Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 15, 2015

Dimensional Folds, Womb of Creation and Intense Weather.

interdimensional openings

Just when you get a small handle on the ongoing, ever shifting story of our lives, someone shows up to throw a monkey wrench in it all and open it up wider and quite unexpectedly.

My precious lady’s imagery knocked right off my chair, eventually anywayz.  Keeping in mind, thru this point, everything I see is white, whether it’s the clothes you are wearing, the landscape, the only thing that had color is the moon and the yarn and rope connected to the moon.  I suppose, we are starting to bring ourselves to life, to color our world if you will!!

So my lady’s image was two sheets of dimensions, I only knew this because her team used the very color of the stacked paper I had just used in my blog, or I would have been clueless as to what I was seeing, because unlike the horizontal stacked of paper, her two sheets of dimensions where vertical. So with that, let’s acknowledge that the dimensional sheets not only run horizontally, they equally run vertically too.  These two dimensions of hers were acting as if there was a soft wind flowing, so that the very tops (which her team presented as about 4 feet tall, again, to keep me understanding the ongoing story) had a soft flutter to them, open, close, open close.  And then the shocking next inlay… Labias.  OMG, this is a relatively new precious person on the field and we are going to talk about her vagina at 8 o’clock in the morning!!!  What a way to kick-start the day!!  Because it only got more… detailed from there!!!

Before I go there, let me tell you, the bigger message was, our bodies reflect the entire universe, the workings of the entire universe, if we pay close attention.  The “mysteries” are right in front of us, made out of us, if we look beyond what we think we see or know.

Next thing I knew, we are talking about the womb of creation, slipping right into her dimensional folds… yup, this is going to get interesting!!  Don’t mean to invade your vagina, but hey, I am not in control here lol.  Once inside, instead of looking at an organ within her body (uterus) I was looking at the larger womb of creation looking a lot like this (minus the land masses)

golden globe

Only the golden latitude and longitude lines were much thicker and all of it deeper gold, closer to bronze looking.  Then there were like little globs of gold at various points all over the lines.  Frequency points and I think, but don’t know for sure, opening points.  Actually yes, because I hear to open to that point of interdimensional energy, you must have the inner frequency to open it.

There are some things locked away that takes two people to open.  Dammit if I didn’t get a bird’s eye view of a penis, her boyfriend’s penis!!  Not the rest of him, thank god i would be thinking we started a soft porn movie.  Hey!!  I just realized too, seeing her womb of creation and his penis looking just like a penis, was up about the earth maybe 6 feet, so even above where the dimensional folds are opening and closing.  Raising the vibration while raising the heat within the body.  She has homework to do.  We get meditation, she gets sex…. hay!!  I want her homework, but dammit I don’t have any keys to play with. (See me pouting over here.)

The only other person with color in her field was a virgin upon my field, I so love new puzzle pieces to plunk into our evolving story.  Her imagery opening next to the full moon, to the right side of the field, denoting the actual timeline in our worlds that the full moon would happen, the 27th.  Using the moon energy, she was creating a beautiful, radiant vortex that will amplify and actually direct the release of the lunar emotional energies into the denser frequencies, starting at the midway point and lower.  The various colored lights that made up this spiral vortex were helping the release to match the frequencies being targeted, instead of a full on release which would literally drive people mad.  This vortex actually encompassed somewhere from the 23rd or 24th to the 27th.  A release so big it needs several days to assimilate.

You and I, we will get full frontal energies from this life changing, spirit enhancing moon!! Yay????

Now to change the subject just a bit, simply because this change is now sitting in my face.  We have an amazing storm system building, I have been getting weather alerts on my phone for days now.  I just now went to and the head line is “Strongest el nino in 18 years.”  How exciting is that???  We cannot be experiencing the largest changes within ourselves we have ever known and the air, the weather not keep pace with us and vise versa.  We are a unified whole, working in tandem with each other!!  With all the snow showing up in readings, why would it be surprising to know we just may be experiencing blizzard like conditions and hurricane force winds (change, change, change) with a storm that is now gathering and will spread out all over the landscape!! And not just my landscape.  Hey, we have our spiritual parkas on for a reason!!  However, let me interject this little bit of caution, when we get a storm here in my world, my internet and often times, my electricity goes down.  They are forecasting this storm to start late tonight possibly.  If no one hears from me tomorrow or Tuesday, you know why.

There is so much more to share, but yet, we are going to leave off here.  All I know for this moment is spirit is saying we have hit a pivotal point.  What the means, I hope we see and understand it today on the field.  Honestly tho, I can say every day is a pivotal point, we are changing and shifting almost by the hour.  But when spirit says it as a reason to close our sharing right now… something is up their sleeve!!

I love you all soul much!!

Big big warm ((((HUGZ))) to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S. Pre Recorded Classes, Classes, Classes!
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