Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 16, 2015

The Dance of Joy, Seduction and Penetrating Realities.


I do believe that spirit finally threw the kitchen sink at me so I could understand how all of yesterday’s readings fit together.  When spirit said we hit a pivotal point thru my sharing yesterday, I showed up in the readings like a dog with their tongue hanging out and panting.  Show us… show us… show us!!!!  And when they did all I could say was HUH????  Even after the last reading of the day, I was more confused than I even started the day as.

Two major things helped put it most of it together.  I was watching “Ancient Aliens” last evening and after that show a show came on I never heard of, something like “The Universe and God within the Universe,” sounds interesting to me, it actually became a jaw dropper!!  Some of the things they showed was straight out of the days readings, minus the person I was reading for.  Holy flipping shit batman!!  Top that off, I dreamt of the readings last night, understanding them beyond my conscious ability to string them together.  This is a first, I don’t dream or am too exhausted to remember any sort of nighttime stories.  Until last night going into this morning.  I woke up participating with my last lady of the days reading energy.

The first two and eventually a third reading from yesterday revealed something new on the field.  For the last week or so, it has been snow, the milky way platform thing and the full moon.  Period.  Three out of six people were now standing in the biggest brightest, golden sun up in the sky over the west field.  A deep penetrating golden sun, golden rays streaming halfway, (at least, to my field of vision,) to the earth.

To me, when I see the central sun, I have always seen it in the center of our sun, where all that atomic energy comes from.  The slingshot type doorway to spirits side of the multiverse.  So in yesterday’s ascent of the sun in the readings, within this brilliant golden sun was the white circle I know as the central sun.  Each of the three ladies showed up in the same spot, the same nothingness in the reading except the sun itself and the rays streaming down that I could only see to a certain point, to the area where the earths atmosphere begins (at the magnetosphere in my readings.)  Then, it was completely void of anything I could see or feel.  Obviously the focus was on what they were doing.

My first lady was doing a dance that really surprised me.  Thank god for youtube, I can show exactly how she was dancing, a russian folk dance:

The only slight difference between her dance and his, her butt was not as close to the ground or bottom area as his is, other than that, same exact dance.  The theme and purpose of her dance, “the dance of joy.”  This dance engages (from the hips down) our path of life, our walk and our release upon the earth.  WE MUST be the radiance of the dance of Joy.

My next lady right after her, she might as well have had a stripper pole in the center of the center of the sun.  She was a sexy sexy sexy thing.  Her theme, “the dance of seduction.”  That was easy to get, her inner slut (smile) was dancing for all the world to feel, to participate within.

Let’s go to that handy dandy thing called wikipedia to see what it says about the word as defined here in our crazy realm called life with tons of stigmas:  Seduction, seen negatively, involves temptation and enticement, often sexual in nature, to lead someone astray into a behavioral choice they would not have made if they were not in a state of sexual arousal. Seen positively, seduction is a synonym for the act of charming someone — male or female — by an appeal to the senses, often with the goal of reducing unfounded fears and leading to their “sexual emancipation” Some sides in contemporary academic debate state that the morality of seduction depends on the long-term impacts on the individuals concerned, rather than the act itself, and may not necessarily carry the negative connotations expressed in dictionary definitions.

I underlined that one sentence… reducing unfounded fears… but we also must take in our first ball of light lady, JOY.  When we live in a state of constant JOY, we naturally “charm, put a spell on, seduce” others into our state of being, draw them in, they want some of what we have.

Needless to say, all my sun ladies yesterday, I rescheduled.  I was lost and confused and sure as hell could not call my time with them a reading, a personal reading like they paid for.  When I moved over to the computer to reschedule my sex pot (giggle) and we were talking about… I don’t even remember, suddenly my vision was pulled back out to the field, back to her sexy sexy slinkiness in the central sun and just outside of the sun, to the right (denoting future) this big ass sperm was swimming towards her.  It was a dirty white outline of a giant sperm swimming thru the air to penetrate the sun and the central sun.  The law of attraction I suppose.  What good is seduction if there is never any penetration!!

