Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 26, 2015

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow = NOW.

NOW moment

Boy oh boy, are things getting interesting and informationally intense out there in that every changing, blow my mind, field of life.

But before I get into all that, well, as much as I can harness into words, let me tell you just how powerful yesterdays exercise really is.  My third reading for the day showed up, I cranked my antenna out to her field, nuttin.  I was seeing vividly the two readings before her and there ain’t no way we can being thru quantum change again, hell we just arrived here.  No matter how many times I tried, I simply got my floor and started my usual melt down when I cannot see.  She took me off the hook tho.  She explained she had done the clearing part of the exercise that was in the sharing about 30 minutes before we connected.  Ahhhhh… so she is in change, dusting and cleaning and until it all settles, I cannot see a thing.  That was really exciting even if we didn’t get to do a reading yesterday, we know without a shadow of a doubt, clearing is underway for her!!

I also have to share this funny as well.  Sometimes I forget there is a living creature called me doing these readings.  Rarely is there time for me to eat, especially now as everything is so new, any extra time I have between appointments is usually spent making what I am seeing clearer to whoever is on the phone or skype with me.  My 5th reading at 11:30am showed up and nuttin again.  So I asked her if she did the exercise, nope.  The next thing I know I could feel a big energetic arrow pointing to my stomach and the words FEED ME rolling around.  Oops forgot to eat today.  She gave me 15 minutes to call her back, ate me a bowl of Lucky Charms, sure enough, the furnace needed fuel cuz we connected instantly.  Phew!!

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow = NOW.

Now to try and harness express for what I am starting to understand.  This vat of timeless time that we now exist within.  Spirit is still consistently explaining that this vat of energy I am seeing with everyone on the field, consists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  It’s not related to dates at all, but package of energy we consider time, even tho, time does not really exist at all.  Movement is the only thing that exists.  Everything is moving and in motion.  We take a pencil and mark these movements and call it time, a day, a date to orient ourselves in a story.  But really, i we fully understood what was happening, think of each thing we call day, like a wave of the ocean crashing ashore.  Yes, the wave happened and the moment it did, it changed the construct of the beach and then it retreated back into itself.  You can even witness how the wave changed the beach but only for a moment, until the next wave comes and the beach becomes altered again.

All movement is recorded in an energy imprint that never ceases to exist.  These imprints are filed away in the most wonderful expansive filling system that we can look at as dimensions and interdimensions.  One day may can be considered a dimension, and an hour of that day, an interdimension or subdimension within that dimension, and a minute another interdimension within that inner dimension and so on.  If that doesn’t blow our crazy minds, each person, each living thing creates it own dimension and then as we connect with others, the dimension (memories) over lap and intertwine.  Now I see why spirit says the true dimensions that exist are uncountable.  And if we want to be able to fully use the fullness of ourselves now, we need to get out of limitation, of thinking 3D or 5D or even that there is only 12 dimensions.  We end up blocking our vision to the bigger reality by our own perceived limitations.

Keeping that in mind, and this is where it can really get complicated in my mind, at least, for now.  In spirits view, yesterday is everything that has ever happened.  More clearly put, all the dimensions that already exist and all the subdimensions within those dimensions.  Of course, you and I think of the past, but there are many completed (already experienced) versions of the future that has already happened too.  So let’s call it a living imprint already experienced and filed away energetically.

Now in spirit’s eyes, tomorrow is the uncreated potential we always have in our hands.  The stem cell energies if you will, pure living potential that has not been experienced and filed away, yet.

If we were walking a straight line thru life (which we are not at all) then these stem cells would be just in front of us to use, if we choose.  However, in readings now, they are like a blanket of thick energy (about 3 feet thick going to my scale of vision) at the very top of our vat of energy, just under the magnetosphere of life.  So we do not just walk into them, we MUST use our higher mind to create new experiences and give them definition.

Which brings us to today.  What spirit refers to as our “now” moment.  Until yesterday, I referred to now as a tick on the clock.  Its Now, not a minute ago, not a minute later, just… now.  Not so much.  The now moment is this entire energy system, time.  It consists of every dimension, every sub dimension and every experience stored away within it all.  It also consists of all the stem cells, all the pure atomic energy needed to create anything your heart desires with.

So truly, the NOW moment, today, consists of every known experience that ever happened (or ever will happen) and our ability to choose something different, something never ever been done before.  We are in a constant choice point from here on out.  More than ever before because until recently we have not had this full value of energy available to us, we had fractions of it according to our vibrational consciousness as we, bit by bit, became proficient at bringing the new to this realm.

