Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 23, 2015

Living In Our Pimped Out, Fully Equipped Terrarium!!

terrariums of life

What an unusual day yesterday was, of course, we really can say this about every day.  The highs, the lows, the down right excitingly bizarre!!  I got up at my usual 4am, but instead of bouncing out of bed, I drug myself out, even after having a full 7 hours sleep.  I even had a topic I wanted to share yesterday, but as I sat at my computer my whole brain was flatlining.  I was getting more tired mentally than before I went to sleep the night prior.  Even tho I could see the image from the reading the day prior I wanted to write about, the words were not coming, at all.  I was not completely surprised when my first reading showed up, but my spiritual abilities did not.  Even just holding high vibrational conversations was not within me yesterday.  My mind stayed in bed while the body got up and slugged around the day.  My eyes started burning, ya know that burning you get when you just need to go to sleep already?  Only I wasn’t physically tired, just mentally.  I payed attention to my eyes, the burning sensation was only happening at the top part of the eye, where eyeball meets orbital socket at the top.  I realized it was not so much the eyeball or the bone structure that was burning, it was that place between the two.  One thing is for sure, I became completely aware of how much mental energy it takes to bitch.  I was even too tapped out to bitch about not being able to see.  THAT is a rarity.

I did the only thing I could do, retreated to my couch, put on a movie and for the first time in what feels like forever, watched.  Usually my TV is on for background noise.  It occupies my lower mind while my higher mind processes.  The movie that was on was “Remember the Titans,” a true story about one of the first integrated football teams in Virginia.  Hold that thought for a minute…

The night prior, in meditation class, we all built our own personal soul gyms, one of the rooms in this gym was the room of knowledge, very, library like.  A place where we can go to understand something, extract knowledge then learn to live that knowledge as our life, turning it from knowledge to wisdom.

As I was watching this movie and see how people treated someone just because their skin color is different from their own, broke my heart.  I started to think about my own past lives and start the apology process if within any of them, I was one of those racially cruel people.  I was not given any clarity if I was or not, but instead, I felt like suddenly, I was within the room of knowledge, being given a larger understanding of the way this human world works, and why.

We come into this life to remember our inner strength, our spirit and all that goes with that.  To fully learn ourselves, we place ourselves in the diverse of situations, including the roles of tormented and tormentor.  This is not to make our personal lives hard, but richer, believe it or not.  It all (eventually) forces us to a place to reevaluate who and what we choose to be, whether in this lifetime, or the next 20 or 30.  When we have fully diffused whatever we were feeling to cause such a division in our lives, when we embraced that part of us that IS NOT that, we personally remove the restrictions around that.  It no longer has any sort of emotional or energetic effect on us, personally.  Then, just like a football player running the ball to the goal, we become the living runners to change the field of energy by our own personal presentation on the field.  Obama did that very thing when he ran for president.  Against all odds, within a still racially divided country, he put himself out there and ran thru goal and changed the world, empowered people.

As I am understanding all this, I was taken to something that was sitting just under my skin with a post on my facebook, pray for world peace.  Every day, every individual is being given the opportunity to come to peace within themselves.  To know the wonder that is their life and what they can do to serve.  To change the diversity that is underway would be to throw a blanket over everyone, that would keep them in the dark instead of the contrasting field of Life/Light.  It was further explained that people who pray for world peace are truly seeking peace within themselves.

Every dramatic event that happens here in this beautiful, contrasting place we call earth, is deepening the peace in some, rattling the hate and fear in others and this is how we remember ourselves.  It is not our job to remove people from their ongoing lessons, but it is our job to focus on the Light of our own worlds and grow that.

I cannot believe I am getting this parallel example.  In 9th grade the school I was attending demanded I take one year of algebra.  I hated it.  I don’t give a shit what x or z equals, if you can’t tell me, I don’t need to know.  I failed the first two quarters, went to my guidance counselor in tears after failing the second quarter and begged to get out of algebra and placed into general math.  She explained that that would be against the school’s policy and I was forced to take algebra whether I like it or not.  I failed the complete year.  By the next year, I was in a completely different home and different school system and never had to take algebra again.  Phew!!!

Moral of the story, there are some things that are happening per spiritual policy (if you will) for the learning of those who need that.  If you don’t want to learn that, MOVE!!  Change the lesson.  We are not confined to a place, to a structure, to anything.  But, it is YOUR responsibility to change it all in regards to your personal world.  Focus on what you do love, find the environment that flourishes that love.

When I was in my 30’s I entered college with the desire to be a nurse practitioner, which sadly, required algebra.  I quit college twice because I am highly allergic to algebra.  I found another way to be in service thru the healing arts, 10 years later of course and not in a way I could perceive any of it at the time.

On top of all this… the next thing I seen after I fully understood the value of such deep and at times, heart wrenching diversity, was my lady from the other day, the one I didn’t get to talk about yet.

We are still in our glass enclosures, which actually makes more sense given the above and really takes us deeper into the saying “Be in this world, not of it.”  Our glass enclosure is much like a terrarium, all we need is within our personal fields of created reality, sealed for our personal use, growth and flourishment.  We can see outside the glass, but are shielded from the hostel appearing environment, unless we move outside of our enclosure or are in a situation that keeps moving us out.  Remember, karma always flows to the one in lesson and if you are partnered in any way with someone still living deep in the throes of duality, well… you are part of their story/experience, until you choose not to be.