For anything to change, to become something else, more than it ever could have been, we must pull the sperm into the womb of our creation, igniting the birth of our seduction desires into Life.

These two were kind of easy to understand and even put together, but my 5th reading of the day, freakin confused me.  First because the two readings before her (my 3rd and 4th ones) were on the ground level, no sun, just more information at the ground level (which I will get to.)  There she is, in a freakin sun!  But doing something that fully and completely puzzled me… until I watched that universe show.

She was ricocheting back and forth, back and forth as if trapped between two vertical trampolines.  Before I give you the big reveal on what this could possibly mean, let me share one of my other ladies readings, it snakes together for the bigger understanding.

My lady showed up on the ground, still some areas of white snow in various places on the ground.  She had her back to me, a little garden hoe in her hand, digging in the earth that never went any deeper than a few inches.  All I kept feeling was she was looking for something, digging in the earth to find it and her team kept saying she is looking in the wrong place.  HUH??

Now I am going to go back a day to another lady’s reading (which I am still trying to understand the fullness of as it relates to our ever evolving storyline) and she had a an old coal shovel shoveling out an area with her new massive tool (looked like a 7 foot anvil thingie) made of snow.  Every time she took a shovel full of snow out and tossed it over her shoulder, the snow would instantly disappear and the anvil thing immediately was whole again, as if she never took snow out of it.  This same thing was happening with my lady yesterday, only it was the earth itself.

We are living on a fully ascended earth.  We are living within a fully ascended body.  The way my personal team has described ascension and ascended was raising our vibration to a point high enough, clear enough to be in full conscious co-creation with spirit, with god, with all pure loving things that IS our true world.  Think about that for a minute, Source/God could never be less than he (my personal choice there, get over it lol) is.  Meaning you can take a handful of source energy and he is still whole without any missing bits.  Our earth is that too, our bodies and energy streams are that too.  So you cannot dig into something already here, its self-healing, self regenerating instantly.

So back to my lady looking for something, digging to find it.  I had no clue what she was digging for, so I had to ask, whatcha looking for?  And would you please stop digging and turn around so I can see you!!  It took her a couple of redirects but she finally stopped digging and turned around.  There she was, this beautiful radiant divine female, with a wide-brimmed sun hat on, farmer clothes, the bib overalls, except they had spaghetti straps at the top.  On the brim of her hat were these beautiful, hand stitched deep red roses made out of thread.  Stunning really.  And that’s when she understand what she was digging for.  She has farm land in Wisconsin that she is ready to sell, but does not want to take a loss on the sale.  She is now in North Carolina and equally wants a relationship (hey, me too!! dammit.)

Suddenly and quite bizarrely, it was as if she just put herself in a hall of mirrors.  The energy field that was once laid out all around her was now concaved and closing in around her.  Kind of like this picture, only the girls on the left and right represent the energy, the dimensions themselves and there was no contortion within the middle, I could still see her clearly it was the energy around her that became contorted.


So her desire to release (and make a profit on) her property in Wisconsin as well as find a love partner in her life was changing the dimensional energy as we spoke, at least, after she stopped digging in the ground for it.  Instead she was instructed to go into meditation, connect with her property, give it hugs, fill it with love, raise the vibrational frequency of the land to the price she would like to sell it for, and it will be done.

The roses on her hat, cut them out, place them in your heart, let them become the threads of your desire emitting from her (seduction and joy here.)  Her team said the love she desires is already around her (hence the brim of the hat having these roses) but she needs to radiate her desires outwards.  Her roses eventually became pasties on her boobs and she had the skimpiest, sexiest bathing suit on.  All about that pubic area up thru the core to her heart, which now must radiate the desires.

Now lets tie all this in with that amazing show called “The Universe” last night.  They were talking about the massive amount of dimensions that exist and that there are probably tons of dimensions surrounding us as we walk thru life but we never see them, never notice them because they are out of our field of vision (at least, to our physical eyes, this is where our central eyes becomes so important.)  Then they showed how dimensions work, this tickled me purple!!

