Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 17, 2015

The New Energy System of the Body, The New Grid of Life, Diagrams Included!!


Now, to pick up where I left off yesterday and hope I can catch up on what came thru yesterday.  After my day if readings on Thursday, I took my worn out butt up to the Jemez Springs bath house.  I needed a soak and someone to work the kinks out of my muscles, mainly the muscles on the left side of this crazy body.  I decided to take some friends with me, my Maju, my father’s Maju and a Lemurian seed crystal.  Can’t just target the body, my energy system needs a fluffing up too, I am literally worn out on all levels.  This moment seemed the perfect timing given the information that came thru my holy water man!

Ohhh, wait, I am being reminded of my very strange event Thursday morning as I woke up. I woke up, looked at my phone to see what time it was, it was 4:10am.  I would have sworn I got up out of bed, but yet, when I came into the kitchen, it was 6am!  I looked at my phone to see of the time was matching the clock on my wall, it was.  Where the hell did close to two hours go??  Did I fall back to sleep and not remember it?  Could be…

So as I am laying in my hot mineral bath trying to not hear the people next to me talking and running their water (I am so easily distracted) I had to focus hard on my bath water and follow its energy to the source of where it came from.  I went way deep into the earth, into the initial pool of water that is heated to boiling from the magma, almost near the core.  Our mother earth explained that this place is where all the multidimensions connect into her and it releases particular energies thru the waters, via the magma.  It is in a state of constant, consist flux (lol, I heard that term in a reading the other day, which sounds like an oxymoron really, consistent flux lol.)  This initial water then goes upwards to yet another pool deep in the earth and cools down some, and then upwards even more, until it reaches topside.  It goes thru many molecular changes on its way up.

When a human soaks in the hot springs waters, whatever higher dimension is open within their body system, the energy and information seeps into them and creates changes down into the molecular level of their Being.  If a human is not open to the higher dimensions, then it is just a nice relaxing soak.

I know I am now forgetting some information, dammit!  But somewhere along this hot springs meditation, the information changed to my trip (gulp) to Mexico during the holidays and the Pleiadian influence present at some of the pyramids there.  And something along the lines of having experiences no other human has had in this way as I was reminded of my time loss that morning.  I didn’t fall back to sleep, they are preparing me for my adventure.  (bigger gulp)  I didn’t ask any more questions, I am not ready to know anything else yet.  Hell, I can barely digest what is coming thru the field, thru the readings and our massive participation in all that is happening right now.  I am just not ready to deal with or process whatever is up spirits sleeve with this adventure, not yet anywayz.

Now, staying in the vein of water… something came thru my man as well, that is relevant to all of us to practice if we desire.  Water really is a life changer on so many levels, for better or worse, it is completely unbiased.  Now think about this enormity… we all have water present in our day-to-day moments, we cook with it, we wash with it, we drink it, its molecular structure changes according to your emotional field.  Dr. Emoto brought this vivid and unmistakable awareness to life thru his work!!



Believe it or not, I am hearing, this is just the tip of the known iceberg!  All water is multidimensional and we have access to all the interdimensional wisdom by intent and asking (emotionally asking.)  We equally can change the flow of our future by changing the directional frequency of the water itself.  Let me give you the example that was given to my man.

Take a glass (clear glass, not colored, not plastic and not crystal either) of water and play intentional music into it.  If you sing, sing your desires into the water, if you play a wind instrument, play it from your heart of desires into the glass of water.  If you play another kind of instrument, feel where the placement is so the notes resound thru the water.  The melody you play must match the emotional desire within you, lets say you are ready for a new and better job, play the feeling of that into the water… nothing but feeling and musical frequency.

Ohhh, here is a kewl thing I had no idea until now.  Wind instruments are connected (obviously) to the breath, but also, what we know as the winds of earth, of change.  String instruments are connected to the heart, the rhythm in which life Is.  Piano and keyboard type instruments are connected to the reach and grasp of new life.  Each sending unique energy thru the water, one not better or more important than the other, just different like our arms are different from our legs.  If you have the gift of being able to play different kinds of instruments, you may want to take note of how each part works, then share it with us, please!!

Once you fill the glass of water with the music, the frequency of your desires, drink it.  Please do not get caught up in thinking.. this water is better than that water for this exercise.  The moment you have that thought, you brought judgement into play and the water feels the judgement over the music and will incorporate that into the outcome.

Practicing singing/playing your song of desires into a glass of water then drinking it and paying attention to the time frame of outcome, is important.  One of the greatest things that is coming thru ALL of the readings, is our ability to twist and change timelines.  Everything begins and ends with our emotion, and somehow, there are pitches within our emotions that bring things to our reality close to instantly and then other pitches that delay the arrival.  Somethings, we don’t want today, but maybe a week from today, our job is to become fluent (eventually) in knowing how that works and to perfect it.

As with every single thing we are capable of doing, changing, creating without our world, we are being told to practice in our own personal sphere first, kinda to work out the kinks, once we really understand how we are doing what we are doing, we will be asked to move it outwards to assist others.

For those of you who participate in drum circles or musical circles of any sort, this would be a great way to start to understand how important and incredible symphonies are (smile.)  After you practice yourself of course.  Get like a gallon of water in a clear glass pitcher or bowl and everyone have the same desire, intention for the group itself, then play the music into the water, when you’re done, everyone take a glass and drink!!  Then wait and see how it all comes together, if it doesn’t, someone was out of harmonic frequency in their desires.

