Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 27, 2015

Understanding How a Spiritual “Pro Motion” Happens!!


There is a word that came thru a reading yesterday that has hung out in my mind for the rest of the day and into this moment.  I think tho, its less the word itself as it is the question asked about the word that seems to have cracked open an egg and it’s still running thru me in expanded meaning.

Promotion.  Now lets change it to the way I am seeing it Pro Motion.  The only reason I am now seeing it like that is because my beloved man, my architect when his team mentioned again about his partner getting a promotion, he actually asked what does that mean.  That simple and surprising question kept the avalanche of information/understanding going in me thru this moment.  My man even refined it himself, positive motion.

So lets take this word and give it a broader meaning as it applies to us in this moment and tying it in to something that came thru a reading (or several) a couple of days ago. The information was that there will be information/technology drops into readied consciousnesses.

I went to the online Webster dictionary this morning to see how they define the word promotion and two things stands out for me:

  1. the act of moving someone to a higher or more important position or rank in an organization
  2. the act of furthering the growth or development of something

So here we are, all us crazy worker bees landing in this new “day’ on the 23rd of October.  Lots of individual homework has been given out since that moment.  Lots if not only expected of you, dare I even say, demanded of you.  We all landed here because we deserve it, we worked our asses off, cleared our core from past debris, put into motion whatever skills and insights we gathered from our soul mind.

As I referenced before, it is as if we are all factory workers with our own unique skill creating a new amazing reality for all to live within one day, starting with our most intimate reality, our own personal lives.  The more we bring in this higher wisdom and apply it to our own reality construct (furthering the growth and development of something) it increases our frequency.  Our frequency, or vibrational rate of evolution is the ONLY thing that allows for a spiritual Pro Motion (moving higher to a more important position.)

Once a Pro Motion is embedded within you, there is a training period.  Not like we think of tho. lol  After my third reading yesterday, I fell apart.  My mind became intensely exhausted, I could barely hold language together and my field of vision went offline.  My body started vibrating with bizarre (new) energy, no where in particular and everything at the same time.  I could feel my crazy consciousness open and close like it had no idea which position it needed to be in.

I kept trying to read for each appointment, surprisingly my 5th lady got a little something something.  Very little, but it still surprised me and gave me understanding of how I work as well.  I could see her swinging like tarzan, alright, Jane, on a yellow/gold rope hanging directly under the magnetosphere, the area that is the earths atmosphere and she was swinging in the stem cell area, creating what looked like space between the cells.  I knew there was a purpose and a reason, but I could not harness any understanding nor could I get my antenna up above the earth’s atmosphere into the middle atmosphere or multidimensional zone.  We rescheduled.

What I later understood about this amazing moment, is she was here to show me some understandings of how I work and do what I do, for which I am grateful.  It takes a very high energy package to reach the understanding and visual ability to see above the earth’s atmosphere, and with my own information drop that I didn’t even know I had, that energy was unpacking the dropped in information and was offline for anything else.

Of course, when I learned about why I suddenly became depleted, altho its a good thing, I went into my normal bitch mode.  Why not wait until my day of readings is done, a 2 hour delay is not going break the universe!!!  These Pro Motions have nothing to do with time or agenda, it has everything to do with the magnetic opening of a frequency upgrade.  The moment that new pitch is open, in comes the information/technology drop.  The training period is the energy treading itself around every DNA core, and creating new connections outwards to the advancement of the field of Light we are building.

Keeping with the amazing wisdom that came thru my beloved architect, he has literally been engaged in creating the most amazing intentional community.  My bags were packed and ready to live there back when it was just a concept!!

As with any high vibrational spiritual project, when we have a shift in energy, that project at the created level must shift too.  Pro Motion!!  I could see the foundation of this community made of the most amazing, intricate crystalline base, patterns, not solid but I suppose geometric patterns that were interconnected.  Even a little lip coming up the sides.  With the crystalline grid now fully activated in the middle atmosphere, those things that are being created from the crystalline human (that’s us) are being upgrade, ProMoted, too.  Which means some of the players that may have been involved to this point, must fall away if they cannot raise their frequency to meet the project at hand.  New players will come to the fore, ones that align vibrationally to what is happening and being able to bring their task at hand to completion.

So I guess to, where there is Pro Motion, then it must stand to reason, duality still and forever at play, De Motion could happen as well if one is not willing to take themselves further than what they think they know.

I know there is so much more to share, but my brain is still incredibly tired and this little bit of information took two and a half hours to write.  I am going to stop here so I can refuel for my day of readings.

I love you all so much and so much more than that!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of wonder, bliss and Pr0 Motions to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. And r u a fan of Kryon?

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    • I LOVE Kryon!! ❤


      • Ha..ha.. not many talk about d crystalline grid. 🙂


      • I have not read or heard his channelings in years… but snuggled up to him when I was learning/expanding the DNA info he put out. Now I get his marshmallow messages in my inbox whenever they come out. Love him and Lee Carroll, talk about a trail blazer!! ❤


      • Yup, he’s d real deal. When I saw him channeling, a clairvoyant sitting next to me told me there were many orbs emitting from him!

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