As they line visual went (to represent a dimension) we have the ability to move around… up, down, back and forth, but the only direction we could not move was in or out.  They showed a cartoon figure just like my lady in the sun ricocheting back and forth, with the concave energy field of my farmer lady!!  Trapped in that dimension, that ongoing limited experience.  But creating the force field of release too!

Now, lets put all that on pause for a moment to talk about my last lady of the day.  (Hell, if I don’t get a linear story, neither do you!! lol)

My lady was coming out of the deep west field, the snow now changed to thick cloud looking energy piled high above her head.  What I couldn’t understand yesterday that my team filled in during the dream time, the snow looking stuff is connected directly the to the earth realm, what we will do on the physical parts of earth to change things.  The could energy represents spacetime, even tho we are doing the work from the vantage point o being on earth, the multiverse is no longer out of our reach.  We have reached a pivotal point where it is all Here Now, vibrationally.  WE ARE the apex of creation recreating itself.

She was walking towards the east her body so flipping bizarre looking.  She had what looked like hedge sheers as a part of her extended body, protruding out from her sacral plexus area and chomping up and down.  The blades of her hedge shears were easy, 4 feet long, black at the top and silver where it did the cutting…. again, cutting up and down, not left to right.  Then my eyes were taken to the area right near her body, a red grill like covering, covering the motor which was within her.

As I tried to understand what she was using these big ass cutting blades for, suddenly I could see things that looked just like cooked noodles. long spaghettis.  She was cutting them up into smaller sections of themselves.  I kept hearing the words “string theory” in relationship to what she was doing and doing well.  But what the hell does that even mean.

This amazing show I would have never watched or even known existed except for the fact that I felt like watching a little ancient aliens… started to talk about string theory and their image example looked just like the freakin noodles out of my lady’s reading!!  I cannot even remember what they were saying about the strings, so I went to my handy dandy cheat sheet this morning and will pull this out of the website for dummies.

Extra dimensions

Another mathematical result of string theory is that the theory only makes sense in a world with more than three space dimensions! (Our universe has three dimensions of space — left/right, up/down, and front/back.) Two possible explanations currently exist for the location of the extra dimensions:

  • The extra space dimensions (generally six of them) are curled up (compactified, in string theory terminology) to incredibly small sizes, so we never perceive them.

  • We are stuck on a 3-dimensional brane, and the extra dimensions extend off of it and are inaccessible to us.

A major area of research among string theorists is on mathematical models of how these extra dimensions could be related to our own. Some of these recent results have predicted that scientists may soon be able to detect these extra dimensions (if they exist) in upcoming experiments, because they may be larger than previously expected.

Now going with what I had seen in my dream with all of this….  what if science has it a bit backwards, these strings are not too small, but way to big?  I think of my mesa in the backyard, I cannot see on the other side of it, or thru it because it is too much and blocks my vision to see thru.  If I didn’t know better, I would say, there is nothing beyond the mesa because I cannot see beyond there from here, its too big.

What if we could cut it up into smaller sizes.  Then we could see what is beyond that area.

What if, thru the joyful seduction of our desires, we hit a frequency point that opened the dimension, cut them down to size to allow the next adventure in (that sperm thing.)  Going beyond our known (personal) universe, thru the emotional center, the community center I know as the sacral plexus… ohhhhh…. wait, light bulb happening.

Sacral chakra, that’s where our sex organs get its charge.  Thats where the womb of creation exists.  Solar plexus, sun energy, soul energy thru the sun.  The Intergalactic beings that have showed up to connect with you shared more information than I ever put together, until this minute.  They all called this place, the sacral plexus, our “community center.”  I think, until this moment, I was using that phrase a little too literally.

A commune is an intentional community of people living together, sharing common interests, property, possessions, resources, and, in some communes, work and income and assets.

What if we change the word to collectives: A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.  Collectives differ from cooperatives in that they are not necessarily focused upon an economic benefit or saving, but can be that as well.