So my precious lady, the first thing I could see were these various lines of light, kinda like thin laser beams streaming onto the upper part of her glass dome area.  As soon as the light point connected to the glass, I could see that spot melt, not melt away, just melted that spot.  The next thing I see is like a boiling cloud system engulfing the top 3 feet of the inside of her glass dome enclosure.  If clouds could boil like water does, that’s what it looked like to me.  Freakin bizarre!  I knew this cloud energy represented her consciousness, but what the hell was boiling??  Her consciousness, of course!!  lol  These very particular (never got any further information on this streams of light) points of light were raising the frequency (hence glass melting) and connecting to one of the boiling bubbles in her consciousness.  When it hit the bubble, the bubble burst, released oozy stuff into the cloud like part of her consciousness.

The next thing I seen was her crazy body.  Three long, intertwined twigs.  They were intertwined like this, but wood, twigs:



At the ground level, holy cow, chunks of gold!!  I want that kind ground!! lol  The ground beneath her woody feet (smile) was made of gold, of the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I see in readings.  The fact it was in chunks, makes it tangible, partnered with her realm of creation.  The three twigs intertwined is representing the full on relationship she has with earth, creation made manifest, connected deeply into the high frequency field of light we know and love as spirit or heaven.

I then could feel one of her boiling bubbles burst as a light hit it, it oozed into her consciousness then rain down one of those intertwined twig things, which represented her physical body.  I could feel the energy run down my own body as I watched this happen, or maybe I moved into her to feel it happen… and then as it ran out the feet, the energy of gold chunks (I knew, but did not see at the time of the reading, but do today) took form.

When we hit a particular frequency, and we are hitting many of them, watch out for December, its all upwards bound day by day there, our consciousness goes thru a change, think ab0ut the boiling point of anything, liquid changes into vapor.  For this example, knowledge turns into wisdom, which streams thru our body, as our body/physical lives and changes the very ground we live upon.  Ideas take form.  Desires become manifest, and so on.

So what are these three woody twigs that are making up my precious lady’s body??  No matter what I choose to use as description, my team says even that is too limiting.  However, the way this amazing and divine universe works, as I was typing out the way i seen my lady’s body above, I received a marshmallow message from my beloved Kryon.  I am going to share his message here, because it really states what I was seeing with her twiggy body:

Do Angels Exist? 
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Humanization of God”
July 2011 in Totowa, NJ 

…Humans want angels to be the “divine factory workers for God,” each with a task. It’s not that way! When you breathe the air, does it line up as individual molecules with names and tasks, then enter your lungs in a row? Get used to the concept of what they call in physics entanglement. It’s a word used in the quantum world that describes an odd attribute of matter that seems to be “connected to everything all the time.”

I want you to get used to something that is profound and beautiful. You are part of everything! You’re not separated from it. You belong to it. You may be individual bodies in 3D, but in a multidimensional world, you are connected to everything!


So let’s go to to really understand quantum entanglement:

Quantum entanglement

Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated.

Heaven and earth, running thru you, as you, if you allow it to (fully speaking of course.)

Here is one hell of an entanglement I did not know until just now.  Saturday, about an hour before meditation class, I got the download of what spirit wanted to focus on this week.  Creating everyone’s personal soul gym and creating five particular rooms within it.  Of course, as I was getting the download I was also seeing what this looked like, clear crystal, colored coded crystal rooms, room assignments and so on.  I have become so entangled in the world of spirit that just downloading the information, makes it so.  So twice in one evening, I inadvertently went to my own inner/outer gym (not quite sure how that works really.)  I personally wasn’t “doing” the meditation, but I don’t have to any more.

What I experienced yesterday as the burning in my eyes, came from the “bioengineering” room.  Upgrades to my field of vision.  HA!!  My team intentionally skipped me on the special talents room, and I skipped it in directing the meditation in class.  I had it all written down and was using my finger as a guide to make sure everyone created all the rooms while we were together and I still missed that one.  Hey!!  I want a new special talent, thank you very much!! lol

We are entangled!! But equally, make sure the energy around you (that you live within) is as clear as your desires within.  Entanglement works in all ways.

On that note, I am getting my semi-perky butt ready for a day of joyful entanglement with YOU.  I love you so very very much and I cannot think of better entanglements than YOU.

((((HUGZ)))) entangled love to ALL!!  (sounds kinda like an orgy lol)

Lisa Gawlas









  1. Algebra is the fucking EASIEST higher math out there, period.

    All you are doing is BALANCING an equation, on both sides of an equals sign.
    All you are doing, is simply trying to find one lousy number, by substituting it with anything — an “x”, a “y”, an “n”, a “z”….doesn’t matter.

    You are looking for that missing number, that will cause both sides to balance equally. Perfectly.

    So Simple.

    It’s CALCULUS that can be the killer. If no one first explains Calculus to you, what in the hell the actual purpose of it, is. Which they don’t. Of course.

    And it was Calculus which I failed in first year low-frequency University, but took again a few years later in a College night course while working full time at some Government job.
    The teacher this time actually loved the material, loved his students, made the material so easy to grasp — that I aced the Calculus course with A+.
    Top of the class. Instead of bottom, this time around.

    But back to you.

    The message the Universe was always trying to bang you over the head with, regarding you constantly failing easy Algebra….is that you have never learned to *BALANCE YOURSELF*.

    To this day, you have still not passed the course, and you still have not learned the art of internal, Ascended Master, NEUTRAL, Point of Singularity, Zero Point, *Balance*.

    BTW, I Homeschool teach. On top of everything else.

    “Calculus is the mathematical study of change, in the same way that geometry is the study of shape and algebra is the study of operations and their application to solving equations.”

    (Pic showing measuring the change that has occurred along a particular section of a Frequency Wave of energy)


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