Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 31, 2015

Intense Power Upgrades Underway as the Galactic Portal Fire Up!!

galactic portal enhancing

What a flipping bizarre day yesterday was from the moment I got up until the moment I passed out!!  I got up at 3:45am, since i had so much to share, I was grateful for the extra time.  I grabbed my coffee, sat at the computer and heard my team say… not today. WHAT???  My ass is awake before 4am, and your going to tell me, no sharing today??  Not!!  They wiped my memory clean of everything I was going to share.  Hey!! They explained that the information that we wrote about the day prior was too important and needed to sit there and really be absorbed.  That really is fine with me, but couldn’t I sleep until like 6am then??

I started researching more about my mexico trip, I’m kinda glad I did.  Holy cow there are a lot of hidden surprises in this journey.  Not only do I need mexico car insurance to enter, I need a FMM thingie, visitors pass to go beyond the 22 mile free zone beyond the boarder, an extra $30 once I get to the boarder.  Then I stumble upon the fact that I need to get a temporary import pass for my car.  Really??  An extra $44 plus they retain $300 (incase I have an accident or something) that if I drive, the $300 will be released back to me when I leave.  I started working out in my mind, when I could leave after the christmas holiday, a time when I could save up all this extra money.

What amuses myself about myself, I should have realized right then and there, I was unpinned from my spiritual connection for the most part.  My mind starts going in a tail spin with every additional financial thing added to this trip I didn’t even ask to have, but when I am fully connected, it doesn’t matter, I KNOW it will all be fine.

7:15 am, my internet went completely down.  I have long ago learned, the hazard of living in heaven, my heaven, a gentle breeze or a soft rain can take the internet or electricity away without a moments notice.  I waited for it to come back on… and waited, and waited.  I unplugged my modem, replugged, unplugged, replugged… nuttin.  Without an internet connection, I have zero ability to make any outgoing calls at all.  Every call I make is fully dependant on my having internet.

The energies swirling around me, really from the time I woke up, but I could really feel them without the distraction of doing what was doing on the net… I started to feel like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.  When my first reading of the day called, I was not completely surprised to find out, not only is my internet down, so are my antennas.  I could not connect to the field to save my life.  The same happened to my second connection.  My third one never called me, which put my already weird energy into almost like a panic mode.  I so dislike not being able to call, even if the note in your reading says you are going to call me, I realize only about half the people do, so I call you.  But yesterday, I couldn’t.  Since it is now 10:30 am and I am still without internet, I decided to drive into the pueblo, the closest place I actually get a cell signal, to call everyone left on my calendar to let them know I am down as is my internet.  As soon as it comes back up, I will call back to reschedule.  It never came back on until 5am this morning, 22 hours later.

However, just before my internet crashed, I got a glimpse of our new “biosphere.”  Altho it has tiny differences for each person I connect to, overall it looks the same, almost like a super large dome made of clear plastic.  What I had seen was at the very top of the biosphere in this glimpse, reminded me of the energy saving light bulbs, a light that seemed to be hung and hanging downwards just a bit was shining a bright white radiance from it.  It felt like something was being worked on, or expanded there.  I couldn’t hold the connection long enough to understand it.  But had a feeling, when I couldn’t see the field, it had something to do with that little glimpse.

When I came back home and waited for my internet to be restored, especially since I had seen several of the windstream trucks out working when I went to the pueblo, I figured the restoration was soon (not) that energy was just getting bigger and more intense.  There was nothing about it I can say I liked at all.  I was getting the heebie jeebies from it and antsy.  I didn’t know if I wanted to sprint or stand still. … I will escape into my bathtub!!  Maybe my team will throw me a bone of understanding since I was not able to get anything at all elsewhere.

I barely got into the water and I instantly went way deep into the outer realms of meditation.  It has been a long long time since I was that deep.  I really don’t like being that deep, it is too hard to retain the fullness of information and understanding that comes thru that realm.  But I had no control over that, seems my team had their own agenda!

It felt like there was a ton of information released to me all at once.  I could see my son, half in and half out of this thing that looked like a very thick elevator door that was closing.  The time of choice is closing, and altho they showed me my son, I understand very much where he is within his (spiritual) life story, this is happen to everyone who is on the fence of focus.  If the glitter of the illusion of life is where you are focusing your energy and attention (money, partners, entertainment, etc) the elevator will take you down.  If you fully invest your energy and attention in the higher expanding focus (for him, it starts with his son) the elevator will take you up.  If there is any part of your life that has been in struggle these last couple of months, look to where you are focusing.  If you are focused on the outside world, the energy to remain there will be taken away, so you can focus higher.

The next thing that came was my daughter.  She is went back to jail on the 20th of Oct as a punishment for missing a PO meeting back in July.  She no sooner went back into jail, some inmate told a guard that she was on drugs and had drugs on her.  A strip search proved she did not, but the jail didn’t care, she has been in solitary confinement ever since, 5 days now.  They never drug tested her to see if that inmate was lying, which she was, nope instead, she is being punished because someone injected themselves into her story.

With this dilemma I have been trying to understand, especially when my daughters team said she does not have to be put back in jail, she has learned what she needed to to change her life.  And she has been changing so much…!!  My own memory took me back to a time when I allowed a man in my life, to live with me and my children (I think this was, 1998, a while before I started this path) and he seen my own vulnerability (which then, was always the lack of money to pay bills) and injected himself into my story, into my life.  I didn’t have the inner voice back then to say no, I don’t want you in our lives like that.  He moved in, I had a series of dreams every night forewarning me about the destruction at hand if I did not remove him.  I didn’t and this psycho became the most horrible person I have never known.

