sorry, couldn’t help myself!!)

Our bodies are transformers!!  We undervalue our personal biological creation and give so much honor to just energy, energy without matter is simply energy.  Matter infused with the mana of sacred life force, well….

We even got a little exercise that I would like to share out for anyone who dares!!  When you sit down to eat, doesn’t matter what your eating (as long as you have already fully removed any and all judgement from ALL food) take your hands, which stream energy from the heart and soul, and embed the desires into your food.  Then eat your food and digest that desire thru your whole body.  In 24  to 72 hours, when the excess comes out as Holy Shit, know, with honor and gratitude that your desires are now being fertilized thru the realm of created matter and will soon arrive in your world.

All I could think about as they said this, Jorge in my toilet bowl and I crap on him to bring him to my door.  Bless his heart.  I have never laughed so damn much thru a reading.  I will also, never look at my morning routine (smile) the same, again, ever.  Holy Shit even!!  I want a T-Shirt with a golden turn on it that says Holy Shit!!  Dear Santa…  lol

Even in my dream state last evening, I was remembering her reading, absorbing the parts I may have missed because we couldn’t stop laughing.  Then the dream turned to my first boyfriend, George, the book end Jorge is supposed to resemble (first love, last love.)  We ever overlooking the hills of Pennsylvania and he was explaining the weightiness of this land, how people get anchored and cannot seem to get out of their own stories even if they are long over.  That’s all I remember.

However, I feel a tie in to another reading that just hung in my mind.  We didn’t finish her reading, there was so much noise (talking and laughter) around her I kept getting distracted (I am easily distracted with outside noise.)  She was/is on vacation, attending some healer seminar in Italy but lives here in the states.  Her terrarium had only one section that I could see and that was the southeast quadrant, the past and the new.  She too had a bench, but instead of it being vibrant healthy wood, the wood itself was old and rotting and she was balled up in a fetal position under the bench.  Come to think of it, she had faint clothes on, I guess kinda like very sheer danskin one piece workout attire.  Somehow, I feel that the bench represented italy itself.  Old energy, then again, it is home to the capital of Catholicism.  Somehow, my dream of George and her reading tie in.  I couldn’t concentrate enough and rescheduled.

But before I go, there is one more reading I do want to share from yesterday.  My first naked lady on the field.  She was pushing on the inside of her terrarium glass at the south side, like she is trying to break out and get into life.  Her feet were strange, because she had both feet at the bottom of the glass pushing outwards like her hands were, yet at the same time, her feet were standing on the ground and there was grass growing at her feet.  Holy cow, this is the first time I am seeing life growing at the ground!!  Yay, we are moving, growing!!

I could not understand what she was trying to leave her precious, fully radiant biosphere for.  Once you are Here, the inner and outer work it took to get Here, ya don’t want to leave.  Then i got it… she explained she is starting school in January (hence the grass) to become an addiction counselor.  Like my Holy Shit lady, this message, orientation is important for everyone to understand, no matter what you choose to do.

Our job is to bring the new information, the wisdom, the new way to Be in Life, to Be within yourself, to the old constructs.  Infiltration en masse.  She is not to sit idle in class and absorb old information, old application, but to bring the class into her terrarium and release the new unto their hearts and ears.

Ohh one more thing from yet another lady on a flying trapeze, (spirit out did themselves yesterday with imagery.)  She too, was a counselor and at the very end of our time together, as she swings into the past and future to assist others, as well as bringing in the new energy from the west and putting it all together for the new outcome for her self and her clients, she… we all are cautioned to stop seeing anyone as having any “blocks.”  Anything that is less than perfection in body.

We are to look with the eyes our of soul, the perfection of all things, see and know their radiance and work there.  Bring that out of them.  When we focus on blocks, we make them stronger due to our intense energy field.  When our teams see us, they see and focus on the outcome.  We would have never gotten to here had the focus been on our issues.  They gave us a little kick, got us over the hump but their focus is always on the outcome of who and what we are next.  As our needs to be too.

On that note, my day begins.  I had a massive 10 hours of sleep yesterday!!  The field rocked me to the core.  Time to power up again for another major dose!!

I love you all so much and appreciate your bobbing and weaving with me.  All-ways!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with golden fertilizers thru ALL ❤

Lisa Gawlas

Too funny not to include!! <3

Too funny not to include!! ❤




  1. I have felt, during the elimination process, we are purging, releasing, density, that which no longer serves. BUTT (grin) who would I confirm what I have been feeling, seeing, knowing, this to be. We don’t talk about such things. Thank you for the “right on”.

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