I am really excited that my pan flute will arrive today.  I first gotta figure out what I desire.  But I am also understanding too, why I seen myself playing this flute down by the river.  Talk about a carrier of energy.  I will start with my own glass of water tho!!

Now to completely change the subject.  There was a moment yesterday… I cannot tell you how mentally and emotionally overwhelmed I am sometimes now, before I even start my day, forget the end of it!!  Yesterday was once again, one of those big overwhelmed days in my brain.  It almost feels like when your sink has a clog in it and yes the water seeps down, but ever so slowly and yet, you have to run more water which fills the sink up again before it can full disperse of what was already sitting it in.  This is completely on me, before I left for Virginia, I promised mySelf I was going to honor the days off I had and didn’t.  I totally understand why this was sooo important, of course, spirit would never tell me why, this is my own lesson and dammit if I am not still learning by doing what I shouldn’t be doing. lol

Anyway, I was sitting with a head full of bulging information and energy from yesterday’s readings and wondered… how the hell can I be expected to know this stuff so consistently when everyone is different and what they are doing is different and new and emotionally exhausting (but really, in a good way.)  I seen us all sitting in our “classroom” on the other side of the veil, sharing information with each other before, during and after our reading sessions.  I cannot tell you how expanded and smiling my whole heart and Being was to see that, to feel that.  No wonder you can understand my rambling in a reading!!  I love us so damn much!!

I never did get to asking my daughter to draw the image I had seen of our new energy bodies.  So, I have taken to task my very humble ability to show you thru lines and circles.  Equally, I am also seeing the new grid of life form and our relationship to the work we are doing within its sections.  Phew baby!!  Here are my two incredibly humble diagrams:

new energy body


Move the purple circle out of the middle and put it over in the left side, present moment.  My mistake!!

Move the purple circle out of the middle and put it over in the left side, present moment. My mistake!!


Now that I am understanding the field of life more and more each day, I am really understanding the bizarre way I had seen our new energy body before I left for Virginia.  Altho I understand some of the energy body, no one has yet to show up directly in their field of life area, everyone is working things/closing things out, either in the past or are harnessing the new, in the realm of multidimensional shifting, be it in the accelerated area or the middle atmosphere.  Even that sentence is so damn inaccurate, but that’s all the words I have to use lol.

My day is already running out to finish this up… so let me quickly explain the grid of life I am seeing because this is all relevant to the position I am seeing you in.  Ohhh, what I didn’t put on the layout is the past itself, when someone shows up to the left of the present moment area, they are in relationship to the past.  Since that is not relevant to why I created that (super humble) layout, I forgot about that area on purpose… per spirit lol.)

There are quadrants we are all assigned and working with.  Some are bringing in pure multidimensional energies, some are assigning energy to what I am just going to call stem cells (middle area), some are pulling energy from the living future to bring it to our present, and so many other things in between.  I really am challenged at understanding it all as a whole picture… yet, at least, beyond the energetic understanding and bringing it into words that create accuracy.  Freakin language!!!

But, phew, I am hearing from our teams, our job right now is to know our section intimately, how we are creating and recreating within that area as everyone works their own section/area.  Before we can fully understand how we are working together, we need to be intimate in knowing how we are working individually.  We have thru the end of this year to figure it out, work out the kinks in our own created reality because next year, the symphony of souls begins in earnest. (Ohhhh I like phrase!! lol)

Maybe tomorrow I can pick up where I am leaving off today.  I have got to get ready for readings.

Ohhh, before I close I am being reminded to remind you of this very important message/thought.  If you believe there is a dark side affecting your life, or if anything outside of you, whether human or ET or otherwise can influence you, you have invited that in as your experience and you move into the filtered earth, the only place left where any of that can take place.  It’s ok if you want to play there, DO NOT take anyone with you.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of super sonic creation abilities to ALL!!  Play your music wildly!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Meditation classes forming now and will start November 7th.  I finally got my webpage together this morning:   Only 6 seats left.





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  3. “lets say you are ready for a new and better job, play the feeling of that into the water…”

    I’m ready for a new and better DIMENSION. Bring it on, already.
    Been playing THAT feeling into my water, for years now.

    One of the FEW things I can see in this higher-multi-sensory-blocked 3D Matrix, is the water in my Glass mug, turning slightly “pink” after I send my high heart energies into the water.
    I can only see this when I of course, UNFOCUS my vision, from this reality.

    Let your visual focus go blurry as if daydreaming, and you can see the water’s pink colour (or violet, or combo of the two).

    It’s the exact same thing you do, in order to see auras, and the multidimensional sparkling (popping in and out of this dimension) Prana / Chi energies in the air.


  4. “Some are bringing in pure multidimensional energies,”

    That one would be me.

    All those lovely Radiation Rash Inducing, 1st Degree Radiation Burning energies. Oh what fun it is, bringing those in, every single MOMENT of Now.

    “We have thru the end of this year to figure it out, work out the kinks in our own created reality because next year, the symphony of souls begins in earnest.”

    If that means that I will have to continue to sacrifice my health to this perpetual project by bringing in/downloading/anchoring painful, itching SKIN BURNING/PEELING, body fluid retention, Insomnia-inducing multidimensional energies for YET ANOTHER YEAR of physical torture…..

    Yeah, not quite doing a happy hop, skip and jump over that news. (hmmm…now where’s that gun…..)


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