Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 8, 2015

Time Twisters!!


Can you feel the daily increase in the energies.  Holy melt my mind batman!!  I swear I have got to put my running shoes on every morning just to keep up with the shear changes every single day.  Higher and higher we go!!  It’s becoming harder and harder for me to put into words and be accurate in the wording, both in these sharings as well as in the readings.  I swear spirit has a hook at my vocal chords and the words are removed before they even find air to be used.  HEY!!!  Not nice, I need my words lol, at least until we all learn telepathy efficiently!!

Our DNA is in a radical state of change, of super expansion (and even that, is not really correct, it’s so much more than that, but that’s all the words I have to describe it.)  In the last few days, I have seen two people show up directly just outside of my back door, their physical bodies looking like a multicolored double helix minus the twisting element.  From our toenails to our hair follicles, we be changing, if we allow for it.

I want to talk about time today, how much it’s changing as well as our relationship with it needs to change (dammit lol.)  When I first started doing readings back in 2003, I could almost pinpoint to the hour something would arrive in your world.  The date and time were a constant for a very long time thru my readings.  We were walking a journey to here, intersections that were crucial and set up before we incarnated that needed to be experienced or chosen, they were time oriented.  As we crossed from 2012 into 2013, time started to change radically within the readings, hell, readings started to change radically period.  WE CHANGED RADICALLY!!  (Spirits emphasis there.)

Now we are no longer looking at time as much as we are looking at a pivotal frequency point to bring in or push out our reality constructs.  This has become so evident thru the readings the last two days, holy shit, time is now elevated off the ground and suspended in air.  The several people who asked about things they are seeking, job, relationship… whatever, the outcome was in the north field (future) but not on the ground where I orient to “time” and instead, up in the air.  Every time spirit said it will arrive when the frequency of your desire (as well as that which you desire) hit that pivotal point of merger.

I have also seen thru the readings, how we are able to take the element we perceive as “time” and fold it in on ourselves.  Example being, if there is something out in the landscape of 2017 that is waiting our arrival, we have the ability to go within, grab that energy package of desire and fold it into our present moment.  I like spirits expression of what we are doing “twisting time.”  We have always looked at it as linear, laid out in a forward or backwards stream, when its none of that really.  Time is really intersections of frequencies, interdimensional experiences that we can harvest and bring forward now.  Hell, we do it with the past all the time, usually, in a negative way.  We remember and experience, charge it up with emotion and watch it unfold over and over again in our lives in bigger ways.  Why not do this same thing with what we desire!!  That is spirits focus on what we are learning to do now.  It really does give a new twist on the “time travelers” within each of us, doesn’t it!

Now lets talk about the wiring being laid down thru all the universes, straight into us.  Keeping in mind, since the start of 2013, our souls have been in their spiritual classrooms learning this new adventure we call Life.  Tweaking, rearrange everything and filtering it down into our conscious mind.  It also became vividly aware that the many times I cannot “see” you is because the perfection of energy, what I am able to see and understand, is still being worked out from the soul level.  Once our soul has the energy down pat as workable and usable, that’s when I see and can express what is happening (or at least, try too, lol.)  However, we have made a collective giant leap with the emergence of November.  We have worked out many of the kinks and challenges from the soul level on down here to matter and the wiring is now taking hold, being inlaid in the multiverses for greater use and stuff.

What I am seeing as an avalanche of Light coming in on the 11th is the sealant, the coating on the wires, so they are not bare and exposed as they have been in working the voltage and connections out over these last several years.  I sure hope that means ease of the energy systems within our bodies!! lol

Well, I know there are many things I am leaving out today, but my day is going into many different directions already.  So on this note, I am going to close until tomorrow.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of super sonic DNA that twists time into any concoction that you desire!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. I have noticed my 3rd eye area is achy the past few days, and I have felt I am changing. I feel at times light,and soft. And am feeling my lower chakra aching if I want to do something that is not right for me. I am understanding this now.

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  4. have been super sick the past two weeks with stomaches flu, fever blisters and gastroenteritis! i take it as my body needing rest to re-callibrate with all of the energies coming in. since getting sick i haven’t had any coffee and have been drinking loads of water so i think that its my body’s own wisdom guiding me in order to be a vehicle for more light! yay, excited for the shifts and changes ❤ thanks for this post!

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