Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 19, 2015

The Intergalactic Team is Back and Our Work on the Transportation Portal Picks up!!


I am really starting to feel that we have created a brand new factory of sorts and each person has their own unique machine to run.  And somehow, I got assigned to give you the instruction set of how to run your machine, a machine I have never seen or been oriented with before, at least, not consciously.  Now there is another hazard to it all, while we are together, you are actively running/using your machine and I have my face in the midst of it.  The great thing, it adjusts me to every new energy being created and released.  Thanx!!  On the other hand, my body and brain is climbing new mountain peaks with every connection, and some days are much more mentally and emotionally exhausting than others.

I thought I was holding it all together pretty well, until my 4th reading yesterday, she was set up on this side of the wall of light, suspended just above the accelerated plane working in the multidimensional area connecting living future energy with multidimensional energy and sending the new combo into the stem cell plane.  My brain started spinning, bulging with Light.  It was becoming harder and harder to formulate words and coherent sentences.  Obviously her energy hitting my language centers!  Well, by the time my 5th reading showed up, I realized my language centers are directly connected to my vocal chords, because I didn’t have much sound left there.  I was still zooming round and round in my head, breathing to center myself and get steady for one more mountain peak, but when I opened my mouth to say hi… I was nothing but wind city!  I had no choice to reschedule her.  It’s really strange that once my voice blows out, trying to use it at all, actually hurts my throat area.  I headed to my couch, my eyes were starting to feel like lead weights, 2 hours later, I was awakened by the phone ringing and I was sooooo disoriented with where I was as I woke up.

There is obviously a high velocity energy spectrum we are currently adjusting to as we cross over and into the “new day” on the 23rd.  As of yet, I cannot see any details on the other side of it, but each closing day, that field gets brighter and brighter, like looking more closely into the blinding sun.  From what spirit had said yesterday thru the readings, what lies on the other side is kind of like a skeleton layout, ready but as of yet, undefined in its enormity.  WE are the factory of building materials and go fully and completely live as we cross that threshold.  I know this side of nothing about astrology, however, there is this beautiful creature that goes by the name of Lisa Rising Berry that knows a little something, something.  (BTW, click on her name to read her blogs.)  She put on my facebook this golden nugget of understanding:  The 23rd of this month is the first day of Scorpio, which is the 8th house representing infinity, and Scorpio’s tail points “the way home”….the middle of the Galaxy. And as we all know it is the sign of death to the old and rebirth of the new. I was bite by a Scorpion during my dream time 4 nights ago. I feel it was a spiritual good event. Plus I am a Scorpio…LOL And the 23rd is the day Lisa see’s as the beginning of the new cycle. I couldn’t agree more, and I don’t like to use dates ever, but this one is really vibrating with me like a tuning fork.

While I was looking for her blog link on her facebook page, I came across another of her golden nuggets (and hope she doesn’t mind me giving her a shout out like this today) that I want to share with everyone as well:

“You cannot see clearly, because you are so full of expectations, hopes, desires. Your eyes are covered with many layers of dust: you need a deep cleansing of your eyes. That’s what meditation is. Let the thoughts disappear, the hopes disappear, the desires disappear. Then you have a clarity, then your eyes are perfect mirrors. Only then, in that silent state of your vision, will you know the secrets of the beyond.”

Mark 8:18 Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember?

This really caught my heart this morning since every single person I am reading for has homework to do, meditation style.  The high frequency, life changing work you are now doing is never going to be understood consciously, from the outside in.  Once the mind relaxes enough that is where the soul mind engages and understands in relationship with the human mind.  For the last year, we were asked to be the living meditation, and obviously we have accomplished that task enough to move into this phase of extraordinariness.  To get the finer instruction set deep within ourselves, then use it in our day-to-day lives, first and foremost, in our own personal lives.  As we cross into next year, we will start to spread our amazing abilities outwards, together as a team… (I am not even ready to go there yet lol.)

Now, before I get to the day before’s information, I am hearing a news report from my team (smile) that they want shared here, right now (pesky team!! lol)  The only place any of this new machinery (you) will work is in the accelerated realm and upwards.  If there is any part of you that thinks you are being held back in your ascension (raising of your own frequency) by something dark or manipulating, or anything outside of yourself, by virtue of your own beLIEfs, you have consciously chosen to step out of acceleration and move into filtered energy fields until you change your mind about it all.

Yes, there are people who can see into the past and what was happening in the past and tell you it is still happening now, because they either cannot or choose not to see the incredible NOW.  We all have spent the last 3 years fully changing it all, and most especially reclaiming every ounce of our personal power to close out the old game.  Stay present, stay empowered and stay out of all the old stories, please.  Make the choice to KNOW you are the living energy of Source (creator, god) incarnate, in which case, no-thing can bring you harm unless you open the door to experience that.  Equally too, no one can take that experience away from, except YOU.  So why go there???  Let the residual memories of difficulties fall away as you OWN your mantel of Light and position in the grandest story never told!!

