Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 19, 2015

YOU Are the Winds of Change – “Know Thyself and Thy Desires!!”


There were several themes that were unfolding throughout yesterday’s readings.  But, who am I if I am not doing a little griping about something.  I feel like I have gone from the ignorant physicist to a meteorologist.  The first four connections all showed up as some variation of wind.  Until yesterday I never stopped to pay attention to just how diversified the wind is!  It takes on many forms for many various purposes.  I had one lady who was in a funnel formation about 3 feet above the ground, pulling new life up thru the earth thru her rotating winds of suction.  Another lady was in a forward stream of intense wind blow from the deep south into her field of life, hitting this clear filmy thing.  Something in her way, what her team said was a perceived limitation.  Her team said to intensify the wind to create a “breakthrough.”  Another lady was little swirling dirt devils, moving from one place to another, sucking up all that is her and moving it from one spot to another, the only thing really changing is the landscape.

I will get to my fourth version of wind as a body in a moment.  Two things were very clear, WE are the winds of changing happening on the earth.  We are the ones breaking thru the limitations, bring the new to the topside of earth for all to see and experience (if they dare.)   We have the ability to strengthen our force field, piece veils of realities, pull from the bounty of earth all that we desire, and move into places (consciousnesses) where something solid cannot.  We can leave the old behind, or swirl it all up and take it with us.  That’s POWER, that’s freakin amazing really.  There is nothing more unlimited than the wind.

Incorporated in all this wind energy was two words, energy fields that was crucial for every one of us to recognize.  Patience vs impatience.  Like my first lady awaiting the arrival of something in her field (under the funnel cloud) her team said, just be patient, it is coming and will arrive suddenly.  My southern stream of wind blowing against the clear filmy thing, now is the time for impatience, blow harder, more forceful, it is time to break through.

But my fourth lady gave us all a larger view of this whole patience, impatient thing.  First she took me by surprise, instead of being topside on the earth as everyone before her was, she was coiled up about 3 feet deep into the east field, (think, kundalini energy, but in the version of wind not snakes) as she uncoiled she was blowing a hole in the surface of the earth about the size of a soccer ball around.  The dirt was blowing all over the place, from the east field to the west, north, south, no part of her field of life was untouched by the dirt debris.  She was releasing new energy that has been stored in the earth for an eternity and by her uncoiling, releasing it topside.

Lets think about this for a moment, when we have volcanoes, or even geysers flow upwards from deep within the earth, there is a wind of energy embedded in its movement.  Talking something that was once inside the earth and releasing it topside.  New life, new energy, new placement upon the earth.

As I watched in amazement, I could see tiny specks of energy, that her team likened to sperm seeds flying all over the air thru her uncoiling and rising upwards, outwards.  Then, I watched as dirt particles came together and formed a mound around each sperm (talk about creation working in the opposite direction, usually sperm penetrate egg, not in everything I suppose.)  These mounds were planted in various places amongst her field, with one particular thing being “ripe” for the picking she gets under the full moon energy.  Her team used the word “ripe” many times along with the analogy of an apple falling from the tree when it is ripe.

We have seeded many an amazing thing in this emerging new reality we have created together.  It becomes “ripe” when the collective frequency hits a pivotal point of emergence.

Her question brought a lot of clarity for all of us.  She had said there are many things she has seeded as desires, and she is not sure which one to focus on.  Focus the thing that right in front of you, or will be right in front of you.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor, but don’t get stuck there either.  Once you gleaned all you needed from that (whatever it is) it will emerge into the next seed planted and ready for your partaking.  Go there next.

Patience and impatience an intertwined bow.

For all the wind and earth I got to see, what spirit kept strictly out of my field of vision (“on purpose”) was what it is that is arriving.  Echoed thru each session was the phrase “know thyself and thy heart of desires.”

Ohh gotta share this giggle of truth here that I am hearing, “if you are going to ejaculate onto this very fertile earth, you best know what you are creating and how.”  Welcome to the season of December!!

Geez, spirit is ona kinky role in my morning field of vision.  I am seeing (gee-zus) different forms of ejaculation, the trickle out kind, no power to do anything but sit there all the way thru the egg shearing force field kind, where the force of orgasm (which coincides with ejaculation) is so powerful you think it just may come out of your partner’s nose.

Both have value and our job is to know the values and experience our creations within it all.

My fifth lady… tripped me right up.  I am waiting to see her version  of wind and instead, she is a merging cloud system above.  What the hell??  One cloud coming in from the south, things desired but have not taken form yet, and a deep dark storm cloud moving in from the north, future, new energy to merge and ignite the cloud filled with unrealized desires.  I watched as the two merged together, becoming one large system, as she merged together, new life started to form within the clouds and like any over filled clouds, a storm started to rain down in her center field of life, things just showing up out of the clear blue for her to enjoy.  The lightning serving to turn on the current of its arrival, the thunder serving to be the frequency tone that equally gives it all life.  To me, it looked like heavy rain, but again, that is on purpose (that phrase is getting quite annoying!!)

Lets thing of how life on earth really works, we need all the elements to grow a good crop.  We need each other to grow our new world.  One without out the other turns on the patience knob, we must await the arrival of the rains of shambhala.  Everything has its season, but now, fall and spring are but a blink away from each other.  You and I, reside within that blink.

My last lady tied all  readings up into an amazing bow that I am just really seeing this morning.  There was no wind, no rain, just three sudden and unexpected flowers that popped into her reality construct at the threshold of december.  Three separate, but interrelated gifts she has desired and is there awaiting her arrival in the gateway as november opens to december (remember, even tho I see and use months as a way of telling a story, they are really energy systems themselves.)

Altho I did not see any details about december, yet, my 5th and 6th readings gave us a heads up about what we are going to get into next.

When i see the energy field we call 2016, just like years past, it is a vibration about 20 feet above our present moment.  We have spent all year raising our vibration, and we are now in the last moments of 2015.  Whatever is unfolding from this enormous shift we are undergoing called November, leads to an upward elevation thru december.

Let me back up a little more, because something just flashed across my brain!!  These “years” started to show themselves usually as we got into the later 3rd quarter of the year as energy vibrations, very much like power lines above where we see readings unfold currently (at the ground level.)  The first year I had seen this, the power line was vibrating silver (2013 highest earth energy I see in readings,) the next year was vibrating gold (2014 the highest spiritual vibration I see in reading) last year 2015, amazing blue (creator energy.)  This year, 2016 is ruby-red.  Stunning really.

That is telling us all a bigger story than I could have ever realized.  We left the old way of life when we made the leap from 2012 into 2013.  2013 was all about upgrading the frequency within our biology, our earth and adjusting to it all.  2014 was the soul merger into the biology, into the earth itself, alive and interactive as one.  This year, we embodied Source energy as a living energy within us (no longer outside of us.)  The trinity now set and living as a unified whole system (body, soul and source) gives way to the living earth and all we are capable of doing within it as a unified whole.

WE have changed the grid of life, the minds of all life, the force field of life and lifted the veil for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  We are the new song and it ain’t stopping, it’s only going higher.

As this year closes out, we will not have to leap, but dance our ways into 2016 and all that goes with it.

Can we just say… PARRRRR-TTTYYYYY!!!!!

I love each and every one of you wild thangs!!  I know realize, you literally are the wind beneath my wings!!  Thanks for the every evolving Lift!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wild ejaculations to ALL!!  (giggle)

Lisa Gawlas

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