Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 18, 2015

It’s Growing Season in the Fields of Shambhala!!!


What an interesting couple of days.  I cannot say productive from an appointment point of view, two days ago, as that big ole Ajax, ground cleaning storm rolled over head, my voice was up in the clouds with it.  I was concerned about losing internet or electronic, neither one happened, not once did I think, it just may wipe out my voice.  But then again, until these last two days, I would have said I witness mother nature happening, but would never say that I, WE, are a part of her force field.  We help to stir her up and smooth her out, and vise versa.  When spirit talks to us about being within the unified whole, they really are saying EVERYTHING in creation.

I spent the entire day of the 16th, silent, voiceless, but so freakin filled with energy.  I was hoping to further understand the golden sun rays that I could see at the earths atmosphere the day before in the readings.  I never would have looked at that communication as a precursor to not being able to see the field the next day.  Especially when I had such a vivid and interactive dream time helping to sew together the bits from the day prior.

Witnessing the way this Ajax of a storm happened reminded me a wash machine.  At 9am it started, a large burst of rain, hail and snow all at once zooming to the ground for about  5 or 10 minutes.  Then, I could feel the energy suddenly stop, the wash machine shift gears to the soak cycle and the sun peaked thru the thick clouds and soaked the ground for about 10 minutes.  Then, pure hail fell hard and loud all around.  The song of the hail all by itself reminded of the cymbals on a drum set, distinct, releasing a frequency all its own, unlike the hail that was accompanied by the rain and snow, sounding much more like a muffled bass drum.  Then, again stopping as fast as it started the sun came out for a longer stretch, a good thirty minutes and then the snow fell for the rest of the day.  I made sure I went outside to breath in each event, more for selfish reasons, I was hoping to restore my voice thru anyone of these events.  Nope.

When I woke up yesterday, I had only one thing on my mind, something that has been twisted up in my mind for the last couple of weeks.  The closer we get to the holiday of Christmas, the more my heart is just aching to be with my grandson.  I did everything I could to put the Mexico adventure into play for the holiday season, but as of today, I still do not have my new birth certificate and without that, I cannot even attempt to apply for a visa yet.  The money I had been stashing away for this adventure went to the Suffolk jail to make my daughter’s incarceration easier for her.  The more Mexico is unpinning from my realm of possibilities, at least at the end of December, the more my grandson was creeping into my heart.  I skyped with him a few days ago and I always tell him how much I miss him and his reply this time, just hit me: “If you miss me so much, then why don’t you come and see me.”  Dah!!  Good question!! lol  And it’s been laying in heart like a brick.  When I got out of bed yesterday morning, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, I am going to be with my grandson for Christmas.  Mexico will always be there, it could care less if I am there in December or January or hell anytime for that matter.  My 5-year-old grandson, there will ever only be one christmas where he is 5 years old and dammit, I am spending it with him.

Since I had nothing new at all to share, I opted out of a blog and started looking at airfare prices, I was amazed to see that since I looked a week or so ago, travel around christmas was now down about $100 per flight.  Holy shit!!  At 5am in the morning, I tons of choices, all the airlines were about the same price about $177 for a one way ticket.  I hesitated, mostly because I wanted to confirm with my son which one I should take.  He called me at 10am in my world, said the one that gets me in close to midnight on the 22nd would be best.  I went back to the flights, all of them had increased from $0 – $100 in that short of time, except one, Delta, the one that would get me into Boston just before midnight on the 22nd, I snagged the last seat on that flight.  Even tho I just spent the last of my free dollars, I felt like I just hit the emotional lottery!!