So now, let me back up a day.  Holy excitement batman!!  The ET’s, excuse me, the Intergalactic Team is back!!  Well, they never left, lol, but thru the readings, their position fell to the background as we geared up and into this new exciting story.  At least with their presence, the familiar returns a bit.  I had done ET connections for a bit over a year and learned sooooo much about them, portals and stuff that actually prepped me and you and those who embarked on that course for now.  This too, is where the super powers course helped tremendously as well, in my own understanding of our crazy evolving story.

Going back to the (super intensely humble) diagram I used the other day…  wait, let me bring it back here, no need to toggle:


Move the purple circle out of the middle and put it over in the left side, present moment.  My mistake!!

Move the purple circle out of the middle and put it over in the left side, present moment. My mistake!!


The top and bottom of the pink diamond energy is where we are enlivening the direct portal of hmmmm…. shit, ET hub-ness.  As we started to present the superpowers course when spirit said we are returning to the “Galactic Kinship Era.”  When we traveled (physically) to other realms and other realms came here and were welcomed, not dissected.

I find it interesting that this work, at this present moment, is being done directly thru the quantum field area of “stem cell” energy.  Of course, you and I perceive futures, time.  However, beyond the magnetosphere of earth, there is no time, no future or past, just the every evolving Now and the quantum energies that align to participate.

We are (re) building the transportation portal to allow the fluidness of travel with our friends from the skies.  Back in the day, as you (re)experience thru the 4th of the super powers hypnosis, there was a pyramid built (that is no longer on earth, physically, energetically of course it is.) that was the very hub of interstellar comings and goings.


In this version of earth evolution, nothing will be built to mark the spot and yet, that spot currently still exists, actually, several of them.  What we know as the Bermuda triangle, and a place I am going to visit and (gulp) camp at in Mexico called “The Zone of Silence.” (Click the link to read more about this interesting place.)  Both exist, north and south within in direct alignment with each other, HA!!  And Egypt too!!!



And a little more information I had found:  Silent Zone.Mexico- Coincidentally (or not) Silence Zone is geographically located north of the Tropic of Cancer and shares the same latitude south of the 30th parallel as the Pyramids of Egypt, the holy city of Tibet, the Bermuda Triangle and the Triangle of the Dragon. In fact, scientists at Mexican research center have dubbed the region of the Sea of ​​Thetys because millions of years ago was at the bottom of an ocean area.

From what I have read on many websites about this zone of silence there is a huge area where meteorites fall and build up.  I will be taking a gym bag with me to bring as many as I can home to give away to you next year.  Ohhh and even with that, there is something up spirits sleeve, as usual!! lol

Anywayz, anyone in my local have a tent I can borrow for a couple of weeks in December??  I had one in my trunk for 4 years and finally gave it away last year, sure I was done camping my way to anywhere.  Silly me!!

I am going to end here for today.  Ohh, before I close, there is only one seat left in the meditation class as of right now.  I am going to be putting together a special for those who want this assistance to download the MP3’s of each class without participating.  I had no idea there was such a need and desire to continue with meditation classes and assistance… until now.

Also, I realized too, that even tho I set my meditation/homework section of my calendar to allow you to book between my hours of 2pm and 6pm, for whatever reason, it is not allowing that and forces you to choose the reading spots.  I may have to open a create a calendar, but first I must contact support, which I just haven’t had the brainpower to do yet.  I am officially off on the 22nd, so if I do not get to it between now and then, it is on my to-do list for the 22nd.

Please bear with my slowness, I really do need a doppelgänger!!

There is something I do want to share that tickled me purple yesterday.  I was reading for a wonderful lady and her team was talking about her new schooling (meditation) and her participation with the ET’s to bring in new “medicine” and she asked the greatest question: “Does this school come with financial aid!!”  Of course it does!!  And not one that you have to pay back!!  Solidify your financial needs via the galactic core in the middle atmosphere in the present moment section, feel the needs being met, but do not assign the “how.”  Flow it downwards into your created reality and KNOW, your financial aid is on its way!!

I love you all so very very much.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wild adventures and financial aid to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas












  1. Just another thing to bring to your attention:
    (FYI – there is no anger or any other emotion in this message except for Observational Neutrality):

    Ascension Tip:
    You are continuing to “role model” FEAR whenever you insert that (GULP) thingy into your discourse, because you think it is charming/cute….

    What it does, is display to everyONE that you are a fear-based Being, still riddled with fear-based 3D issues.

    Also, you continue to say that “you are not ready” for this/that/the other thing when it comes to moving our asses along with this Ascension process.
    (Keep in mind that some of us have been “ready” for decades).

    What that contributes to the Collective Planetary Ascension, is stalled/halted progress, along with the (GULP) FEAR.


    • Well, I am going to admit, I am truly living my life in the land of duaiity and if there is a soul on earth that says they have completely released every aspect of fear, I would call bullshit there. There are many things that truly make me seriously uncomfortable… camping all by myself in the middle of nowhere, HUGE. But, that doesn’t mean I wont do it.
      If you don’t like me gulping, don;t read it. I am not gonna say I am rushing into something with open arms when at the pit of my stomach I would rather not… but will do it anywayz. ❤


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