Now lets dissect this a little more.  Keep in mind, the vibration of fear is the densest and heaviest of all emotions and non emotions.  (Fear itself does not exist except as created by the brain itself, which is its job.)  So if we set off to do something new to us, and we suddenly get hit with fear, we tapped into the filing system where it has been done sometime before (or later lol) that created a negative impression that still resides as an imprint.  Our jobs is to not be afraid, but to bring in the stem cells to perfect the experience to something wondrous, if not miraculous!

That is why the saying of “face the fear and do it anyway” becomes so important.  Most of the time, it’s not even your experience, your fear you’re feeling but the denser energetic imprint, the sub dimension that you just tapped into, that you are feeling.

The only true way we are going to fully and forever change the density of fear in this realm is by changing the reality of it all.  The only way to do this, is to stay in our heart of passion which fully engages the higher mind, assigns new energy experiences to the desire at hand and wipes out the memory imprint that was heavy and scarey to light and buoyant now.

This is where it becomes so important to have the lower mind (AKA ego) and the higher mind (AKA soul mind) partnered fully.  To have the ego mind partnered is to acknowledge the fear and bring in the excitement of changing whatever its feeling in fear.  So excitement of change is the engine instead of the brake (stopping point) that fear can and often does cause.  Equally, the higher mind is the alchemist, it knows how to charge the stem cells and put them into motion and our lower minds know how to work physical matter so that body and soul arrive at the new experience, in the new desire.

Now here’s something to really think about.  If you never feel fear in doing something new, going somewhere new, hell, even sharing something new; controversial, whatever…  you are not bringing change to the party, you are traveling a road already paved.  This is really the huge point spirit keeps making “true growth lies at the outer edges of your comfort zone.”

What the mind cannot conceive of, the soul knows.  One without the other is like trying to drive a car with no tires.

I just recieved the, as always, timely marshmallow message from Kryon in my in-box just now.  It goes in the flow of this part of todays sharing so let me share it for all:

Better Ways Are Coming 
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Human Filters”
June 2015 in Totowa, NJ 

There are better ways of doing the things that you have learned in all sciences, even legal – better ways than you know that are coming that are going to make more sense to you personally, the country, the earth. Systems are coming. You’ll slap your head someday and say why didn’t we do this earlier, what were we thinking because you don’t know what you don’t know. The filter of intelligence is starting to move along with wisdom, all things that will embrace the light and not dim it.

Faith vs Trust!

This just tripped my ever loving trigger!!  One of my beautiful ladies yesterday was talking about a sign she keeps in her home “FAITH” as we were talking about her need to trust her guy feelings and inspirations.  For the first time ever, I could visually see the energy difference between the word faith and the word trust.  Faith was visually experienced and felt like a water sprinkler.  Sprinkling energy up and outwards everywhere.  Trust on the other hand was geez, in form, solid, usable like a tool.  Her team suggested (and for those still building trust within themselves, i would suggest this for you too) she change her card to read like this:




(No spaces in between the sentence, I don’t know to type it here without the spaces that automatically happen when you hit enter.)

I also have a weird relationship with seeing the trust I am like the plunger on a TNT thingie, exploding into new packages of experience, releasing the quantum field of new unto your Life!!  Solid, penetrable, life changing!!

Now I quickly want to get back to my little teaser from yesterday.  The multidimensional zone all connected at the core of the earth.  This is really where all the yesterdays reside, all experience every experienced in this realm.  This would also be the bottom of the diamond in the diagram I humbly created of the new field. \/.  The upper part, just outside of the magnetosphere, is the vast, and this too, not even fractionally understood by us, multidimensions, parallel universes and so much more exist.  Creating the top part of the diamond energy /\.  The place the two connect, is where our stem cells and our high usable consciousness resides to change it all, by starting with ourselves.

Well, I have a super long day ahead of me, I am going to close here for today so I can put some fuel in the furnace!! lol

I love you all so much, and thank you for bringing your Soul wisdom to the party, I would literally be lost without your Presence each and every day!!

((((HUGZ)))) of knowing nothing and experiencing everything!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. I knew the outlines of what you are saying here about what constitutes the Now. I couldn’t express it very well but you have done beautifully and added some nuance that really enhances my understanding. Thank you, Lisa.

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  4. “(No spaces in between the sentence, I don’t know to type it here without the spaces that automatically happen when you hit enter.)”

    Try the keys Shift + Enter

    This has never failed to work for me, for the past 20 years of my building web pages and programming and surfing and writing on the Internet.

    “If you hit Shift-Enter, it adds a line break as opposed to a paragraph break, allowing you to create blocks of single-spaced lines.”

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    • Thank you so much for the tip, I used it in today’s blog (10/29) and it worked perfectly!! I appreciate your wisdom!! ❤ (((HUGZ)))


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