Our collective community, activated by our sacral plexus is what is moving us up and thru the ever changing dimensions because and truly ONLY because we are sharing together.  We share our soul light, our understandings, our experiences and our highest vision of ourselves and the evolving world around us.

This is always what attracted (I had really wondered about this) the ET’s over the last year or two to come en masse the way they had and share the wonders of information to us, thru you, using my abilities of hearing, seeing and eventually, understanding beyond the norm.

I have been trying to avoid saying this, but my pesky pesky team is not letting it go.  Lets use my crazy world as a living example of all this information.

I share my joy, my wonders and struggles and everything in between out loud to whomever may want to chuckle today and with it, comes the seduction of desiring more, needing to understand more.  Being in this high vibration of a place called the Jemez, the way I took in information and shared, changed radically.  I now do readings and only readings and do my very best to share my joy of it all as often as I can.  Which brings you to my field, your sperm like energy to penetrate and change the reality construct 6 times a day!!  Every person that shows up, every time they show up, I am radically changed vibrationally as is my reality construct.  Which I share with you and your are changed by taking it all in.  Doesn’t matter if you even understand what I am saying (I don’t always understand myself lol) or even like what I am saying.  Doesn’t matter at all.  There are no spiritual abortions!!  Once impregnated, at our deepest unconscious we are changing.  Not only are we changing, our community is changing, shearing strings to viewable sizes, so that we may walk out of this reality into a grander one, together, hand in hand, heart in heart with the wonderful Beings in all the multiverses there with us.

Today its an energy construct that we are solidifying into our reality as a way of life that one day, ALL will share in.  One day.  When that day arrives, it will never end.

We ARE the Golden Age of gaia, dancing in Joy, Seductively bringing others in as they find their way out of their limited reality construct.

What a freakin team we are!!  I love you so flipping much and so much more than that, all-ways!!

Ohhhh I cannot end this without mentioning my precious angel.  I get the shear privilege of reading for this precious 14 year old, old soul in an angel body.  Her voice comes straight from heaven and fills my soul like nothing else does.  14!!  And she was on her path, perfect in all ways, traveling interdimensionally, effortlessly, a kind to the fairy realm, which is also akin to the angel realm (ETs, not like religion created angels to be) a magic wand of love in hand, changing vibrations because she is Here Now.

I am going to give you a novella to read today lol.  As I was watching ancient aliens they were actually talking about the angels, the fallen angels and how they were banished from heaven.  My god would not banish a thing and once we disengage from the body construct, no matter what reality we are born into (this planet or others) the ego, the thing that allows for separation, leaves.  What if those fallen angels were actually criminals on another realm.  Banished from that realm to another.  Very much like the island of australia once was, a place we put criminals… separated them from the mass population.

We give so much of our power to everything outside of us, even our crazy stories that are built on illusion, misunderstanding and not seeing beyond the mesa and worship it as something better than us.  Nothing… NO – THING in all of creation is BETTER than us.  WE are the bomb-diggity together.

OK, this is long enough for one day.  I do want to warn again, we have incoming storms.  It started raining yesterday and thru the night and the weather is predicting a 90% chance of thunderstorms and high winds turning to snow late this morning into the afternoon.  If this comes to pass, I will lose internet and possibly electricity, so if I am a no-show, no call… you know why.  I have been placed in time out, again.

Collective (((((HUG))))) time.  I love you soooooo FREAKIN MUCH I over flow all day long.  Thank you for penetrating my reality and keeping things changing all day long.

Lisa Gawlas

I want to share this video with you, no matter who you are, what your voice, how you sing… SING out loud, SING it strong!!


  1. Hi Lisa, Amazing blog! So grateful you were blessed with excessive curiosity and the ability to connect dots as well as the ability, when the dots do not connect, to hear spirit’s answer/definition for the understanding of what you are seeing. I get that your are God seeing that has nothing to do with physical Lisa….except for the blessings of qualities that are yours that open you to see and not to mention the humor and writing ability that serve to share with others what you are seeing. Honoring your gifts. Just saying :)! 👍😎💨❄️☀️🌝

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