When my first reading showed up yesterday, I still had no voice to talk with, dammit!!  Hey, the storm is gone, the snow is sitting on all the plant life outside, the ground was too warm for it to stick, where the hell is my voice??  I still tried to do a reading tho, cuz that’s just the way I roll!! lol  Nutten but deep coughing any time I tried to crank my antennas out to the field.  It’s the only time I cough, trying to see the field.  But all I seen was my floor anywayz.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the snow started melting ever so slowly.  By my second appointment, I had more audible voice than i did with my first one.  By the third, even more.  YAY.  We had good conversations but zero readings, I would cough trying.  Ain’t bursting no more blood vessels trying to force my agenda (which I already know is impossible, but ya never know!! lol)

In between each appointment, I would sit on my couch, bitching.  I really don’t understand why I can’t see today.  Slowly but surely, in between each appointment, the understanding was revealed.

I watched as the snow melted in my spiritual amphitheatre in my livingroom.  Much more snow on the ground in this visual than in my actual yard.  Beneath the grounds surface, I could the golden rays of the sun from the readings 2 days prior, they were inlaid in the ground and the snow ever so slowly melting into each strand of the golden rays.  After my 2nd appt that was rescheduled, something was added, the snow still melting but it was as if someone took a and built a 10 foot snowman, that wasn’t snowman looking at all, more like a 10 foot phallic like snow mound.  What the hell is that??  When I rescheduled my third reading, that is the same time I purchased my ticket to boston.  When I went to the couch to do more grumbling about not reading, that snow mound was now the biggest blood-red rose I had ever seen.  It was in full bloom, easy  feet in circumference and only about 2 feet above the ground.  I was still watching the snow, almost completely melted out in the yard, continuing to melt into these golden rays beneath the earth, now pimping the most beautiful blood-red rose in my back yard.

Then I got that thunk on the head, V8 moment.  This is important for every one of us to fully understand, because this is what is going to be revealed this week in readings. (so I hear anywayz.)

I woke up with a growing lump in my heart.  The closer we get to the holidays, the sadder I was getting that I was seemingly not going to Mexico or to be with my grandson, and truly, the less important Mexico was becoming.  I could go there anytime.  Ajax served to clear out all the obstacles in my decision-making process.  My job was to fulfil the desire.  Think about the snow, geometric in pattern, pure love energy from Source himself, hydrating the golden rays of LOVE to become manifest if we take action.  In my language of light, in the readings, a blood-red rose is the deepest passion love that is in the expression of matter.

So then I have to ask, grumpily mind you, why the hell did you (my team) insist on me going to Mexico for the holidays.  I am telling you, spirit is the pure embodiment of Loki, the trickster god.  They knew the process of getting all I needed to freely go to mexico would be a longer process than I realized and if they didn’t give me a soon target date, I would have procrastinated like I have been for the last 3 years (in getting my passport.)  Well that ball is now in play and I will not drop it.  But equally in this whole crazy adventure lays the question (not so much for spirit, because they KNOW, but more to ourselves) if you could have something you could not even imagine having, would you be willing to give up what you can imagine.  In this case, time with my son and grandson in lieu of whatever Mexico holds for me.  But of course, I will bitch, and do it anywayz.  When we let go and become unrestricted in our lives and what we think we should do and hell, even unrestricted in what we want to do, it is then we can have it all.

We are only limited because we limit ourselves all the time.  Not on purpose, but by our deep programming that is coming loose by each action we undertake in our moments.  The precious weather patterns are assisting us to let it all go and be FREE to Live as our hearts desires.

We are very much the living energy of God and gaia made manifest.  Intertwining and changing all the time.  Producing new children we call thoughts and insights.  Living by example, not stuck in a mode of thought, but freely changing direction just like the wind does.  Growing the new world from deep within our hearts, connecting together to show how amazing this Life is, seducing others into our Wonder.

What have you planted in your garden of life??  Shambhala is rich and ready for Life!!

Remember the dance of joy leads to the dance of seduction and allows us to burst out of the fields of limitation (going straight back to my sharing on the 15th.  This is exactly what my story reveals and how we work now, at least a sneak peek.  lol)

I love you soul much some days I just want to burst!!  May all the bursting happen in the field today as we reap what we sowed and plant anew!!

((((HUGZ))))) of heart seeds to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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