Here is how it ties into my daughter, but also we going to see similar things happen and we need to hold our ground, our inner knowing more than ever.  This judge that decided right then and there my daughter needed to go to jail, as well as this inmate who removed my daughter from the general population, injected themselves, unduly, into my daughter’s energy field.  They both could feel something about her that made them angry, unnerved and reacted to what they were feeling about themselves, NOT what they were feeling about valorie.

Think about that, spirit had said many times over the years, the more we grow in frequency, in our own light field, we are going to piss people off just by our presence.  We activate something in them they do not to deal with and react.  Our jobs in these moments and often times, destructive moments, is to hold our light firm and strong.  Do not allow anyone to take you into their space, bring them up to yours with your love, with your firmness in who you are.

My daughter, much to my own surprise and joy, when I talked to her yesterday for the first time in 2 days, there was a smile in her voice and yes she really dislikes being in solitary confinement, she has not been able to shower in 7 days because her choice in the few moments they let her out of her cell is shower or make call.   She calls me every time.  She had said yesterday, again owning her responsibility for where she is at, that had see showed for that PO meeting or at least called to tell her why she couldn’t show up (she had  court date that day) and if she made any attempt to pay the court fees, she would not be in this position.

In her own way, she too is in the position of my son (we all are) and she is choosing loving strength and full responsibility, which she never has before.  I am so proud of her.

From this intro into my intense meditation yesterday, the next thing I had seen was that light at the top of our biosphere.  Phew baby!!  There is a galactic portal that goes all the way to spirit, thru our milky way, into the core of earth and out the other side of earth.  This is unlike anything that has ever been before.

The readings the other day should have made me realize something huge was happening, most of the people on the field were actively putting the finishing touches/energies around the biosphere itself.  Thru at least 4 of the readings, we have been warned there are going to be many reboots of the field as we go thru November.  Not one said starting with tomorrow!! lol

Within this intense, deep meditation I was taken into the core of that light energy, and tho I cannot recall the details, I can remember the over all message.  We are now actively restoring an energy system that is going to fully allow our earth to become the intergalactic hub it once was.  There is much work to do, as the frequencies must go higher, fear cleared out at the densest levels consistently.

My last lady of the day… again, I forget how real what I am seeing in your field, IS!!  I am not just seeing it, it is happening as I see it.  She had what looked like the plunger of dynamite blasting the outer landscape of the biosphere opening energy outside of it (which consists of vast dimensions and parallel realities and things we have yet to understand) and creating the flow into our biosphere, but equally, disrupting the energies within the filtered earths as well.  Which will cause some disturbance within people and events too.  (Think of the situation my daughter is experiencing.)

I also realized it is the denser energies moving up to be transmuting and put into the stem cell vat that I felt yesterday.  We, as a collective, recycle the pungent into purity.

With this galactic portal thingie, my team really leaned on me to make sure my ass gets to mexico when everything is in order in my world.  No waiting just going!! lol  And now, they are firm on me staying 2 nights in the zone of silence within mexico.  Gulp.  I gotta giggle, the first night will be dealing with my own fears.  No shit, I am already dealing with that now and I haven’t even gotten there yet!

As I was now engulfed in this galactic portal light energy thingie, I could feel the frequency amp up, I watched and experienced as that light that was just at the top part of the biosphere became embedded within the entire clear plastic frame it moved literally up above where it was, shifted to an amazing degree and became all of that same light.  I started to sweat like crazy, like all of sudden my bathwater just may start boiling.  I couldn’t breathe from the steam and there was no steam.  Thru it came the details of the next phase of my life’s journey.  It connected straight back to what I was told in 2004, 11 years later, I am going live!!  I don’t remember the details much and what I do remember, are among the very few things I do not nor will I, share.  But it is one of the main reasons my journey is going to Mexico.

I got out of that meditation so flipping hot.  I would have swore I was in a sauna!!  As the day settled into itself, still no internet to be used, I decided to grab my pendulum and alphabet sheet.  I have not taken a message from my beloved AA Michael in sooo long.  I figured what the hell… can’t dance, might as well swing! lol

Much to my surprise, his energy changed, became hmmmm bigger than ever before.  It was almost like an unveiling.  I have long known that what we call AA Michael is NOT an angel as we think of them, they do not exist, we created their appearance and even their reason to be with us.  He is a group energy and for the first time yesterday, the moment I asked him “are you here” I could feel the group itself, no longer individuated like he has been and closer, almost like his group energy was surrounding me.  And so I asked my usual question, do you have a message for me.  His messages were:

“Hold current intention for Mexico.  Go to Ruines.  Play in the Zone – Panflute.”  Really??  Alrighty, he must have known (but of course he would) that I was seriously thinking about just going to the zone of silence and doing Palenque another time.  Nope.  Gonna do it all in this trip.  His last series of words leaves me confused. ” Gipth” (what the hell is a gipth, and he assures me, no typo there) “turns ion.”  Huh???  Anyone have a clue??

Well, I have my internet back, but for the last hour or so, my electric is flickering, rebooting everything again and again.  The last time this happened (last week i think) we eventually lost power for well over an hour.  So with that said, if you are on my dance card today and I do not call you, either my internet went back down or my electric went out.  I can receive calls with no internet (I just cannot make them) but without electricity I can’t do shit!!

So on that note, I am going to finish this up and get it published.  The one thing I know, my environment reflects our grid of life.  The communications rebooted yesterday… 22 freakin hours long… heres hoping we can connect and SEE what else is happening in the field.  November is gianormous for us all!!

I love you all so much and thank you for bearing with me!!

(((HUGZ))) of power grid upgrades and heart expansion to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I am not spell checking anything, the electric is going off to much now and I want to publish while I can.










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  3. “turns ion” – turns you on ?

    my 2c



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